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McKay & Beckett 1/6th Headsculpt signup thread

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    Posted this PM "Private" (I know will take the post down if Thunderbird objects)

    post to me as I felt it relevant to the thread.

    Originally posted by Thunderbird 2
    Hi Moon,

    as a fellow UK based Gater, I am curious to know how easy it was for you to assemble Col Shepp? I am debating putting myself down for a Beckett, but am dubious about the costs of getting the pieces I'd need to make an offworld Dr B. (Esp the costuming!) Any intel you can provide?

    I may consider putting my name down for a Beckett depending on the info, and or, the practical costs, and the quality of the likeness in the sculpt.


    Thunderbird 2.

    OK an O'Neill recipe to give you a flavour


    Contact Lonnie at tell him what your after headsculpt wise

    He has done alot - O'Neill, Tealc, (both been re-casted btw by a guy on ebay you look hard enough youll find him) and Carter (talks of a Jackson abound)

    Anyway rather than buy the recasts as I mistakenly did when I created mine (didnt realise these were re-casts from his originals) Ive since contacted Lonnie about this issue btw ask him for a 1st generation original cast

    Clothes can all be sourced online anything from £10 for a Jacket to £30

    Boots £3 - £15

    Pants £4 to £30 (pants or whole BDU's e.g pants and jacket)

    P90 - £5.00 - £20

    Staff weapon see Lonnie

    Zats see jwringo1 he is a member here:

    Unfortunately Lonnie isnt going to be able to quote for Beckett and McKay as he is bogged down with current commisions, so Im looking at other sculptors,

    He is available for castings and Sunohc with some provisos and work permitting might be up to the task.

    Or Chan Ada work schedule permitting and she can be a tad expensive for originated commisions, the more people signup the less the initial burden.

    mark at patches of pride for insignia £2 - £5 not much more

    The decision is do you get it painted or do you have a go yourself

    Well casts are relatively cheap about £10 - £15

    So you could buy a second and send it away for paint

    Or ask someones whose been posted on here Rollmyblues for instance who would probably do it for 3 beers and you pay postage

    Buy a stand - £5 - £10 or dont

    Buy a body £5 - £30 (I like Hot Toys narrow shouldered and slim 1/6 figures as they are well proportioned come with their own stand and 2 necks, 4 hands and you end up with a spare head which is a great sculpt and great paint.

    Or you can go for DiD (Dragon in Dreams) etc slightly cheaper

    Key word or ebay 1/6

    Theres gonna be some glueing and painting etc but thats half the fun of doing this stuff for me !

    So Beckett McKay etc, the more signup the less the initial burden so when we have a figure we can split it up . . think longterm 6 months to 12 months once you pay, sculpts done.

    By which time youve just finished piecing together 2 members of your SG1 team with all the parts for the other 2 waiting to be assembled.

    They arent cheap when you figure in all the elements, but these are long term take your time look on ebay get the right pants, find them at the right price

    Ebays great for this and if you use Auction Sniper its cheap enough to do

    Hell Ive got four sets of black tactical vests here you can have for next to nothing (ive posted them for sale on here)

    However you want screen accurate tactical vests you gotta fight customs and try and get the Version 2 Black Omega Tactical vests which when you factor in customs charges can get to like £35 per vest

    But you might be able to find em cheaper

    Its a long term project, but fun, find the best parts and theres gizillions of 1/6th from Hot Toys to G.I. Joe (old school and cheap parts) not Sideshows latest releases, this is G.I Joe today :

    I will post the reply on the thread as this stuff probably needs explaining for those thinking about it !

    This threads been running a while now . . numbers are picking up, this may help to explain whats involved and what you will get at the end !

    and get a few more signing up to split this burden, Ill contact sculptors anyone else familiar with this figure making process who knows a sculptor with past works on 1/6th heads feel free to throw them out there.

    and rest fingers . . . .

