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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    One question that has been dwelling is that of the Tollans and whether or not any kind of potential storyline is/has been tossed around about bringing them back (another episode of SGC saving their technologically-advanced.... ness like in Enigma), etc. I really felt that the Tollan episode arcs could have gone multiple ways, and just wasnt overly satisfied with the belief that they could be wiped out in a single day.

    Also, a few characters and their episode arcs that I wish will be revisisted in S9 are mainly [Season Seven's "Chimera"
    Sarah/ex-Osiris and if she could provide any information about memories she has about possible Goa'uld strongholds, secret bases, etc that could prove useful to the SGC. Maybe have her start developing nightmares and she confronts the SGC with certain information that entails a current situation.

    And I know that Nick Ballard has been brought up, which I hope is revisisted, but I really wish the Furlings, the 9th Chevron, and the aliens from "Grace" would be touched upon further. I remember reading that an episode in late S8 mentions the Furlings, but thats it.
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      OK, the question I had (or at least, the one I can actually remember ) is basically a physics one, since that's my field of study. Anyway, what I want to know is, whenever the term "subspace" is used, is it to mean the subdimensions of Hyperspace (or possibly synonymous w/ Hyperspace) or the region of normal space between the wormhole mouths (not sure if this one fits as well, though)?

      Yeah, I'm a bit of a Hyperspace nut, which is why I prefer that term, but I'd basically be happy if it still had one of the above scientific bases behind it, rather than being a concept completely fabricated like the version of it that Star Trek uses (umm... no offense to Star Trek fans).

      Anyway, that's my question, and I'll try to come up w/ some better ones if I enter the thread again at any point.

      EDIT: to get rid of that question mark in my last sentence, as I have no idea why I put it there.

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        A couple of questions again, if you don't mind.
        1. Will season nine's new General be a regular or reccuring role? What do we (well, I guess you) know about the character so far?
        2. What can you tell us about Atlantis's links to Earth in the next season?
        Once again, thank you.


          Joe, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and answering so many questions and to say that I am looking forward to the new season of both shows. I won't bother asking you any more questions since it appears that all of my questions have been previously asked and most of them answered! But I appreciate the time you have devoted to the forum this weekend!


            To the Producers of the series SG-1 and SGA

            Dear Producers, instead of to throw out with series someone
            (Stargate Atlantis - lieutenant Ford, Stargate SG-1 - Janet Frasier & Jonas Quin)
            better concentrate oneself over series improvement, because seasons 7 and 8 of Stargate SG -1 is total defeat.
            In Stargate Atlantis extend more the subject of city of the Ancients (Atlantis).
            Why does lieutenant Ford in second season have to be removed with regular crew?
            Therefore, that he did not show good work in season first? And how he had to make this,
            since writers did not gave him the chance to do this?
            So alone that was brute that You had removed Jonas Quin and Janet Frasier from Stargate SG-1.
            Why couldn't Jonas or Janet come back in season ninth? Or why can't it add to the crew in Stargate Atlantis?
            Dear Producers, ask to remember, that then thanks us fans, you have your work. Begin at last respecting also our opinion.

            The Polish fan of Stargate


              Hi Joe,

              Amazing you take the time to talk to us, thank you for that.

              I have a different type of question for you.

              How did you get involved with the show? Did someone call you up one day and say "Hey remember that movie in 94 called Stargate? You want to write for the Tv series?"

              I'm curious on how you got involved in writing TV scripts, how you got into SG1. Why writing as opposed to acting? What made little Joe one day decided he wanted to be a writer when his friends wanted to be firemen.

              Second question do you have a web site? where we can see what you have worked on, read your bio etc?

              Third and last question - which do you prefer, writing or producing? Why?

              The actors are great and all, but they are presenting what the writers give them. It's the writer that truely makes a show (In my opinion). I think being a writer for a Science Fiction show would be an amazing experience.

              Thank you kindly for your time.


                Originally posted by JMallozzi
                The writers don't get invited. But maybe if JAffa #2 from episode 37 backs out...

