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    Character Name: Kate Howard
    Character's Full Name: Caitriona Raghnailt Howard
    Pronounciation: Katrina Raynilt
    Character Age: 35
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Character Rank: Major
    Character Position: SG7 (2IC)
    Appearance: 5ft10, slim, curvy, long, straight, red hair, freckles and green eyes. Picture
    Education: Politics and International Relations
    Special abilities: Can use Goa'uld weapons and devices

    The Early Years: Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland as Caitriona Doherty, Kate was an only child to protestant parents. At the age of 10, her parents divorced, and she moved with her mother to Portsmouth in England. Portsmouth, like Belfast, was a huge ship town, and, as such, she developed an interest in armed organisations and ships from a young age, and joined the Cadets at her earliest possible opportunity.

    University: Kate Doherty went on to study Politics and International Relations at Southampton University, before continuing on to do a masters at Royal Holloway in London. It was whilst she was studying for her postgraduate qualifications that she met Tom Howard, her future husband.

    1992-2000: Kate and Tom Howard married on 5th June 1992, 4 months before she received her Masters qualification. Shortly afterwards, she joined the Royal Navy as fully fledged officer, completing her basic training in Cornwall, and specialist in her teenage home of Portsmouth. in In 1996, she gave birth to her first child, Suzie, soon after which, she gave in to her maternal instincts and took a desk based job for the Navy in London. Two more daughters followed; Laura in 1999 and Sophie in 2000.

    2000-2002: Three months after the birth of youngest daughter, Sophie, Kate was abducted by the Goa'uld as a result of her strong naval position as a political expert and diplomat. She was made host to Nut, the Egyptian Sky Goddess. Although freed by the Tok'ra in 2002, she suffered serious guilt issues as a result of the atrocities she commited. At first, Kate turned down the offer of employment at the SGC, in the hope of settling back down with her husband. Tom, not understanding the confidential nature of what happened to Kate, threw her out for abandoning him and refused her access to her three daughters. Distraught, Kate took up a position at the SGC and moved to America.

    2003-4: Whilst on a mission, it became apparent that a Goa'uld hiding on Earth was trying to contact Nut. Knowing that Kate Howard was Nut's host, he went to find her whereabouts from Tom. Using Asgard beaming technology, Kate was able to beam into her living room in time to see the Goa'uld murdering her husband. The Goa'uld, Geb (Nut's husband) managed to escape, and Kate was left as a single mother. In 2004, Kate's 3 children and her new lover, also an employee at the SGC, were found dead. Kate, distraught, was sent to the Alpha site for a change of scenery, in the hope that the immenant threat would help her put things back into perspective. Kate has told noone of what happened to her children, although it is known that she was at the scene.

    Personality: Kate was always very maternal and cared a lot for her daughters and her fellow team members. Shortly after the realisation of her family's deaths, Kate became over focused and mechanical about her job. She became violent and distressed, blaming herself for what had happened. Although she still suffers from the occasional mood swing, she has found a happy balance between the two, always trying to be friendly and raise morale among fellow officers. She can always be found having a chat and comforting her friends. And those she doesn't know so well. She rarely refers to her rank, claiming that "you don't need a rank to prove your merit."
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    Yepp, it's blank down here.


      Just posting an updated version of my Bio because I cant alter my old one, it is the same as my old one just more detailed

      NAME: Donna Henderson
      RANK: Lt. Colonel
      TEAM: SG2 commander
      D.O.B: 22/11/1972
      AGE: 33
      NATIONALITY: United States Citizen
      P.O.B: Glasgow, Scotland
      HAIR COLOUR: Light Brown
      EYE COLOUR: Blue
      HEIGHT: 5'7


      QUALIFICATIONS: PhD Applied Biology (Specialising in Genetics and Microbiology) And a Degree in Astrophysics

      Base seinor Biologist and in charge of science lab 3 the Biology and Chemistry labs.


      PILOT AUTHORISATION: F-16, F-117 and F-302.

      WEAPONS TRAINING: Heckler & Koch MP-5/A5; Beretta 92FS 9mm; FN P90 sub machine gun. Also including Zat gun and Staff weapon. Level 3 hand to hand combat training.

      CURRENT STATUS: Active off world Alpha site.

