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    Colonel Sharp:

    Character Name: Chris Sharp


    Character Name: Alexis Winters
    Character Age: 25
    Character Position: SG7 team member
    Rank: Captain
    Appearance: 6'2", short blondish hair, deep blue eyes, medium muscular build, broard shoulders and hansom features.
    Personality: Friendly and enthusiastic towards people, yet cool and calm in stressful situations, a dedicated soldier always looking for a peaceful solution to any problem.
    History: Born in Perth, Australia on the 13th July 1980, Alexis Darcy Winters son of Richard Winters, a and Tanya Peterson. Always an active child interested in sport and exploring with aspirations of becoming an archaeologist or professional sports person. Average at schoolwork he never got the grades high enough to make it into archaeology at university so after graduating high school put all his time and efforts into basketball. He ended up playing for the state team and gave them the pass that won them the national finals. He was then approached by the army and offered a position in their international basketball team, which he took, to his parents’ dismay. He rapidly progressed through the minor ranks as he excelled in his abilities as a soldier. He was transferred to a scouts elite unit at the age of 21 and spent many years honing his skills as an expert reconnaissance specialist. During a “routine blood check” being conducted by the military he was noted to have a strong strain of the Ancient gene. This was brought to the attention of the Stargate program due to secret government communication. Alexis unhappy about being transferred to America to play in their “international basketball league” before he found out the real reason for his transference. After completing the SGC training program with flying colours he was assigned as a rookie to SG11 on Earth where he started to clock up his first off-world experience. After the establishment of the second Alpha sight he was promoted to a full SG7 team member.

    Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia:

    Character Name: Ryan Nash
    Character Age: 26
    Character Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
    Character Position: SG-7's Tactitian and Linguist
    Appearance: Ryan has deep brown hair and eyes. His hair is somewhat thick, parted in the middle, and layered in the back. He has a somewhat strong frame, with no physical handicaps or defects.
    Personality: He's somewhat bitter to people he doesn't know well that rub him the wrong way. He's ambitious, but not power-hungry. He's open to his friends and family, but he always seems to be at a bit of a distance. He's very intelligent, and frequently catches things that other people miss, including important details, bits of conversations that may be important, and other various things.
    History: Ryan was raised in Rego Park, New York, for the first nine years of his life. He attended elementary school at PS 174, where it first became apparent that he would be destined for greater things. He excelled in his classes, and was greatly interested in space exploration and such. He answered the question 'what do you want to be when you grow up' the same way every time - "I want to be an astronaut and work at Nasa."
    When he was 9, and almost ten, he moved to Sarasota, Florida, and began attending Pine View School for the gifted. He remained interested in space exploration and the various other uncertain factors of the universe, however, he also displayed a great interest in flying. As soon as he could, he enlisted in the Air Force. He attended the Officer Training School, taking 16 weeks in courses, the first 12 weeks basic training and the next four weeks advanced training for leadership skills. During Ryan's schooling, he wrote and published several essays concerning astrophysics and battlefield tactics, a new interest of his which he rapidly became an expert on.
    One of his essays, "An Analysis of Defending Planet Earth on a Three Dimensional Field" pulled the attention of the recruiting officers of the SGC, and he was assigned as a member of SG-7.
    Other important facts:
    Ryan was engaged to be married about the time that Earth was destroyed.
    At the time the bomb was sent through, Ryan had not been with SG-7, but had been on a different mission with another SG unit exploring ancient ruins on another world.
    Ryan took several courses in Latin and other early civilization languages during High School and College.


    Character Name: Dr. Joseph 'Seph' Hanson
    Character Age: 30
    Character Rank: (GIVEN)
    Character Position: I would like to apply for SG7 member.
    Weapon choice: P90. He is certainly not an 'average' anthropologist. He has had weapons training and unlike his counterparts such as Dr. Jackson Seph carries his trusted on all missions. He is always ready to join his comrades in a fire fight.
    Personality: Being an accomplished academic Seph has little time for more 'stupid' people, his pet peeve is races IE. the Asgard calling him primitive. However he has more stengths than flaws. These include a good optimistic perspective, strong willed and eager to learn more.
    History: Dr. Seph Hanson has degrees in anthropology, ancient cultures, languages and a PhD in symbology (he is currently fluent in 11 languages including ancient and goa'uld). As soon as he finished attending Oxford university (he was a foriegn student, he was born and bred in New England) the USAF quickly absorbed him onto their pay roll and put him to use as a 'code cracker' and foriegn liason amongst various other related jobs. However he grew bored after years of this and handed in his resignation. Keen to keep him in on their pay roll, the air force offered him a job he could never refuse, SG team member. With the basic weapons training he had recieved while working with USAF in other countries (which conflict was happening around him, USAF had decided to give him basic training so he could defend himself) and the proved excellence in linguistics, anthropology and ancient cultures, Hanson was unluckly not to have been added to the SGC staff earlier on. He was on his first mission (however being still new he was merely on the mission because his expertise were needed, he was not yet enlisted into a SG team), routine recon, to a world that contained ancient ruins during the tradgedy on Earth. Now, after following protocol he has travelled to the alpha site. Recent tests have shown Dr. Hanson has the ancient gene, however only to a similar extent that a certain Dr. Carson Beckett has, nowhere near the strengths Shep and O'Neill have it.
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    Owen Macri:

    Name: Owen Macri
    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    Age: 39
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6’ 3”
    Appearance: Italian, Dark Brown hair. Green eyes.
    Broad shoulders, LArge tough build.
    Character specialties: Explosives, weapons, science,
    and mathematics.
    Personality: Fun, nice, tough when needed, funny.
    Character history: Lieutenant Colonel Owen Macri
    was born in August 27, 1971, in Austin, Texas, although his
    family was living in Canada at the time, giving him dual
    citizenship. He graduated elementary school at the age of
    fourteen, in 1985. In high school he achieved great things,
    graduating at the age of sixteen. He attended several
    universities throughout Canada and the United States, many
    on scholar ships. He had always been interested in math and
    science but there was also something more. After working for
    several privately owned companies, as well as government
    funded projects all before the age of 18, he had decided, that
    this “something more,” needed to be dealt with. In 1991, at
    the age of twenty he joined the United States military, due to
    the fact, they had more up to date technology than that of the
    Canadian military. This something more had soon become conquered as he
    was allowed to release himself physically, in training as well as
    real exercises. The military, having had constant knowledge of
    his skill level in the sciences, had attempted to put him solely
    to work in research and weapons development divisions, but
    after several request, they allowed standard military work as
    well. The military was always dissatisfied with the use of his
    skills, they needed stronger weapons, newer technology, not
    soldiers, yet, they were also aware of his cunning skill in the
    field, for this he had been promoted far above others, much
    faster than ever expected. Shortly after the Stargate Program was started, the highest
    levels of the government decided he would be put to better
    use, inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, “analyzing
    deep-space radar telemetry.” At the age of thirty-two and the rank of Major, Macri was
    transferred, to the complex, where he was stationed on SG-9.
    Over the years he moved around teams and was eventually
    promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, for his actions on
    an off world mission and at the same time, was promoted to
    the command of the team, SG-3, after the “loss” of their
    commanding officer.


    Name: Alana Stevens
    Team: SG-2
    Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5"5
    Appearance: Short Auburn Hair, blue eyes, slim build
    Character specialties: Quick thinking, Language skills (nothing like Daniel
    though...just enough to get by)
    personality: Bubbly, but very naive. Sometimes unsure of her decision making
    abilities, but make up for it with her on-the-spot thinking.
    Character history: I'll be thinking more about this at a later date, but
    here's a rough outline. Alana's decision to join the Royal Air Force was not
    one she made lightly. Coming from a background of Doctors and Medical
    practitioners, her parents tried to meld her into their own image. But after
    much soul searching, Alana realised she would never be happy unless she was
    doing something she enjoyed. Alana decided to go to University, applying for
    a degree in Politics. After gaining her degree, she decided to put it into
    practical use, joining the British Civil Service. But after only a few
    months, she left and joined the RAF. She proved herself to be an excellent
    officer, and after five years attained her current rank. Due to her
    background in politics, she was assigned to be a liason officer with the
    USAF, eventually gaining a position on an SG Team. Alana relishes in the
    challenge in front of her and strives to contribute in any way she can. But
    she's sacrificed her personal life for the length of her career, and the
    emotional strain may begin take it's toll after Earth's destruction.


    Name: Abigail 'Abby' Beckett
    Team: SG-4
    Rank: Major
    Age: 33
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Dark brown hair, Emerald green eyes, Tall in height, very slim
    Character specialties: Sciencetist, fighter (hand to hand or with weapons),
    black belt in Taekwondo, weapons training, has the ATA gene (Ancient gene)
    Character strengths: Strong-willed, compassionate, helpful, looks out for
    her team and other teams' members and members of the SGC
    Character flaws: has a very short temper, can be very emotional at times
    Character traits: Never gives up, strong-willed, hard-working, geek
    Character history: Abby grew up in the town of Edinburough, Scotland--out in
    the countryside, she loved walking through the green meadows, and she loved
    going to the coast with her family when she was younger. She moved to the
    United States when she was 18 to attend University in Washington State.
    After college, having a degree in Astrophysics, she joined the US Air Force
    and was immediately put in as a 2nd Lieutenant. While in the Air Force, she
    studied Deep Space Telemetry and more advanced Astrophysics. When she was
    25, two years after she joined the Air Force, she was approached by two USAF
    officers and was offered to come work for a secret operations deep inside
    Cheyenne Mtn. in Colorado Springs, CO. She took the offer and immediately
    moved to Colorado Springs.


