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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    I understand there's a one question per post limit, so I'll have to write two posts here and take my chances, I guess. They are both "Atlantis" questions and the first one is this:

    I've become sort of confused about what branch Sheppard is supposed to be a member of, and the show hasn't really helped me out here. Many fans claim he's Air Force, but he's flying a helicopter in the premiere, which very few Air Force pilots do, unless they're working for the SOG (special operations group.) Also, many of the choppers he names off to O'Neill (like Apache and Blackhawk) are typically flown by the Army, which has led to other people online making the argument that Sheppard's actually Army, not Air Force.

    Then, of course, the Atlantis uniform is no help in clarifying one way or the other. It has no identifying marks of any sort that I've been able to see.

    So, I'm just going to ask straight out, even if it's a stupid question that's already been resolved elsewhere, which branch is Sheppard supposed to be a member of?

    Thank you for your time,

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      Hi Joe! 3 completely unrelated questions for you...

      1. With Enterprise's cancelation is there any chance we'll get to see Coombs (and/or Felgar) back in the future? Will we see Ishta again?

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        Originally posted by SueS
        Can you give us any spoilery tidbits for Ethon, Stronghold and Off The Grid to whet our appetities, e.g are any of them off-world, earth-bound, or Prometheus-bound episodes?

        All three are off-world. At the moment, one is somewhat Prometheus-bound.


          Originally posted by Rdcalow
          Hey Joe

          Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. And hello from a fellow ex Montrealer, from csl to be exact.

          I was interested to hear that Micheal Shanks described Mitchell as a "goofy colonel".. which means to me that he has a bit of a learning curve with everything that SG1 does, off world, iris codes, GDO's and Dhds etc. (And Ben did this so wonderfully in Farscape when at first he couldn't even open the door on Moya). How long does this last and how quickly will Mitchell get into "in charge" mode where he is up to speed?

          Mitchell will be in charge from the get-go.


            Originally posted by oragans
            Hey Joe Thanks for answering all the questions

            1, i know that willie garson is interested in doing another episode of stargate and is good friends with michael greenburg so is there any plans to have in back or any episode involving all the cast infront of the screen.
            No plans to have Martin drop by this season.


              [QUOTE=Silver]I know that there's a fresh enthusiasm due to all the new talented actors and great new episode plots and character dynamics (and yes, I am very much looking forward to it!), but is RDA missed on set by those who've worked with him for eight whole seasons?

              Of course. We all miss him. And Rick knows that if he's ever in the neighborhood...

              Who did exactly Cassie live with following Janet's death? Or did she stay by herself?

              She lived with Sam before heading off to college.


                [QUOTE=Jordo]*Old lady from Simpsons* : Hello Joe!
                1. SG1 question:It has been stated that the stargate's budget is cut by 70% and the money concentrated on building up earth's fleet. Also keep in mind that the Jaffa (allies) have a massive fleet of hataks. Here is the question: If the ori are just accended beings..they wont have need for ships..therefore we have no enemies to fight from space (with the reps gone and goauld). Do the Ori have advanced allies that are capable of travelling between galaxies that have warships to fight us - or are we wasting 70% of the budget?

                Budget cut by 70%? Now where did you hear this?

                With regard to Earth building a fleet: It makes sense. Regardless of whether the Jaffa have ships or not, why would we want to place ourselves in a position where we would have to depend on them for our defense? And just because the goa'uld and replicators have been dealt with doesn't mean Earth will never be threatened again. As for the Ori - more on them in season 9.

                2. Atlantis question: Now that the replicators are dealt with...shouldnt it be logical that the asgard can spare a couple of ships to help out in pegasus..besides hermod (nothing against the little guy)..but we want Oniel Class Vs Hive Ship!

                It would make sense but you know how infuriating the Asgard can be. If they're not busy dealing with replicators, they're dealing with something else. However, there is some Asgard tech coming our way, complete with a couple of Asgard to help us along.

                Also is carter's early season 9 absence explained by telling the asgard (and hermod) about atlantis?

