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    Name: Joseph Hayden

    Age: 26

    Position: SG-7

    Rank: Civilian (economic geologist/sedimentologist)

    Appearance: Just over six feet tall. Average build. Dark brown hair, brown eyes.

    Personality: Easy-going. Tends to look for the best in a bad situation. Dry sense of humor. Intelligent. Sometimes just a little too trusting of others.

    History: Born and raised just outside the town of Clear Falls in northern Minnesota. Attended the local small town public high school, where he graduated salutatorian of his class of 49 students. Attended Minnesota State University on a partial scholarship, majoring in geology with a minor in chemistry. Worked part-time at the school’s rec center. In his senior year as an undergraduate, he became a teaching assistant; it was this initial experience that made him realize he never wanted to teach professionally.

    Joe had a keen interest in sedimentology and stratigraphy. His advisor, a former petroleum geologist, helped land him a job with the L&J mining company after graduation. About a year later he took a leave of absence from the company to return to school to pursue a Master’s Degree. He eventually returned to L&J for part of his thesis, “Environmentally-conscious mining: the Hayden-Sauk Method,” to have been published in the September 2005 Economic Geology.

    The Hayden-Sauk Method caught the eye of Stargate Command, who was attempting to secure rights to mine trinium on PS9-929. The local inhabitants refused access to the trinium until they were assured mining would not harm the local wildlife. After Dr. Michele Sauk declined to participate in negotiations citing personal issues, Joe was tapped to demonstrate his method to the people of PS9-929. He remained offworld to help direct the mining efforts, until the call was received for all SG teams to rendezvous at the Alpha Site.
    Joe's Bio

    Joseph Hayden, economic geologist/sedimentologist, SG-7


      approved bio, though I'll gladly take suggestions for refinement

      Name: Larry "Sparks" Hutchinson
      Age: 34ish
      Appearance: 6'0", athletic build (think like a competitive swimmer w/ broad shoulders), roguish good looks, brown hair, deep dark brown eyes, goatee
      Rank: Captain
      Current Position: 2IC, SG-4
      Distinguishing marks: "mindcrime" skull tattoo on upper left arm, scar on right leg from bullet wound
      "Sparks" is a pretty straight-laced individual.... until he gets to know you, then he's a very fun loving person once he's comfortable opening up around you. He has a very strong prankster streak, but never anything malicious. He's also very good with the one-liner when you least expect it. A very strong-minded individual, he has a very strong sense of honor and duty, and will do almost anything to help a friend in need. However, if you cross him once, he'll chalk it up to an accident. The second time is stupidity. The third time.... you don't want to know what happens the third time.

      The son of a former U.S. army engineer and an operatically trained soprano, Larry has a very diverse palette of interests and skills. He's EXTREMELY good with computers, having taken apart his first computer (a TI-99/4A) at the age of 9, painting it red, and putting it back together and it worked like new. That experience led to Larry constanting tinkering with various devices to see how they worked (and often times making them work better, though not always intentionally). As an undergrad dual major in music (primary instrument piano/secondary instrument electric bass) and physics, he was able to balance the load and graduate magna cum laude from MIT and Berklee School of Music).

      While at university, he enrolled in the NROTC program and upon graduation joined the U.S. Navy for active duty. After his initial duty rotation, he was asked to join a special "rapid response team" similar to the SEALs. He completed several missions behind enemy lines in Afghanistan as well as numerous "black ops" missions in the Middle East. During this time, his gift for tinkering bailed his team out on several occasions, and it became apparent to his superior officers that he was REALLY, REALLY good with explosives. This led to a tragic incident when some civilians were accidentally killed by one of his charges. One which was set under protest due to the possible collateral damage, but he still followed the order. In the aftermath, "Sparks" had a bit of a run-in with the team leader which resulted in a loss of rank.

      However, his skills and personal integrity attracted the attention of certain individuals with indirect ties to the SGC, and Larry found himself the recipient of an offer to work at Area 51 on ways to integrate alien technologies into Earth technologies for field use (this also involved his transfer from the Navy into the Air Force) Eventually his love for "field ops" caused him to ask for the chance to apply his skills "on the front line". This resulted in his transfer to the SGC. He will obey orders, but if they come into conflict with his personal honor, he WILL question them.

