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    Role-playing: Information/Signup/Announcements

    (Hi all, our main info thread seems to have gotten lost in the Abyss accidentally so I've done my best here using a 2007 archived version to recreate it. It should serve as a temporary fix until Greg can take a look at it.)

    Aftermath RP
    (Originally the GWRP)

    ~For all who are playing in the Gateworld RP PLEASE read the Rules and Regulations before you start.

    Rules n Regs:

    1. Even though this is a roleplay, you must adhere to the Gateworld Forum Rules.
    2. Even though this is covered in the Gateworld rules, I will say it again: Please no offensive language even if it is IC. I think the limit is up to 'crap' for any word 'above' crap please just edit it out. (ex: "oh @#$")
    3. Please refrain from using chatspeak IC
    Bad: Colonel Sharp walked in 2 the commissary, he grabbed a plate of food and went 2 sit w/ the other peeps. "Hey guys wats ^?"
    Sharp walked into the commissary. He grabbed a plate of food and went to sit with the other people. "Hey guys. What's up?"
    4. Please use 'proper' role-play format. When your character is thinking to him/herself please use italics and an apostrophe (') at each end.
    5. When your character is talking please use quotation marks (")
    6. If you do not know how to rp please do not join and possibly disrupt the other RPers. Just give me a PM and I'll explain it to you.
    7. Please be kind and courteous to other RPers, don't make me go telling a mod on you!
    8. Please do not RP until you have submitted your character here and it is approved.
    9. No controlling other people's characters.
    10. One of the most important rules: Your character canNOT be in two places at once! If you are leaving one area and going to another please post that you are leaving the mess hall and going to the gateroom. (or where ever you are going to/coming from)
    11. Do not make RP threads, it is not an official RP thread unless a GM (Gen Blue or I) is the creator, or I said the person could make it.
    12. The language of the RP is English and proper grammar, spelling and punctuation is expected. (Of course if it is your character speaking feel free to use improper grammar if it fits the character.) Note: There are many spell check programs available for most mainstream browsers. If you are having trouble finding one, just let me know. Also note that we have players from around the world who's first language is not English. So don't feel intimidated!
    13. HAVE FUN!

    I will do my best to enforce these rules and get Darren or a moderator to help if it gets out of hand.

    RP Info:

    The storyline:
    The year is 2005 and operations seem to be going fine at the SGC. With the replicators defeated and the Goa'uld weak, the SGC is now going back to exploring. They have completed the new off-world base known as the Alpha Site, as well as a few off-world factories on the same planet. The Alpha Site has been code named: Gaia and General Nicholas Blue has just assumed command.
    It's July 10th 15:00 hours and SG-7 is late half an hour, but that's nothing to worry about, it's just half an hour. The gate suddenly starts dialing 'Off world gate activation!' the voice rings as the wormhole establishes and the iris closes. General Landry walks in and looks at the computer as an IDC comes through.
    'It's SG-7 sir.'
    'Good, open the iris'
    Nothing happens for a few moments and there is an eerie silence.
    'SG-7 come in!'
    Suddenly a giant grey metallic object comes through the gate.
    'What the hell is th-' *BOOM*

    The naquadria bomb explodes and takes the Stargate with it, with the bomb and the gate combined the explosion is enormous and Earth is destroyed. (Along with The Prometheus, which was in its bunker on Earth). As standard procedure, all off-world teams report to the Alpha Site and a new adventure begins.

    History of what has happened so far in the RP can be found here.

    Base Equipment:

    Base Defense:
    -1, newly installed, Asgard Energy Shield
    -4 Concealed towers each containing:

    -2 Humvees
    -1 Pave Hawk (Helicopter.
    -7 F-302 Fighters

    Alien Weapons:
    -50 Zats
    -25 Staff weapons.

    Standard US Weapons, don't worry to be specific in your posts... we will probably have some guns from other countries *shrug*.

    A Nice Weapons Guide For The Most Common Weapons We Use
    (Made by our very own in-house real-life military expert: Dragongate )

    Over the years of Stargate RPing, I've noticed that many people do not salute correctly, I have most likely done it more than a few times too, but if everyone could read the hand salute section under this:

    Player positions. (Look at when determining what team you want to be on)

    How to Join:

    1. Learn / know how to RP. (If you haven't RPed in this online style before, don't be intimidated, just let me know! )
    2. Take a look at the biographies thread to get a sense of what writing a biography entails. Then, once you've come up with a compelling character that you would have fun writing for, PM a biography to me and/or Gen Blue.
    3. You and I will go back and forth discussing edits to the character's biography, and eventually it will be approved!
    4. Once approved you can post your bio in the biographies thread, and start looking on the player list for an open team. Contact a team leader and request to join their team. Note: a team leader might require a few edits of their own.
    5. Enter- your character! Start playing/interacting with other characters!


