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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Just like to say GREAT JOB to the writers and directors and actors for the first 2 eps. of the season of Stargate Sg-1! I am still in awe of how great the eps. have been and hateing the fact you leave us hanging every week but makes us want more <sneeky guys you are there>!

    SO how do we claudia/vala back on show??? Claudia and Michael together just light up the screen, the chemistry between the two just so great!

    And here is hopeing for SEASON 10!

    And Beau, Ben and Lexa are doing a wonderful job also, please pass word onto them next time you see them!


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      Hey Joe,

      I hope you're reading the Avalon, part II thread. I must say I love this new direction.

      I have a question, you already replied to a question of mine that we will see the Ori and the Wraith differentiate themselves, but will some of the Priors be recurring too? I really liked the way that Prior guy looked in Avalon II, very creepy. Will he be back? And what about the heretic guy? Good actor.


        Hi Joe,

        Do you spell Alteran or Alterran?
        Since we know ancient is very similar to Latin, does Alteran/Alterran mean "The Others" or is it related to Earth/Terra (like Al-terra)?


          Hey Joe, just wondering whats the story with the whole wraith-salt water thing. I ask because of the Seige III.

          PS job very well done on the new eps.


            out of curiosity... which sports do you follow? teams? cause i'm bouncing off the walls with joy that we get hockey back (although i did have college hockey to keep me going)...

            p.s.GO WINGS
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              Joe, when did the Great Alliance of the four races exist?

              If it was BEFORE the Ancients left for Pegasus, then how is it that 30,000 years ago the Asgard were still having to use stasis chambers for interstellar travel. Seems like in that case they would have been much to primitive millions of years ago to be a part of an alliance like that.

              If it was POST Pegasus, then that doesn't give the alliance very much time to have existed before the goa'uld discovered the earth (only 2-3 thousand years) and was supposedly around for several millenia.

              The only other possibility is that not all the ancients went to Pegasus and that perhaps some had stayed behind. If that's the case it leaves a several million year window.

              So which theory is correct?


                Hola Jose, como estas?

                When Joe Flanigan was congratulated for his role as Major Sheppard he said that we should congratulate the writers, since they were the ones that create and put the words of the characters, my question is... How much of the success of a character lies on the writers? actor? director? specially in the cases of O'Neill? Sheppard? McKay? Carter? etc... Many thanks...

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                  Please tell me that the rumors of Vala returning later in season 9 are wrong! Vala is perhaps the most annoying character ever. also, please tell me that you are not in any way considering shipping her with Daniel.

                  Thanks for your time.
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                    Joe - in keeping with questions regarding sorely missed characters - will the STARGATE feature in any eps in S9, like it did in Matter of Time and 48 hours for example?



                      Hey Joe,

                      Just a quick question about Atlantis.

                      Are the folks in Alantis going to start being a little nicer to Hermiod? I mean yeah he's cranky (love the muttering), but so far every major character thats encountered him excluding Weir has been pretty rude. Mckays snapped, Sheppard just stares and asks stupid questions(is he supposed to be naked etc), Caldwell just gives orders knowing its not in the game plan..

                      I realize that Thor and SG1 have a (for lack of a better way of putting this) personal relationship, but Hermiod doesnt. Would he not just put his foot down and tell them to shove it if they keep this up? Hes not a happy sounding Asgard..



                        Dunno if this has been asked yet...Avalon Part 2 related

                        In the Making of Feature on Gateworld you mention that Vala's Burning scene is incredibly toned down. Will the non toned down part be shown on DVD or maybe elsewhere?


                          Hi Joe

                          You said previously that the Tok'ra will be in season 9 can you give anymore information on this please.

                          Thank You
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                            Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

                            When will you bring Vala back?

                            I mean, the one I remember from "Prometheus Unbound"?

                            The one who could "acquire" a Kull Warrior armor, "transfer" the whole Prometheus crew to the Al'Kesh Cargoship and hyperjump away.
                            All by herself.
                            The one with, as it seemed, many hidden agendas and secrets?
                            The fighter, the deciever, the smart thief?
                            The one who was more in control of events but who also remained calm, when things got "complicated" and was already planning her escape.

                            I saw someone, bearing her name, in the new episodes, but this one reminds me more of a stupid, childish pirate who's gone totally greedy
                            (she takes the single coin out of the "killer-pot", jumps into the treasure like Scrooge McDuck),
                            seems more prone to get caught and killed now (the bracelets, the pot-puzzle)
                            and if her impatience or sloppy research won't kill her, in the end, she'll probably get whacked over this one "funny" remark out of too many.

                            Please, I want the old Vala back! :-)
                            Thank you for listening.


                              Quick question, I understand we will be seeing the Tok'ra again. Can you tell us when and will they play any part in the Free Jaffa Nation story?




                                I have a question. Do you research Colorado Springs? Like what there is to do there? In the season 7 Episode "Chimera" Carter says that there is no zoo in Colorado Springs. I live in the Springs and I thought that you would like to know that there is a zoo here and in fact it is on Cheyenne Mountain. Just thought you should know.
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