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    GateWorld 2.0

    GateWorld readers,

    Our Web site will be receiving a major face lift a few months from now. Now is the best time to post suggestions about what you would like to see and what you'd like not to see in the new product.

    Some things to consider: Should any particular section / feature be updated? Should something incidental be dropped? More episode summaries, etc?

    The main page (index.shtml) will receive the biggest makeover. Some folks have begged us not to touch it, but this current design has been present for a couple of years now, and we simply must rework it to conform to our present goings-on -- mainly to accommodate the sheer number of features we so regularly kick out at you now. We've been fine-tuning the new look with the inestimable Gilles Nuytens, and it looks very, very sweet indeed.

    Already several new ideas are on the table to make the site more navigable and up-to-date. But in terms of everything big and small, let us know. We're listening to you!

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    First of all, I don't want the menus to be flash (sg-1, atlantis, franchise, etc.)

    Second, more exclusives

    Third, remove the Transcripts from the Features and add them to the Articles Menu (then I can access them faster)

    Fourth, promo archives (Showtime/Syndication/SciFi), now that the MGM's/Sony's SG-1 site no longer offers them (okay the MGM' (UK) site has them on an old section that is hidden, but I can never remember where find it).

    That's it for now, I'll post again if I think of anything else.


      The movies section (under franchise) seems useless, in my opinion. The only thing under Stargate (the movie) is pretty much a list of cast and a producer comment or two. It seems to me that this might make more sense in the episode guide. As for the second stargate movie, there's been no news on it in something like forever. I think there should be something on it, that place just doesn't seem right.

      Yeah, well, that's my only comment, so...


        Maybe different options for website themes that users can select. Even if it's just a change of color-scheme and images displayed I think it would be a fun feature. Make sure there's a Ford theme.
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          By the by, what we are looking for is suggestions and wish lists for the main site, not the forum. Thanks!
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            the section that list what epsiodes are airing that night should be moved on top and srtech long and wide and have for example

            monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday

            have a screen cap and title of epsiode under each with out having to click on the day of the week to see what epsiode is airing this week so people can see what is airing the whole week at one glace (hope that made sense )

            move the ad to the bottom if possiable or the side

            skins love that idea

            also the gateworld thing on the upper left you should get more imgines in there stuff from all the shows example the bomb blast over atlantis really nice visual stuff like the banners you have here

            another thing you should have a section saying if it's member of the casts B-day

            if i think of more i will be back
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              There was the Wraith Historian section of Scifi.coms Atlantis page but they got rid of it in an update somthing like that would be kinda of neat a monthly update on whats going on from the eyes of the wraith

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                Personally I like the main site just the way it is . However I do have one request: if you do end up removing the episode guide links, please keep the BSG link on the main page. It's easier to access that way and unlike the others there's news and interviews, etc. Also, while I don't watch Lost, I would imagine current Lost viewers would want it to remain as well.


                  It drives me batty that I have to go into each individual blog to see when it was last updated I don't mind clicking on a "Blogs" link, but instead of the page just listing who's blogs are available it would be nice if we could also see the date of everyone's last entries


                    Have to say that I love the main site, and that I'm sure whatever new face you put on it will soon become my favorite.

                    Just wanted to echo NowIWillDestroyAbydos to avoid Flash ... there are lots of us still on dial-up or who access the site from work or public computers that won't let us download the plug-ins.


                      We won't be using flash. We may use GIF to do a transition in a certain part of the page, but that would be it.


                        Why not Flash David? I am on dial up. If you just be carefull with the sizes, the kilobytes of the swf file.
                        Don't use Flash for epiosde articles or something but the navigation or something in Flash
                        Lord Zedd


                          flash is icky


                            Originally posted by Greg
                            flash is icky
                            Secretary-General of GATO ¤ Defender of F.O.R.D.


                              Yeah, if you can brush up the blogs section so it's easier to know when folks have last posted, that'd be nice.