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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Skydiver
    Let's say he only has time to answer fifteen questions. If we have someone with a 15 question post, then we can either have him answer that one person only, or 15 different questions from 15 different people.

    Ah, so the problem is Joe doesn't read the thread and pick the questions he wants to answer, the mods select the questions?


      Howdy Joe. There seems to be no details for Off the Grid, could you provide any. Even one of your patented cryptic responses would be delicious enough.

      The title makes me assume it's a "There's a problem with the Stargate" episode, which always kick ass.


        Originally posted by trudy
        Ah, so the problem is Joe doesn't read the thread and pick the questions he wants to answer, the mods select the questions?
        I'm going to answer this one last post for the purpose of clarification but after this please no more posts that aren't questions for Joe.

        Joe does in fact read this thread and Joe does select the questions himself. The reason why we've asked that there be no more multiple question posts is because Joe has limited time to come on this forum and answer our questions. If there are a bunch of people with huge posts filled with lots of questions then Joe will get to less people. This way Joe can answer more people's questions and it makes it easier on Joe himself.

        And as far as the person who said that this will just result in there being more posts because of people just making multiple posts with one question each, if you read through Darren's original request and our reminders you'll see that we've said that doing so isn't allowed. I'd say that the rule of thumb would be one question per page or just wait until he answers your question before asking another one. Thanks.

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          Hey Joe,

          I have a question regarding the length of the episode 'Threads'.

          When I saw it on Sky One, it was 63 minutes, on my DVD it's about 65 mins and somewhere (can't remember where) I read that it was 90 mins long. How long is really? I mean was it 90 mins or was it 60 mins, instead of 43 mins.

          As you can tell I'm confused.

          Made by the lovely Jakie


            Joe heres another question that alot of stargates fan has been wondering, how come you don't do comtempory religion episodes, like stories relating alien influence on the christian, jewish, or even islamic religions? Alot of fans say you are afraid to enter that topic because of fear of backlash of people of those faiths or that executives from your studio has specificically forbidden you from entering that topic in light of todays hieghten religious awareness. In previous episodes you have shown elements of buddhist and native american religions and how aliens interacted with those religions. The basic theme of Stargate was that aliens influenced our religions. You certainly werent afraid of alienating your buddhist fans or native american fans. So why not do an episode showing that aliens interacted in the christian religion or jesus was an ancient episode? If it can be done tastefully and you done it with the buddhist religion why not christianity?


              Hello Mr. Mallozzi !

              I have a question about "Get in the Gate" (the SciFi Channel contest to win walk-on roles on SG-1 and Atlantis). Is this contest opened to the entire world or is it only for the US residents ? And if it's only for American people, do you think the contest will be soon opened to the entire world, let's say ... next year !

              Thanks again Joe for answering our questions ! This is great, you're great, your job is great !

              Bons baisers de Paris !!!


                Hey Joe...

                My question is on the topic of crossovers. Now other than the scheduled crossover of SG-1 characters to SGA, is there a possibility of badguys from one bleeding over to the other? More specifically, I understand that Atlantis will have a snakehead issue this season (too bad not a full infestation )...but is there a chance of the Ori showing up in Atlantis or the Wraith ending up on SG-1?

                Thank you for your generosity in visiting with us. We truly appreciate the time you spend here.

                Mary Beth
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                  Hi Joe,

                  what's your opinion about people who in their signature at SciFi Channel's SG-1 board use the new cast photo, with big red X over Ben Browder and Beau Bridges' faces and a quote: "Mitchell and Beau don't belong, Jack does. He makes the real SG-1". Fan or fanatic?


                    Beau Bridges' family members often appear in his projects. Are any members of Beau's family scheduled to appear in an episode?


                      We try to be as accurate as possible in our scripts (well, as accurate as possible without sacrificing drama). We haven't had the opportunity to confer with any NASA/JPL scientists - but, hey, if they're offering...
                      I'm not a JPL/NASA person but I'm always keeping up on the latest Science/energy/astronomy items and breakthroughs.

                      My very opinionated question is......

                      Why do you not use more real world science items in your story lines?
                      My opinion is that Stargate is increasingly becoming more and more fantasy and less science fiction. It used to be my #1 favorite show. I believe that you rode for a good 4 to 5 seasons by incorporating real world facts and putting a fictional spin on them and that the rest of your momentum has been due to good work all the way around (except for science), but now we are at a turning point because you have necked ahead of Star Trek as longest running. Why not beat them at their own game while at the same time not becoming them.

                      There is no quick way for me to ask this question. In order for me to really - clearly ask this question I would have to give examples of real world science items and how they could be used. So I am going to.... in a new thread. If you want to look, or don't, either way is okay. If you don't want to answer that is okay too. I don't want to take up your time, but on the other hand, I believe it is an important question to ask of you for all the fans, so I can only post the items and leave it up to you to look or not. This is the only way I can think of to ask the question and remain within the rules.


                        You should change the title of the Atlantis episode, "Critical Mass," to, "Crisis on Atlantis," to fit in with the comic tradition of cross-overs.... ;-)

                        AKA "Crisis on Infinite Earths" to those wondering.


                          We've been discussing wether the Tollan could still be out there in another thread. I strongly recall having read as a general spoiler for an earlier season that as far as the creative forces of Stargate were concerned, the Tollan were wiped out. However, such old information is hard to find. So, do I recall correctly, and is it still the case?

                          Sorry if this counts as two questions, but they're both kinda intertwined.
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                            Hello, Joe. I’d first like to thank you, as most of us have, for taking the time to answer our questions. So, "thank you".

                            Now I’d like to ask about the Furlings – yes, the damn Furlings again!
                            1. Can you tell us, in no uncertain terms, whether we will see the Furlings in SG-1 season 9, Atlantis season 2 or the upcoming Stargate video game? Will you ever put us out of our misery – and yours too, you must be fed up with people asking about them.

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                              Have the Nox a flying Ancient city? Can we see them again or other minor races (Rhee'tou, Reole, Gadmeer, Aschen) at the negotations?
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                                some people here think that the casting of Ben and Claudia has more to do with Scifi enjoying dragging in all those Scapers who threatened them with bodily injury for daring to cancel "Farscape". They also think that this sexing up of Stargate is nothing more than a ploy to draw in the Scapers by presenting a Stargate that's a bit closer to Farscape. Could you please comment on this?