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Ask Joe Mallozzi - Spoilers for SG-1 (S8, 9, 10) and SGA (S1, 2, 3)

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    Originally posted by gatebee
    Hi Joe, I am reposting my own question. Hope this time could you please answer it.
    O'Neill has yet to retire and the series is not over yet.


      Originally posted by Suebsg9
      second half of season which eps. can we look for that center around daniel?

      And is there any kinda viewing party for the season opener or just another day at the office?
      Check out Avalon II and Origin in which Daniel takes center stage and "opens up a huuuuge can of worms". The Ties That Bind gives us a chance to see his humorous side and he gets to play Perry Mason in The Powers That Be. In Prototype, Daniel must confront the past machinations of a former enemy, then in Fourth Horsemen, teams with Mitchell to head off-world and corrall "a missing piece to the puzzle". Plenty of Daniel in Ripple Effect as well.

      Re: the viewing party. I had Robert over last weekend to show off my new home theater. He was so impressed that he volunteered my place for the season premiere party. Guess I'll be making more ice cream.
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        Originally posted by tmp23
        Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

        I don't know if anyone has ever asked this question, and myself being a Daniel fan, I would like to know....If it is Daniel's place to translate ancient text, and he is suppose to be the "expert" or the most qualified, then why do we see Maybourne in "Its good to be king" being able to translate ancient? And Selmac/Jacob and Sam in "Reckoning" translating the wall to the device? When things like that should be written for Daniel. In Carter's absence we wouldn't see Daniel attempting to build a reactor, right?

        Hope it was ok to ask.
        Thanks again

        Daniel is the foremost expert and the most qualified, but that doesn't mean that he is the only one who can translate Ancient. That would be like saying that since Mitchell is a trained soldier, no one else but him should be able to fire a weapon. As the foremost expert, Daniel is the go-to-guy in situations where Ancient texts need to be translated, especially if time and accuracy are of the essence. In Man Who Wasn't King, Mayborne had a lot of time to try to decyper the text - and only managed to translate portions. In Reckoning, Carter and Selmak tackled the painstaking process because Daniel was unavailable.


          Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan

          Just wondering how Brad and the other PTB enjoyed their Blue Jello...

          I heard from lots of people from various forums and countries who said they sent some taking them at their word (and hoping that the various postal agencies around the world haven't taken their sweet time), there should have at least been enough for a nice Blue Jello party...

          Blue Jello? Never saw it. Brad and Robert could be hoarding.


            Hi again Joe,

            I'm wondering if you guys have already come up with the function of the ninth chevron. I know you can't tell us what it does, but was its function determined when the show was created, or has it been something you guys have been discussing implementing for a while? Also, will we see any more 8-chevron addresses being dialed?


              Originally posted by DelTrax1
              Joe....I see your up late again.

              Well ...right to the question. I was wondering if you have had a chance to read any personal questions at that email that you left? I also left one on Gateworld if that makes it easier. So you should know about Season 10 real soon.....when will we find out after you hear the good news?
              I read all of the emails sent to that account, time permitting. The truth is, you're more likely to get me to answer your question if you post here as, all too often, the questions sent to my yahoo account get lost in the shuffle.


                Originally posted by Capt. Voronokova
                The conversation about Dr. Lee's background came up the other day, and it really got me wondering, then bugging me. I know Omnipedia says he's an engineer, but his role has evolved (from an Asian woman) and he's done so many different things in different specialties. Has that just been on the job training or does he have a diverse c.v.?

                (Sigh, yeah yeah, stargate scientists are required before being "hired" to have very broad knowledge so the story can get told.)

                Anyway, thanks for your time and consideration. Thank you again. Have fun during your half hiatus.

                Doctor Capt. Voronokova
                Yup, its true. When I created the character of Dr. Lee in Prodigy, I had originally intended to cast an Asian woman. As luck would have it, we cast Bill and ended up introducing a terrific character to the SG-1 family.

                His area of specialty? Oh, its science-related.


                  Originally posted by barb69
                  hi joe
                  just a quick question

                  I was wondering what did you think of the ship resolution in the final episode of JAG. Too mushy? or did it make you all warm inside. Will us shippers ever see anything like that to make us SQUEE again.

