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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    What happened to General Hammond? Will he appear in season 9, because we haven't heard anything about him yet


      hi Joe

      any chance of Neil Denis coming back this season to play his characte Rya'c?
      and are there any plans for Chris Judge or Michael Shanks to write an episode or for Amanda Tapping to direct an episode?
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        are you in touch with Claudia? Is she still in Canada or returned home to UK after finishing filming her SG-1 episodes? We're worrying about her after the news about tragedy in London today.


          Have you seen the new Battlestar Galactica series? If you have, how do you feel about it? If not, then why have you deprived yourself of such wonderful programming?

          Also, when Daniel got back, descended again, he seemed to remember what had happened when he was ascended with Oma and Jim. So does he know now the information he got when he ascended, the all-knowingness. Does he remember any of the information from before Replicarter killed him and unlocked the information in his mind? If he doesn't remember any of this will it be explained why he doesn't but still knows Oma ascended him and what happened there with Jim and everything? Will season 9 touch on a little, lot, or not at all, on his previous ascended adventures and the knowledge Replicarter unlocked.
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            Joe - was Carter in charge/the leader of SG1 in Season 8? Thanks.


              I'm sitting here, watching Moebius (fun ep!), and I'm curious. You guys had to have figured out some of the backstory of the AU SG1, right? Now, we can guess Teal'c is different because there was no SG1 to save him, and Catherine didn't rescue Daniel from the humiliation of academia. But what were the major backstory changes in Carter and O'Neill?


                Hi Joe,

                This may seem a slightly dumb question but I was just thinking about it - is there any chance of a SG1 in King Arthur's Court episode in S9?

                TEAM SG1 LIVES


                  I was thinking a bit about Moebius tonight and about how the Stargate effected each character. Daniel didn't get picked up by Catherine, so he was basically an outcast in the scientific community, Jack never went through the gate to blow himself up (the movie), and Teal'c was never presented a way out being Apophis' first prime. However, Sam's story isn't so clear cut...

                  I don't know if others agree with me, but I figured it was something along the lines of them never meeting Hammond in 1969, and as a result somehow Hammond and Jacob don't become good friends, and then Sam doesn't end up in the military. I have a feeling that might be too complicated of an idea. Am I way off? If so, whats the deal?


                    I assume there's going to be a clip show this year. Now the clip show generally occurs an episode or two before the season finale. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the order of the episodes for the second half of S9 will be:

                    11. The Fourth Horseman, Part 2
                    12. Collateral Damage
                    13. Ripple Effect
                    14. Ethon
                    15. Off the Grid
                    16. Stronghold
                    17. The Blight (FKA, "Off-world Ambassadors Story”)
                    18. "Return of THAT Character Story"
                    19. Finale Part 1
                    20. Finale Part 2

                    (Note: I'm assuming the finale will be a two-parter.)

                    So, with this order in mind, I'm going to assume that "The Blight" (formerly known as "the off-world ambassadors story") is the clip show.

                    Am I right?



                      Hi Joe, thank's for all your answers, even the vague, cryptic and exasperating ones are entertaining to read.
                      A question about spoilers, I have no doubt they are released on purpose ( mostly to cause caos and confusion, but that's another story) what I want to know is who chooses what and in whitch websites they are realesed first ? Some recent S9 photos and spoilers for beach head where posted first on a german website and I just wondered why. Thanks again.


                        Dear Joe,

                        Is there a book and/or website about the history of Canadian TV/movies ESPECIALLY the growth of the industry in the Vancouver area?


                          Forgive me if this has been asked before, but given that the Jaffa will play a heavy part in at least the first half of Season Nine, will Issac Hayes and/or Obi Ndefo be returning at all this season?
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                            Joe - Who writes the spoilers that are officially released? Thanks.


                              Hi JM,

                              Thanks to you, the other producers and writers, and actors for giving us eight great seasons of SG-1 so far!

                              I noticed in the interview with RCC and BW that they felt they had to write many of the season 8 stories around Jack/RDA (the star as they say), hence many earth-based stories where Jack was General. I was wondering if this fact also helps to explain why the writers did little in the way of focusing on Sam as the leader of SG-1. She was the leader in season 8, but you all never really explored that story arc. For alot of fans, this was really disappointing because it would have been a joy to see her take on this leadership role and see how she would differ from Jack as a leader. It also would have been fairly novel for Stargate SG-1 to allow Sam to really lead off-world missions, because having a woman lead rarely happens in the science fiction genre. (Sam was prepared for this because of how you all wrote such a strong character). For the past several months in many of the promotions, producers are saying that Mitchell is replacing Jack as the new leader of SG-1. But in essence, Sam was the leader in season 8, so he is really replacing Sam. My question is, how are you and the other producers really viewing the character of Sam in regard to leadership and in general for season 9? Is the plan to just let go of this story arc for Sam and give it to Mitchell?


                                Dear Mr Mallozzi

                                oh how i love being formal!

                       dad and I recently went on a trip to British Colombia (a graduation present as i'm graduating in december from college) and we did some quite extensive travelling. Now when looking at maps and going through towns, a certain town came up called Kelowna. Now me being the stargate fan (and making quite a many jokes while in canada about trees) I remembered that the home planet Jonas is from is also called Kelowna. Is this pure coincidence? or did you guys name the planet name Kelowna after the town?

                                Also when in Vancouver we were in Barnaby at uhm...metrotown? i think thats what it is called and we were on a street called McKay street. Is that perhaps how Rodney McKay got his name as well? or is that pure coincidence as well?

                                thanks alot!

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