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Does Amazon even want to make Stargate?

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    After the completion of The Man in the High Castle and The Expanse, Amazon is currently missing a spot for live-action space-based sci-fi, while Disney, Apple, and HBO have each something on screen.

    The closure of Amazon's MGM purchase in 17.03.2022 is still very fresh in terms of business timeframes.

    Granted, current Amazon sci-fi offerings are Invincible, The Boys ("Homelander"), "Upload", and "Night Sky", but one is a cartoon, the other two are mostly Earth-based, and the third... Well, it's about Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons going to other planets from Earth through a gate in their suburbian shed.

    There are numerous other sci-fi shows that Amazon has involvement in, some of which are in protracted development, if you will.

    I'll bring out only those that have dedicated articles or article sections in Wikipedia. Each has some kind of a news tidbit, but usually, no more new information since the first announcements, with the most fresh items at the top.

    Space-based shows:
    • Mass Effect — 23.11.2021 announcement: 'negotiations underway to adapt'.
    • Event Horizon — August 2019 report about a tv project.
    • Ringworld — 2017 Amazon announcement, with MGM as co-producer.
    • Blade Runner 2099 — 02.2022: Officially announced to be in development, with a writer and eight executive producers. Ridley Scott in early negotiations to serve as director.
    • The Left Right Game — April 2020 announcement, with Tessa Thompson as executive producer.
    • Fear Agent — January 2020: David F. Sandberg, Evan Goldberg, and Seth Rogen were said to be adapting the comic book into a tv series.
    • Fast Color — 'in development' as of 2019, no new information as of January 2022.
    • Lazarus — Legendary Television picked up the rights in 2015. Amazon made a 'significant investment' in 2017. In November 2017, the Lazarus comics writer Greg Rucka wrote, that 'the show is still a long way from being released'. The premise of the comics is similar to the Resident Evil franchise: a desert dystopia featuring a strong woman with firearms.
    • I'm a fan of this awesome Trek webcomic: (archived)
    • Eesti on ilus, ja troppide parteide poliitikud pole enam Raudse Leedi valitsuses.
    • I chose the Gate avatar, because it was difficult to choose between SGU character pictures of someone who I thought I was like, and someone who I was fond of. :>