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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Both premieres for SG1 and SGA were great!

    Got a niggling question on "Siege 3".

    They set off a nuke above the city. So, what will do they do about fallout and residual radiation? The fish are gonna glow, and have they now radioactively polluted a section of the mainland? Can the Athosians return to the mainland without risking genetic damage down the road, or cancers?


      Hi Joe

      I LOVED to see Novak back on Siege 3. She and Hermie could be a great comic relief to Caldwell's stiffness. Will her character continue to be part of the Daedalus' crew?
      Where in the World is George Hammond?



        Hey Joe,

        Any chance of seeing Reynolds this season? The reason I ask is because technically Reynolds outranks Mitchell and I'm sure the writers don't want to put Mitchell in a situation off-world where he has to take orders from somebody else.

        But is there a chance we might see him strolling the hallways? Thanks once again

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          Hi Joe!

          Any chance we'll see Ferretti ever again? He's now been going through the gate longer than anyone else (since Daniel ascended for a year and Jack is a general) so it seems like he could do quite a bit.


            Hi Joe..!

            (Thanks again, for your patience with us... ) First off... I really love the new seasons of Stargate..! ...and I just fell in love with the Daedalus..! wowser!

            This is a point someone mentioned in another thread, that I thought was a good one. The Daedalus has all those really cool 'light' Rail Guns... but why wouldn't it have the much larger version EM Rail Cannons (such as the 'real' Navy plans to place on our battleships eventually), that would pack a much more powerful punch against enemy capital ships? Or is this an idea you (the writers) intend to add later on (perhaps a future refit for the Daedalus?)? The point was that the light rail guns are great for the darts... but do little against the Wraith Crusiers and Hive Ships. The 'Big Guns' might prove more useful...

            Thanks agains for continued patience and remarkable retention of sanity.

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              hey Joe

              for battlestar galactica on the site of the SCI FI Channel you can watch the season final, what are your thoughts on this and why aren't stargate and atlantis doing the same


                Hey Joe

                Its me again!, After all the questions about this epsidoe and that character I thought i would ask you this,
                How are the crew doing filming 40 episodes again this year?

                Also how is it going for you because I see you havent been around much recently?




                  Hi Joe,

                  Just wondering if you expect another shipper group to pop up when Caldwell and Weir start to have scenes together? And if so is that your intent?

                  Thank you for your time.


                    Idd, deadalus rocks!

                    are you thinking of upgrading the ship with "Halo" style mac cannons? Cool, that I would like to see. mind you, teleporting nukes works fine too... as long as they dont get jammed.
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                      Will we be seeing Everett, like is he going to die, i know he is dieing but i liked him alot better cause he was better understanding to what's going on after been eaten by a wraith?

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                        Are we going to see Dr. Novak on a fairly regular basis? I think she's great and has fantastic comedic timing. Also, is there any chance of her and Hermoid hooking up? There's obviously some fantastic chemistry/sexual tension there. (I'm only half serious... still might be fun to see some Women/Muppet action.)


                          Hi Joe,

                          There has been some discussion about who would win in a battle between the Wraith and the Goa'uld. A lot of people seem to think since the Goa'uld have shields, they would stomp on the Wraith. What is your take on this?


                            Hi Joe!
                            Could the art department give us a summary of Jaffa symbols like this one?
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                              Hi Joe:

                              I'm going to make an assumption based on "Avalon I" concerning Carter. Since she requested re-assignment to Research & Development at Area 51, effectively giving up command of SG1, which was then dis-banded, ending for all intents and purposes, the "old" SG1, and now Mitchell will be in charge of the "new" SG1, there would be no reason to consider Carter for command of the new unit as she voluntarily gave up command previously. You don't normally leave a position, and then come back months later expecting to be put in that position again, especially when it's being run by a capable replacement.

                              Is this correct? I'm hoping this is right as I like to see Sam more focused on science, as that's where her skills lie, but still lending a military hand to the team when needed. I love Sam, but think she's better suited for the "techno" side of things, although I defintely like seeing her kick ass, too!


                                Hi Joe,

                                what were the circumstances of Vala being "arrested" by SG soldiers and why was she wearing this dominatrix outfit? BTW, love Avalon pt. 1. Great, funny episode. Vala rules!