      Skills: Virtuoso electric bassist/keyboardist, qualified expert on p90, M16, sniper rifle, expert computer skills (hardware), above average computer skills (software), expert tinkering (mechanical skills), demolitions

      He does have the ATA gene, but doesn't know it.
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        Main Information

        Name: Charles “Chuck” York
        Rank: Captain
        Position: SG-6
        Age: 34
        ATA Gene: Yes


        5’ 10”
        Brown hair
        Hazel eyes


        He was born in LA where his parents worked as screen writers. They were pretty successful, but Charles always wanted to be in the military, and his grades were good enough to get him into Annapolis where he excelled as a leader, and a soldier. He did well on his Physics, and Calc exams, but decided that he wanted to be a force recon marine instead being a pilot because he hates flying.

        As a 1st Lieutenant he joined the force recon marines, and ran ops into many different countries, and most of what he did is needed to know only. He was promoted to Captain, and put in charge of his own Force Recon team when they were ambushed, and he and one other man managed to survive. The reason for the ambush was bad intelligence, and Charles was cleared of all charges, and given a medal for dragging his buddy out of there. He still feels guilt over their losses.

        Charles was put into the Stargate program where he was put on the alpha site as a security member. He was placed in there for the fact that he had the ATA gene, and his actions in the field. His father and mother both died on earth along with the man he dragged out of the battle. He never got serious with any of his girlfriends because he was young a froce recon marine who was likely to get killed on his next mission. So, he had basically no ties with earth, and unlike many of his fellows he wasn't as hurt by earths destruction.
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          Name: Dr. Rachael Alexandria Ezekiel
          Character Age: 25
          D.O.B.: September 11, 1980
          Rank: Civilian
          Position: Chief Base Engineer, helps keep the lights on. Spends most of her time helping to keeping the place running, whether it be in the generator room, or in one of the science labs.
          Appearance: 5”7”, medium length red hair, and sea blue eyes, Small frame, but stronger than most people think.
          Distinguishing marks: Tattoo at the small of her back of an ancient symbol meaning, ancient memory.
          Education: Has a PhD. In Engineering/Physics, Master in Ancient History (specifically Greek/Romans)
          Bachelors in Chemistry/Architecture
          Languages: Speaks English, Ancient (several dialects), and Latin Fluently, has limited understanding of Spanish and French.
          Ancient Gene: Yes, very strong.
          Personality: Has a take charge personality, if some things needs done and she can do she will. She keeps to her self, feeling like she doesn't really belong, but is happy to help anyone who needs it. Sometimes gets impatient with those around her, especially when they can’t understand what she is talking about.
          History: : Her father was a Vice Admiral of the Navy, while her mother was an archaeologist. Has two older twin brothers, one of which joined the Navy the other the US Marines. Was enrolled in different prep schools and military schools growing up. Is a know child prodigy, but kept to her self growing up not really fitting in with kids her own age, graduated high school the same time as her brothers, even though they are five years older than her, when she was 13. Attended Texas Tech University (1993-1996) earning a bachelors degree in Engineering/Architecture and beginning a Master degree in ancient history, while her father was stationed in Galveston, but transferred to The University of Southern California(1996-2000) upon his being reassigned to the Naval Base in Alameda. Completed her PhD in Engineering in 1998, than a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry while getting her PhD. in physics. The summer of 2000 she completes her master degree in Ancient history, studying abroad in Europe and Australia during the summers of 1997-2000.
          After graduating from college, she was given permission to accompany her brother, Joshua, to his assignment in the Mediterranean. She worked on the ships as a civilian engineer, helping to test the new engine design, which the firm she was working for at the time designed, they hand picker her to be stationed aboard the ship. From there she was able to pursue her passion for ancient cultures. She took several trips to Alexandria Egypt, and went diving off its coast to try and locate Alexander the Greats library. On her last attempt to do so she found a small cave that led into a side entrance and was able to explore several parts of it that were still in tact. She was also able to recovery several artifacts, dating back to the gou’ald occupancy and the Ancients time here on earth.
          The most important discovery that she made was a tablet that downloaded into her mind memories of an ancient, ironically named Alexandria. After having the memories down loaded she was able to use the ancient’s technology, although she probably would have been able to eventually since it was discovered she had the ancient gene. And with out the gene the memories never would have been downloaded into her mind the first place. That happened in 2001 when she was 21. For a time after the incident she thoughts the memories where none other than figments of her own imagination only seeing bits and pieces of the memories in her dreams.
          She returned to the states after her nightmares started to interfere with her work aboard the ship. Upon arriving in Norfolk, VA she was reunited with her childhood friend, Zechariah, Zack, Gove, an air force Lt.; she began working for his father at an Engineering firm in Norfolk that handled several government contracts, but later moved to Southern California, to there sister company.
          She continued to study the artifacts that she recovered, not wanting to part with any of them, she kept them at her house. It was not until one year after her finding them that she allowed a close friend of her mothers to come and view them, hoping he could tell her more about them.
          The friend, had clearance about the Star gate program, none other than Dr. Daniel Jackson, when he saw the artifacts he was stunned to see them all in tact. He questioned her and eventually realizing she knew more than realized about these devices.
          She was offered a job with the Air force out of Area 51 in 2002, working on a top secret project, the F-303 project. After working there for six months she was allowed full disclosure of the Star gate program, upon signing the non-disclosure agreement. When she arrived at the SGC, she found out her other brother Jonathon, was also apart of it.
          Three weeks after arriving at the SCG, it was discovered that she not only had the ancient gene, but also memories downloaded into her brain from the one artifact that she discovered. And there was no way of getting them out of her head. Since than her knowledge of the ancient language and the ability to use there devices have proved a value to the SGC.
          She worked on several projects including those involving Dr. Rodney McKay and Major Samantha Carter.
          She was giving the opportunity to travel to Atlantis and be apart of that expedition but she declined, because of an on going relationship with Lt. Zack Gove, a member of the SGC. Upon learning of her on going relationship with Lt. Zack Gove she almost lost her position at the SGC, but when it was confirmed that they were indeed to wed, they were both allowed to continue to work at the SGC.
          Even though Zack objected to her going off world she regularly did when her expertise was required, ancient cultures, engineering, or physics.
          Two months prior to the destruction of earth she was given several options as to her next assignment with the Air force, she could be transferred back to Area 51 or be have her choice of serving on an off world base. She choose the Alpha site, her request was granted and the paper work was started. Upon the granting of the request she was asked to sign at least a one year contract to stay on the Alpha site with a leave of one month to return to earth on her choosing. Also it was granted for Lt. Zack Gove to join her as the Coordinator of the Engineering Department at the Alpha site.