    Back to your original question about Sheppard

    My recipe

    Contact Chan Ada

    Get your BDU's from
    mazojedi (a new 1/6th costumer, unproven but working hard at it on some Season 1 BDU's) 35 - 40 Euros (working the 2nd prototype as we speak)

    If you want me to keep you in on the development process please PM me for pics

    P90 as I said above ebay £5 - £15

    Paint it yourself its great fun take your time and have multiple goes £10 - £15 for brushes and paint

    Or send it away for 3 - 12 months for 'professional paints' £30 - £50 (my advice ask Roll my Blues )

    Pair of boots £5

    Hot Toys narrow shouldered Truetype body - Stand, Figure, four sets of hands and 2 necks £30

    Tactical Vests

    I got my Omegas from

    Combine your postage (well factor it in against buying it seperate)

    Then youll have what Ive got on my display cabinet shelf
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      An email back from Ada (Chan Ada):

      Hi, original sculpt is US230 each to custom made.

      But if you can buy 25 copies, that means, either:
      Unpaint: US25 x25 = US625
      Painted: US35x25 = US875
      then, there is no need to pay US230.

      If you have more question, pls let me know. Of course, if you are looking for much more copies, the price can be much much better than the above. Thanks!


      So Im reading that as :

      Earthgate Ricky x 2 sets (4 heads)
      Mooncat x 1 set (2 heads)
      Roll my Blues x 1 set (2 heads)
      ifrack x 1 set (2 heads)
      mnfatz (OSW) x 1 set (2 heads)
      ironman1188 (OSW) x 1 set (2 heads)
      Thunderbird2 x 1 set (2 heads)
      Mazojedi x 1 set (2 heads)

      $230 origination and $25 a cast giving us the cost for 1 head split 9 ways :

      $50.55 per head

      So for 2 . . . Beckett and McKay $101.10

      I think we could get shipping in with that also !

      So whats everyone's thoughts on this ? afford one and not the other ? then a show of hands for which one you want produced if its still on the cards and we can still get a show of hands for 9 casts instead of 18 then so be it !!

      Ive not asked timeframes etc. will do that once we have a new show of hands


        Ok just had a 10th interested party in buying 11 Becketts and 9 Mckays

        Making the order:

        (Anonymous) x 1 set (2 Heads)
        Earthgate Ricky x 2 sets (4 heads Beckett and McKay)
        Mooncat x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
        Roll my Blues x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
        ifrack x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
        mnfatz (OSW) x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
        ironman1188 (OSW) x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
        Thunderbird2 x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
        Mazojedi x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)

        Theres a mix of McKay and Beckett so those that want both thats what Ive put down

        So heres the latest headcount the 20th December 2009 will be the last headcount for this project before we spend some monies.

        The deal is this

        Chan Ada will be commissioned to produce 2 x 1/6th scale headsculpts
        We will supply reference imagery to Ada for her to produce the headsculpts over a 6 month period (to be confirmed). She will produce the headsculpts giving us the opportunity to have our say on the likeness and any features we want changed throughout the process with weekly updates. Using this thread. (duration and periodical updates to be confirmed)

        We will give a deposit (to Ada for this work) and the outstanding amount on completion.

        I will hold all monies if we dont hit the magical figure of 2 heads paid for then I will refund any monies paid to me (within 12 days) of their original payment date (less any paypal transaction fees)

        To generate the heads we need $460 so Im asking for everyone to pay

        $46 dollars deposit for 2 heads (thats for the generation of the head only) you then would pay $50 for 2 casts, thats 2 Becketts, 2 Mckays or a mix thats down to you at the end of the commission process) after 6 months

        So to generate something that's not been produced before in the history of Mankind a piece of Stargate Fandom Lore . . .

        for just the meagre amount of $96 you can have 2 bespoke custom

        heads, The BDU's are being developed

        These are pictures of the first prototype, the latest prototype is color matched to Sheppards BDU from Season 1, with alterations to the 'inside cut' of the front panels, rather than outside, and tweaks to the diameter of the sleeves.

        Im coming looking for payments from the 10 people listed above. Between 21st December 2009 and 3rd January 2010. If anyone else wants to join their names to that list leave a post under this one, the deadline for this will be the 21st December, if we can make it cheaper per head for everyone then on the 20th of December I will post the new figure required on this thread. But atm the head count is $46 !! on the 21st !!

        Expect PM's this week !! For those worried please ask some of the members on these boards for their experience of me. Im Genuine and a 1/6th Collector:

        For those who simply cant afford to get on board and have already signed up

        can you post your withdrawl, so that your names not counted in the final figure request on the 20th

        Also please check the lists to show the information for you, quantities, which heads, etc are correct.
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          Update cant PM EarthgateRicky as he isnt accepting PM's and he signed for 2 sets, so if your out there ricky or you know him in the real world can you prod him in this threads direction, otherwise I will take it as a withdrawl by the 20th December
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            Ok a bit dissapointing but MnFatz had to pull out

            So we need more of you for the magic 10 so . .

            come on guys this project needs your finances and input !