                  You re doing a fine job thank you for your time

                  liverpool home of champions of europe.
                  JAG? Was that the one with Mark Harmon?


                    [QUOTE=SueS]In an earlier interview, while discussing S9, Robert Cooper said, "this is Daniel's story". Now, I'm not sure if he meant S9 as a whole, or just the season opener. Since he wrote the opener I'm assuming he's referring to that. So, do you agree with his assessment, and does the idea of this being Daniel's story carry out through the rest of the season or is it just part of the season opener.

                    - The main story arc that will drive most of the action through the show's 9th season and (hopefully) beyond will be inextricably linked to Daniel, his past experience with the Ancients, and his experiences in the opening 3 parter.

                    Also, will we be seeing any more of the Authurian legend beyond what we see in Avalon 1, Avalon 2 and Origins?

                    - Maaaaybe.

                    Finally, okay, I know we haven't even seen the season opener, but have you guys started working on the season finale? Any chance of letting us know anything about it? How about a working title?

                    - We've had some preliminary discussions but I'm going to remain tight-lipped on this one (As you said, the season opened hasn't even premiered yet). A working title? How about " The Season 9 Finale".


                      Hi Joe,

                      Lip wobbles, you didn't answer my question.
                      Will Bridge/MGM be sending someone to Glasgow for the Hugos in case you win?
                      You are aware of what a HUGE honour it is, just to be nominated?

                      FF, gazing lovingly at her Hugo, which needs dusting!

                      Edited to add, my frock arrived for the Hugos ceremony today, bounce, bounce, bounce, now I only have to win number two, easier said than done, of course! Eeek, Worldcon is creeping up fast.
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                        Originally posted by ST-1
                        Forgive me if I am re-phrasing questions that have already been asked and answered, but here goes:

                        Question 1: On behalf of the Sam/Jack shippers (wait, please keep reading! It's not that bad! ), will S9 provide any intentional hints as to the status of their relationship? I say "intentional" because we S/J shippers have the uncanny (annoying?) ability to find "ship" in almost anything.

                        - Maybe. Check out Ex Deux Machina.

                        Question 2: In YOUR opinion, what is the likelihood of RDA returning for future episodes? His most recent response was "Maybe, maybe not." How would you quantify this? ("Highly likely," "likely," "not-so-likely," "highly unlikely," "only if there's a 10th or 11th season," or "God only knows?") I know you can't speak for RDA, but what is your prediction?

                        - At the moment, I would say unlikely for season 9.


                          Originally posted by binkpmmc
                          Joe - to quote the immortal Archie Bunker "was this a shot" at Carter fans? You likely know that a lot of Carter fans, when asking to see the old Carter often refer to the strong, independent, intelligent kick-a$$ soldier Carter was and they often reference Emancipation and Hathor for various reasons that is why I ask. Also, BTW some of my finest outfits are from the knit twins - poly&ester and I still play my pennywhistle whenever I am melancholy for the days of yore.

                          Thanks for joining us.
                          Actually, no. That wasn't a shot at the Carter fans but at ah - uh - let's just call them another group.

                          Emancipation and Hathor? Really?


                            Originally posted by shockwave
                            Hi Joe

                            for SGA, will Mario Azzopardi or David Warry-Smith return to direct episodes?


                              Thank you for taking the time to answer questions!

                              It seems that in the first few episodes after Sam returns, she stays alot on earth. Will Sam being going off-world much in the second half of season nine?

                              Although you say that the main story arc is inextricably linked to Daniel, will all four main characters get equal attention and time over the course of the last 15 episodes (because they are a team)? (I know the first 5 cannot involve Sam).


                                Hi Joe ,

                                PLEASE READ before scrolling. NOT a flame!!

                                Jack once asked the Tollans, "Do you practice being vague?" I wondered the same about you and the responses to our Sam and Jack questions but I am such a romantic that your recent reply, "O'Neill has yet to retire and the series isn't over yet," has been a boost in morale for me.

                                Enough of the fluff! Thanks and you can see that I'm leading the countdown to July 15!!!