      BACKGROUND: Donna moved out to the USA when she was 10 with both of her parents, her Father was a Colonel in the USAF and based in Scotland, they decided to move back to Minnesota where her dad was from so he requested transfer back to the United States. Her Mother was a Professor at Glasgow University teaching Biology. Her Father encouraged her to join the Air force Academy (More told her to) he could see her potential but she wasn’t really interested at school besides sports, even though she still got good grades, her dad thought she needed more structure in her school work and convinced her to join the Academy rather than going to college, she agreed as she knew it would give her a challenge and there was plenty of sporting activities to take part in. At the Academy she excelled in most of her classes, She found that this was where she was meant to be and settled in more or less straight away, after graduating she went on to pilot training, and also on to Gain a PhD in Applied Bioscience, Specialising in Genetics and Microbiology. However felt the need to obtain a Degree in theoretical Astrophysics and was on going in a study to obtain a PhD in this subject her thesis was centered on Sheild technologies, Production of and also attempting to take out advanced and not so advance shields this was a very productive study which she carried out at Area 51 and also at the SGC however this was put on hold as she was recruited from the SGC for the alpha site in 2002 and she had completed 2 tours of duty one as a pilot and the other in ground troops, on acceptance to the SGC she was placed in SG-16 and also the occasional scientific trip with SG-12. When recruited to the Alpha site she was given comand of SG-2 where she has been ever since, and was recently promoted to Lt.Colonel and also given control of the Biology and Chemistry Labs.

      PERSONAL PROFILE: Down to Earth, sometimes a little hard to get on with when she is busy. She has been in some trouble with superior officers due to the fact she likes to speak her mind which is not always good. Loves music and always listens to it even when she is working in the lab (which has also got her into a little trouble). Currently own several ipods and MP3 players which are spread around wherever she works so she can always find one. Loves most sports especially basketball and has been a fan of the Minnesota Timber wolves since she can remember.

      ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Wears a plain gold wedding ring round her neck on a chain (her Grans wedding ring) it means a great deal to her and has wore it since the age of 13 and rarley ever takes it off. She also has numerous Ipods and MP3 players scatered around the place (lab coat, locker and in her room) so she doesnt have to go looking for one when she wants to listen to music.
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      Lt.Col Donna Henderson
      SG-2: CO
      Base Senior Biologist,
      Stargate RP, Gateworld

      Cassidy Evans, SG-10:CO



        Character Name: Rob Harper
        Character Age: 28
        D.O.B. - December 17, 1977
        Character Rank: Captain
        Character Position: member of Sg-7

        Usefullness: He is a weapons expert along with being a computer major. He brings alot to the table and is works well in tough situations.

        Appearance: He is about 6’1 with brownish blonde hair and brown eyes. He is athletic and fast and weights 140pounds

        Personality: Harper is very competitive and loves to have fun. He speaks a little more than tea'lc and has a outgoing personality. He loves computers and when he is off of duty he loves checking in on it. He is skilled in weapons and strategy and loves to be around fun people.

        History: Harper was born December 17, 1977 in N.Y. He was a normal kid who did well in school and when he turned 18 he got a scholarship sponsored by the military and from there he progressed and made a choice to join the air force. After nearly 10 years in the Air Force Harper has moved through the ranks quickly and now has the chance of a life time joining the SGC. Chosen for his combat abilities along with his computer experties and high honors the SGC chose him. After 4 months here he has been given the chance of joining an Alpha team.... Sg-7 to be exact

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          Biological Information

          Name:Claire “Rain” Davis
          Gender: Female
          Race: Human
          Homeworld: Earth
          Date of Birth (Age): 10/9/1981
          Height: 5'4
          Blood Type: O+
          Hair: Brown - Long
          Eyes: Green
          ID Marks: none

          Professional Information

          Occupation: US Air Force
          Organization: Military
          Rank: Lieutenant
          Rank Grade: O-2
          Assignment: Former SG1 Team Member; Currently Base Personal


          Personal History: Born in September 1981 to Paul Davis and Lisa Caballero in San Diego. Claire is her parents's only child. Her parents seperated when she was one year old and since then they had deicded to equally divided their time and custody to look after their daughter. Claire, mainly living with her mother till her death in 1986 when Claire was 5. After that her father had her solo custody and her mothers never sought any level of custody for her. She then moved to LA with her father. Being half Spanish and half Irish, never really bothered her since she was only grown up with one side her heritage, even thou Paul had tried to get her to know a bit about her Spanish background while she was still young, but it never worked out.

