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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Osiris-RA
    Hi Joe,

    This may seem a slightly dumb question but I was just thinking about it - is there any chance of a SG1 in King Arthur's Court episode in S9?



      Originally posted by SueS
      I assume there's going to be a clip show this year. Now the clip show generally occurs an episode or two before the season finale. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the order of the episodes for the second half of S9 will be:

      11. The Fourth Horseman, Part 2
      12. Collateral Damage
      13. Ripple Effect
      14. Ethon
      15. Off the Grid
      16. Stronghold
      17. The Blight (FKA, "Off-world Ambassadors Story”)
      18. "Return of THAT Character Story"
      19. Finale Part 1
      20. Finale Part 2

      (Note: I'm assuming the finale will be a two-parter.)

      So, with this order in mind, I'm going to assume that "The Blight" (formerly known as "the off-world ambassadors story") is the clip show.

      Am I right
      What clip show?


        Originally posted by jafacakes
        Hi Joe, thank's for all your answers, even the vague, cryptic and exasperating ones are entertaining to read.
        A question about spoilers, I have no doubt they are released on purpose ( mostly to cause caos and confusion, but that's another story) what I want to know is who chooses what and in whitch websites they are realesed first ? Some recent S9 photos and spoilers for beach head where posted first on a german website and I just wondered why. Thanks again.
        I have no clue.


          Originally posted by Gatetrixer
          Dear Joe,

          Is there a book and/or website about the history of Canadian TV/movies ESPECIALLY the growth of the industry in the Vancouver area?
          Probably, but I don't really know. However, I do know that the new Harry Potter book comes out in 3 days.


            Originally posted by ImmrtlofDrknss
            Forgive me if this has been asked before, but given that the Jaffa will play a heavy part in at least the first half of Season Nine, will Issac Hayes and/or Obi Ndefo be returning at all this season?
            No plans for either to return.


              Originally posted by binkpmmc
              Joe - Who writes the spoilers that are officially released? Thanks.
              The publicity departments are reponsible for official releases.


                Originally posted by shinyredpants
                Dear Mr Mallozzi

                oh how i love being formal!

       dad and I recently went on a trip to British Colombia (a graduation present as i'm graduating in december from college) and we did some quite extensive travelling. Now when looking at maps and going through towns, a certain town came up called Kelowna. Now me being the stargate fan (and making quite a many jokes while in canada about trees) I remembered that the home planet Jonas is from is also called Kelowna. Is this pure coincidence? or did you guys name the planet name Kelowna after the town?

                Also when in Vancouver we were in Barnaby at uhm...metrotown? i think thats what it is called and we were on a street called McKay street. Is that perhaps how Rodney McKay got his name as well? or is that pure coincidence as well?
                Rob Cooper named McKay so you'll have to ask him about that. As for Kelowna...what?!?!


                  Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan

                  Quick question for you about the Ring Transporters...

                  In watching Homecoming again tonight, Daniel and Jonas discuss that they could use the rings on board the ship to get to the surface of the planet only because they had found a ring platform on Kelowna.

                  But in re-watching Memento the other day, I noticed that they used the ring transporter to get to and from Prometheus and the planet's surface several times without the benefit of a ring platform on the surface.

                  So my a ring platform unnecessary to receive a ring transfer as it seemed to be indicated in Memento or necessary as it seemed to be indicated in Homecoming? Or option 3, do the writers sometimes forget the important point of needing a ring transport platform when writing various ring transport scenes? (couldn't be option 3 though because writers NEVER miss these kinds of things, right?)
                  Unless a ship can get down close enough to the planet's surface, you do need a receiver platform in order to "ring down".


                    Originally posted by Nikkirose
                    I dont know if this question has been asked already, since its hard to keep up in here. But I'll take my chance..

                    Was there a reason Replicarter wasnt kept alive for future storylines down the road?

                    AT did a fantastic job of playing good and evil!! Wish she could stretch her acting wings more!!! VIVA LA REPLICARTER!

                    Thanks for answering all of our questions!! *waves*
                    We wanted to type of that storyline, so we dealt with the replicators and RepliCarter at the end of the Reckoning two parter.


                      Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
                      Okay...I'll admit to being seriously irked about this and share your disappointment...and I don't intend to rant about my feelings here (I promise)...but I do have a related question...

                      Will the Season 9 DVD's include a full opening sequence or the SciFi Channel's 10-second version? Or is it too far ahead to predict/not in your area of input/expertise?

                      Thank you,
                      Mary Beth
                      Not my area of expertise.


                        Originally posted by Kevin
                        Hey Joe, I figure I'll ask the impossible.

                        Any chance we'll see Ayiana again?

                        For the time being...nope.


                          Originally posted by JMallozzi
                          Hammond retired and is currently serving as an advisor to President Hayes. Will he appear in season 9. I've already answered that question today.

                          This is my first time venturing into the chaos! Thanks for being so patient with us and our sometimes bone-headed questions.

                          In regards to the above post, are you talking about your blog (which, might I add, is awesomely updated on a regular basis), or were you talking about something else?

                          Thanks again!



                            Originally posted by Hatusu
                            Joe, I've been catching up on the "Stargate Atlantis" marathon. Is there a competition among the writers for putting David Hewlett in uncomfortable and humiliating situations?
                            Check out season 2. We really out-do each other this upcoming season.


                              Originally posted by auenway
                              hey Joe
                              is there anyway you give even a little info on the Crossover or Aurora those episodes are still a mystery just a little hint at least.
                              Grace Under Pressure: McKay feels the pressure in more ways than one.

                              Aurora: Sheppard and co. board an Ancient warship and encounter its "lost" crew.


                                Originally posted by SueS
                                After reading the spoilers for Beach Head, I'm a bit concerned about the way in which Sam returns. Perhaps I'm reading the spoilers wrong or perhaps the information is incorrect, either way I am hoping you can shed some light on this.

                                According to the spoilers (paraphrased and condensed for your enjoyment)
                                Landry believes a new weapon Carter has developed will be an effective tool in destroying a force field the Ori have placed around a Jaffa-free inhabited planet. Carter returns with mixed emotions to assist in the mission. (I'm going to assume the reason for the mixed emotions is because she doesn't think the weapon is ready, which could mean she may be at odds with Landry.) Then, after peaceful negotiations fail, Sam launched the weapon only to have it make matters worse. Finally, according to the spoilers, while everyone is squabbling over the next course of action, "Vala (Claudia Black) hatches an uncharacteristically selfless plan that will destroy the field without the use of weapons -- but she may have to sacrifice her own life in order to carry it out."

                                So my question is, if Carter is returning reluctantly (i.e. she might not want to be there), if her actions end up making the situation worse, and if her actions directly or indirectly cause the loss of another popular character then what will Sam's incentive or motivation be for staying, and what's to prevent the Vala fans from "blaming" Sam for Vala's departure? I guess my biggest concern is that Sam will have this "black cloud" over her head for somehow being responsible for the loss of Vala.
                                Tune in to Beachhead and see how things turn out.