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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by Oma-1

    I realise you don't have time to come and join the shipper family on a regular basis , but perhaps you'd like to join us for our 3rd Annual Shipper Day on July 28th? You'd be very welcome. (Especially if you brought a tub of that dark chocolate marzipan ice cream with you

    On a different note .... Can you tell us if Olivia will be making her TV debut on SG-1? We've met most of PDL's family (Urgo will always be one my fave eps ), so it'd be great to meet Amanda's daughter too.
    Where's the party at?


      Originally posted by jckfan55
      On the "Ask Bam Bam" thread a while back, he said he hadn't worked with Amanda Tapping on fight scenes yet. From what you've said so far, my guess is we'll see some P90 action. But can we also look forward to some Carter hand-to-hand fighting this season?
      So far, no Carter hand-to-hand fighting. Come to think of it, what was the last episode in which we did see Carter hand-to-hand?


        Originally posted by SueS

        1. From your perspective as a writer, knowing the personalities of Daniel and Mitchell, do you see these two becoming friends?
        - Actually, they already know each other. And their friendship will develop over time. But the relationship between the two is very different from that of Jack and Daniel.
        Originally posted by SueS
        2. Are there any S9 episodes where Michael and Ben will "work together in a strong capacity"? i.e. any episodes with good Daniel/Mitchell interaction?
        - There is some fun interaction in episodes like The Ties That Bind, The Fourth Horseman, and Ripple Effect. Like the Jack-Daniel friendship, its one that will develop over time.
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          Originally posted by Merentha
          Can I ask a personal question... What's in your home theater setup? It must be quite something. I'm a big home theater fan, and although mine's just a "mini" theater, I must say Stargate looks brilliant in HD! It just helps me appreciate it that much more.
          Its a dedicated home theater room with a 107 inch screen, DLP front projector, THX-certified sound system, and 6 reclining theater seats. HD looks great - even American Idol.


            Originally posted by Erin
            Hi Joe!

            Will we see Little Clone O'Neill again?? Michael Welch's show Joan of Arcadia I think was cancelled. Not that I'm happy the show is gone, I liked it haha, but is there a story being written for the Clone!?!?!

            By the way, you're doing a great job with Stargate! I love every minute of it!
            Would love to bring Little Jack back if we find the right story. Though I have to wonder - with O'Neill gone, will this character be lost on new viewers?


              Originally posted by Kalliope
              Hi Joe,

              thanks a lot for answering some of my questions

              Now I'd like to ask for your opinion on some Gaters comments on what Claudia's character is going to be like in Season 9. I found something like this: "Vala is going to be played up as a vamp and a joke." Some of them also think that she "has to take her clothes off and/or dress provocatively in order to be interesting." Personally I'm more than sure they are VERY, VERY WRONG here and we're going to see really interesting character development in these first six episodes. Right?
              First impressions can be deceiving. Sometimes purposely so.


                Originally posted by Calicto

                Will be seeing the remnants of the Goa'uld empire like an outcast Goa'uld lord here and there?
                - It would stand to reason that the goa'uld have gone into hiding and are biding their time.
                Originally posted by Calicto
                Will you be keeping them as "Gods-wannabes" or making the Goa'uld more Ashrak-like, warriors (because a lot of the Jaffa have turned them down)?
                - I don't really see the goa'uld as warriors. However, there are other ways to go beside "gods-wannabes"...
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                  Any word yet on who will play Khalek in Prototype? Word was you were looking for a classically trained, fairly well-known name.

                  Oh, and are you sure you don't want to give golf a try? It's nearly as infuriating as reading some posts on these boards, but much more satisfying when you get it right.


                    Originally posted by evangeline
                    I have a question about Jack O'Neill the character, not about RDA. In several episodes, the O'Neill character shows his disdain for the Russian Military and government. Was the character created that way because he was part of the Cold War culture and he went through his early years in the air force during the height of the Cold War and the Vietnam War? I'm just curious how the character leans in that direction but always let's his heart overrule his prejudices.
                    Yes, O'Neill's background certainly colored his opinion in dealing with the Russian military. Add to that his generally good-humored but distrustful nature and you have somewhat of an oddity in the post Cold War era. Still, his opinion on working with the Russians did thaw. In time, he even considered Chekov a buddy.


                      Originally posted by Ace
                      Hey Joe,

                      Any chance of seeing Kawalsky this year or next?

                      If I had to bet, my money would be on "next".


                        Originally posted by Calhoun
                        Hi Joe, thanks again for sparing some of your valuable time.

                        1) With Carter absent for the first five / six episodes, who on SG-1 is the most technical / scientific: Mitchell, Daniel, Teal'c or Vala? Who is the one to suggest scientific ideas / solutions / technobabble when Carter isn't around?
                        I'd say none of the above. Hello? Dr. Lee?
                        Originally posted by Calhoun
                        2) Have you read the latest SG-1 book, "City of the Gods", and (if so) what do you think of the author's take on the Furling question (since you writers seem determined to keep us guessing)?
                        Haven't read the book. Is the Furling a furry, two foot tall, rotund, giggling mischief-maker who continually plays practical jokes on the rest of the team after he joins SG-1? If so - THAT WAS MY IDEA!
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                          Originally posted by Dani347
                          Are there any episodes where the team is together? Let me clarify. I don't mean where they're just working on the same problem. I mean, where they spend a significant amount of time together in the same area. Not, one person on a ship, one person off world, two at the SGC.
                          Team togetherness? Let's see...

                          There are some great team scenes in Avalon I, Beachhead, and Ripple Effect.


                            Originally posted by JMallozzi
                            So far, no Carter hand-to-hand fighting. Come to think of it, what was the last episode in which we did see Carter hand-to-hand?
                            Desperate Measures, maybe? Fightin' off them ninjas!


                              Originally posted by sueKay
                              Hi Joe!

                              Firstly, thank you for answering a lot of the shippy questions recently.


                              It seems that season nine will not be the last...just how high is the probability of season ten???


                              Is there any indication that RDA would like to appear in more episodes other than Avalon or Origin? Maybe at the end of the season?
                              There is no way of knowing whether we'll be doing another season until the ratings are in. The audience has the final say on that one.

                              As for O'Neill returning before season's end - I think its unlikely. But then again, I thought season 9 was a longshot.


                                Originally posted by Chris O'Farrell

                                End of Evangellon or Cowboy Bebop, The Movie? Which one do you favour?

                                Because I've been having this debate a lot recently and surprisingly a number of people I've talked to vote for EOE. Frankly I found I couldn't watch the second half without getting drunk while hanging upside down, at 3AM in the morning and drinking absurd levels of caffeine beverages...

                                EOE in my opinion was nothing but Anno on a acid trip. I'm interested to hear your thoughts, if any though.
                                - I would have to give it to Bebop. As much I enjoyed Evangelion as a series, I loooved the Bebop series. Those left confused by the Evangelion series ender weren't offered much in the way of clarification with EOE. Cowboy Bebop on the other hand - well there's no confusion with that finale. 'Nuff said.
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