          From 1987 onwards she began to spend summers in South Carolina with her grandparents. Once she started school Paul had settled into being an officer, working at March Joint Air Reserve Base in Riverside County.

          Regardless of what she had been through in her early life, Claire grew into a girl with sweet personality and big heart. This is at times is guarded when situations hit home. By 1998 she had never talked about Caballero Family much, nor she has had any contact with them since 1986.

          As a student she was an average in all her classes expect one. Her love for life during the ancient times, a bug given to her by her grandmother over the years, paved her a way to do something she loved with all her heart. During her second year in Uni she was introduced to Daniel Jackson by her father. She enjoyed her times and meets up with Daniel, talking to him in the few languages she had come to understand and was taught few of the Ancient languages including Mayan from him thus allowed her knowledge in other Ancient languages/civilization to deepen.

          Both Claire and Paul had been surprise to found out that Claire was picked for the Alpha Site. After much hesitation she had agreed to join the program. Since her being stationed at Alpha site, she had rarely seen her father. Although they did write letters back and forth, it wasn’t the same.

          Now with the news of Earth…She has to deal with a life without her dad.

          Father: Paul Davis (Major - USAF)
          Mother: Lisa Caballero - deceased
          Siblings: None
          extended family: G'pa and G'ma Davis; Uncle: Robert Davis; Cousins: Liz Bell Davis and Curtis Davis.

          Training and Education:

          Did a Early Entrance Program in 1997/8
          Graduated from Palmdale High School in 1999
          Entered California State University, Los Angeles in 1999.
          Graduated with a BA in 2001
          Masters Degree in Arts by 2005

          March Joint Air Reserve Base:

          Basic Officer Training in summer of 2001
          Commissioned Officer Training in 2003
          Recruited to Alpha Site in mid 2005

          Military Record:

          2nd Lieutenant 2004- 2006
          1st Lieutenant 2006 till present.

          Skills: You mean other than the ability to drive Sharp bonkers?

          Hand to hand combat, basic skills in ninjutsu.

          Ancient Gene: No, but has the undiscovered Mayan Gene.
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            Approved bio....with a little more detail

            Name: Kari “Jammer” Crescent

            Age: 28

            DOB: September 9, 1984

            Place of Birth: New York City, New York, USA

            Rank: Captain

            Position: SG-5

            Biological Parentage: Jacob and Nora Lubener (Killed in Armed Robbery Incident)

            Biological Siblings: Younger Brother Davy (Killed in Earth's destruction)

            Adopted Parentage: Karl and Kira Crescent (Killed in Earth's destruction)

            Adopted Siblings: Older Twin Brother Keith and Kavan, Younger Sister Lara (Killed in Earth's destruction)

            Appearance: 5 ft. 8 in. Sapphire blue eyes, shoulder-length golden blonde-brownish hair.

            Personality: Loves public speaking, novel writing, archery, rifle shooting, ropes courses, mountain biking, swimming, diving, and horseback riding. Sarcastic, strong-willed, compassionate, generous, curious, always dependable in a firefight, quite talkative, optimistic, stand up for her friends, can be very dangerous if provoked.

            History: Orphaned at the age of 4 when her parents were killed in an armed robbery, Kari Lubener and 3 years old younger brother Davy was adopted into the Crescent household and changed their name to Crescent. She went through regular school education and graduated valedictorian of her class with a 4.9 GPA. Praised by her teachers as a child prodigy. Both her parents were NYPD officers so she decided to follow in their footsteps and went to United States Air Force Academy after graduating and was accepted in. She went on to flight school and was one of the best rookie pilots in her squadron. Because of her amazing piloting skills, she was approached to pilot the F-302 for the SGC. An able fighter no matter in the air or on the ground, she was transferred to the Alpha Site after the dogfight over Antarctica. At the time of Earth's destruction, Kari was piloting F-302s for the base. She was offered a position on SG-5 by Captain Jen Stevens after her rescue of team leader Lt. Col. Jason Richardson when they were attacked by the Jaffas.