    Here is a template format, please adapt yours to match:

    Character Name:
    Character Age: (see rank/age chart below)
    Character Rank: (Given by GM. BUT your preference will be looked at. It's recommended that your first character, if military, be an enlisted personnel.)
    Character Position:
    Appearance: (May post a link to a picture.)
    History: (Please include if the Character has the ancient gene, the history should be from beginning of schooling to arriving at the Alpha site.)
    Other important facts:

    Age/Rank Chart:

    Here is an average rank/age chart, so we don't have any 20 year old Colonel and so I don't have to keep bugging people :

    From the information of a useful chart located here:

    I've come up with this chart:
    Average Age by Grade: (Enlisted)

    Airman Basic 23.5
    Airman 20.6
    Airman 1st Class 22.5
    Senior Airman/ Sergeant 25.7
    Staff Sergeant 31.9
    Technical Sergeant 36
    Master Sergeant 38.3
    Senior Master Sergeant 41.4
    Chief Master Sergeant 44.8

    Average Age by Grade: (Officer)

    2nd Lieutenant: Around 26.6
    1st Lieutenant: Around 26.9
    Captain: Around 30.8
    Major: Around 37.3
    Lieutenant Colonel: Around 42.8
    Colonel: Around 47

    Remember this was based off of a chart showing averages so don't be compelled to make your 1st Lt character exactly 26.9, just around make him/her around 27 by a couple of years.

    International Rank Comparison Chart:
    (Warning, HUGE image)


    Other things which you might need to know:
    ~RP sayings and acronyms:
    A lot of acronyms can be found in Gateworld’s FAQs: (Scroll down a little)
    But some which aren’t:
    -RP: Roleplay(ing)
    -GWRP: Gateworld Roleplay (Old name for Aftermath)
    -RL: Real Life
    -IRL: In real life.
    -OOC: Out of Character
    -IC: In Character
    -BRB: Be Right Back
    -ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival
    (Here’s a ginormous list of military acronyms:
    -God Mod: To take control of someone else’s character without permission. i.e. “Sharp walked into the lab. He pulled out his gun and shot Williams. Williams died. Sharp picked up his body and threw him in the trash.” That’s a no-no.
    -SST: Stargate Space Travel (Another Stargate RP site a lot of members here used to play on.)
    -Teehee: That’s just an odd thing that Ainty does.

    ~Team Threads:
    Each team has their own talk thread (Yes, you are allowed to go into other team's talk threads, just don’t cause a ruckus, and don’t post if it’s off topic.)
    SGs- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

    Additionally we have an OOC Box for just general chat with other members (or non-members), and an Inter-Team Communication Thread to coordinate RPing with other players.

    Also, if you have any questions PM me, IM me, or send me an e-mail.

    PS. Darren and Mods if you feel any changes need to be made post here or PM me.
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    Join the Aftermath RP


    Galaxy: Milky Way
    World: Gaia
    Base Layout:
    Level 1: Hangar
    Level 2: Mess Hall / Alien Tech Lab / General Non-Hazardous Lab
    Level 3: General Blue's Office / Briefing Room / Security Booth /
    Level 4: Gateroom / Control Room / Armory / MALP etc. Storage / Garage
    Level 5: Quarters / Lounge
    Level 6: Quarters / Chapel
    Level 7: Quarters
    Level 8: Infirmary
    Level 9: Brig / Storage
    Level 10: Alien Organism/Bio. Lab / Gym / Storage

    ~Gaia (


    ~Base Layout:

    Sub Level 1-Hangar ( (Thanks Alex!)

    Sub Level 2- Mess Hall/ Labs (

    > Science Lab 1 - Alien Tech Lab (

    Sub Level 3-Briefing Room/other (

    > General Blue's Office (

    > Linguistics Lab (
    ^Too Many Images For One Post, Please Click On Link ^

    Sub Level 4- Gateroom/Armory/Other (

    Sub Level 5-
    Rooms/ Lounge ( (((WARNING: Big Image)))

    Sub Level 6- Rooms/ Restrooms ( (((WARNING: Big Image)))

    Sub Level 7- Rooms/ Restrooms ( (((WARNING: Big Image)))

    Sub Level 8:Infirmary: (Very detailed thanks to Shelbel!)
    Overall Infirmary Layout: (

    Isolation Room 1 Detail: (

    General overview of the plan in 3D (ooooo, aaaaaaah!!!): (

    The Observation area overlooking Isolation Room 1: (
    ^Too many images in post. Please click link.^

    Isolation Room 1, looking toward the Operating Room: (
    ^Too many images in post. Please click link.^

    The Waiting Area: (

    The Operating Room, looking toward Isolation Room 1: (
    ^Too many images in post. Please click link.^

    Sub Level 9- Brig/Storage (

    Sub Level 10- Storage/ Gym AND Alien Organism/ Bio Lab (

    Foreston Map (

    Jack's Place (
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    Join the Aftermath RP






        Hey everyone,

        August 25th probably is a special day for most people, be it a birthday, a first kiss, or a holiday, but for me, it's the day that I (we!) started the RP.

