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    Hey, it seems you got my bio from the thread I dont update. Sorry for that its my mistake I posted it twice and only update one version.

    Actual Version:

    Biography for Dr. Joseph Hanson, SG7 (Exploration)

    Character Name: Dr. Joseph 'Seph' Hanson
    Character Age: 30
    Character Rank: Civilian. Like his counterpart Daniel Jackson, he is a civilian who is working for the military, because of this he does not have a rank.
    Character Position: SG7's linguist, symbologist, anthropologist and negotiator.
    Weapon choice: XM8. He is certainly not an 'average' anthropologist. He has had weapons training and unlike his counterparts such as Dr. Jackson Seph carries his trusted XM8 ( on all missions. He is always ready to join his comrades in a fire fight.
    Personality: Being an accomplished academic Seph has little time for more 'stupid' people, his pet peeve is races IE. the Asgard calling him primitive. However he has more stengths than flaws. These include a good strong willed, a desire to overcome adversities and his willingness to help others.
    History: Dr. Seph Hanson has degrees in symbology, ancient civillizations, political sciences, languages, and a PhD in anthropology (he is currently fluent in 11 languages including ancient and goa'uld). As soon as he finished attending Oxford university (he was a foriegn student, he was born and bred in New England) the USAF quickly absorbed him onto their pay roll and put him to use as a 'code cracker' and foriegn liason amongst various other related jobs. However he grew bored after years of this and handed in his resignation. Keen to keep him in on their pay roll, the air force offered him a job he could never refuse, SG team member. With the basic weapons training he had recieved while working with USAF in other countries (which conflict was happening around him, USAF had decided to give him basic training so he could defend himself) and the proved excellence in linguistics, anthropology, political sciences and ancient civillizations, Hanson was unluckly not to have been added to the SGC staff earlier on. He was on his first mission (however being still new he was merely on the mission because his expertise were needed, he was not yet enlisted into a SG team), routine recon, to a world that contained ancient ruins during the tradgedy on Earth. Now, after following protocol he has travelled to the alpha site. Recent tests have shown Dr. Hanson has the ancient gene, however only to a similar extent that a certain Dr. Carson Beckett has, nowhere near the strengths Shep and O'Neill have it. Dr Hanson lost his fiancee due to the tradegy on Earth.


      I will post mint tommorow to tired to do it now, i will edit this post!!


        Lol I have to find mine again perhaps I need to edit it a bit
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          Thanks peoples for posting your bios again, appreciate it!

          I'll look again for those edited in bios, Anubis and SGC.


            Name: Veronica Adams

            Rank: Captain

            Position: Base Communications Officer

            Age: 24

            Height: 5' 4"

            Species: Human

            Gender: Female

            Appearance: Long, brown hair, but is always up. Blue eyes. Slight build.

            Personality: Quiet, but has a mischevious streak. Pays attention to
            everything going on around her. Intuition is her guide, and has
            never failed. Makes friends easily and is very loyal. Reads a lot.
            What you see is not always what you get.

            Bio: Dad, James, was in the Air Force, died in a car accident when she was 16. They lived in Las Vegas, her dad assigned to Nellis. After his death, Mom, Angela, wanted to move back to her family in West Virgina. With two years left of school, Veronica had not wanted to leave her friends she had know all it life. It was just too much. She lived with her aunt Julie, and uncle Robert, her fathers brother, also assigned to Nellis.
            Mom was a lifelong student, study anything and everything that
            caught her fancy. Veronica inherited the desire to learn and
            understand the things around her from her mom, but her mom
            discourage a militay career, afraid that it would stifle this
            desire. She graduated high school with high marks and scholarships,
            but had no direction upon entering college. Her uncle, an AF pilot,
            convinced her to join the R.O.T.C. and she finally felt at home. She
            had missed the influence her dad's career had on her life. After
            college graduation, she joined the Air Force and from there,
            her desire and openness to learning new and unusual things led her
            to the S.G.C.
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              Name: Rag'nor

              Position: Jaffa

              Rank: Unknown

              Military branch: Once a member of the Imperial Guard to Apophis

              Age: 98

              Species: Jaffa

              Gender: Male

              Height/weight: 6 feet 3 inches/156 lbs.

              D.O.B.: 25/05/1907 (In Earth Years)

              P.O.B.: Chulak

              Nationality: Jaffa?

