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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Hatusu
    Joe, can you give us any spoilers on the new Harry Potter book?
    Somebody...dies! Wait. Wasn't that the last book?


      Hey Joe...quick question for you...

      As a graphic artist/website designer, my goal is to make sure that my client(s) gets exactly the product they want. Even when I know I nailed it, I still experience a little nailbiting before presenting a draft for their review. Now I only have to please one client at a and the other PTB on the other hand, have to be concerned with pleasing a few (million) more people than that.

      With that in mind, how much nailbiting goes on at the studio on a big premiere night like tonight? Are we talking "pass around the nail file" kinda nervous or are the manicurists of Vancouver going to be booked solid on Saturday?

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Mary Beth

      ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


        Originally posted by Easter Lily
        Nay ho ma...?
        Nay sek gong kok yu ma?
        Ngaw sik gong kok yu. Daan hai, ngaw sik gong Guangdoongwa siu siu.


          Originally posted by JMallozzi
          Ngaw sik gong kok yu. Daan hai, ngaw sik gong Guangdoongwa siu siu.
          Tai hao le... Nin guo ran shi ge tian qai...
          Xie xie...
          "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"


            Originally posted by sueKay
            Hey Joe!

            Rather odd question (aren't they always)

            How many countries have you been to?
            Besides the US and Canada - six. There are a couple of I have enjoyed revisiting a number of times.


              Originally posted by greytop
              Hi Joe,

              I have heard that Stargate has some new sets for SG-1 but my question is: Will Atlantis also be using some of the new sets also?

              Thank you for your time in answering our questions.
              Yup. In some cases, the same set may be used for both shows.


                Originally posted by DelTrax1
                Now that the opening credits for Atlantis have been nominated for an you think they will reconsider the full length version now?
                That would be great.


                  Originally posted by majorsal
                  hi, joe,

                  i'm reading in your most recent blog (july 13th) that you're really enjoying south park. i LOVE this show, and the first ep i watched was cartman having that alien probe up his butt. and the second ep i watched was the christmas ep, with mr hanky. (i won't even try to explain mr hanky to non-south park peeps ). oh, is the ring tone you have, 'kyle's mom is a b*tch' song?

                  anyhoo, my question (finally)... do you know if anyone else in the cast is into south park? i'm especially wondering if amanda is.
                  I don't know if any of the cast members are fans although I do know that Robert Cooper enjoys the show whenever he catches it. As for my ring tone - good guess.


                    Originally posted by mahram
                    Hey Joe, I have always wondered about lord Yu? Why was lord Yu so diffrent from the other goulds? In fact he showed compassion towards Tealc once in the episode "the warrior" and spared his life and you explain that he was the only gould that didnt pretended tobe a god but more like an all powerful emporer. He was also progressive in ancient china by introducing laws and unifying the country. Yes he wasnt a nice guy, but he wasnt a hitler type guy more like a fidel castro type. I always thought that you and the writers were going to explain that there was more to Lord Yu then meets the eye. I always thought he was a Tokra that gone rouge or during the time when Tokra and gould split philsophically he took a route not quite Tokra but also note quite gould. Could you please explain why Lord Yu even before he went alittle bit crazy was more progressive then other goulds?

                    Let me put it in D&D terms. While most of the other goa'uld were chaotic evil, Lord Yu was lawful evil. He was still a villain but still possessed of a certain honor - a true rarity among bad guys. As to why - I guess it goes to character. He saw that he had more to gain by proving trustworthy in contrast to his duplicitous rivals.


                      Originally posted by QuiGonJohn
                      Joe, why did we see so little of Carson Beckett in the latter half of SGA, and so far I do not see him listed as a guest on any of Season 2 Episodes? I really like him and hope we'll be seeing more of him.
                      You won't see Paul listed as a guest in this upcoming season of Atlantis because he has been promoted to a full-time position.


                        Originally posted by minigeek
                        Hi Joe,

                        In terms of arc-ing out the storyline for this season, since you guys are always so far ahead (production-wise) than the decision "to to renew or not to renew" from the network, did that come into play with this year's story arc process? Especially given that it's a new formula with new characters, did you guys plan this season out as a stand-alone season which will have some kind of "resolution" if there is not season ten, or is it going to be a hold-your-breath cliffhanger type of arc where you're banking on a season ten with confidence?

                        Let's just say we won't be wrapping up any major storylines this year.


                          Originally posted by SueS
                          In your latest blog you say, "Certain scheduling changes have necessitated our making changes to The 4th Horseman I and II. But change is good, especially in this case since it means (I know it sounds like I'm repeating myself) the return of a much-loved, sorely missed character. I think this season will be known as the season of returning much-loved, sorely missed characters. Anyways, it'll be great to have "this individual", my fellow gourmand, back in town."

                          First of all, I'm going to assume that this much-loved, sorely missed character is different than the much-loved sorely missed character who will be appearing in Ripple Effect. Second, I'm taking a wild guess that these scheduling changes now allow Sean Patrick Flannery to reprise his role as Orlin which means Cameron Bright is out as Kid-O, which in turn, is going to lead to changes in the storyline.

                          So, am I right, close, in the same ballpark, on the same planet?
                          There are a few much loved, sorely missed characters making their return to the show this year.

                          As for your guess. You're not even in the same galaxy.


                            Originally posted by blueiris
                            Because the Asgard have been fighting the replicators for so long and acting as "gods" to some, I assume they have had to work together with no time for internal conflick. Any change that now that the replicators have been destroyed that an evil group of Asgard could arise?
                            Is there a chance? I suppose anything is possible.


                              Originally posted by Anubis[MYTH]
                              By any chance would these carnivourous aliens have any relaiton to the T-Rex Sheppard and Ford saw in The Gift

                              Since we're enver gonna get to meet the Furligns will we ever visit ther ehome world and possibly run into the Carnivorous aliens? or was that planet that Oniel and Maybourne where trappe don ther ehome planet... if it weas where was all there cities and advanced technology?
                              I don't know if we'll ever find out. Sadly, the Furlings have gone the way of the Tollan and, apparently, my Gateworld blog.


                                Hello there JMallozzi

                                Just wanna ask if you feel good now that the show is back with new seasons?

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