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    I will be gone from RP for the next couple of months. Shipping to basic tomorrow and I suspect computer access will be zilch. Shadow can control my character until I can return.
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      This has to be separated from the Player list. It was too long to post.

      Inactive list

      Alternate Reality
      Gen Blue: Ivan Belousov Rank: 1st Lieutenant Position: SG8
      Hulabaloo: Chris Blackwell Rank: Civilian Position: Scientist

      Telawen: Sophia MacKenzie: Position: Base Chief Science officer. Rank: Civilian
      Cpn. Chris(tine) Bowman: Dr. Cole Attington. Position: Chief Medical Officer. Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
      Domavatus Vestul Motabilium: Nathaniel James Finch: ... Position: Base Chaplain. Rank: Lieutenant
      CKO: Mia Jones Position: Resident Tok'ra Mika (Civilian) (LOA - returning)
      Bootstar: Rosie Thomas Position: JAG officer Rank: Major
      Max Omega: Dr. Rachael Alexandria Ezekiel: Position: Chief Engineer. Rank: Civilian
      Vampyr: Dr. Devin Geoff Almodeus / Jaa'nik Position: Chief Scientist / Tok'ra. Rank: Civilian
      JacksonMiracle: Carol 'CJ' Johannson Position: Safety Engineer/Scientist. Rank: Captain

      -)GMM(-: Thomas Riley Position: Air Support Staff. Rank: Sergeant
      Kronas31: Adamo 'Gunny' Tenaglo Position: Unassigned Pilot. Rank: Captain
      ck9891: Cam Kollent Position: Unassigned pilot. Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
      SlytherinGal: Dr. Abigail Beckett Position: Scientist Rank: Civilian
      Dancer_4_daniel: Liam Mackenzie Harris Position: Unassigned. Rank: 1st Lieutenant
      Linkinparkgundam: Dr. Patricia A. Knight Position: Unassigned. Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
      Leir: Dr. Stuart Fairchild Position: Unassigned Rank: Civilian
      TheGreatlordGeorge: George A Rhea Position: Unassigned. Rank: Major
      Jeff_sg_assassin: Thomas Torres Position: Unassigned Rank: undetermined
      greenscreen: Hoshi Setsuko Asakura Position: Unassigned. Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
      Addrodoc: Alexander Thompson Position: Unassigned pilot Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
      Jacki: Jacquelyn �Jacki� Royal Position: unassigned. Rank: Civilian
      Tupopoflungo: Warin Jones Position: Unassigned Rank: Sgt. 1st Class

      Major Henderson: Donna Henderson Position: SG2 CO. Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
      Osiris-RA: Anthony Mcleod. Position: SG2. Rank: Major
      Queen Eleta: Veronica Adams Position: SG2. Rank: Captain
      Hanmer: Stephen Hanmer. Position SG2. Rank: Captain
      Esgrig: Lee Howard. Position: SG2. Rank: Civilian
      Topgun220: Nicholas Stavin Position: SG2 Rank: Master Sergeant
      Lt. Ford: William 'Murph' Murphy Position: SG2 Rank: First Sergeant
      SGC and SGA: Mike Sheppard Position: SG2 Rank: Lance Corporal
      "Hanmer: James Harper" Position: SG-2 Rank: Chief Master Sergeant
      Atlantean_Fan: Natasha Colins Bystronski. Position: SG2. Rank: Captain
      JacksonMiracle: Kylie Ann Stevens Position: SG2 Rank: Civilian
      Dancer_4_daniel: Liam Mackenzie Harris Position: SG2 Rank: 1st Lieutenant

      Somnium: Hannah 'H' Harvey Position: CO SG3. Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
      Futura / The Sentinal: Daniel 'Danny' McCoy Position: SG3. Rank: Captain
      Ascended_Elite_mercenary: Issac Matthews Position: SG3. Rank: Captain
      Leviathan Crusader: Daren Swanson Position: SG3 Rank: Civilian
      RatBaby07: Temperance Edgecombe Position: Unassigned Rank: Civilian

      Cathain Nottingham: Alexandra Lucius Position: SG4. Rank: Captain
      sandyer: Dr. Alec Darome Position: SG4. (Civilian)
      _Anubis: Steven Reggers. Position: SG4. Rank: 1st Lieutenant
      MuAlphaTheta: Scott Anderson Position: SG4. Rank: Sergeant

