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    Wait a minute...BamBam, did you ever play a Replicator?
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      Originally posted by Easter Lily
      Hi Mr B
      Thank you for answering our questions...
      One of my favourite fight scenes is when Ford takes on a Genii in The Brotherhood somewhere towards the end of the episode... It was too cool. Was that effect hard to achieve? Rainbow looked like a seasoned campaigner...
      That particular takedown is called a flying armbar, and it is very effective. I took advantage of Rainbow's breakdancing background, and his ability to jump high, and gave him this nice submission takedown to learn. He picked it up in about 5 minutes without any problem. With this kind of takedown it is important to have the proper subject to apply it on so I put in stuntman/Canadian Muay Thai Heavyweight Champ/Submission Fighter: Paul Lazenby. Don't just try this at home though, it is a very painful technique! Thanx for your interest!


        Originally posted by SueS
        Thanks for answering. By stand-by people do you mean recurring characters?

        Also, you said "you will love Season 2!!" did you mean Season 9 since I was asking about Stargate SG-1?

        BTW, I fully expect to enjoy both SG-1 and Atlantis.

        Yes, you are correct! I am on Atlantis most of the time..............Season 2. I just get used to saying "Season 2" all of the time. Sorry for the mix up. LOL!! No, not recurring characters, but race. I can't say anymore on that subject or I will have said too much. I hope this fills in the blanks for you.


          Originally posted by prion
          In the Stargate Atlantis episode "The Siege", McKay 'drops' when the artificial gravity is turned on in the satellite array station. How did you guys convince David Hewlett to do that stunt? Or did he want to?

          I actually had a stunt double on set, but David trusts me and wanted to do it himself. I assured him of his safety, and he just went for it, more than once. This season, David has shown much more of the same "gung-ho" attitude when he has a stunt to be involved in!


            Originally posted by ShardsofGlass
            BamBam, We've heard that Ben Browder has a big sword fight in the opening two-parter of SG-1. Did you choreograph that fight? What is the process that something like that goes through, i.e., how much rehearsal does it take and how long does it take to film? How do you keep the actors safe?
            The answer is yes...........that is one of my fights. Ben has had some prior sword training so he was a natural. I had about 6 hours of rehearsal time in total with Ben, before the shoot date. We always rehearse just before we roll the camera, a couple of times, to jog the brain on the moves. That scene took 1 full 12 day to shoot and about 3 hours on second unit shooting to finish. I think you will be impressed with Mr. B!!


              Originally posted by Merentha

              Thanks so much for answering our questions, and keep up the great work! I love seeing martial arts on my favourite sci-fi shows.

              My question is, will we be seeing more of Teyla and Sheppard practicing fighting? (or rather, Teyla kicking Shep's butt... ) Although in Hot Zone he said he'd much rather be using a gun, it would be great to see him develop more appreciation of her fighting techniques and put some into use (perhaps if he finds himself without a gun or out of ammo).
              The answer is..................well......................probably. We have established that they do train together from time to time. You will see some changes to the training roster in Season 2.


                Originally posted by Lady Loki
                You've done a great job so far!

                In your opinion, in both Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, what has been the hardest scene to choreograph?
                I would say the knife fight in The Eye, in addition to the Genii staff training sequence. I had limited access to the actors for rehearsal and in the knife fight, our lovely guest, Erin, had no prior training or fight experience. It was hard to pull off but it looks great!!


                  Originally posted by Major Tyler
                  Wait a minute...BamBam, did you ever play a Replicator?
                  Yes...........that was me!! I was just minding my own business in the production office hallway when Andy Mikita, the director of that episode, walked up to me and said, "You would make a great Replicator! Would you like to be one on my episode?" The schedules worked out, and there I was. That was a fun scene.


                    Hi Bambam (appropriate nickname, by the way )

                    Is the Browder swordfight going to be using a "real" (i.e. kenjutsu) or "hollywood" (i.e. anything else) style? As an SCA-dian, I take interest in such things .


                      Hey 2bam thanks for your time.

                      My question is what is it like working with the cast? What are they like in regard to the action scenes?


                        Hi BamBam

                        Thanks for taking the time to respond to questions here, I've been enjoying reading all your answers. The stunts last season on Atlantis looked great and I really liked the Siege Part 2 bit with you in (hoping you might make another cameo next season )

                        My question is, how did you get interested and started in martial arts?


                          Thanks for the time. If this is a repeat sorry.

                          any really new things in sga s2?
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                            I'm trying my best to ask this with good intentions as I can't stand the posters who thinnly disguise rants and insults as questions, so here goes:

                            As someone who has been VERY happy to see a nifty and still practical martial art on the show, one thing has been bothering me (as a woman who has some martial arts experience): Teyla's training outfit. Is there going to be any change to that costume? (Don't know if you can actually answer that, but thought it was worth a shot, and again, this is not meant as an accusation/rant/insult/whatever. Keep up the fabulous work!)
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                              Hi, Bambam. Thanks for taking time to answer our questions. Btw you do good work on the show. It's terrific.

                              I have a question about Joe Flanigan. I know he's very athletic. How is he to work with? What he's done so far looks great. Love the dive over the railing in STORM and the roll at the end of EYE and such. You seem to have created a Street fighter type of style for Sheppard.


                                I don't really have a question. I just wanted to say thanks to you and all the others associated with both SG1 and Atlantis for taking the time out of their schedules to come on the board and share insights and answer questions. I think that it is great that all you guys care so much about the fans that you are willing to do this. We really appreciate it!

                                We love the shows. Keep up the good work. I want to see many more seasons of both shows! Much love and respect to you all.
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