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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by nathanaus
    Krispy Kremes, we got our first one of those stores here a year or so ago. I have no idea how you (general you not you in particular ms witty/sarcasm/scary person) can eat them. They go off the chart for sweetness.
    Which is exactly why I eat them. They're the perfect complement to my sickeningly sweet personality.

    And yeah, Joe's a great guy. I just happen to know of that one weakness of his (shared by several of his co-workers, if I'm remembering correctly).

    So Joe, just to get this back on topic, what's the difference (structurally, time-wise, whatever) between writing for animation and writing for a live-action series?

    Were you a Richard Scarry fan before you worked on the Busy World of Richard Scarry?

    I'm sure you've been asked these before, but I can't remember the answers...


      Gee, wouldnt it be a shame if Bates were to bite the bullet? (sorry, little bit of a personal distaste towards his character (read my post on Suspicion Thread)

      /end sarcasm

      A Loss wouldnt be totally unexpected, kind of like Fraser.
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        Mr. Mallozzi,
        What's with all the food references? Do you guys not eat there?

        Donuts- Chimera
        Turkey Sandwiches- The Other Guys, Rising 2, (and another SGA episode....the one were the find the opening in the hangar bay's cieling...can't think of it...)
        Ice Cream- Natural Selection
        Beer- Chain Reaction, Lost City 1
        Pie- Numerous refrences
        Citric Acid (found in LEMON CHICKEN!)- 48 Hours, Rising 2
        Potatoes- Lockdown
        Pizza- Ascension
        Avecado- Affinity (Teal'c nailed "purse snatcher" in the head with it)

        I'm sure there's others, just can't think of them all.

        So....what's up with you guys and food!? Are you guys not allowed to eat until you finish scripts, or do you all just love food and like to incorporate your favorite items into scripts.

        - Steve

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          The pineapple! Don't forget the pineapple!

          And the Jello!!! Blue, preferably
          May our transmatter beams cross again...

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            Originally posted by Cpn. Chris(tine) Bowman
            You said Lt. Col. M. M. would lead SG-1 at the beginning of S9. I suppose that means while Carter is away. She will take over SG-1 again afterwards, right? How are you Powers That Be types going to handle having a team member with the same rank as the Team Leader? Is that even possible in the military?
            Actually, yes it is possible. But it's the one w/ more seniority that'd "outrank" the other, so all it'd take is for Carter to have been a lieutenant colonel longer and she'd still be in charge.



              Originally posted by JMallozzi
              1. Good new for you Carl Binder fans. He has joined the writing staff and is hard at work on some new Atlantis stories.
              In that case, can he please explain why - spoiler for Letters from Pegasus -
              Sheppard didn't want to send a message home?

              2. If I told you everyone who'd be back, I'd be ruining the back half of season 1 for you. Suffice it to say...there will be changes at the Atlantis base. And, oh yeah - an unexpected loss. For the who and how, check out the big season finale Siege I and II.
              I hate it when people in the know hint at things; I waste hours in speculation!


                Originally posted by JMallozzi
                Actually, I was talking to Martin Wood the other day and he said he had a great time at the Level 3 con. Apparently, some of the attendees were surprised that - unlike many of the actors who have guested on the show - he and Peter were able to offer backstory and insight into many of the items up for bid at the auction.

                I think Martin and Peter are terrific onstage and I'm surprised they haven't been asked to attend more cons. Also, Atlantis writer Martin Gero is a very funny guy and equally terrific onstage. He'd make a great guest as well.
                I talked to Peter DeLuise during the German City Con in December - where he was bombarded with more questions than any of the other guests! - and asked him whether he would attend more cons in the future. He said he didn't think so because the fans would always prefer to have the actors as guests. I tried to convince him otherwise and will gladly do so again here. Please let everyone of the crew know that there are a lot of fans who would love to have 'behind the scenes' people as guests at cons!