              ATA gene: No

              Appearance: He has the tattoo of Anubis on his forehead, as he joined the forces of Anubis after Apophis forces were integrated in to his, dark coloured skin, brown eyes, very muscular, still has his symbiote pouch as he wasn’t put on Tretonin

              Personality: He was trained by Bra'tac so he is well disciplined and is willing to give his life to save those around him, he saw the Goa'ulds for what they where during Anubis' attack on Abydos which convinced him to turn against the Goa'uld which has led him to want to seek revenge on the remaining Goa'uld for what they did to Jaffa over the last several thousand years.

              Bio: Born on Chulak to Ryar and Ragor, he was trained by Bra'tac to become the best Jaffa he could be, Bra'tac also taught about how the Goa'ulds were not all powerful and all seeing as they claimed to be but Rag’ nor did not believe him and served Apophis in the Serpent Guard when he witnessed the betrayal of Teal’s and how he escaped his Gods wraith. Even though he and Teal’s had been friends he did not do the same when Bra'tac talked about how the false God Apophis had been killed, he refused to believe it because he believed that Gods cannot be killed, he continued to serve his God Apophis even though he had been captured by Sokar and he was forced to serve him. Then when Apophis took control of Sokars fleet he once again returned to his service up until the point when he was defeated by Anubis (Or so it was claimed after Apophis was killed) and was put into the service of the Goa'uld Anubis, he has the tattoo of Anubis after Apophis' was removed and Anubis' placed upon him. He served him until he saw how he used Ancient Technology in an attempt to destroy Earth, he saw how the one he had seen as a God was nothing more than a scavenger of technology, he continued to serve hoping to learn more about Anubis' plans and technology of helping the Jaffa Rebellion, he continued in his service until he attacked Abydos and with that he left and went to join the Jaffa Rebellion with Bra'tac, he appeared to have gone without Anubis realising until one day he did and Rag’ nor was captured and tortured by Anubis for his betrayal to his God, when Anubis was defeated by Earth Baal took Command and he managed to escape the faculty he was kept in and warn the Jaffa Rebellion that Baal had taken power. He was at Dakarra during the Rebellions fight for freedom for all time from the Goa’uld, which they accomplished. During the debate on how to run the Free Jaffa Nation he sided with Bra'tac and Teal’s against Garek. He spoke out against Gerak to other Jaffa and was deemed a shol'va against what Gerak was trying to do, Bra'tac tried to send him to Earth but was unable to and they came under attack my Garek's jaffa and he was forced to dail somewhere else (where SG-1 went) and is now unable to return or go to any other Free Jaffa Nation plannet.
              Mental analysis: Not on Tretonin so he still carries a Goa’uld lava symbiote, which may cause concern amongst the ranks, however he seems to have great mental discipline due to his training when he was younger.


                Character Name: Dr. Alec Darome
                Character Age: 34
                Gender: Male
                Nationality: Canadian
                Appearance: He has short Reddish-Brown hair, is 5’7, has an Average build, Very slight tan and Grey eyes.
                Character Rank: Civilian
                Character Position: SG-4 team member
                Personality: Thinks before he acts. Likes working on his own. Modest. Phobia of Water Dwelling Animals. Sensitive About his printing. Tends to talk mostly when under stress (babbling). Good with kids.
                History: Alec was born to June and Jesse Darome in Thunder Bay. He excelled at school in most subjects except for Biology and Art. He went on to the University of Toronto and got his PhD in Atomic Physics at 27. After university he joined the Canadian Research Counsel. After 4 years he was sent to work at NORAD. 2 years later he was sent to Alpha site as a Canadian Representative and oversaw a nuclear power plant until loss of contact then returned to help at the Alpha site and badly twisted his ankle on his way. He was put off work for 2 weeks (Or what ever it is). And now he is back on.
                Other important facts: Right handed, wears glasses, Horrible printer and excellent with computers. Reads like a storm. Brilliant in Geography. Can throw knives very well.
                Ancient Gene: No
                Favorite Weapon: Zats and when he can get his hands on one, throwing knives.
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                  Name: Kim Ashwood

                  Team: SG-1

                  Rank: Major

                  Age: 32

                  Species: Human

                  Gender: Female

                  Height: 5"6

                  Appearance: long blonde hair, emerald green eyes, medium build

                  Character specialties: Hand to hand combat, martial arts skills, weapons training, some knowledge in physics.