              You can confirm me for one set!

              I'll keep an eye out for usable pics.
              Rope climbing's the reason I got bronze instead of silver in the ParticipACTION programme.


                Ok a little bit dissappointing but a few dropped out so here it is


                Mooncat x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
                Roll my Blues x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)

                To be confirmed

                (Anonymous) x 1 set (2 Heads)
                ifrack x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
                Thunderbird2 x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
                Earthgate Ricky x 2 sets (4 heads Beckett and McKay)
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                  Just had an email in from Ada:

                  If you can find 5 more people. That means 15 people at US25 each, then I can wave the US230 and also US25 will also included shipping to each of you. What do you think?


                  So if theres 15 of us then theres no generation fee thats a straight $50 for 2 sculpts including postage !

                  So its just about hitting the magic 15 ?? that sound any better to those that dropped out now ?


                    Originally posted by Mooncat View Post
                    So if theres 15 of us then theres no generation fee thats a straight $50 for 2 sculpts including postage !
                    Holy Ori Batman! Thats cheap! That sweetens the deal for me and I was already in. I definitely vote for waiting to see if more committment is out there for that price.
                    Rope climbing's the reason I got bronze instead of silver in the ParticipACTION programme.


                      This is Thunderbird 2,

                      after a quick Q/A to Mooncat, I confirm I am def still IN, for two Dr Beckett heads!

                      There is something else I am going to do too....

                      (Ten mins later)

                      I have posted the following in several threads!

                      Many of you may or may not know DST / AA has ground to a halt on their Stargate action figures. They haven't said yes or no, but at present, there is no guarantee that there will be an action figure of Dr Beckett.

                      A few of us have decided we want to take matters into our own hands if we can. (Special thanks to Mooncat for this). We are trying to get at least 15 people to commit to the commisioned manufacture of the heads of Dr Beckett and McKay in a 1/6 scale. (I am for Dr Beckett!) full details of this activity can be found in the following thread:


                      Hope to see you there!

                      Thunderbird 2.
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                      Come on, how often do you get the chance to go to an alien planet?

                      I was a'ready on an alien planet!

                      - Poisoning the Well, Atlantis Season 1.


                        Ada will now produce these for $25 a sculpt if we can generate 15 sets (a set is 2 heads)

                        If you dont want Beckett and McKay have Beckett and Sheppard. Buy any 1/6th sculpt from Ada and have that with a new SGA sculpt . . We need 15 sets to make this $25 a sculpt the confirmed list so far is :

                        Mooncat x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
                        Roll my Blues x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
                        Thunderbird 2 x 1 set (2 x Beckett)
                        (anonymous) x 3 sets (that's 6 heads)


                        So thats 15 sets needed we have 6 confirmed we need another 9
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                          One more set added

                          Mooncat x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
                          Roll my Blues x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)
                          Thunderbird 2 x 1 set (2 x Beckett)
                          (anonymous) x 3 sets (that's 6 heads)
                          ironman1188 x 1 set (2 heads Beckett and McKay)


                            Ok guys its the 21st and some developments, its possible that the origination for one of the headsculpts will be put up by one of us. I will be confirming this and as soon as I know I will go to Ada with what we have asking for both sculpts to be created.

                            However it maybe that she says no too originating 2 sculpts when weve only got enough to originate 1

                            Casts she wanted 30 for free origination weve raised

                            14 casts and an origination fee So im hoping she will go for that

                            So it maybe that in the next week that I come to you for your $50

                            or it maybe that I simply let the anonymous benefactor pay Ada and originate the sculpt on between her and Ada (afterall those that dont pay dont have a say in its development and final look)

                            So a big thank you to those that have posted twice that they will be in for this and paying this week. If the benefactor is prepared to pay for the origination then Im hoping that we can get Beckett and McKay.


                              IN and OUT backed up and cleared


                                Unfortunately due too numbers McKay is not able to be produced, Beckett is now being commisioned, but commisioned privately but I expect casts will become available when its completed.