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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe,

    I have a quick question about "Avalon 2". We now know what the real name of the Ancients used to be (what they used to call themselves), and I was wondering what the correct spelling of the name is. I'm thinking it's spelled "Ulterans", because there might be a connection to the Latin word "ulterius".

    I know that "ulterius" basically means "further away, more advanced" (according to my online Latin dictionary). And considering that Ulterans refers to Ancients who came from a galaxy far, far away, and that the Ancients were of course pretty advanced, I think that would be a great way for going about naming them.

    Now either way, I think it's a great name, but I just have to wonder if I might have figured out how you came up with it? Am I right, or...way off? I (being a writer myself) personally love coming up with names that have a hidden significance like that.

    Some really great episodes on both SG-1 and Atlantis, by the way.
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      I'd like to add to Alex's question. The name of the species sounds like Altairans, which is the same as Harlan's race "Tin Man." Is this the same species, a homonym, or a coincidence?

      If the latter, it seems like a pretty big coincidence considering that "Avalon, Part 1" includes a somewhat hidden reference to Altaira and "Tin Man."



        At first I couldn't stand Vala from Prometheus Unbound. But the writing for her character this season has been great! I really really love the Vala vs. Daniel bickering!

        Anyways, I was hoping to know if the writers were going to keep the like/hate aspect between the two?

        MS and CB play it very well! Congrats to them and the writers for the great chemistry!


        McKAY: If you're referring to the ship you just shot down, the one that doesn't stand a hope in hell of ever flying again ...

        TORRELL: The ship that you're gonna fix, yes.

        McKAY: What am I, MacGyver? Fix it with what?
        MINE.. ALL MINE!! Mwhahahaha!


          Well.....I am not sure if anyone has asked this before....but here it goes....I think that you put together "It's good to be King".....If I'm wrong may I poke myself in the eye. ........Are you a Tom Petty Fan and did this song have anything to do with the show's name?.........just listening to some Tom Petty ....It's been a while and came across the song ...."It's Good To Be King.." ....Weird ......but I like it....could have been a good song to play when RDA came through the gate.
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            Hi Joe, I dont know if this was asked before or not, so im gonna go ahead and ask anyway...

            In "Broca Divide", it seems that the audio track for that episode is off just by a second or so.In one scene, you can clearly see Teal'c saying something, and his lips will move, and make the motion for the sound, but you don't actually hear anything for about half a second or so.It very well could just the Sci-Fi Channel, but its also one of the only episodes that does that.

            Any Ideas why?


              Is there a place that you can get a Atlantis Jacket? lol this is prolly the dumbets question since it is like summer and all but i'd really like on of the red or blue ones cause they're pretty cool so anyway do you know of any websites? or they even onsale?


                Haha Joe, who's idea was it to have the Asgard speak using "reverse" english? I cracked your code there haha Great idea though.
                Hermiod Translations found HERE



                  I have to take issue with you on the fire scene in Avalon p2. Don't you folks consider that children watch? Way too gruesome.
                  Causality should not be taken lightly.


                    Hey Joe

                    Just a question. I've yet to see Avalon, but from the looks of it, it didn't get very good ratings and the response here has been very mixed. What are you going to do if this season under-performs?
                    Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)


                      Speaking of Hermiod, I love his irreverent mumblings. Are we seeing more of him this season?


                        [QUOTE=xkawaiix]Ello Joe!

                        I love what you did with The Siege III and about the
                        hug in The Siege III,
                        does that mean that there's a possiblilty that there *could* be a personal relationship between John and Elizabeth in the near future?

                        - Are you kidding? If I admit there's even the slightest possibility, it will no doubt incite yet another huge ship debate. So the answer is - Oh, yeah. Its possible.

                        Oh and since Jack dialed to an eight symboled address in The Fifth Race, does that mean that we'll be seeing more Asgard on Atlantis?

                        - Well, one at least.

                        And one last question, are you ever gonna send Daniel to Atlantis?

                        - We keep trying, but things keep coming up for him.