                No. We can assume that we have already told the Asgard about Atlantis. There is no reason why we would keep this information from them.


                  Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                  Hello Joe,

                  I thought Sues asked a very good quest regarding this episode, but I was wonder if perhaps this story was referring to Joe and the Aschen? Joe is definitely an off-world ambassador who probably has a whomping story to tell after being abandoned nearly four years ago. Are we getting warm at all??

                  Thanks a bunch,

                  Brrr. Soooo coooold....


                    Originally posted by ShadowMaat
                    Since Darren and the other mods have asked multiple times that people limit themselves to one question only and since I'm really only curious about one thing at the moment, I figured I'd ask this:

                    Current spoiler info on Gateworld suggests that there will be a Goa'uld in an upcoming ep of Atlantis. I understand that SOME crossover is to be expected, but this seems to be rather... huge and I was wondering what happened to make you guys change your minds about keeping the mythologies of the two shows separate?
                    We didn't want to do any of this sort of crossover in Atlantis's first season because we wanted to solidly establish the spin-off's universe before introducing elements from SG-1. As for the rumors of a goa'uld in an upcoming Atlantis episode...interesting rumor.


                      Originally posted by Pitry
                      Question after watching Atlantis' Home again....

                      Was Sheppard's ability to manipulate the controlled hallucination thingie should hint at something special - will it be explained\be important in some way in next seasons? Or was it just a way to move along the story?
                      Actually, it was simply Sheppard not buying into the reality that was created for him. I'd liken it to lucid dreaming, a dream state in which you become conscious that you are dreaming and then proceed to attempt to manipulate your dream.


                        [QUOTE=George Costanza]Hi Joe,

                        I'm new here, and for starters, I'm not going to request that you put Dutch expedition members in Atlantis. Grr.

                        Dutch member. You got it.

                        1. I know something like this has been asked before, but I'm really worried about team togetherness. Will we see the team exploring planets like in previous seasons? It's still SG-1, the SGC's flagship team, right?

                        Yup. There'll be team togetherness and off-world exploration upcoming.

                        2. I've always been a fan of Teal'c episodes (not the Jaffa episodes, but Teal'c episodes). I know that he'll be pretty busy this season, but let me ask you this. Any chance of seeing another episode where Teal'c deals with living on earth, and if not, is he still a little bit out of the loop on earth stuff, ie will there be enough Teal'c humor? I always loved stuff like the Jaffa joke, "what is an Oprah", "your world is a violent place, I will need this" etc. etc.

                        Teal'c will have his hands full with some "off-world concerns" for pretty much the first half of season 9.

                        3. Do the Ori have ships like the Goa'uld, and if so, what kind of classes (ie Gliders, Ha'taks, etc.)?

                        Good question. My question is: Why would the Ori need ships? Who would man them? What's an Ori?



                          Mmm, you didn't say maaaybe, but your answer seems slightly evasive. I mean you didn't come out and say "Yeah, she's military. Why wouldn't she be?"

                          See, the reason I asked about Sam's military status when she returns is because I've read spoilers that Mitchell refers to Sam as "Sam" and not as Col. Carter. If Mitchell is a "Military man's military man" I would not think that he would refer to another military member of his team in such an informal
                          manner while on-duty.

                          So, other than Sam not being military any more, is there another reason why Mitchell would refer to her as Sam and not Col. Carter during a mission?

                          I believe he refers to her as "Shasta". Weird, huh?


                            Originally posted by briguy213
                            Will sg-1 lose anyone else this season?
                            Who knows what the future holds?


                              Originally posted by SueS
                              Did you encounter any problem from the military advisor with Dr. Lam being Landry's daughter, and if so, how was it resolved?

                              Nope. No problem.


                                Originally posted by auenway
                                Hey Joe just a yes or no answer.
                                Are the the Episodes, Deus Ex Machina , Critical Mass and Grace Under Pressure connected in some way because when you read the spoilers they seem to all have some kind of connection.
                                Two are connected. But not the two you're thinking.