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Win tickets to Creation's Minneapolis convention!

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    Win tickets to Creation's Minneapolis convention!

    Do you have the second weekend in June free? Feel like seeing stars from the Stargate franchise up close and personal?

    If you answered “yes” to both questions, then you’re going to love this!

    Minneapolis is the site of a brand new stop on Creation Entertainment’s Official Stargate Convention tour this year. Creation is pulling out all the stops for a fun-filled, Stargate-themed weekend with several special guests, held at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center on June 12 and 13.

    From the cast of Stargate Universe, Brian J. Smith (“Lt. Matthew Scott”) and Alaina Huffman (“Tamara Johansen”) will be dropping by on Saturday. The day will also feature an appearance by SG-1 fan favorite Gary Jones (“Walter Harriman”). Guests on Sunday include the “dynamic duo” of David Hewlett (“Rodney McKay”) and Joe Flanigan (“John Sheppard”). Dan Shea (“Sgt. Siler”) will be on-hand for the convention both days and serving as host.

    Wish you could go? We can make that happen!

    Creation has graciously donated a pair of Gold Weekend Passes, and we’re giving them away to one lucky person and a guest! These tickets include excellent reserved seating for the entire weekend, complimentary in-person autographs from everyone attending (except Dan Shea), free admission to a celebrity dessert party featuring Smith, Jones and Shea — and much more. The pair of tickets is valued at approximately $480.

    Before you enter, please read all the fine print below!

    To enter, just log on to GateWorld Forum (registration is free) and post a message below in this thread explaining why you should be the one to win. You must be at least 18 years of age, and you must enter by midnight on the night of Friday, May 28. We’ll contact the winner this weekend to give them the good news!

    Be advised that this contest includes only tickets to the convention itself, and does not include travel or hotel accommodations. The winner will be responsible for making and paying for those arrangements. If you don’t live near Minneapolis, or can’t make last-minute travel arrangements to be there, please do not enter.

    The winner will be chosen by random drawing of all eligible entries. We will attempt to contact you using the e-mail address you used to register at GateWorld Forum. Watch your inbox! Because the event dates are so close, you must acknowledge receipt and your intention to attend the convention within 48 hours. If you don't, you will forfeit the prize and we'll draw another winner.

    Special thanks to our friends at Creation Entertainment, and good luck!

    I have been a huge fan for over a decade now. Being that I am only 26, that is saying something. I have been influential in many of my friends and family to tune into Stargate, and have got them into the show as well.

    I have wanted to go to a convention, but have not had the opportunity. This would fulfill a dream of mine.


      Creation Convention are great way to see the stars of a great show. This is one of many reasons one should go to this convention. I am not a special person. I have a family I live a normal life. I have no reason that could make me standout from the crowd other then I would realy enjoy going to a Convention.


        I just moved to the MN area and feel that this would be a good way for me to get to know the area. I am also a huge Stargate fan, my 3 year old knows the difference between all 3 series. He would like it if I could tell him mommy is going to see stargate.


          I've never been to a convention before and this is the week after my finals and would be a lovely break, for my mom and I, before starting my next set of classes. My mom is actually the person who got me hooked on Stargate and now I'm a bigger fan than her. I would love to be able to bring her with me.



            i should be the one to win the tickets, as i' a huge stargate fan and i never miss a convention in chicgao, always in gold, plus i love and i never been to minnestoa before so it would be fun to go.
            james watson
            email address: [email protected] thanks have a great day!!!!


              I am a huge fan of the Stargate Universe (much to the chagrin of my dear husband) but have never been to a convention and not because I haven't tried to convince the hubby it was "worth it". One of my good friends is as much a Stargate fan as I and we were planning on going together, but finances have prevented both of us from attending.
              Even though I was not able to pay to attend, I still wanted a great experience for those that were and started a Twitter Petition for David Blue to join Alaina & Brian, albeit unsuccessfully thus far. (
              I'm an really excited about the prospect of future Stargate Conventions in Minneapolis, but it would be a unique experience to be able to attend the very first one.


                I believe I should win the tickets because I have been a Stargate fan for years. I have also been following this website since about the same time and keeping track of everything possible that comes from it, which I would like to say thank you for. I also just graduated from college a couple months ago, I have never been to a convention, and I believe this would be a noteworthy celebration to the end of an era and a beginning to a new one. This is a historical time in my life, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it than to see my favorite actors, up close and in the flesh! Stargate is, by far, the best show ever!