                  Personality: as a workaholic, her social skills aren’t really up to scratch, but if you can get past her awkward shyness, her true personality shines through, a kind, caring, enuthastic woman who is not afraid to live life to the full.

                  Character history:
                  brought up in England, Kim wasn't your average girl, whilst her friends enjoyed going out shopping, she preferred the local sports centre, brushing up on her kickboxing skills. Her mother was rarely home. She was a language interpreter at the UN, which meant she was away from home a lot. Her father was a scientific officer for MI5. Despite her mother being hardly home, she had a good relationship with her.
                  At 15 her mother died of cancer. Her father was distraught and soon quit his job, unable to cope without his wife. This however, meant that Kim and her father’s relationship grew stronger. With a scientist as a father, her knowledge in physics made her top of the science class. However, when it came to leaving school, she didn’t follow in her father’s footsteps, as he had wanted, Her childhood dream was to join the air force. She felt she needed a drastic change, so she moved to America and joined the USAF. She hated leaving her father but she knew she had to break away from him, for he had depended on her since he quit his job. She joined the air force where it was soon realised that she was the kind of soldier the SGC needed and was offered a place.
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                    Hello, I'm here...

                    Character name: Karen (Kaz) Johnson
                    Character Age: 37
                    Character Rank: Major Royal Marines.
                    SG Team: SG 6 CO
                    ATA Gene: Yes

                    Appearance. 5' 8". Short brown hair, green eyes. Athletic build

                    Major Karen (Kaz) Johnson is an officer who’s not afraid to stick her neck out if she feels the situation requires it.
                    Kaz has been with the US marine Corps for 18 months. She was seconded over to her American counter parts, from the Royal Marines as part of a new training initiative.

                    Kaz has been in the Marines for 12 years, specialising in many areas, including unarmed combat, jungle and gorilla warfare, battle field strategies and special weapons and tactics as well as escape and evasion.

                    Kaz was the first woman to actually part take in active duty with the Marines, proving to her male colleagues that she was ‘one tough chick’. She was also the youngest woman to ever achieve the rank of Major. After going against orders, she returned to a combat zone to retrieve 2 members of her squad who were pinned down by enemy fire. She pulled them out and took them 'home', getting a slap on the wrist and a promotion.

                    Kaz found she liked the way the US guys worked and was in the process of moving over to the US Marines permanently when she was called into a highly secretive operation to help extract some high profile ‘aliens’, literally…
                    Once she had stepped through the ‘Stargate’, that was it. Major Johnson found her true calling.
                    Major Johnson also has a degree in Ancient Civilizations, gained from Cambridge University during a year long break from active duty suffering a bad training accident.
                    Major Johnson is a capable, fair and honourable soldier, she conducts herself with honour and courage and also has a wicked sense of humour.

                    5 years ago, when Kaz was a Lieutenant, a training exercise went wrong. Some explosives had been rigged to blow a brigde, it wasn't mean't to go until someone gave the order. But just as the then Lieutenant Johnson and her squad was crossing the bridge, it exploded. 3 members of her team were killed, and Kaz was badly injured.
                    She spent nearly the next year in hospital, learning to walk again, but she put the time to good use. Without knowing why, kaz had the urge to study Ancient Civilisations, Aztecs, Incas, Eygptians. She learnt to read and write Ancient Eygptian, Hebrew and Babylonian.
                    But why she never knew.
                    Finally she was allowed back to active duty. She trained hard, took every opportunity she could to advance herself.

                    When the training opportunity to exchange with the US Marines came Kaz jumped at the chance.
                    She found them the sort of guys she liked, fun, quick witted, smart and deadly. Her sort of guy. Within a short space of time she was one of them.
                    When the mission to rescue a high ranking member of the Tok'ra came up, she and her team were called. There were other members of the SGC who could have gone after them, but unbeknown to Major Johnson, she was being watched from high.

                    The mission went according to plan. They went in, extracted the target, got home and not a shot was exchanged. That was the turning point in Kaz's life. Suddenly she knew where she wanted to be.

                    Major Johnson hadn't been assigned to a team at the SGC because she had only just completed her training. She was out on a recon mission with Earth's SG3 when the disater hit Earth.