            Other Important Facts: Have the Ancient Gene. Flew the F-302 in the fight against Anubis’ fleet over Antarctica and survived without getting shot down. Shot down during a battle at the Alpha Site, but ejected out at the last second. Sustained injuries while trying to save Lt. Col. Jason Richardson and herself from being killed by the Jaffas. Had a major in military operations and strategies. A weapons and explosives expert and a pretty good on-field medic. Speaks 4 other languages fluently, Spanish, French, Russian, and German. A hard-core debater in high school, #1 speaker in the nation, and an impressive negotiator. Always had a knack for History, even Alien Histories. Lost everything and everyone she ever loved, so now her team became her only family. Always wears a half broken off Sapphire necklace, given to her by her biological mother, her younger brother Davy has the other half.
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            "Tibet is not a contact information, it's a country. Why not just write Earth while you're at it, incase anyone needs to know where Tibet is?"- Ingrid from Uptown Girls



              Character Name:
              Dr. Patricia A. Knight (Most of her friends call her "Gundam")
              Character Age:
              Character Rank:
              2nd Lieutenant, Army
              Character Position:
              Irish/German descent. 5'6, Dark Brown Hair, Hazel/Green eyes.
              Ancient Gene:
              Friendly and helpful to people she knows and can trust, but she is rash and spiteful to people that piss her off. Twisted sense of humor. And loves music, people can find her listing to Ferry Corsten or Paul van Dky. Addicted to Mountain Dew.
              Weapons of Choice:
              P90, Springfield .45, Bushmaster M16, Combat Knifes, 12 gauge Shotgun. (Left Handed Dominate)
              History : (a brief history)
              Lt. Patricia Knight was born on November 6, 1977 in a hospital in Lakewood, Ohio. A month after she was born, her parents moved back to Phoenix, Arizona. Eight years later, Knight's mother died in a car crash, Patricia was the only survivor (Mother and Father were separated at the time).Graduated from Centennial High School with a 4.08 GPA, she enrolled into Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Graduated two years later with her Bachelors in Multi-Media and Graphic Design, she felt that she need to do something more with her life. So later that year, she attended classes for Linguistics, East Asian Languages & Cultures, and Archaeology at UCLA, but couldn’t afford to finish her education, (“I did not want to ask my Father for money, for college. I didn’t want people to say when they saw my name that I just did it all on my father’s money, I wanted to prove that I can do it by myself.” Quote from Knight’s personnel file.) Her father gave her the idea to join the military. So Knight joined the Army, and was able to finish College. Six years later she graduated with her masters in Linguistics, East Asian Languages & Cultures, and her PhD in Archaeology, and another Bachelor Degree in Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Information Systems from Arizona State University. Before moving back to Ohio to start her career, Knight’s father died in a helicopter crash. Following in her father footsteps, Knight joined a Special Operations Unit that dealt in Cyber Terrorism. Her work taking her all over the world, until October of 2000, she was approached by General Hammond and Major Samantha Carter, asking her to demonstrate her computer skills. Her assignment was to hack into a SGC server and delete a select group of personnel files. Upon completing this task (“Well that was 45 minutes of my life that I can’t get back” quote from Knight’s personnel file) she was offered a position at the SGC. She accepted. From 2000 – 2004, Knight served has a head of the SGC IT Department and often doubling has an archaeology/linguistics assistant to Dr. Daniel Jackson. In early January of 2005, Knight was reassigned to the Alpha Site has an archaeology/linguistics expert. She has a basic level of Reading, Speaking, and Writing of the Ancient Language.
              Other important facts:
              Knight has an addiction to the game, “Dance Dance Revolution,” (DDR for Short) Also “thrown” of the base because after she completed her work, she was seen playing the game. (“I lost over two hundred dollars to her! God, does she do nothing else with her time.” – Dr. Daniel Jackson) and she also prefers cold food from the can. She does not drink or smoke. Rumor has it, Knight's nickname "Gundam" came to existence when she was on a mission with SG-5 in late October of 2001 when the ledge she was standing on gave way, falling 10 feet below. Knight got up and continued with the mission, only suffering only a minor sprain to the left ankle. ("God, I have never seen something like that before in my life. She just stood up liked nothing happened, brushed herself off and carried on. Not even SG-1 could do that. That is not entirely true; Teal'c from SG-1 can do that. Then Capt. Packwell said, "Look at her, she is like a Gundam." Then that name just stuck with her. “ - Col. Damien Matterson)

              I will amend has time goes on. I know that it sucks, but hey....
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              There is a reason why I do certain stuff... and that is just 30 % of the time. The rest.. I just wing it.


                cross-posted to Player List

                Folks, we've got too many people on SG-4.
                The Shadow signed on first, so I'm inclined to give the space to that character.
                Sorry Linkinparkgundum.

