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    Originally posted by katrin View Post
    great news on the new 'wee one' as carson would say lol

    please send my congratulations on the new arrival

    if hes anything like his dad he'll be knocking the ladies dead in bout 20 plus years if that long...(heheheh just had to put this in lol)


    Out of the previous work youve done on seasons one and two, what do you think is the best episode(besides sateada)?

    Do you get to work with a bunch of different stunt performers or are they chosen and used again on more than one episode?

    That is more than one question but...........can't answer the best episode now because we are out of the season and I can't remember because of other work invading my brain.............and...............I pick the stunt people. I work with the ones I want to, that do the best job possible for me and the show. I use quite a few of the same people over and over again.


      Originally posted by fatalpanther View Post
      The last fight seqence for Sateda how long did it take to shoot the sequence just before the wraith was blown up?? The fight sequences looked difficult what was the hardest part.

      We took one day to shoot that whole sequence, including the explosions and Joe and Rachel's watching the fight from their perch above. The hardest part was the pain inflicted on Jason's stunt double when he flew into the telephone pole.


        Originally posted by teknikal View Post
        hey bambam!!!!!!!!!!!!

        i finally got to see sateda....
        thank you itunes

        i was...well...words cannot express how awesome it was so ill do what i do best...

        i seriously was hooked from start to finish....have watched it..7 times already.....
        it was an awesome ep was a HUGE MASSIVE GIGANTIC....GI-NORMOUS kudos and well done and thank you!!!!! for the ep!

        seriously dude..


          Originally posted by atlantis_babe34 View Post
          Hey Bam Bam,

          Just wondering if we are going to see any more action from Torri this season?
          I can absolutely say, yes, definately.


            Originally posted by Alipeeps View Post
            Hey BamBam... not a question but just thought you might like to know that the latest edition of SFX Magazine in the UK gave Sateda five stars out of five in it's episode ratings... and specifically mentioned that the coolest bit was the Wraith vs Ronon fight in the dark - with some pics of said Wraith to illustrate!

            Go you!
            Thank you very much!!! And to everybody that has passed on congrats to Joe and family.......I have passed everything on before we wrapped


              Originally posted by caty View Post
              Where are you, BamBam?? It's been two weeks!
              The last couple of weeks on Atlantis and SG1 were very busy.....crazy no time to type......always soon as we wrapped, there I was working nights on Fantastic 4-II....The rise of the silver for not hanging out guys......just can't seem to make it to my computer.


                Originally posted by NEOGATEISM View Post
                Indeed he is!

                Hey James : )

                This feels like such a stupid question, but (going waay back) to the fight scene in Siege part 2 with , how exactly are the fighting sticks um, twirled? (seems like a bit of a girlie word for something that looked so cool) I've got an idea but it doesn't quite look the same. If I ask if its like baton twirling am I going to to be beat up by a bunch of offended weapon-using martial artists? (ready to duck) Thanks for your indulgence
                I will show you next time you come to town, or at the next convention you and I are at..............k?


                  Originally posted by Talyn10 View Post
                  Hello to everyone!
                  I am new to forums, but I am a big fan of Bam Bam.
                  So I thought I would give it a try. I am afraid that I am not as talented as most of you here seem to be. I love the pics and some of the artwork I have seen with icons etc are fantastic!

                  I did love Sateda, especially the brilliant set up in the warehouse with the guns. That was incredible action, well choreographed and acted.

                  Unfortunately Oz seems to be far behind with Atlantis S2 not even shown here yet, and SG-1 up to S9 ep. Off The Grid. Not the best situation for someone who needs regular doses of Atlantis and chocolate!!


                    Originally posted by teknikal View Post
                    im just popping in to say hey james!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    hope you are doing well!! and taking a well earned...REST!!!!!!!!!!!

                    I'm not resting very much but working on other sets..............I love my job you see...........


                      Originally posted by SapphireJewelledQueen View Post
                      You're going again? Nice!

                      Question:BamBam, would you brave another GateWorld dinner?
                      Of course I would, that was alot of fun. You guys rock!!


                        Originally posted by Ensign M.I.T.S View Post
                        BamBam, where are you?
                        BamBam where are you?

                        ^ like a song!

                        We miss you!
                        That is so sweet, but here I am...............


                          Originally posted by teknikal View Post
                          ok i have a question!!!!!!!
                          i think

                          oh yeah!
                          what was it like working on 'a dogs breakfast'???
                          Nothing but fun and laughs............David was so damn funny, as usual.....he just kept me in stitches.


                            Originally posted by joescookiem View Post
                            Hey BamBam,

                            I really enjoyed the episode McKay and Mrs. Miller. Will we see Jeannie again?
                            I don't know the answer to that question, but I would venture to say yes.


                              Originally posted by Alipeeps View Post
                              No question today but I thought I'd bring you a nice new smilie for your growing collection....

                              Thanx............thats an awesome Monty Python steal!!


                                Originally posted by NEOGATEISM View Post
                                Hey James !!

                                Geez, you must be busy, but that's okay The more you work, the more we enjoy it....

                                I just read about the Halloween tours that Bridge Studios is putting on. That is very cool! Are you or anybody from the show helping out with the tour? Does the cast and crew do anything for Halloween or are you usually finished for the season by then? =
                                Yes actually, I didn't have time this year, or last, to help out but I think Dan Shea has something to do with it and they use some of our sets for the tours.