    Name: Sarah Whitely
    Team: SG1
    Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
    Age: 30
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Medium height, brown hair with faint traces of red in it. Blue
    Character specialties: Hand to hand combat, weapons training. Has the
    ancient gene.
    Character strengths: Looks out for her team. Strong person.
    Character flaws: Lets emotions get in her way (sometimes)
    Character traits: Strong person, holds her own, never gives up secrets.
    Character history: Sarah was born to Mary and David Whitely. She had a
    loving childhood and (as she was a only child, spoilt her rotten) she hated
    this and became rebelius, running away to join the US Airforce at 18. Her
    parents were distrought. Afterwards they sent her letters although Sarah did
    answer some of them they were small and didnt say much. Her parents thought
    that she didnt like her anymore, so they stopped writing. In fact Sarah was
    too busy to write home. She grew to love flying and became extremely good at
    it. Her rebelious streak shrunk slightly but she is still a strong person.
    She rose through the ranks slowly but surely. Soon she was trained in the
    use of weapons and was a not such a good shot but her persuverance drove her
    on. She was asked to join the SGC because they thought she would be perfect.

    Major Henderson:

    Name: Donna Henderson
    Rank: Major
    Team: SG2 commander
    D.O.B: 22/11/1972
    Nationality: United States Citzen
    P.O.B: Glasgow, Scotland
    Hair colour: Brown
    Eye colour: Blue
    Height: 5'7
    Background: Moved to USA when she was 10. Father a Colonel in the USAF and
    based in scotland. He encouraged her to join the Airforce Academy (more of
    told her to). Where she excelled in most of her classes, Gaining a Phd in
    Applied Bioscience, However felt the need to obtain a Degree in theoretical
    Astropysic and is on going in a study to obtain a Phd in this subject.
    However this was put on hold as she was recruited from area 51 to the SGC
    for offworld missions, Recruited for the alpha site in 2002. Has the ancient
    Gene. Has piloted F-16 and F-117 and co piloted a proto type of the X302.
    She has had wepons training: Heckler and koch mp-5/A5 Beretta 92 fs 9mm gun.
    With level3 hand to hand combat training.
    Current status: Active off wold Alpha site.
    Personal profile: Down to Earth sometimes a little hard to get on with when
    shes busy. She been in some trouble with superior officers likes to speak
    her mind which isnt always good. likes music and always listens to it even
    when shes working in the lab (which has also got her into a little trouble).



      Name: Michael Harders.
      Rank: Captain
      Team: SG3 team member
      Military branch: Marine Corps.
      D.O.B.: 02/02/1973.
      P.O.B.: Atlanta, Michigan.
      Appereance: White male, blue-brown eyes, short dark hair.
      Height/weight: 6 feet 4 inches/154 lbs.
      Nationality: American citizen.
      ATA gene: Negative.
      Decorations: Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, Purple Heart, Silver Star,
      Combat Action Ribbon, Prisoner of War Medal.
      Specialties: Tactics, stealth, QQB, endurance.
      Background story: Michael Harders was born as a single child in Atlanta,
      Michigan on February 2nd, 1973. He started in Atlanta Community Elementary
      School in 1978, and graduated Senior High School in 1991, with an 2.5 GPA.
      Then he moved out of his parents house and joined the Marine Corps. He was
      highlighted by his commanding officer as a fine examplary of a marine. He
      had shown remarkable performances in the basic trainings, and worked alot
      harder than the other in his division. He was allowed to try out for the
      Recon Marines, where he received training such as: Airborne Jumpmaster,
      Pathfinder, Scout-Sniper, specialized training in urban tactics,
      demolitions, QQB, com, photography, directing airstrikes, naval
      gunfire/artillery and so on. He got shipped off to Boznia-Herzegovina in
      1993. There he was awarded the Silver Medal for demonstrating gallanty, and
      the Purple Heart for sustaining injuries attacking an opposing force of the
      U.S.. He and his squad was ambushed investigating a forrest, he got shot in
      the leg, but still he was the only one able to fight off the enemy. All of
      his squad but one was dead, the remaining was severely injured and he
      carried him back to base. In 1994 he was also awarded the Marine Corps Good
      Conduct Medal for serving 3 years. He was later assigned to the Marine Corps
      Expeditionary Unit, where he received further training. The next highlight
      is in 1999, where Marines get deployed to Kosovo, because of the Allied
      Force Operation. He was captured by an opposing force, while trying to paint
      enemy artillery. He was held in enemy custody for 3 months, until the prison
      was abandoned, probally because of "new priorities". He was found very
      quickly by allies. He received the Prisoner of War Medal for his time spent
      in enemy hands. His final decoration, Combat Action Ribbon, was awarded to
      him after, he had commanded a platoon into North Iraq in 2003, where they
      were to engage opponents of America's Kurdish allies. A certain sector had
      been cleared, but he insisted on rechecking it. Neither they or any sensors
      picked up anything, so finally he had to do it himself. He wrote in his
      report that one night he heard screams from a house, and when the yelling
      started increasing, he broke up the door and saw a mysterious figure trying
      to rape a woman. The man reached for his weapon, but Lt. Harders shot him
      first. Inside the house he spotted an underground entrance. He went down
      some stairs and saw alot of figures gathered around a table, with many
      weapons and plenty of ammunition. He planted some C4 down the stairway, and
      some more in an arsenal that was unguarded. The whole thing was buried, and
      his orders were indeed followed, as he were to engage the enemy. He was
      promoted to Captain. He returned from Iraq in early 2005, where he was
      assigned and introduced to Stargate Command. He was finally assigned to
      Alpha Site, where he now with his fellow last survivors of Earth, is to
      battle against their destroyers, explore for helpful means, and decide
      Earth's status.
      Mental analysis: Cpt. Harders' been concluded mentally healthy. He's usually
      not very talkative, but seems to have a fair understanding of people. He, as
      a member of the Marines, has a high morality which he believes in a 100%. He
      has been described as very calming in the field, and very rarely get
      agitated or stressed. Even though he has been subdued by his parents, and
      been held captive before, he moves on with his life. He doesn't prefer to
      talk about his childhood, where he was an outsider and disliked by his
      teachers, but the Marine Corps has clearly given him a mentally fresh mind.
      Although one thing still stands out; he has never had any intimate
      relations. It seems when he is talking with females about anything not
      work-related, his nervousity is mostly notable.