          Other important facts: Was engaged to Zack Gove, and he was supposed to join her here but never made it from earth.
          She has a great understanding of how much of there technology works, but only knows what the ancient’s who’s memories are in her head knows. Although she has been unable to control the flow of memories into her mind, they don’t affect her work. But because of this she has choosen not to pursue being a member of an SG team, feeling that she could put the lives of her team mates in danger. Although
          She may be a civilian but she can fire almost anything her favorite being a P90 or 9mm, but she prefers the zat gun. She is also skilled in a few forms of martial arts.
          Recently she found out that her brother Johnathan is alive, and was transferred to the Alpha site.

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            (Updated 6 APR 2007)

            Name: Callista Mykonos
            Rank: Captain (General's Aide)
            Age: 31 (DOB 20 Oct 1975)
            Species: Human
            Ancestry: Greek
            Ancient gene: yes, minor effectiveness
            Gender: Female
            Height: 5ft 8in
            Weight: 160 lbs
            Hair / eyes: Black, curly, cut medium / hazel
            Distinguishing features: Sea Nymph tattoo on her lower left leg

            Service: Enlisted in Air Force at 18. (1993)
            Served as an SF (Security Force) in Eastern Europe and Middle East.
            Joined the SGC in 2004.

            Education & training: 2 year degree (Associate of Science) in Police Science. Special Ops / Survival training. Hand to hand combat instructor, specialty is knives.

            Personal history: Her parents were both Sponge Divers on the Florida coast. They died in a hurricane when she was 13. She was in foster care until graduating from high school and joining the AF.

            She keeps an apartment in Castle Rock, CO. (an hour from the base)
            Not married, not currently involved with anyone currently involved with her CO. (against regs )

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              ok this is my NPC

              Name: Phillip South
              Rank: Master Sergeant
              Age: 24 (11 Sep 1982)
              Species: Human
              Ancient gene: No
              Gender: Male
              Height: 5ft 10in
              Hair / eyes: Brown, Brown Straight,
              Distinguishing features:

              Personal history: Always wanted to join the airforce and did at 19, has full respect for superiors, and is an expert gunman. Has a good sense of humor

              Joe Mallozzi: "Like my grandmother used to say: Whenever a gate closes, a hyperspace window opens…"


                Name: Hannah Beale
                Rank: Base Shield and weapons specialist (if possible or Base scientist)
                Age: 33 (15 Oct 1972)
                Species: Human
                Ancestry: American
                Ancient gene: yes (runs in family)
                Gender: Female
                Height: 5ft 7in
                Hair / eyes: Black hair, and brown eyes
                Distinguishing features: Birth mark on her leg.