        Though very few of you have been with us since the beginning, and some of you know us as the GWRP, I've had fun RPing with each and every one of you who has been apart of this amazing game, and I'm proud to be involved with such a great group of people.

        Four years ago when I rallied for an RP section, I never thought this RP would be so successful, and I had no idea it would last this long. We've had a lot of fun, and I think we have a unique quality that is rarely found in RPs.

        I want to thank all of you who have been apart of this, for no matter how long, and I especially want to thank Gen, who's been a great help in managing the RP with me. Finally, I want to thank Darren, Sky, and Tame, for helping us out a ton, and making this RP possible!

        It's been going kind of slow recently, but I'm determined to get us on some missions soon, and move us back to the bustling hub of roleplayers we normally are!

        I know I'm having a great time, and I'm ready to have another fun year!

        Unfortunately, I'm still in the process of determining what exactly happened to our 'big thread', so PARTY IN THE OOC THREAD!

        Everyone who posts gets an Anniversary Green, and, pssst.

        Someone told me Ainty's bringing cake...

        <to OOC box>
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          According to Darren, he's gotten a message from a woman claiming a copyright for the name 'Lotarian', which AT2 had come up with here:

          I've given the mods all the IC threads which mention the 'Lotarians', and I've asked them to change the name to 'Loratians'.

          Well, at least someone thinks we're a threat of some kind!
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          Join the Aftermath RP


            Hello, I would like to join and begin rping. I have a couple of questions though.

            1. I need someone to exsplain all the technicalities for this rp because I haven't rped in a rp as complex as this.

            2. What positions are open as of now? (can I be a scientist? If not, what is the rank i start at?)
            Aftermath RP
            Markus Redd - SG-7 Computer Scientist
            Captain Joseph Laport - OSI Agent Stationed at Alpha Site

            New Seasons RP
            SGT Markus Redd - SG-3 Medic
            Eli Wallace- SGU


              Hi Re1ndeer! Sorry I hadn't responded to your visitor message, been a little busy lately

              Look for a message in a couple of minutes
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              Join the Aftermath RP


                Just want to say I'm looking forward to trying out a new kind of rp than im used to.
                1LT Chris Barden United States Marines
                Alpha Site Security Team member

                Aftermath RP:
                1st Lt. Chris Barden

                Teal'C and Major Lorne -SSU RP

                General Hammond: Colonel O'Neil what the hell are doing?!

                O'Neill: In the middle of my backswing!?



                  Over the last five years I have had the pleasure of participating in this amazing Roleplay with all of you. I have made new friends, improved my own RPing, and had a lot of fun. It is time, however, that the RP must be shut down.

                  I do not make the decision lightly, but I think it is for the best, and leaves the spirit of the RP to stand unaltered. As you all have noticed, I'm sure, we have just received our own folder to play in. What you have not seen, however, is the discussion behind the scenes. In order for us to play in our new folder, Darren said that we must now ("somehow") include the candid Stargate SG-1 characters. Just because the RP is taking place within the Stargate universe, that is not enough. He wants something new members feel comfortable in joining - with characters that they already know. You can imagine my response.

                  In order to keep the spirit that has thrived in Aftermath for all these years, I respectfully declined Darren's offer, and I hope that I can say I had the support of all when making the decision.

                  And so, within the week, the RP will be shut down.

                  Originally posted by Darren
                  Alright Sharp,

                  If that's the decision you have made then I'll be closing down the sub-forum and archiving the posts by the end of the week.


                  I've had a great time RPing with each and every one of you, and I'd love to further discussion of future plans within the OOC box if anyone is interested in moving off site.

                  ~Colonel Sharp

                  PS: Please do not bother Darren or any other members of the moderating staff over this decision.
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                  Join the Aftermath RP


                    If you like people of Aftermath, I can setup a forum for us to continue. I know it won't be Gateworld but five years of roleplaying gone... I hate to see it all gone to waste.

                    Please PM me for the forum url. I will create your accounts for you if you like, just PM me your username, desired password and email address.


                      No, it was a April 1st joke...


                        HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!

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                          Proxy fell for it.......hahahahahaha!

                          Trust me Prox, I tried getting him to consider getting our own froum, but no luck.


                            Oh shut up Rider!



                              When we were first starting off, Proxy tried to go offsite and start his own thing...but to no avail
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                              SIX YEARS OF ROLEPLAYING ON GATEWORLD!

                              Join the Aftermath RP