      Name: Anthony Mcleod
      Nickname: StarBuck
      Military: Army
      Specialization: Weaponry, Reconnisance, Stealth
      Rank: Major
      Previous occupations: Army Special Ops Forces.
      Species: Human
      Place of birth: Virginia Beach, Va, USA
      Gender: Male
      Age: 26
      Nationality: USA
      Skin: Tanned
      Eyes: Dark green
      Hair: Short brown/blonde streaked crew cut.
      Build: Tall stature. Toned.
      Family: Mother, Amelia Mcleod, (maiden name, Amelia Shawnessy), Alive,
      Father, Gannon Mcleod, divorced, whereabouts unknown.
      Marital Status: Single
      Distinguishing features: Celtic arm band on left forearm.
      Academic achievements: Educated from home school to collage. He dabbled in
      English Literature. A.A in photography, Sharpshooter in Riflery, First
      degree black in Judo, Second degree black in Aikido.
      Strong points: Loyalty, determination, Quickness on the job, he hates to see
      people anywhere of any nation being hurt by unjust forces, be it those he
      works for or those he has been ordered to fight against. He takes orders
      well, provided they are clear. He also is known to have a tendancy of
      quoting his favorite peices of english literature, Shaw, Shelly, Wilde, and
      has a good eye for angle with a working camera.
      Weak points: he doesn’t consider himself the best of leaders but if it comes
      down to it, he will. He has a slight fear of heights and is terrified at
      being submerged in deep water for elongated periods.
      General personality: Anthony is quiet. He learns by hearing and watching. He
      can be impatient and quick to act if something goes wrong. He has a fast
      tongue when he does speak, which might get him in trouble with his
      superiors. In a stressful situation, he has a habit of panicking, but no one
      can ever tell because he appears and usually does have control of the
      situation. He is a quick thinker, which gets him out of many tight spots.
      Personal history: He was a beach boy from VA, Virginia. His mother was a
      housewife who always yearned to work with other people in an active
      background but was deliberately held back by her abusive husband. Finally,
      one time when he was 14, Gannon attacked her, Anthony protected his mother
      and injured his father severely. Anthony and his mother later moved to
      Norfolk where she got a job as the head of a satellite service company.
      Anthony considered applying to be a FBI or CIA agent, but didn’t like the
      idea of sneaking around in his country's backyard. He enlisted in the Army
      and volunteered to be a member of the Army SOF. It was during his time with
      the SF's that he witnessed many things which he was later told not to talk
      about and that he himself could not explain.

      Cpn. Chris(tine) Bowman:

      Name: Cole Attington
      Rank: Major
      Age: 43
      Position: Chief Medical Officer (a.k.a CMO)
      Specialty: Exotic Diseases
      Hair color: Dark Blonde, very short
      Eyes: Grey
      Nationality: USA
      ATA gene: No
      Appearance: Cole is a tall, very fit man with arms you expect from a marine,
      not a physician. Regardless of his build, he looks like a very gentle
      person. He has a perpetual calm and inviting smile on his face and keen eyes
      yet his posture suggests a certain authority that only comes with competence
      and years of experience.
      History: Cole was born in the city of Asmara, capital of Eritrea where his
      parents were living. They were both doctors working for the UN and posted
      there to help the local populations. He spent the first 7 years of his life
      there, later moving on for lesser periods of time to Somalia, Sudan,
      Zaire... wherever his parents were assigned.
      He was a lonely boy, making friends then leaving them again and again and
      again and not being able to keep contact as his friends were all from poor
      tribes in one jungle or another. He was very intelligent and caring and
      often felt terrible for the poor people his parents treated: sick,
      undernourished, unable to take good care of themselves because of the
      constant conflicts in Africa.
      There never really was any doubt that he would follow in his parents
      footsteps, even during a certain complicated phase during his teens when he
      had to be sent to live with his grandparents in Colorado Springs. He needed
      a more sedentary life for a short while the local psychologist had said.
      He was sent to a public school there and soon came to realize that he really
      didn't fit in there. He witnessed what he considered a great disrespect for
      others' misery and pain and as a result didn't make many friends there
      either. The others could just not grasp that everything they wasted was
      something that could have kept a family fed and clothed for quite some time
      in Africa.
      Three years after he'd gone to live in the US, the plane his parents were
      flying in to their newest assignment was shot down by mistake. The
      government responsible for it apologized to the UN and the incident went
      without much media coverage or political response. Cole remained with his
      grandparents. A year after that, Cole's grandfather was diagnosed with lung
      cancer and being his usual, caring, generous self, he spent most of what
      little money his parents had left him in caring for him and his grandmother.
      By the time he finished high school, graduating at the top of his class in
      everything but mathematics and physics, he was left with almost no money of
      his own. His grandfather had died and he was loath to leave his grandmother
      alone. Therefore, he enlisted with the Air Force which paid for his medical
      studies at the nearest University and then, once he had his first cycle
      diploma, decided to become an officer instead. Not only would his studies be
      paid by the government, he would also have a chance to be posted across the
      world, after his grandmother had passed away obviously.
      He specialized in exotic diseases and over the course of his career with the
      Air Force became quite well known in his field. He was very sad when he'd
      heard the news of the death of Dr. Janet Fraiser after she was KIA, the two
      had had the chance to work together for a very short time eight or nine
      years before. He had trouble believing Janet Fraiser would ever find herself
      in a combat situation but knew better than to go asking questions about her
      very secret assignment.
      It was his expertise in the field of exotic diseases that got him noticed by
      Stargate Command after Dr. Lam left the SGC and he was contacted and asked
      if he would consent to work in a very secret project, vital to national
      security of which he was not allowed to know anything until he had said yes.
      Curious and looking for a calmer, more sendentary assignment, for a change,
      he accepted.
      Hobbies: sports, traveling, reading...



        Name: Sophia MacKenzie
        Age: 45
        Position: base chief scientist
        Rank: Civilian
        Species: human
        Gender: female
        Appearance: She’s a woman of average height and normal build. Her brown hair
        is thick and already rich with grey hairs. Usually she wears it down, tucked
        behind an ear. For formal occasions she’ll put it up. Her eyes are also
        brown. Her face is soft and rounded. At work she alway wears comfortable,
        yet presentable clothing and her white labcoat. No high heels for her,
        accept again on formal occasions. Glasses.
        Character specialties: scientific research (doing it and overseeing),
        computers, alien technology
        Character strengths: being able to switch focus fast (detial to big
        picture), being able to explain science to non-scientists, adaptive nature
        Character flaws: fear of failure covered by an ‘I’m right’ attitude (grew
        less over the years) resulting in a certain arrogance
        Character traits: loyal, rational, proud with arrogant streak, determined,
        adaptive, disciplined, dry, slightly sarcastic wit
        Character history: During her life Sophia’s had had a rather stormy relation
        with the USAF. Her family is an Air Force family. Her grandfather and her
        father are both officers in the USAF. Most of her childhood was spent on Air
        Force bases across the US, her father was never station abroad for very
        long. Sohie loved the everything about base life and the Air force. Being
        the eldest child, she felt it was her duty to continue the family tradition.
        She had her sight set on a career in the Air Force.
        Since starting with high school she was a devoted student, participated in
        sports and was on the Science club (being president by the end). It was
        clear she had a bright, scientific mind interested in physics and chemistry.
        She struggled in sports. It was the one thing she didn’t excell at. Sophie
        didn’t have any close friends, being busy all the time. Yet the approval of
        her family, specially father and grandfather, were reward enough.
        In the year of graduation she tested for the Air Force Academy and wasn’t
        accepted because of her lacking physical fitness. It was good, but not good
        enough. At that moment her world was crushed, her dream had vanished. In
        that period she drifted a lot towards her mother, ashamed to be around her
        father a lot. Her mother convinced her to go to university. A few of them
        had shown interest in her capabilities. In the end she applied to Yale and
        got accepted. Sophie was glad to move out of the home at the base.
        At the beginning of the first year at Yale she couldn’t stop thinking about
        her failure towards herself and, more importantly, her family. Her results
        were bad and soon she was called by a student councillor. Either she would
        start studying now or she might as well leave. That was a serious wake-up
        call for Sophia. She wouldn’t fail again. From that moment on she studied
        and became one of the top of her class in physics and chemistry. She became
        known as a know-it-all, but she always had the knowledge to back it up.
        People considered her arrogant and her only friend was her physics
        professor, who was also her mentor, replacing her family. She despised the
        Air Force and that was reason for a major fight with her father. During
        university she didn’t have much contact with him, only with her mother.
        At the end of university she had a major in physics and chemistry and she
        was promised a place for her PhD at Yale. Only her mother attended her
        graduation. The rift with her father was still to big.
        After four years she received theoretical particle physics and after another
        three years she had a PhD in astrophysics. At her receiving her second PhD,
        her father suddenly showed up, proud of his daughter’s achievements. This
        closed the rift between them significantly. The Air Force had noticed her
        and wanted to give her a job as civilian expert, he told her. Sophia still
        hadn’t ‘made peace’ with the USAF and felt better at home in the ‘normal’
        scientific community.
        Over the years Sophia gained great respect by her fellow scientists and even
        gained two close friends: dr. Voran Kawocz and dr. Jenny Gilham. She met
        them when she transfered from Yale to another university after her PhD.
        Eventually she fell in love with Voran and at the age of 33 she got married
        to him. In time the sting went out of the memory of failing at the Academy.
        She was actually rather happy with her life. Contact with her mother and
        father and even her grandfather became quite close again.
        When she was forty, the Air Force approached her again for a job. They
        wouldn’t tell her exactly what it involved. At first Sophia decided against
        it, old anger welling up. This time the Air Force wouldn’t let her go so
        easily. General Hammond, a friend of her father, approached her father and
        asked him to talk to Sophia. With pressure from Voran and her father she
        accepted the job offer. That’s how she joined the SGC. From being one of the
        senior scientist on base she became chief scientist in 2004. She feels more
        challenged at the SGC than ever on the university on the field of science.
        Secretly she believes that she has in a way continued the family tradition
        at last.
        At the moment of the explosion Sophia was supervising the development of the
        science department on the Alpha Site, one of her first visits off-world.