                Personal history: Born in Olkahoma. Was a smart student in school and passed with all high mark. HOwever when she was 15 here brother was killed in a terrorist bomb. This upset her grately, but she continued on. SHe gratugated both high school and college, and then went to universatly and studied physics and electronics, and passed both with Ph.D's, she was then picked to go to Atlantis, and was there untill a gate malfuntion sent her to the alpha site.


                  ((At request))
                  Character Name: Stephen Hanmer
                  Character Age: 32
                  Character Rank: Captain
                  Character Position: Team Member, SG-2
                  Appearance: Stephen is about 5ft 9in with brown hair and green eyes. Fairly average build, but has a bullet wound scar in his right shoulder, after being shot on an op in Afghanistan.
                  Personality: Stephen is generally a nice guy to be around, with a great sense of humour. But he thinks that when an order is given, he can take it into his own hands to decide whether or not to follow them. Sometimes thinks he's too smart for his own good.
                  History: Stephen was born in Washington DC on the 23rd of October 1973. His father, Alan Hanmer, was a retired Major General in the USAF and his mother was a Doctor of Astrophysics. Getting very high grades in high school, Stephen went into the Air Force Academy at 18. He passed with flying colours and went on several missions, and one in particular, when he was aged only 22, in Afghanistan. His plane had been shot down but Stephen had managed to eject and land safely. He had managed to get away before getting captured, but had been shot in the shoulder. Bleeding and tired, Stephen had left the border and managed to find his way back to the US. At the age of 29, Stephen was assigned to the SGC in SG-15, and promoted to Captain soon on joining.. After many and many successful missions, and at the age of 31, assigned to the Beta Site as a command team member. On a routine check-in, the Beta Site could not contact Earth, so Stephen was sent to the Alpha Site to carry on there..
                  Other important facts: Stephen has been trained many, many weapons, including 3 types of sniper, 6 types of Machine Gun/Assault Rifle and 5 pistols. He can read Ancient and has the Ancient Gene.



                  Mid-1991 – Joined the US Air Force Academy. Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
                  Early-1992 – Promotion to Lieutenant
                  1995 – Mission to Afghanistan. Rank: Lieutenant
                  2002 – Assigned to SG-15. Rank: Lieutenant
                  2002 – Promotion to Captain
                  2004 – Assigned to Beta Site. Rank: Captain
                  2005 – Moved to the Alpha Site. Joined SG-2. Rank: Captain
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                    Colonel Sharp:
                    Character Name: Chris Sharp
                    Character Age: 37
                    Character Rank: Colonel
                    Character Position: CO of SG-1
                    Appearance: He is about 6’2 with blond hair and green eyes. He is very fit, and, er, has size 13 feet. (Might as well slip that in there)

                    Personality: Sharp is overall a happy guy. He loves telling jokes and making other people laugh. He is competitive when it turns to certain games. As the leader of his team he will never leave a man, or woman, behind. He rarely gets really mad and likes making sarcastic comments. Sharp, now that he is a senior officer and friends with the General, often bends or breaks the rules. He finds what he does morally correct, but he does expect others to follow the rules. However, if he knows a person well, he will often wave off greeting formalities.

                    History: Sharp was born June 7th 1968. He grew up in Chicago and went to private school. Both his parents were lawyers but his Dad’s kind of law interested him most, patent law. He loved growing up and hearing about the new inventions his Dad’s clients had and was fascinated by all the ideas. When he was around 13 years old his Grandpa taught him to fly. His Grandfather has a basic one engine, 4 seater, Grumman Cheetah. Chris caught on quickly, learning over the years how to take off, land, and communicate with air traffic control. He did very well in school getting a B+ or above in most every subject. All through school he took Latin and was very literate when he finished school. His best subjects, however, were math and science, especially physics, and in college; astrophysics and basic quantum mechanics. He was accepted at Princeton and he went there for a year. After that one year, he wanted to do something different, do what he had always enjoyed doing in his life, Sharp joined the Air Force. He had already received his private pilot's license and learning to fly jets and fighters, though a little faster than the old Grumman, was right up his alley. He was a very accomplished pilot and graduated at the top of his class from the AFA. After 13 years of flying in the Air Force he was 32, racked lots of flight hours and was now the rank of Major. He was put to work in helping to design a new stealth jet for the air force but in the middle of the project he was approached by his superiors and asked to join the Stargate Program. He gladly accepted and joined the SGC. In 2004 he was the rank of Lt. Colonel and flew along side Colonel Mitchell in the Antarctic. After the battle he was promoted to Colonel and he felt like he was on top of the world. He continued to work at the SGC until the summer of 05 when a new Alpha site was being built. Recognized as a great leader and pilot he was asked to lead one of the teams that would now be led out of the new Alpha site. He accepted and moved to the Alpha site, where our RP starts…