                          Originally posted by goldendawnette
                          [snip]when the final edit comes in, do you sometimes look at a scene (even if it is an important one) which just throws the tone of the episode and it's pacing complete off or flat like this one, and what do you then do?
                          Fortunately, we are responsible for the final edit, so if something feels off, we can work with our highly skilled editors to fix the problem. For more on the editing process and those wizards of editing, check out the next installment of my production diary.


                            Originally posted by mahram
                            Hi joe I think this question everybody wants tobe answered. Its about the stargate movie. Now that startrek and starwars have ended their runs there is a huge void in the scifi genre. This has now left a huge void that stargate can fill. I know you have thought about making dvd movies but with this huge void,and hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars left on the table by scifi fansbecause there is nothing to fill it will you reconsider making a full feature theatrical release movie of stargate? Im sure with NBC universal with flagging movie sales and a need for a great movie franchise they would drool at the chance to make a stargate movie. If stargate becomes a phemonama like startrek or star wars, will you still stay with stargate? Or will you decide to use opportunity to make diffrent movies and tv series?
                            We have thought about making a movie but the fact is, the two guys who'd be writing and producing the movie (Brad and Robert) presently have their hands full with 40 hours of television.


                              [QUOTE=ÜberSG-1Fan]I have a question about timing.

                              At the beginning of Siege 2, Col. Everett said to Dr. Weir that "General O'Neill sends his compliments...", that the ZPM was being transported up to the Daedalus as he spoke and that they would need to hold off the Wraith until the Daedalus arrived, which would be within 4 days.

                              But, at the beginning of Avalon, it's been 2 years since Lost City, Landry's moving in at the SGC and they're ABOUT to launch the Daedalus (and they don't seem to be in much of a rush to do so).

                              Do you see my confusion here? It's fairly clear that the two show's timelines aren't synchonized with each other at the beginning of the season because Siege 3 happens mere minutes after Siege 2 ends...and Avalon takes place several months after Moebius 2 ends (to make it 2 years from Lost City)...but then, how is it that the Daedalus is ABOUT to be launched in Avalon if it was supposedly BEING launched while O'Neill still headed the SGC per Siege 2...unless the Avalon launch is not the first launch? Argh.

                              I guess my question is...Can you help clear up my considerable confusion??? Furthermore, if/since the timelines for the shows aren't synchronized with each other, when will they be again? I hope my post makes least to you (I'm still trying to figure it out)...

                              Although we've never explicitly stated as much, the SG-1 and Atlantis timelines pretty much run parallel. There is definitely not a two year difference.


                                Originally posted by binkpmmc
                                Joe - someone made a good point regarding the lack of spoiler info, or almost any info at all, on Carter leading up to the season opener - as you know there are many Carter fans who are disappointed in the lack of info re: Carter and her storylines and whether she will have strong, heroic story arcs integral to the season 9 story. Without prior info, just small tips would be fine, many might choose not to watch some of the eps. For example, those who may choose not to watch the first 5 eps due to Carter's absence may have missed the Carter interactions in Avalon due to the fact that there was not even a word that Carter would be somehow involved, even though that exact question was asked here on this thread many months ago. Some did get to see it since they are West coast and heard about it from the East coasters but some of the East coasters missed it due to the fact not so much as a "watch Avalon and you will be pleasantly surprised re: Carter" hint.

                                Do you see this almost total lack of info on Carter and her whereabouts and her backstory for being there and her actual involvement in the central storylines for S9 as a possible detraction since some may choose to forgo the eps and/or the season if Carter is integral to their enjoyment of the show? (I ask because, to some, the lack of info on Carter may create the impression that the character is not going to play a major role and will not have any strong stories central to season 9. So far we only know very limited info about Beach Head and 4th HM out of 15 eps Carter will appear in and nothing about an overall arc for the character.)

                                As always, thanks for your time.
                                Carter really plays no significant role in the show's first 5 episodes, so that would explain why she hasn't been mentioned in any of the spoilers leading up to the show's 9th season. Out of the 15 episodes left, it has been mentioned that she will be playing a major role in Beachhead and 4th Horsemen I and II - which leaves 12 episodes. Since we haven't started writing the last 4 episodes, that leaves 8. She'll be part of an investigation in Ex Deus, part of a search in Babylon, heavy in Ripple Effect, and will be making a significant contribution in Collateral Damage, Ethon, and Stronghold.