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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Hi Joe, thanks for answering all of our questions.

    My question is, What kind of new tech will we see in the new seasons of SG1 and SGA?



      Hi Joe,

      In terms of arc-ing out the storyline for this season, since you guys are always so far ahead (production-wise) than the decision "to to renew or not to renew" from the network, did that come into play with this year's story arc process? Especially given that it's a new formula with new characters, did you guys plan this season out as a stand-alone season which will have some kind of "resolution" if there is not season ten, or is it going to be a hold-your-breath cliffhanger type of arc where you're banking on a season ten with confidence?


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          In your latest blog you say, "Certain scheduling changes have necessitated our making changes to The 4th Horseman I and II. But change is good, especially in this case since it means (I know it sounds like I'm repeating myself) the return of a much-loved, sorely missed character. I think this season will be known as the season of returning much-loved, sorely missed characters. Anyways, it'll be great to have "this individual", my fellow gourmand, back in town."

          First of all, I'm going to assume that this much-loved, sorely missed character is different than the much-loved sorely missed character who will be appearing in Ripple Effect. Second, I'm taking a wild guess that these scheduling changes now allow Sean Patrick Flannery to reprise his role as Orlin which means Cameron Bright is out as Kid-O, which in turn, is going to lead to changes in the storyline.

          So, am I right, close, in the same ballpark, on the same planet?



            [QUOTE=Historian]Hi Mr. Malozzi,

            I have a question regarding production. I know that you're sometimes short on money to do what you really want to do. And I was wondering why, if it's the case, did you go for some big names like Beau Bridges and Lou Gossett Jr. Someone less renowned would have cost a lot more, even though bringing less fame to a show, which is famous all by himself.

            I think we've made some great casting additions to the show that have made Stargate that much better. If it comes down to a choice between Beau Bridges and an extra space battle or two, I'd definitely choose General Landry.


              Originally posted by gatebee
              thank you .... wow .... bows to greatness ...
              Hi Joe, ok, I can figure out why the first three languages but what got you interested in learning Japanese and Cantonese
              I've always been interested in Japanese culture. I also watch a fair amount of Japanese film and anime and that has helped me learn that much quicker. As for Cantonese - my wife's parents are from Hong Kong and she makes a good (albeit occasionally impatient) teacher.


                Originally posted by tofuchef
                i think u missed my question so i'll try again...
                about the asgards. if you think about it aren't the asgards pretty much weak, since they have small puny little bodies. i mean to build their colonies and motherships.. they would need machines of some type to build other machines to build other things.. so pretty much if the machines that builts everything for them suddenly dissappears.. wouldn't that makes the asgard pretty useless? i just don't see them capable of lifting anything above 10 pounds. and on another subject with the asgards. In the episode the fifth race we see one of the asgards use his hand clear oneills mind.. what else can that hand do?.. oh yea im not picking on the asgards.. i love them, just wondering
                They may be weak but they're oh so smart. And you're right. Without their tech to back them up, you could probably kick sand in their faces with gay abandon.


                  Originally posted by SueS
                  But, if Daniel and Vala are "bound" together in The Ties That Bind because of what happens to them in Avalon 1&2, then how is it a stand-alone?
                  Yes, there is a backstory link to a previous episode but the story itself is a stand-alone.


                    Originally posted by Token
                    Hi, Joe!

                    In Season 7, two of my favorite episodes were "Grace" and "Death Knell". Are there any episodes this season where Lt.Col. Carter is in similiar situations?
                    Not Carter.


                      Originally posted by binkpmmc
                      Joe - this is a direct quote from your interview recently published at another forum site: "given his position as the new team leader". Will Carter be demoted to 2IC of the team she was most recently leader of or will she and Mitchell be equals? If Carter is demoted to 2IC what is the stated reason?
                      Yup. In the first episode of season 9, Colonel Mitchell is the unidisputed team leader of SG-1.


                        Originally posted by Kliggins
                        Hi Joe:

                        This may be too personal, but I was wondering if you would explain the origin of your last name. In my mind I had always thought Mallozzi with a long O, like low, and Michael and Chris pronounced it with a short O, like lozenge. Thanks.
                        Its a short O. As for the origin of the name - beats me.


                          Because the Asgard have been fighting the replicators for so long and acting as "gods" to some, I assume they have had to work together with no time for internal conflick. Any change that now that the replicators have been destroyed that an evil group of Asgard could arise?
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                            Originally posted by JMallozzi
                            Yup. In the first episode of season 9, Colonel Mitchell is the unidisputed team leader of SG-1.
                            Gosh - you're good - you must have received an "A" in media training.

                            In light of Mitchell being the undisputed team leader of SG1 does your "Yup" confirm that Carter is demoted to 2IC?

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                              Originally posted by JMallozzi
                              Haven't read the book, so I can't really comment. But, as I've already stated, we have no plans to revisit Nicky B. and since the Furlings were wiped out by that race of carnivorous aliens its unlikely we'll hear about them either.
                              By any chance would these carnivourous aliens have any relaiton to the T-Rex Sheppard and Ford saw in The Gift

                              Since we're enver gonna get to meet the Furligns will we ever visit ther ehome world and possibly run into the Carnivorous aliens? or was that planet that Oniel and Maybourne where trappe don ther ehome planet... if it weas where was all there cities and advanced technology?


                                Originally posted by deSaintphalle
                                What does Teal'c do with his free time? Has there ever been a show where we see his home on earth? Does he live on the base? Does the lunch lady in the comissary ever give him extra potato salad, cause she thinks he's cute? You know...stuff like that. I think you should have an episode where comedian Monique guest stars as the lunch lady. C' would be funny.
                                Teal'c has quarters on the base. We saw him move out to his own apartment in Affinity but, alas, it didn't work out for him. And yes. The lunch lady is mighty sweet on him.