        If yours is not there please post it here. Thanks.
        Mines still in development. Will be done sometime in the next few hours.



          Character Name: Nicholas Blue
          Character Age: 55
          Character Rank: General of the Army
          Character Position: Leader of the Tau'ri (Alpha Site Commanding Officer)
          Appearance: Older version of Orlin
          Personality: Nicholas is somewhat objective about all matters in his jurisdiction especially security issues. Now that Earth has been destoryed the surviving population safety rests on Nicholas' shoulders. He feels stress at the extreme level and yet never lets it interfer with his job.
          History: Born to Janet and Luke Blue, Nicholas was a fan of the airforce once he could walk and speak. Attending various schools and joining the cadets program in the first year he could, Nicholas also was a quite bright student but took his training very seriously and made his way up to a commissioned officer at the age of 20. Once he finished his schooling at age of 25, Nicholas applied for full officer status being already high ranked in the cadets program. As he served his country in the several assignments he was at getting to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, Nicholas shined in the command stream as his unit accomplished their objectives every mission with a few secondary objectives completed once or twice. At the rank of Major, Nicholas transfered to Cheyenne Mountain and while training for stargate travel he also was given air combat lessons in amoungst flying lessons. Passing the training and given a 'go' for joining a stargate team, Nicholas was excited and joined SG8. He served in SG8 til getting another two promotions to Colonel, with that he gained command of SG8 for like until Anubis' fleet was destoryed. As Brigadier General O'Neill left command of the SGC, and Landry took it, Nicholas was still in SG8 at the rank of Brigadier General and next in line for the command of SGC, however, as the Alpha site was again destoryed by some rogue Goa'uld, Nicholas suggested to Landry that he should go to command the alpha site and once it was established, Landry gave command of SG8 to another rising Colonel and 'booted' Nicholas to command the new Alpha site. With his standing orders to continue exploring and defending both Earth and the Alpha site Nicholas composed his SG teams. They were designated SGA-1 thru to 20 but with the destruction of Earth Nicholas renamed the teams to SG-1 and so on, thats when he automatically became a General-of-the-Army. The Commander-in-chief of the military in other words, assuming that there were no survivors.

          Hope thats okay?
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            Originally posted by Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
            (Erm, no offence intended, Blue, but the highest Air Force general rank is 'General of the Army,' and it's only four stars. Wikipidea...)
            My bad, I'll fix it now. Next time please use the PM system.


              im in the process of updating mine.. but i may call it good... dont know if i want to actually go into the char hisotry of her being joined with Mika or leave it good... cuz i could just leave that as a ficcy for fun to write. actually i'll leave it as a ficcy... that way i can play around with it, and its only hinted that she had been involved with someone (back on earth) but seein as he had been on earth... the future isnt wrote and who knows what will happen.

              Char: Mia Jones

              Age: 32

              Sex: F

              Race: Human, but is now host to a Tok’ra symbiote named Mika.

              Eye color: Blue/ gray, or black

              Rank: to be determined (did carry the rank of Captain before her injuries.)

              Abilities: medic, scientist, can use goa'lud tech due to her being tok'ra.

              Hair color: light brown that reaches down to her waist. Most of the time she wears it in a battle braid, or simple braid, sometimes depending on her mood she’ll just pull it back into a pony tail or leave it hanging free

              She is a host to the Tok'ra Mika.

              two years ago she had been severly injured on an off-world misson and was offered the chance to blend with Mika and she accepted.

              she is an only child, was close to both of her parents and wears her fathers wedding band on her dog tags as a promise that she made to him on his death bed, after his death she left to go find herself, relaying on her instincts and training that she had received from the military and her father’s knowledge of the outdoors.

