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Why does Earth tech suck, when it shouldn't?

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    Originally posted by aAnubiSs
    Yes, and the Goa'uld do ship-to-ship combat at a spitting distance.

    I was talking about real-life science, in StarGate gravity doesn't affect the plasma.
    If we were to talk about real-life science, then the very idea of hyperspace travel would be next to impossible. Hyperspace travel is only possible according to the string theory and there is currently no way to verify the truth of the string theory. I won't bother going into the details because there is already a thread floating around on it somehwhere, but if we are going to get into the real science versus fake science debate, I would like to point out that Stargate SG1 is a science fiction show that is shown on the Science Fiction Network. If any of this were real, we would be discussing this on the discovery channel forum or in a college classroom. That said, the only point I was ever trying to make from the very first post I made in this thread is that it would be more logical to adopt Goa'uld weapons to Earth ships for two reasons. One, those weapons helped the Goa'uld dominate the Milky Way galaxy. Two, getting ahold of the plans for Goa'uld plasma weapons would be easier than designing some kind of mega-railgun from scratch.


      Originally posted by TsukuYomi
      Why do you bring real life physics into a debate about a fictional universe. If it was real life they wouldn't have hyperdrives.
      You are right. They should not apply anything resembling a modicrum of reality because that would mean taking the show seriously, and we wouldn't want to do that.
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        which episode in Stargate SG-1 tht they were making a plasma weapon, was it Avenger 2.0 ??


          yes, avenger 2.0


            Originally posted by Capricorn_One
            i would suggest tht we make energy projectile weapons like the ancients drones. we've seen tht energy and solid object work best together.

            does any1 else think this should be the case ???


              Yes I agree with you they would be effective since if controlled right they are not spent on the first impact such as in rising part one the drone goes in and out of the ice.
              Now would you kindly get out of your god's face.


                Screw plasma weapons, giant zat weapons on the ships, three shots disentegrates your enemy's ship!


                  Originally posted by antiflag1980
                  Screw plasma weapons, giant zat weapons on the ships, three shots disentegrates your enemy's ship!

                  NOW thats what im talken about.
                  Homer: WHEN PIGS FLY!...
                  (a pig was in a cannon, and got shot accross the town, right were homer can see)

                  Homer: Doh!


                    While it would be nice for us to get some small energy weapons, if TPTB started arming the Tau'ri to the teeth with massive plasma weapons then there would be no reason for us to come up with the ingenius plans that allowed us to beat the Goa`uld for so many years.
                    If we could just go in, blow it up with our massive powerful energy weapons and then leave, then the show would get a bit repetitive after a short time and then everyone would be moaning that SG-1 have it too easy cos they don't need to think anymore.

                    While it would be more realistic to have powerful energy weapons by now, it just doesn't work with the show. Small energy weapons (like Felger's 'photon torpedo' in Avenger 2.0) or specialised energy weapons like the Replicator Disruptor and the Kull Warrior Neutralizer are really as far as the show can go without completely losing the magic of being set here and now, which is probably one of the show's strongest points.


                      Agress, and besides.
                      We are the only ones using railguns. Lets keep us using them, it makes our weapons unique and not just another blue or yellow colored blop of light.
                      Strength in difersity, especialy in a mixed races fleet. You never know when you encounter a target that can only be affekted by our primitiv weapons due to sheer aroganze of the enemy that things kinetic weapons are so out and yestermillenia


                        Oh another "how would you beat down Earth's enemies thread" these are fun

                        Earth doesn't even need a bunch of fancy new super tech to crush it's current enemies, all that's needed is a few doctrine changes in warship design/general combat strategy.

                        First off we need to admit something to ourselves.

                        Technologically speaking we are likely to be infearior to the enemies we face.

                        Keeping that in mind we need to stop trying to beat them at their own game and start trying to think of ways to think around them, hence doctrine changes.

                        Earth right now is building ships that are intended to go toe to toe with the alien ones and trade laser blasts or whatever, bad idea. The aliens have been doing this for hundreds or thousands of years already and have ay more resources to call upon than us so why try to beat them at their own game. Instead lets show them something new.

                        How 'bout carrier based warfare.

                        Instead of building crappy little ships with crappy little railguns and crappy little squadreds of crappy little fighters lets build larger ships filled with hyperspace capable bombers.

                        The Carrier ship I'm thinking of will have minimal weapons and will rely on the faster hyperdrive tech we got from the Asguard already to keep ahead of it's slower alien foes.

                        It's concept will require the design of a new craft, a bomber of roughly Goa'uld cargo ship dimensions, hyperspace capable, which can be carried aboard the mothership.

                        The carrier mothership will host several squadrens of these bombers as well as several recon ships and possibly hyperspace capable fighters as well. If cloaking technology is available, as is the case with the Goa'uld cargo ship, it will be employed on the bombers as well as the recon ships for the purpose of surprise attacks and covert scouting respectively.

                        The bomber craft will be armed with several nuclear warheads each, which may or may not be naquada enhanced depending on what resources alllow. The scouts will focus on sensors, speed and stealth

                        The method in which the carrier will engage enemies is as follows.

