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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Platschu
    Have the Nox a flying Ancient city?


    Can we see them again or other minor races (Rhee'tou, Reole, Gadmeer, Aschen) at the negotations?
    Possible - but probably not.


      Originally posted by Kalliope

      some people here think that the casting of Ben and Claudia has more to do with Scifi enjoying dragging in all those Scapers who threatened them with bodily injury for daring to cancel "Farscape". They also think that this sexing up of Stargate is nothing more than a ploy to draw in the Scapers by presenting a Stargate that's a bit closer to Farscape. Could you please comment on this?
      We initiated the casting for the roles of Mitchell and Vala. Vala was a character we introduced last year that ended up popping as a result of Claudia's terrific performance. I enjoyed Ben's work on Farscape and had been wanting to get him on the show for a while. Stargate is Stargate and Farscape is Farscape. They're two very different shows with a cast of very different characters.

      Although, I'm trying to get Rigel to do a guest spot but his quote is ridiculously high.


        Originally posted by JMallozzi

        Thanks for stopping by.

        It was a mistake on my part to use the word "assume" so let me rephrase the question in light of your "resume her duties" quote and the TV Guide quote, "and Farscape hunk Ben Browder, whose Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell will lead the SG-1 team":

        Who, Mitchell or Carter, will lead SG1 after Carter returns to/rejoins SG1?

        They're going to take turns. Mitchell gets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday - Carter gets Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and they alternate Sundays.


          [QUOTE=Calhoun]Hi Joe, here's another few quick questions for you!

          1) Back when season 9 was still in planning, it was suggested that Colonel Chekov might play a larger role in the running of the SGC. Will there be any appearances by Garry Chalk this season?


          Suggested? By who?

          Yup, we'll be seeing Chekov this season.


            Originally posted by SueS
            No, no, no. You've got it all wrong. You're suppose to tell ME all about it.

            Okay, one source seems to suggest Mitchell and Lam have a romantic past, and the other seems to suggest they might have a romantic future, but apparently there is some info floating around out there that suggests Lam and Mitchell have a romantic past or future. However, they both seem to contradict Robert Cooper's Cult Times Interview where he said "shippers may be a little disappointed with S9 because there isn't much of tht kind of thing going on." I mean, why write the characters of Lam and Mitchell as having a romantic past or future, if there won't be much of that going on.

            So, now I'm wondering, was the idea of a romantic connection between Mitchell and Lam something that had been considered and then dropped, or will this still be part of the character?
            You know, now that you mention it, there is one thing I noticed. In The Ties That Bind, when Lam and Mitchell get off the elevator, Mitchell buttons up the top button of his shirt. Is this a clue?! A suggestion of something going on? Or is it just some guy doing up a button?

            Other than that, haven't really noticed anything to suggest a romance.


              Originally posted by BackStageJim
              With the current Hollywood stunt of killing off recurring characters, will SG follow suit? We just lost Jacob/Selmak ... another would be too soon.
              We're way ahead of Hollywood stunts. We were killing off characters way before it was fashionable. Remember Martouf and Rothman?


                Originally posted by Steve_the_Wraith
                Just a quick question about the size of the Goa'uld fleet, how big is it, I've seen estimations that at it at 100 motherships and estimations that put it at 1000 motherships.

                Whats your opinion?
                More on the goa'uld motherships in season 9.


                  Originally posted by George Costanza
                  Hey, Joe.

                  New question. I always liked how there were different Goa'uld and we actually got to know them a little. SG-1 always got personal, be it with Apophis, Ba'al or Anubis. On Atlantis, the Wraith have no different characters, they're just "the Wraith", and in my opinion that's one of the biggest flaws of SG Atlantis. You can probably see this question coming, but will the Ori have actual characters like Apophis or will they be more like the Wraith?
                  Yes. The Ori will have "actual characters" and look for the wraith to distinguish themselves a little more in season 2 of Atlantis.


                    Originally posted by hungrytrash
                    Hey Joe . I have a question about Season 1, Tin Man . In the episode it says that the remaining Altairans had been in that robot form for over 11,000 years. How did humans get there and become that advanced that long ago? I don't believe the Goa'uld had even found Earth yet.
                    If I answered all your questions, there'd be no reason for you to tune in to the upcoming season.


                      Originally posted by PsychoPenguin
                      Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

                      I understand there's a one question per post limit, so I'll have to write two posts here and take my chances, I guess. They are both "Atlantis" questions and the first one is this:

                      I've become sort of confused about what branch Sheppard is supposed to be a member of, and the show hasn't really helped me out here. Many fans claim he's Air Force, but he's flying a helicopter in the premiere, which very few Air Force pilots do, unless they're working for the SOG (special operations group.) Also, many of the choppers he names off to O'Neill (like Apache and Blackhawk) are typically flown by the Army, which has led to other people online making the argument that Sheppard's actually Army, not Air Force.

                      Then, of course, the Atlantis uniform is no help in clarifying one way or the other. It has no identifying marks of any sort that I've been able to see.

                      So, I'm just going to ask straight out, even if it's a stupid question that's already been resolved elsewhere, which branch is Sheppard supposed to be a member of?

                      Thank you for your time,

                      This one is a question for Brad Wright. Catch him at Comicon.


                        Originally posted by Whistler
                        Hi Joe! 3 completely unrelated questions for you...

                        1. With Enterprise's cancelation is there any chance we'll get to see Coombs (and/or Felgar) back in the future? Will we see Ishta again?

                        <snipped by moderator>
                        Maybe. But not anytime in the near future.


                          Originally posted by Ephemetheus
                          Hey Joe, I just want to tell you how stoked I am about the new season. I've done my best to avoid spoilers this year and want to thank you for giving me another option. I love how you've been giving us just enough to keep us thirsty for Friday's premiere. I was a little scared before I started reading here. but now I think the next 2 seasons are going to be spectacular.
                          Thanks. I look forward to hearing what you think.


                            Originally posted by Kliggins
                            Excellent cryptic. Are you naturally cryptic or is this something you have learned as a writer.
                            Let's just say there's more to this than meets the eye.


                              Originally posted by JMallozzi
                              This one is a question for Brad Wright. Catch him at Comicon.
                              Ah! Well, that makes me feel better about asking what I was afraid was an obvious question, at least. If it has to be forwarded elsewhere, then it must not be as simple as I had feared.

                              Anyway, here's question number two (and I'll understand if it also has to be forwarded): Was Sheppard named after Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas? My husband says this was a really popular pilot training base for graduating cadets when he graduated from the Academy. (Lucky for me, he chose the one in Mississippi with the women's college on the other side of town. ) So, I was wondering if John's name was the result of an intentional choice or purely coincidence.

                              Again, thank you for your time,

                              "Just smile and wave, boys...Just smile and wave."


                                Hi Joe! Which guest star has been the most surprising this season?
                                Hatshepsut, Queen Pharaoh