              The relationships that she had with others were strained and didn’t allow to many to get close to her, one did however and she fell in love with him and they got engaged. She was happier than she had been in a long time but they began to argue a lot more then they had been in the past and she broke it off with him.

              The wall that she had once built up around her rose back up and vowed that she would never fall in love again. She concentrated on her love of the out doors as she and a few of her friends would go out on the weekends and climb rocks, camp and enjoy the true beauty of her surroundings.

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                *Edited 1st of November*
                *Edited 20th of November, most things about character*
                *Edited, 11th of December*
                *Edited 30th of December*
                *Edited 17th of January*
                *Edited 12th of February*
                Character Name: James "Jim" Anderson
                Character Position: Lieutenant Colonel, team leader of Sg-7
                Character Call Sign: Unlucky (For F-302 and such)
                Character Nationality: Australia (But moved to America)
                Character Age: 37 (DOB 29th August 1968)
                Character Species: Human
                Character Gender: Male
                Character ATA gene: YES
                Character Height: 5' 11"
                Character Weapon preferences: M16A2 with M203 grenade launcher attachment along with his lucky paired Zat's. Also, three grenades and 8 pieces of C4 as explosives, accompanied by four Claymores.

                Character Training:
                M16-A1-A2 (With all Accesories)
                FN P-90
                FN SCAR (L and H)
                Styr AUG (AKA: Bullpup)
                M8 (All varients)
                Staff Weapon
                M249 SAW
                Blackhawk Chaingun
                (Various missile launchers)
                (And a variety of firearms, Zat guns included!)
                A-10 Thunderbolt (Limited Time)
                C-130 Hercules (Limited Time)
                F-302 (Limited Time)
                Alarius (Very Limited Time)

                Character Appearance: Short Black hair, brown eyes, fair skin, medium build, and four dark brown freckles on his right cheek, that are shaped as the Southern Cross.
                Character Physical status: He has a large scar right above his right knee cap, a staff blast wound on his left lung, and a staff blast wound on his back over the right lung, he now has a large scar on his left arm, just above his wrist and another large scar that runs though the top point of his Right Lung.
                Picture of Jim

                Character Personality:He is kind and doesn't come off as hostile to anyone that isn’t already hostile to him, he has a hard time getting over a loss of a close friend, as he has had so few, but it never slows his performance in action down, he has a rather diluted Australian accent, more or less a cross between Australian and American, he grew up in Australia, but spent all of his Adult life in America.
                He will negotiate before shooting, but will shoot if nessesary.
                He is a dedicated member of the Alpha site and SG-7 and will do anything for his team.
                Jim absolutely despises the Goa'uld, and does everything within his power to fight them, although un-like many at the SGC and now Alpha site, Jim can tell the destinct difference between the Tok'ra and Goa'uld.

                Character History: His mother having died when Jim was three and his father was never anywhere to be seen, Jim was an orphan.
                He was always a quiet boy but worked hard at everything he tried, he was always a loner as an orphan, no one wanted to talk with him.
                There was a poster in his sleeping area advertising for all to join the US air force today, it had planes flying over the president at the time with men smiling and that posted was what always got Jim through those tough times, ever since he was 6 he wanted to join the air force, unfortunately for him though he lived in Australia and their air force wasn't as extravagant, he went to school and only ever had one friend who died of Cancer when he and Jim were both 17, when Jim was 18 he had saved up enough money for a plane trip to America and had enlisted as an officer almost as soon as he got there, he had trained incredibly hard at everything the air force set him, he graduated when he was 19 and was promoted to a 1st lieutenant when he was 20, after 5 years as a 1st lieutenant he was promoted to a captain, and that’s when he found out about the stargate program a man who had no faults on his record and was promoted three times in six years was an attractive prospect to the SGC. He was instantly wrapped in the entire prospect of being able to defend his planet from the forces of evil and to save the universe and what-not.

                Other Important info:
                Almost a year before before Earth was destroyed, Jim was promoted to Major and took over SG-7, he has been leading SG-7 all that time. Jim was at the Alpha site at the time of Earths' destruction, so to Jims' knowledge, he had no idea tha SG-7's IDC was the one that let the Iris open at the SGC.
                Jim loves Tea, strong, with one sugar, but hates coffee, he forgets his table manners often and eats his food quite protectively from growing up with a lot of hungry children. He loves his coloured Jelly and, he HATES paperwork.
                He was recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
                He has also recently discovered he has the ATA gene.
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                Stargate Gateworld RPG. All are welcome!|Jim Andersons Bio.


                  I think you missed mine, Proxy Blue. I hope it's OK to post it here myself. I'm going to change the link in my signature to point to this post.

