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    Originally posted by SapphireJewelledQueen

    When you actually appear in an episode, is it you who decides if you are going to be in the stunt, or do TPTB say "We want you in this shot"?
    In our first meetings for this episode, it was our exec. producer John Smith with the suggestion of......."That should be you"



      what's the reaction of the atlantis cast and crew to the cancellation of SG1?



        Originally posted by Camy
        haha...I spotted you as well, BAMBAM...

        You looked HOT in a creepy, psycho kind of way! LOL ...Poor Weir..didn't she know who she was up against?

        please, pass along to Torri for me as well, that she totally blew me away in this episode...she was great! All of you were...

        and the team working together to help her, fantastic.....
        I"m so loving this season...Thanks....


          Originally posted by Easter Lily
          Hi Bam2
          You look quite becoming in white...
          And very adept at "grabbing" as well. Is there a "right" way to grab so that it doesn't hurt the actors involved?
          I just simply held on to Tori and lifted her off the ground so that should could flail and kick in whatever manner she wanted. We picked a few exact places to knock items over and make a mess, but overall I told her to go nuts and have a good time. I was just along for the ride.


            Originally posted by Reaceania
            Great job in TRW BamBam! I've got to say thanks for taking the time to come and say hi to us. Glad to hear you enjoyed Sydney. It's one of my favourite cities in the world, but then I'm kinda biased

            I've been wondering, in between meetings, rehearsal, long shoots, visiting to friends in hospital and being generous with you time here when on earth do you find the time to work out? (you don't really have to answer that, I'm just amazed)
            I find it......I just find it. If I don't train myself, I go insane!!


              Originally posted by Starxgate
              I do not know if you would know but are there any Deleted Scenes for The Pegasus Project. Such as SG1 actually landing there & we see Daniels reaction to Atlantis for the first time


                Hi love, my question is a spoiler

                If that is your bike that Mitchell rides, what kind is it? ie...stunt Honda, Yamaha...can't make it out in the pic. Thank you!


                  Originally posted by jckfan55
                  Thanks for the answer. Torri was great in The Real World. (Action and acting).
                  Tori is always great, but thanx from her!!


                    Originally posted by Tankaras
                    Bam. Your last interview on beyond the gate "200th" was awesome. I guess you have to have a since of humor when you slam into steel walls thirty times a day. Just wanted to say thanx from all of us who like the subcutaneous blood spatter as part of their sci-fi expiereance.
                    I did an interview?


                      Originally posted by shepweir4eva
                      Hi, I am quite new to these forums, but i must say BamBam, you are a really awesome fighter!!! I also saw you in The Real World. Great Job! Also, Torri did an amazing job through the entire episode! It couldn't have been easy for her to get picked up and flung and strapped to a bed who knows how many times! I also really loved how John was there for Elizabeth in the episode and helped her through it. I can't help but notice that torri and joe have amazing chemisry on screen and that their characters seem to be developing an even stronger relationship as the seasons have gone on. I just have one question for you that I would just really love it if you could answer for me and that is:
                      Do you know if the writers of the show have any intentions of bringing the characters of Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard together as a couple? I think that they would make a very good couple. It seems to me that the two characters have been played out to a point of making it seem as if possible feelings of "more than friendship" exist in their hearts. They at least seem to care a very great deal for one another and I was just wondering if you could possibly answer my question. Do you know if at least their relationship is going to strengthen or deepen a great deal this season? I would very very very much appreciate if you could answer my questions. Thanx. Bye!!!

                      Let me see..........hmmmmmmmmmm.............dunno.


                        Thank you soooooo much for replying to these questions... it really means alot to us fans to know that you care what we think!!!
                        I will also say that you look damn fine in white... very nice... Working with Torri must have been an absolute pleasure, she is one of the nicest people i have ever met!! I would love to meet you too... one day!!!
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                          First I want to thank you for your time you share with us. Secondly, I just want to express my heartache at the terrible news we received about the cancellation of SG-1. We, the fans are not giving up. We are fighting for you guys. You there are all a part of our family.

                          On to the question:

                          What effect will the cancellation have on the crew, stunt crew, and others?
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                            hey 2BAM
                            WHAT DO WE DO???? :'(
                            no stargate, soon your telling me its just a t.v show
                            Is there any ways in which the fans can contribute (besides the online petition) to help save it?
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                              firstly.. i have to say how sorry i am to hear about the cancellation of sg1 ...the show has been a constant in my life since i was 11yrs old.

                              Originally posted by 2BAM
                              Isn't it obvious? Are you a drinking again?
                              you promised you would never tell!!!

                              this one cos i started weapo0ns training last learning the bo-staph..then hopefully the khali sticks!!
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                                Hi BAMBAM..!

                                As I'm sure you are aware, we all here are very saddened at the refusal of Sci-Fi to renew SG-1. I hope that you will pass on the word to everyone at Bridge Studios, that your fans are united and pulling for any and all possibilities that SG-1 may continue either as the series we love, or in some other form. I cetainly intend to write letters to that effect to all those that might have some influence on the outcome, but either way, we all hope that you are all aware that we love you all, and are working to keep Stargate alive..!

                                On to my question, which is really a direct question to you personally, rather than about either of the shows per se. Have you heard about the idea for the tissue box mail barrage (I've already bought some tissue boxes!)? If so, what do you think about it? We hope it will be a dramatic gesture of fan support to TPTB..! Thanks for all your hard work making quality entertainment..!
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