                        At all times the carrier will have hyperspace capable scout craft patroling the area around it out to as far as the sensor technology allows without leaving too many gaps. The carrier itself will also have a heavy suite of sensors and com equipment itself, both for comunicating with its various craft and detecting potential enemies.

                        When an enemy vessel is detected on sensors by either the scouts or the carrier itself, the carrier (still lightyears away) will launch an attack mission of bombers.

                        The bombers will transit to hyperspace, cloak if they can, and reemerge from hyperspace in the vacinity of the enemy ship; at which point they will all proceed to launch nuclear missiles against it. I'm talking total missile spam here. These bombers wouldn't be little puny things like f-302s launching 1 or 2 nukes a piece. If they're going to be the size of Goa'uld cargo ships to allow for the hyperdrive, then they're also going to be dragging around huge missile racks/wings and launching a dozen or more smallish nukes at a time.

                        After they've launched their missiles they will return immediately to hyperspace and to the the carrier for re-arming and refueling as the next squadren of bombers comes in. No daudling around waiting to get shot down. Hyper in, set up a decent shot, dump missiles, hyper out.

                        This method of warfare (especially if cloaked scouts can be used) will catch our mushbrained enemies so flatfooted that they'll lose god only knows how many ships and planetary assets to these bomber attacks, most probably before they even get their shields up or know they're under attack.

                        The pathetic fighter craft of our enemies and equally pathetic point defense are completely unprepared to repel a bomber/missile attack of this magnitude. Given that the carrier mothership has superior hyperdrives they won't be able to attack it either, provided they can even find it that far away of course.

                        Simply put they'll be completely helpless to defend themselves and completely unable to retaliate against our ships.

                        This all made possible by using the infearior tech we've got in a more intelligent fashion than they do.

                        As an added bonus our hyperspace bombers could even be equipped with lesser munitions and used to support SG teams that got into trouble anywhere near the carrier's area of operations. Also, if we ever felt the need to, we could really nuke the everloving crap out of a planet somewhere.

                        In time we could also add other types of attack craft to the carrier's like improved bombers, dropships for tanks and heavy equipment that can't fit through gates, fighters, troop transports, gunships meant for planetary assault, all sorts of neat stuff.

                        If we could get a hold of enough of them some of our carriers could even have stargates on them and specially desgined lighter bombers or missiles to fire through said gates into far far away places.

                        Carrier ships also have the added perk of being faster and easier to mass produce than say, a battleship type design. The reason for that being of couse that you only really need a hollowed out hull with a launchway in it, an engine and the command and control functions to make it all work. You don't need to build complicated weapons or shielding/armour systems or anything like that. The hardest thing about it will probably be building the assorted parasite craft in sufficient numbers.

                        A fleet of carrier ships like this could cast a very wide shadow over our region of space. Especially if combined with things like sensor posts on various planets and dedicated recon ships with massive sensor suits. Our awarness of the movments of our various enemies in the region would be massively bolstered, putting an end to things like "surprise, asteroid on collision course with Earth".


                          Building on your CBN(Carrier with bombers, powered by Nuclear means) could also use a few Tel'tak sized Al'kesh vessels

                          Instead of having all that large cargo space one would install a large Naquadah reactor, or a huge capacitor, which would be emptied rapidly during an attack run. Using cloak they would only be detected the second they started to fire.

                          Rings would be removed to install ventral turreted energy cannons(or rail guns if you want to make it more Earthish)

                          Heck the whole vessel could be powered by Naquadria using the large capacitor idea.

                          Man I would love to see mini-Al'kesh vessels flying around There should be enough Tel'taks in the galaxy to acquire quite a few of them.

                          Using the sizes 15m for the Tel'tak and 60-ish meters for the Al'kesh, if one designed a bomber in the middle of these two classes and powered it with Naquadria one could keep the Al'kesh energy(?) bombs at their current level, which is around 30GJ/bomb, or even increase their yield, or if they are physical objects one could store a few of them.
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                            can't the asguard just gives us there most weakest weapons tht can still take on the gould , at least.


                              i would settle for any energy weapon asgard or not. i just re-watched Avenger 2.0 and i saw that we have an alkesh now why the heck haven't we figured out how to make an energy weapon yet? now it just to the point of stupidity that we can figure out how to make a some systems and not others when clearly an energy weapon should be the top priority.


                                I've got an idea: the ancient disrupter weapon. ie. O'Neil's BFG...

                                They should just make bigger versions of that gun and tweak it so it disrupts not only replicators, but all matter (like the Dakara device). Make it shoot a straight beam and bam! You've got a disrupter cannon.

                                Imagine that cannon firing directly through all matter and shield alike and basically destroy everything it touches... Take that Ori scum!

                                Oh and make sure the sound fx for the cannon is a recording of O'Neil saying "WHO'S YO DADDY!!!" (of course there's no sound in space so a simultaneous radio transmission would be broadcasted to taunt the enemy).