                    Other important facts: He hates coffee and has Sprite, Coke and Chocolate Milk instead. He is an expert at Monopoly as well as Risk, chess, and other board games. He also loves strategy computer games, most of which are now obsolete, but for some reason he still gets a kick out of them. He also has a very strong Ancient Gene which the SGC later learned about. There are many other details about Sharp I did not mention but you’ll soon learn what they are.
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                        Character Name: Melissa ‘Princess’ MacDonnell
                        Character Age: 23
                        Character Rank: 2nd Lt
                        Character Position: Unkown
                        Height: 5 foot 2 inches
                        Weight: 8 Stone 111 pounds
                        Race: White
                        Eye Colour: Green
                        Hair Colour: Blond
                        Distinguishing features: Her Green eyes, which are believed to be from her father
                        Mannerisms: She would classify herself as a wild Party girl, but knows when to be restraint
                        Habits: None
                        Health: Fit and active

                        Personality: Melissa is primarily ruled by her emotions, even though she tires to remain a level headed figure she can’t stand by and let atrocities happen. It has been known that she has been made gullible in several incidents during high school were her friends took advantage of her.
                        History: Melissa was the only child of Clare MacDonnell; Melissa was conceived from an unfortunate date rape. The identity of her father was never known, but Melissa grew up in a loving and care free environment. Her mother always cared for her and support her choice in life. When she entered High school a Marine recruiter approached her, Due to her grandfather’s wild stories of his days into the Marine Corps she decided to seek a career in the corps later. Fresh out of Officer Training, when her Computer Programming skills were noticed by Lt Col Carter in a written report she published. She was transferred to the Stargate programme two month and since then has been trying to join a team. Was Off-world during the attack on the SGC helping the Tok’ra, Only now reported into the Alpha site since the attack
                        Other important facts: Always Carrys her Grandfathers M1911 .45 Cal pistol
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                          Character Name: Jacen Richards
                          Character Age: 30
                          Character Rank: Captain
                          Character Position: SG-7, tactician and weapons specialist
                          Appearance: 6'1", medium build, red gold hair.
                          Personality: Jason loves to joke around. He tends to joke a lot in stressfull situations. But when the time comes he knows when to be serious and get to work. He can seem like a big tough guy on the outside, but he's really a softy at heart.

                          History: Jason originally joined up with the Navy Seals. But he was forced to transfer over to the Air force. He then joined the Air Force Special Operations. He was in Blue Squadron, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell during the defense of Earth. He also has been trained in advanced tactics. During an examination by a doctor affiliated with the Stargate program, he was found to have the Ancient Gene. He was off world protecting archeologists in an abandoned Goa'uld base. After trying to dial Earth and not being able to engage a wormhole, he immediately dialed to the Alpha Site.

                          Other important facts: Jason also has a taste for archeology. He has studied some of Dr. Jackson's material and worked with him on some projects.
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                              Originally posted by KeiranFuller
                              Character Name: Jason Richards
                              Character Age: 30
                              Character Rank: Captain
                              Character Position: SG-7, tactician and weapons specialist
                              Appearance: 6'1", medium build, red gold hair.
                              Personality: Jason loves to joke around. He tends to joke a lot in stressfull situations. But when the time comes he knows when to be serious and get to work. He can seem like a big tough guy on the outside, but he's really a softy at heart.

                              History: Jason originally joined up with the Navy Seals. But he was forced to transfer over to the Air force. He then joined the Air Force Special Operations. He was in Blue Squadron, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell during the defense of Earth. He also has been trained in advanced tactics. During an examination by a doctor affiliated with the Stargate program, he was found to have the Ancient Gene. He was off world protecting archeologists in an abandoned Goa'uld base. After trying to dial Earth and not being able to engage a wormhole, he immediately dialed to the Alpha Site.

                              Other important facts: Jason also has a taste for archeology. He has studied some of Dr. Jackson's material and worked with him on some projects.
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