                  Originally posted by JMallozzi
                  And, oh yeah - an unexpected loss. For the who and how, check out the big season finale Siege I and II.
                  As has been said elsewhere, as long as it's not Zelenka, I think we'll survive.

                  My question (this time around anyway) is how/why the decision was made to... remove... Rainbow Sun Francks from the cast and move him to "reoccuring" rather than regular?

                  If you're not allowed to elaborate on this issue, then let us know, otherwise I'd be very interested to hear how these decisions get made.

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                    Hello Joe,

                    Curious about what you talked about the many facets of daniel we will see in season 9 exactly what are the many facets?

                    And any chance we can get another Maybourne story out of you guys, Tom was great in 'Its good to be king' and love to see him back?

                    And since i asked about new writers and directors do you have the eps. they have written so we can watch out for them and will they be writing and directing for both shows also?



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                      I can tell you that Carl Binder wrote "Demons" for season 3 and "Before I Sleep" and "Letters from Pegasus" for SGA


                        Well "Before I Sleep" was one of the best episodes of the season IMO.
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                          Hiya Joe!

                          I wanted to say a thank you. In July last year myself and two of my friends were sat outside the studio during our last days in Vancouver (there was me and my friend who are British and our other friend who is Australian) and we got to chat to yourself and Damian Kindler who kindly came down to see us (we were the insane girls waving and blowing kisses to everyone in the offices hehe). Thank you so much for that! It was a pleasure to talk to you both and it totally made our trip and I wanted to let you know how appreciated it was!

                          Well done on the excellent SG1 and Atlantis! I'm totally loving Atlantis and can't wait to hear more about season 2. The writing and the cast totally rock and it is a truly amazing show.

                          All my best,

                          Lucy (who tried to think of an intellient question but couldn't lol)


                            Hi Joe.
                            Thank you for taking the time to come and answer some of the many questions posed by Gateworld's denizens!
                            I was wondering if the absences of Carter and O'Neill will be explained pre-season 9? Or is it information that will kick start the new season?
                            I'd ask about the outcome of S/J ship, too, but several others seem to have beaten me to it.
                            Thanks again!


                              Thanks, Joe, for taking time to talk to us fans!

                              Originally posted by JMallozzi
                              Our agent phoned us up one day and told us he had a client on a show called Stargate SG-1 (one Robert Cooper) and wondered if we were familiar with the show and would like to pitch. Paul and I were familiar with the show (but being less than impressed with the episode we'd seen - Emancipation). We ended up watching other episodes of the show and realized that it was a fun, clever series. We pitched out some ideas and our first script - Scorched Earth - landed us a staff position.
                              I don't know what you mean about "Emancipation". I'm just glad you continued to watch.
                              I don't have a website. IMDB have some of my credits but they're not up-to-date. By the way, if you're checking the site, my birthday is Oct. 16, not Oct. 15 (in the event you're planning a surprise party).
                              What?? No website? I was sure there was a Joe Mallozzi fan club.

                              It is good to know your correct birthday. We Sam/Jack Shippers wouldn't want to miss the Creator of the J.M. Shipper Rehabilitation Commune and Founding Father of ShipperTown's birthday. It is a city-wide holiday. There is a HUGE parade, cake, cookies (Ship Nana's) and Krispy Kremes!! We also hope you are enjoying the ShipperTown map. We would want you to get lost while touring your town.

                              Are you sufficiently buttered up?? How about a positive tidbit about Sam and Jack's relationship? Or how about just a word saying that the suspense will be over one way or another without "open interpretation"?

                              As for choosing between writing and producing...I can't say I prefer one over the other. I like certain aspects of writing and producing - and dislike other aspects.
                              Hopefully it isn't to naive to ask "What are the primary responsibilities of a producer, and what is the difference in the different producer titles?"

                              Thanks again for your time!!

                              Token ~


                                Dear Joe,
                                You have made a wonderful show.
                                Just a quick question. Will the nox be revisited in s9 or s10?
                                I think all stagate fans would like the nox revisited.
                                Many thanks