      BigGator5: Jason "Gator" Richardson Position: SG-5 CO Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
      Acid Squid: Mickey McKay Position: SG5. Rank: 2nd Lieutentant
      RockinHobbit: Kateira V. MacDoreign Position: SG5. Rank: 1st Lieutenant
      SCG and SGA: John Dasani Position: SG5. Rank: Chief Petty Officer
      SG-ina 1: Jane Gripley Position: SG5. Rank: Airman
      TDgamer: Gabriel Michaels Position: SG5 Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
      The Shadow: Kari �Jammer� Crescent Position: SG5. Rank: Captain

      Beale947:James Andrew Graham Beale: Position: SG6 CO. Rank: Major (Snaked!)
      White Knight: Paul 'White Knight' Marshall: Position: SG6. Rank: Captain
      NPC: Phillip South Position: SG6. Rank: Master Sergeant (Beale947)
      Spudster: Nathan "Spud" Shovell. Position: SG6. Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
      CaptainPash: Charles 'Chuck' York Position: SG6. Rank: Captain (Oranos)

      Ascended Times.2: James "Jim" Anderson Position: SG7 CO. Rank: Lieutenant Colonel (LOA)
      Tracy Jane :Caitriona "Kate" Howard Position: SG7. Rank: Major
      Gatelover12: Richard Dobson Position: SG7. Rank: 1st Lieutenant
      KieranFuller: Jason Richards Position: SG7. Rank: Captain
      NPC: Rowena Marie Clayton Position: SG7. Rank: Cadet (Tracy Jane)

      Dinger: Damien Wright Position: SG8. Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
      Unorthodox: Johannan Vincent Halberet Position: SG8. Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

      Amann: John Scott Harris Position: SG9. Rank: Captain
      SCG and SGA: Mike Mazzarella Position: SG9. Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
      Okohme: Ilshah, host to A�aaruk Position: SG9. Rank: Civilian / Tok'ra
      Benjaminism: Ben Wolf Position: SG9. Rank: Civilian

      Major Henderson: Cassidy Evans Position: SG10 CO. Rank: Captain
      Ignominius: Graham Gorman Position: SG10. Rank: Sergeant
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        Can you add Dinger to that list, he hasnt posted in close to two months.

        Also dancer 4 Daniel has not logged onto gateworld in two weeeks



          Originally posted by TheGreatLordGeorgerheaus
          Can you add Dinger to that list, he hasnt posted in close to two months.
          Also dancer 4 Daniel has not logged onto gateworld in two weeeks
          Good. I was going to ask you that. That will leave 2 spaces open on SG8.
          Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything


            FYI - for anyone who cares. I'll be out of town from Wednesday evening (10/4) until Tuesday morning (10/10). I may have access but, may not have time.
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              I'll "use" Kym if I need to, Jynjyr.


                Hi gang. I'm bugging out for the weekend as well.
                From 10/5 (Thurs morning) until 10/9 (Monday night).
                I don't know if I'll have time to get access at all over the weekend.
                I've asked Sharp to keep Blue walking and talking.
                Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything


                  what about dexius?


                    I might be diching this weekend. I dont know if I will have computer acess. If I do I will come on but I dont know. Can someone keep Adria alive just out of the way? Thanks in advanced.
                    *edit* I will have some computer acess.
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                    GWRPG CHARACTERS


                      i to am going away for the weekend and i am not sure if i will have computer access.


                        My home computer is currently out-of-comission, and as such I have no idea when I'll be at a working computer agian. TGLG, if the team needs to use my character while I'm gone, feel free to do so. It's more than likely that my computer will be wiped completely clean, so I'll have to take a day or so just to install all my programs, add my favorite links, and burn the 3.42 gigs of music I had on there (which will piss me the f___ off). But either way, with this being the last day of school this week, and we're not going back untill Wednesday of next week ( Fall Break ), who knows when I'll be able to get back on.
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                          hey, i am back


                            I'm going out of town for the extended weekend and don't anticipate access to the net until Tues.

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                              Just a note that i wont be here sun and mon, visiting relatives.

                              Im back!
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                                Hi guys!!!

                                I'm going back to China for a couple of months, and probably won't have Internet I won't be able to do RPG...

                                So far the situation of SG-5 is:

                                -DragonGate is at basic training
                                -AcidSquid or formerly known as RodneyMcKay has quit
                                -RockinHobbit was here but disappeared after a bit
                                -Gator was here and off the mods...but I have no clue where he went

                                As you can see...we're kind of split up at the moment and our mission is still half way done.....I have no clue what to do with our characters......

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