                RL caught me and I didn't get on to update the player list in a timely fashion. Can one of you choose another team? SG-5, SG-6 and SG-7 all have openings.
                Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything


                  Character Name: Richard Dobson
                  Character Age: 28
                  Character Rank: 1st Lieutenant
                  Character Position: SG7
                  Appearance: 6'6, caucasian male with blue eyes and dark brown hair
                  Personality: Loyal to his team, with a quirky sense of humor.
                  History: A troublemaker as a child, he was raised around guns since an early age. A natural marksman, he got through school with average grades and was chosen for the stargate program almost solely for his sniping ability. He has a good memory as a result of his training as a sniper. Recently recruited from the beta site to restock from the Goa'uld attack, he's adjusting slowly to his new home. He does not posses the ancient gene.
                  Other important facts: Dislikes energy weapons. Flashback here Only The 2IC of SG7 has been told about that IC BTW and that was barely even a hint.

                  Qualified to fire
                  M24 SWS
                  various pistols
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                    Some of you may have noticed a new NPC running round base. I'm controlling her at the mo, she's an SG7 member. And a pain in the mik'ta! I'm putting her bio here for ease.

                    Name: Rowena Marie Clayton
                    Rank: Cadet
                    Age: 22
                    Position: SG7
                    Nationality: American
                    Appearance: Dark blonde hair, sheared short, like a man's. Small and wiry (5"1), with a boyish frame. Brown eyes.

                    Background: Clayton was a First Class Cadet at the Air Force Academy. Her major was in Military Strategic Studies with a minor in Russian. Excelling in her classes as well as the Honour Division, she was invited to be interviewed and trained for the Stargate programme. After passing the basic requirements, Clayton was asked to complete Basic Offworld Training during her final vacation before graduation. It was during this training that Earth was destroyed, leaving Clayton stranded on the Gamma site.

                    Sick of her abrasive personality, the Gamma site commanders sent the young Cadet to the Alpha site, knowing that they were short of several team members.

                    Personality: Clayton is a stickler for rules. She's arrogant, aloof and work focused. She sees emotions as a weakness and feels that the Stargate Program is an American Military operation that should be run by American Military Officers. Needless to say, she's hardly popular with the many non-US citizens and civilians working on site.
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                    Yepp, it's blank down here.


                      ^ good thing my character hasn't met her yet. I feel like making his Canadian national pride come out. lol
                      I doubt my sanity; then again I doubt yours as well!


                        Character Name: Lance Tallon
                        Character Age: 24
                        Character Rank: 1st Lieutenant
                        Character Position: CO, SG-7
                        Character Appearance: 6-3; caucasion male; brown hair and brown eyes.


                        Currently being rewritten.
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                          Welcome to the RP.
                          If you'd like to put a link in your signature to your biography, check this out.
                          Of course the 'quote, copy and paste' won't work for you.
                          Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything


                            Name: Abigail 'Abby' Beckett
                            Team: SG-4 Team Commander
                            Rank: Lieutenant Colonel/Doctor
                            Position: SG-4/Scientist
                            Age: 32
                            Species: Human
                            Gender: Female
                            Appearance: Dark brown hair, Emerald green eyes, Tall in height, very slim
                            Character specialties: Scientist, fighter (hand to hand or with weapons),
                            black belt in Taekwondo, weapons training, has the ATA gene (Ancient gene)
                            Character strengths: Strong-willed, compassionate, helpful, looks out for
                            her team and other teams' members and members of the SGC
                            Character flaws: has a very short temper, can be very emotional at times
                            Character traits: Never gives up, strong-willed, hard-working, geek
                            ATA Gene: YES
                            Character history: Abby grew up in the town of Edinburough, Scotland--out in
                            the countryside, she loved walking through the green meadows, and she loved
                            going to the coast with her family when she was younger. She moved to the
                            United States when she was 18 to attend University in Washington State.
                            After college, having a degree in Astrophysics, she joined the US Air Force
                            and was immediately put in as a 2nd Lieutenant. While in the Air Force, she
                            studied Deep Space Telemetry and more advanced Astrophysics. When she was
                            25, two years after she joined the Air Force, she was approached by two USAF
                            officers and was offered to come work for a secret operations deep inside
                            Cheyenne Mtn. in Colorado Springs, CO. She took the offer and immediately
                            moved to Colorado Springs. She also worked along side with Dr. Rodney McKay on Atlantis for quite sometime until she found out she was needed on the Alpha Site. She and Rodney became more than just close friends and collegues, and still remain an item today. She is the younger sister of Doctor Carson Beckett.
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                              Character Name: Gus “Augustus” Aaronson
                              Character Position: Doctor (NPC)
                              Character Nationality: American
                              Character Age: 47
                              Character D.O.B: 1959
                              Character Species: Human
                              Character Gender: Male
                              Character ATA Gene: No
                              Character Height: 6’ 5”
                              Character Appearance: He is quite a tall man, his hair still generally black, but random spots of white along it his eyebrows are similar, showing his age, his face is rather wrinkled, but still signs of his youth and strength, he is a large fan of the long white doctors-coat, he also has brown eyes.
                              Character Personality: Having been a father of two, he is a very protective man, he is very used to giving everyone who comes to him council, of every various descriptions, he is a very wise man, although, he is quite often overlooked until people stroll up to his infirmary.
                              He also has an uncanny ability of knowing everyone's names, he always, always uses the persons' full first name, not even the General is an exception.
                              Character History: Gus Aaronson, grew up with as regular a family as you could get, however, his mother was a brain surgeon, and his father a phycologist.
                              He spent most of his child years among good friends, in primary school, he got B average grades, in high school however, when it came to anything involving medical studies, he got A++’s, something quite uncommon, although not heard of.
                              When he graduated, he got a degree in medical studies, after that, he became a doctor, and worked at Saint James’ hospital, one of the best in the country.

                              When Gus was twenty three, a doctor from another hospital transferred to Saint James’, it was at Saint James’ hospital, that he met his wife-to-be, Laura Farrell, she was also a doctor, one that was a year older than him, and had a lot of experience against him.
                              They worked closely with each other from day one; they saw in each other something that they could see no where else, soul-mates.

                              As time went on, they grew closer and closer, until one day, Laura proposed to Gus.
                              Their wedding date was three months after that; they were married on April 29th, 1983.
                              Gus, then nine months later, had his little girl, Sarah, and five years after that; he had his youngest son, Paul.

                              Almost eight years after that, Gus was recognised as one of the best doctors in the country, he was then asked if he wanted to join the Stargate program, after being told as much as possible without being told to much and having to be forced to more files than he had already been given, he learnt a lot about the Stargate program.

                              Gus, served the SGC program for many years, to his family, he had just been transferred to another hospital, but to his friends, and patients, they all knew him as “Augustus”
                              In 2002, Gus was transferred to the Alpha site, he then became the resident doctor there, he came through the SGC gate many times to visit his familie, he never forgot about them.

                              The destruction of Earth…Everything he had known, his children, his wife, everyone, gone.
                              Gus was alone.
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                              Stargate Gateworld RPG. All are welcome!|Jim Andersons Bio.


                                ^^^^ I'll do the bio for another NPC.

                                Name: Dr. Taylor Lanstar
                                Position: 2nd in command scientist
                                Rank: Major
                                Nationality: American/Native
                                Age: 37
                                Gender: Male
                                ATA gene: Yes
                                Height: 6'1
                                Apperance: He has all the classic native American traits. Including being fairly tall.
                                Personality: He is a serious person that is quite devoted to his work. He will always get his job done. Does Badminton for fun
                                History: He grew up on a Native Reserve in Montana. He excelled in school and was sent out of the reserve school to be schooled in Great Falls. In high school he was in the IB program and got one of the highest marks for his year in grade 12. He went on to MIT and after 8 years of study Got his Doctorite in Geophysics. He then joined the airforce and after 1 year of advanced training was sent off to Japan for two years then was transferred to the SG-C then after 7 years ther he got tranfered to the Alpha site where he now works. He had a Girlfriend on Earth before it got destroyed.

                                (that should be good.)
                                I doubt my sanity; then again I doubt yours as well!