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Star Trek "guess the quote" game

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    Star Trek "guess the quote" game

    Just like the other thread except you have to state the series in which it was spoken (eg, "Watching them fill deuterium tanks is not my idea of a good time."-TNG)

    TOS - The Original Series
    TNG - The Next Generation
    DS9 - Deep Space Nine
    VOY - Voyager
    ENT - Enterprise
    MOV - Movies

    Here goes:

    "I never had to learn the justice trick" -DS9

    ...or not


      You gave us the answer so couldn't do that one

      "We're Starfleet Officers....weird is part of the job!"

      So guess the series, and you get a green point if you can guess the person who said it.


        Janeway said it, I believe it was Deadlock?
        Condemnant quod non intellegunt.


          Your right I think! Triple bonus lol. I think you only have to get the series, VOY or TNG (right baba?). So to get the person, and the ep, very good, now you try!


            Alright, first one to guess this quote and you get a green rep point.

            "Person 1: They broke seven of your transverse ribs and fractured your clavicle!

            Person 2: Ah, but I got off several cutting remarks which no doubt did serious damage to their egos. "

            If you can say both characters, you get an extra point, episode as well, you get three.
            In the infinite expanse that we occupy, whose to say that something's impossible?


              Person 1 = Dr. Bashir
              Person 2 = Garak

              DS9 - "The Way of the Warrior" Pt.1 I think but I only have the full tv movie version.

              I watch too much ST, or at least remember it too well. If I could remember my Psychology notes for this exam I would be happier.


                Person 1 - Bashir

                Person 2 - Garak

                "The Way of the Warrior" part I

                how about,
                "Whatever it is you two are reciting, I wish you would stop." -DS9

                Bonus points for the title of what was being recited, the author and who was reciting it.

                (crap, someone beat me to it. damn fast typers!)


                  Hehe just made it first. I can do yours too if you'd like

                  It's another DS9 one from "Sacrifice of Angels" Julian and O'Brien are reciting the The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Referring that they are going up against a Dominion fleet twice their size of 600, same as the light brigade. Nog asks them to stop.

                  Ok my one:

                  "Time to take out the garbage"

                  EDIT: Do you want to include the series eg TNG along with the quote and then we have to guess the episode? Or do we just have to guess which series it is from and then get bonus points if we get the ep or whos saying it etc?
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                    Garak, from Sacrifice of Angels.

                    They were reciting that old poem... They charge of something... What was it?

                    Charge of the light brigade (best guess)

                    EDIT: Holy crap Scoobing you type fast.
                    In the infinite expanse that we occupy, whose to say that something's impossible?


                      I believe that is from Voyager. Janeway, specifically. For some reason I hear her voice in my mind saying that. Here's mine (ignore it if I'm wrong):

                      "You mean I'm stuck in here?......With you?"

                      "No. I'm stuck in here with you ."

                      EDIT: Blarg.
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                      MCKAY: We need the Zed PM to power the Gate.

                      O'NEILL: What?

                      JACKSON: ZPM. He's Canadian.

                      O'NEILL: I'm sorry.


                        Odo, Quark in "Civil Defence".

                        How's about my original example?

                        "Watching them fill deuterium tanks is not my idea of a good time."-TNG


                          Captains Holiday? I think Beverley said it.

                          If so here's mine:

                          "Good tea, nice planet" - TNG, might be easier to guess who said this one, so bonus for the ep name.


                            Worf to Kevin Uxbridge in "The Survivors".

                            And it was "Good tea, nice house."


                              Lol you are right, I think my quote was from one that had been made to take the mick out of Worf's saying. Points for you! Your turn to give a quote.