                  (updated 4 SEP 2008)

                  Name: K’ma (Kym) Tyler
                  Rank: Captain (Navy = Lieutenant)
                  Age: 34 (DOB 10 Mar 1971)
                  Species: Human
                  Ancestry: Crow/Cajun & Navajo/Norwegian
                  Ancient gene: yes, unknown usefulness
                  Gender: Female
                  Height: 6 ft / 1.8 m
                  Weight: 190 lbs / 86 kg
                  Hair / eyes: Black, cut short (2 in or 5 cm) / light brown
                  Distinguishing features: Wears a non-regulation ‘warrior’s braid’. This is thin braid (.50 in or 12mm ) that is normally inside the back of her shirt or tucked into a headband under her cap. It runs from the back of her neck to her waist.
                  Her totem animal is a Cougar.

                  Service: Enlisted (Navy) at 18. (1989)
                  OCS (Officer Candidate School) at 26. (1997)
                  Joined the SGC in 2002.

                  Education & training: Had her 2 year degree (Associate of Science) in Mechanical Engineering Technology, after OCS earned a BSME. Special Ops / Survival training. Amateur historian. Will read / study anything though. Speaks English, Navajo and Spanish.

                  Talents: Has a 'phonographic' memory. She can remember sounds, including conversations in other languages, and repeat them back accurately.

                  Personal history: Kym’s father, Louis Tyler, was a Marine. Kym’s mother, Nancy Begay, was the only daughter of James and Gerwyn Begay. Her father was killed in Vietnam a month before she was born. Her mother, who was living with her parents on the Navajo reservation, died in childbirth. She was raised by her grandparents.
                  Inspired by the warrior tradition in her family, Grandfather had been a Navajo ‘code talker’ in WW2 and Grandmother had been an Army nurse, she enlisted at 18 in the Navy. Her Captain recommended her for OCS and she was commissioned an Ensign in 1997.
                  She joined the SGC in 2002. Joined SG-11 as an engineering Tech.
                  Assigned temporary duty at the Alpha site 2 weeks before the disaster.
                  She kept an apartment in Larkspur, CO. (45 min from the base)
                  Not married, not currently involved with anyone.

                  Personality: Confident and out-going when it comes to her profession. She knows what to do and how to do it.
                  On a personal level, she likes to be alone, preferably in the outdoors. Her favorite missions have been to wilderness planets.
                  Hobbies : Horseback riding, bicycle, motorcycle, reading, tinkering, yoga and martial arts.

                  (( BSME = Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering ))
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                    I'd like to revise Ryan Nash's character age to 29, please. It occurred to me that for him to have gone through college and in addition to that Air Force schooling, he'd be a bit older.


                      It seems mines MIA too so here it is again for those who havent already seen it.

                      Name: Hannah ‘H’ Harvey

                      Team: SG-3

                      Rank: Major

                      Age: 30

                      Species: Human

                      Gender: Female

                      Height: 5"10

                      Appearance: long blonde hair, green eyes, athletic build.

                      Character specialties: Martial arts, trained in several disciplines favours her own variation of kick boxing. Weapons/Explosives specialist to the USMC highest level. Engineering background. Speaks Russian and Spanish.

                      personality: Quietly confident of her self with great leadership skills, not a big talker but speaks her mind .Always likes a challenge. Surprisingly violent/protective when threatened (resident physiatrist believes she may have issues!)

                      Character history: Parents both from a military background (Dad was special ops, Mom was Helicopter pilot) Has 3 older brothers who she’s very close to. Was enrolled in military academy as soon as old enough due to parents being away on active duty all the time. ‘H’ is a Marine and has served along side several special ops teams (including secondment to British SAS for 12 months) where she gained most of her weapons training. Loves her job, very rarely leaves base and keeps her self to her self (although does like to let her hair down after a few beers). A real Tom boy hates people calling her by her full name, finds it hard being girly!

                      Brothers Jack(34), Josh(36) and James(32). Dad General David Harvey . Mum Captain Olivia Harvey (previously Cpt.Anderson)


                        Sorry for all those I missed, and thanks for updating yours for those who did.


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                              Name: Dr. Alexandra Lucius

                              Team: SG-4

                              Rank: Doctor

                              Age: 31

                              Species: Human

                              Gender: Female

                              Height: 5’6"

                              Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, sturdy build

                              Character specialties: Biology, time theory and gut instinct

                              Personality: Playful yet tough. Alex has a dry sense of humor but a strong sense of loyalty.

                              Character history: [More to be announced but at the moment…]

                              After a childhood of being a ‘child prodigy’ following her first published article on black holes and followed by many others with theoretical physics, Alex surprised both her family and the academic world by joining the US Marines. Serving more than ten years in their ranks, Alex retired from the military to focus her life once again on academics, this time in biology though she never gave up her penchant for physics. She was only out of the military for little over a year before the Joint Chiefs contacted her, asking her to come back for a special assignment. Alex agreed and found herself assigned to the SGC using both her PhD and military training to help her team off world. She did her best to remain close to her family despite her new life but it wasn’t easy and had lost touch with them for several months prior to Earth’s destruction.