                But episode 37 was The Fifth Race, the only Jaffa there was Teal'c... *begins questioning Joe's identity*

                The season 9 opener must be a doosey. You've got Ben's character joining the team, Sam has to leave temporarily, a new General takes over the SGC, something happens to Jack AND Vala is involved too? I'm fearing my head might explode just watching that
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                  Originally posted by JMallozzi
                  Yup. A couple of new writers will be penning SG-1 and Atlantis scripts. Credit for Prometheus Unbound goes to the writer Damian Kindler, but special credit goes to Robert Cooper who did a pass on the script and was responsible for a lot of the chemistry between DJ and Vala.

                  well thank Kindler and Cooper they did a wonderful job in writing a fun script and Michael and Claudia did a wonderful job with acting it i thought the eps. was great and also enjoyed 'its good to be king' makes you miss maybourne!
                  do you think we will see maybourne again???

                  Daniel has been established as second in command? He has? You do realize that if Daniel takes over command of the SGC, he won't be going off-world anymore... Don't go starting rumours!
                  so you never said what are the many facets of daniel we will see in season nine could you elaborate?

                  and will we see you and the other producers in the 'new lowdown' airing tomorrow night??


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                    Originally posted by JMallozzi
                    To be honest, I wasn't even aware we were in the same time slot.

                    So long as SG-1 continues to perform as strongly as it has over the past couple of years, I won't begrudge any series (and a scifi series in particular) its success.
                    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

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                      Wow! I just found this thread. I had no idea...This is so great!!!


                      So my question then

                      You said Lt. Col. M. M. would lead SG-1 at the beginning of S9. I suppose that means while Carter is away. She will take over SG-1 again afterwards, right? How are you Powers That Be types going to handle having a team member with the same rank as the Team Leader? Is that even possible in the military?

                      Also, am I right assuming that since there's gonna be a new general then Jack won't be Sam's CO anymore? Can I start preparing the Shipper party?

                      Thanks for answering

                      P.S. Could you tell DDL that there is at least 1 Shipper who likes his character for me, please?
                      May our transmatter beams cross again...

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                        Thanks for the answers, Joe. 'Tis always appreciated.

                        Will Weir still be in command of Atlantis next season? There seems to be some question about that...



                          thanks for stopping by Joe, i've gotten more than one chuckle out of your answers.

                          I have a question about the official novels from fandemonium. Rumor has it that they have to be approved by mgm, tptb, you guys know anything about them or does anyone have anything to do with them?
                          Where in the World is George Hammond?



                            Originally posted by JMallozzi
                            At present, there are no plans for a Jonas story. But, rest assured - Jonas is alive and well, dealin with the day to day problems on his homeworld.
                            Hi, Joe. First-time poster here. I've been hesitant to say anything, but this one was just dying for a comment.

                            I have to ask, why is it that TPTB on SG1 have been so unconsidering of the Jonas' fans requests that he return full time? His talents - he was primarily a diplomat who *learned* Daniel's craft so he could substitute for him, which means he doesn't *have to* fulfill the sam function as Daniel - could become very handy now that we're dealing more with the galaxy at large.

                            In addition, the writers went out of their way to show us just how much Jonas missed going out into the universe with SG1 in Fallen. Seems to me that it was the perfect opening for bringing him back at least in a recurring roll like Janet. (Presuming, of course, that Corin would agree after all that's happened.) Jonas had great chemistry with the other team members, and honestly, if there's no S/J ship or Jack (or very little) in S9, this would be the only thing that would keep me interested.

                            Which brings me to another question that went unanswered earlier in the thread - the ship. What's going on with it? If you read the S/J ship thread, you'll see that fans have disproven - fact by fact from the Air Force manuals themselves - that they *can* get together without breaking regs. (And that's not even allowing for options like one of them retiring or simply getting out of the same chain of command.) So will it ever happen?

                            Thank you for coming and answering our questions.
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                            - Mary
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                              Hey Joe--
                              Who puts together the commercials that Sci Fi runs every day for SG1? Is it someone at Sci Fi, or one of the editors at Bridge?
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                                Hi Joe

                                I have a question regarding recurring characters. Will we be seeing Bra'tac, Jacob/ Selmak, Rya'c or Ishta next year?
                                Also, is there any possibility of guest spots by Michael Welsh??? I loved him as mini Jack, and he is a superb actor! I know he's filming Joan of Arcadia, but it'd be great to see him on SG1 again!

                                I was gonna ask about S/J ship, but that's already been asked.

                                Thanks for taking the time to talk to all of us!

                                Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)