                  Here is my reason for wanting to attend the convention in Minneapolis, besides the fact that I've never been there:

                  Welcome to Creation Minneapolis, it's an interesting town,
                  where reports of encounters and sightings abound,

                  A place that currently seems to be hot,
                  as an inter-galactic vacation spot.

                  Now, the con goers here, they needn't be feared,
                  but there are a few who seem pretty weird.

                  Take the fan party at a nearby saloon
                  it's hosted by a little gray fellow who came here last June,

                  And then there's the actors, who are quite a sensation.
                  They wow the fans nicely, all thanks to Creation.

                  Chad Colvin himself, he ain't too much of a slouch,
                  After 10,000 interviews he'll be crashed on someone's couch.

                  The crazy fangirls who've found their way into town
                  Meet Joe Flanigan about fifty feet off of the ground.

                  But the security guy is probably the strangest of all,
                  he thinks he's SG-1 with a deep southern drawl.

                  He's dressed in green fatigues and a tac vest all black,
                  carries a Zat gun, a P-90 and a laptop on his back.

                  I wish you could see the strangest of all,
                  A dozen normal people who've cloned themselves as Baal.

                  So all of you Stargate Fans, as you go on your way,
                  please post all the con details when you come by this way.

                  (Only if I don't win the tickets, of course.)
                  Visit me on


                    I would absolutely LOVE to get the chance to attend this convention. I've never been to one before, but always been jealous of everyone there. I'll be attending the United States Air Force Academy for the next four years, class of 2014, and basic training starts on June 24th. This would be a perfect and fantastic last hoorah for me and of course my daddy, who got me hooked on Stargate when I was 8 years old. Also, I'm female, blonde hair, and majoring in physics - a real Sam Carter in action!!!


                      I've never been to a Stargate convention! I know that doesn't make me MORE deserving than anyone else that hasn't gone, but I think it at least makes me as deserving! Nothing would make me happier than to see Sheppard and McKay on stage together.
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                        I wanna go! and I'm in St. Paul :-)


                          Well I hate do do the 'pity poor me' card, but my situation is a bit sad. I am 22 years old and a huge Stargate fan. I was scheduled to go to Comic Con this July with my best friend Sara. It would have been my first time west of Fargo! I fell and broke my ankle in March and the recovery has been long and arduous. I had surgery and I'm still in a cast until June 8th. I missed so much work in the past 3 months I cannot afford to go on the trip anymore. I was dependent on that early money.

                          I do live in Minnesota though, less than half an hour outside of Minneapolis. I have always wanted to go to a Stargate convention and this would be my chance! I'll be walking again mere days before the event and it would be the perfect celebration at the end of the longest, worst 3 months of my life.

                          This could be the vacation I can't afford to have this summer. I'd soak up every minute and every star meeting of it.

                          Ryan O'Brien
                          [email protected]


                            First I would like to start by saying that I have already purchased one Gold weekend pass. When I saw that the convention was going to be in Minneapolis I knew it was an opportunity for me to be able to do something that I had wanted to do for a long while. I discussed the possibility of buying 2 tickets for me and my wife and even asked my cousin if he could afford to go. In the end we decided that fiscally my wife and i could only afford one ticket and that my cousin had already been to a convention a few years back and could not afford to go to one at the moment.

                            If I won these tickets I would give one to my wife and one to my cousin and I would have already purchased my ticket. Either way this is a genuine opportunity for me that i will enjoy but it would be even better to enjoy it with the ones that I love who are also Stargate fans. Mind you my cousin would prolly make out best in this deal. Since I would let him use my ticket so i could sit with my wife. My seat is center stage, second row. I look forward to seeing everyone there!


                              There are a few reasons why I believe that I should receive the passes to the Minneapolis Stargate Convention. The first reason is that every year that the convention is in either Vancouver or Chicago, I do not have the money or means of travel to get to the convention. Second, I live in Saint Paul, which is right next to Minneapolis and when I heard that the convention is coming to the Twin Cities, I leaped and celebrated. As long as I can remember, I have always loved Stargate and every Friday night, I clear my schedule just to watch Stargate. I get asked go hang out and I say that my show will be on. I have never missed a single episode of Stargate. Just for once in my life I would like to meet the actors of Stargate and thank them for doing such a wonderful job. Also, I would like to thank GateWorld for keeping me up to date on all things Stargate. If it wasn’t for GateWorld I would of never realized that there was a convention just near where I live. I would be honored and grateful to be selected to receive such a wonderful gift from GateWorld.
                              Thank You,
                              Jason C.