                    Kaz was the middle child of three. Her older brother was a Captain in the Royal Navy, younger sister joined the Royal Air Force, but unfortunately, they were on Earth when the disaster struck. Kaz’s family has always had Military ties so it wasn’t a surprise that all three joined up. The surprise was when kaz joined the Marines. Everyone said she would fail, but she was determined to succeed, just to show them all she could!!
                    She is a very private person, not revealing much of her personal life. She had a finance on earth, who she presumes has perished along with the rest of her family.
                    Her fiance had been a Colonel in the US Marines, altho he had had to take early retirement, they had got on really well. Kaz had never had time for men in her life, the military was everything she had wanted, but Bill had been different. But now he was gone, along with her family, her home, but not her identity, that was one thing she still had.
                    Kaz had been brought up around military bases, travelling the world with her dad's postings. He was a high profile General in the UK, but kaz kept their relationship quiet, she didn't want anyone to know, didn't want it to go against her.
                    One high point in her career came shortly after joining the SGC. She was fortunate enough to have sat in on a briefing with SG1, discussing tactics for fighting Anubis's super soldiers.
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                      Name: Rail'k/Chad

                      Team: none

                      Rank: none

                      Age: 1050

                      ATA: Yes

                      Species: tok'ra
                      Gender: male
                      Height: 5"6

                      Appearance: medeum brown hair, orange, medium build

                      Character specialties: All the knolagge of the tokra,
                      Personality: A litle bit odd to human standers and extreamly informal compaired to other tok'ra. Rail'k specilises in weapon development and ship custimization.

                      Character history: Responcible for replicating the Guaulds TER technology and comming up with the anti symbiote serum and a magoraty of the tokra's latist advancements.

                      his last host was named Bill kleber. The rest is only the tokra know
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                        Character Name: Stephen Hanmer
                        Character Age: 32
                        Character Rank: Captain
                        Character Position: Team Member, SG-2
                        Appearance: Stephen is about 5ft 9in with brown hair and green eyes. Fairly average build, but has a bullet wound scar in his right shoulder, after being shot on an op in Afghanistan.
                        Personality: Stephen is generally a nice guy to be around, with a great sense of humour. But he thinks that when an order is given, he can take it into his own hands to decide whether or not to follow them. Sometimes thinks he's too smart for his own good.
                        History: Stephen was born in Washington DC on the 23rd of October 1973. His father, Alan Hanmer, was a retired Major General in the USAF and his mother was a Doctor of Astrophysics. Getting very high grades in high school, Stephen went into the Air Force Academy at 18. He passed with flying colours and went on several missions, and one in particular, when he was aged only 22, in Afghanistan. His plane had been shot down but Stephen had managed to eject and land safely. He had managed to get away before getting captured, but had been shot in the shoulder. Bleeding and tired, Stephen had left the border and managed to find his way back to the US. At the age of 29, Stephen was assigned to the SGC in SG-15. After many and many successful missions, he was promoted to Captain, and at the age of 31, assigned to the Beta Site. On a routine check-in, the Beta Site could not contact Earth, so Stephen was sent to the Alpha Site to carry on there..
                        Other important facts: Stephen has been trained many, many weapons, including 3 types of sniper, 6 types of Machine Gun/Assault Rifle and 5 pistols. He can read Ancient and has the Ancient Gene.
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                        Steve Hanmer

                        Stargate Omega


                          Updated! 1/June/2006

                          Short brown hair and Brown eyes, Meduim build and fit.

                          Additional Details:
                          A Marine tattoo on his left shoulder, he received during a tour of duty.

                          During a routine mission though the Stargate, staying behind to cover his teams 'six' so they could escape he was captured and tortured leaving him with reminders of those events every day. He came out of the ordeal with scars across his back, and a memory he could never forget.

                          Personal Profile:
                          A down to Earth guy, who would do anything for his team. He loves what does for a living, travelling through the Stargate visiting other planets, and cultures is what he wanted to do since he was a child.
                          McCoy is smarter than he looks and tends to show. He hides how smart he actually is behind jokes. McCoy is one who believes in the rule of 'Leave No-One behind' to the core, he would attempt a rescue mission even if the odds were against him and the rescuers in succeeding. He would lay down his life if necessary for fellow comrades.
                          He keeps to him self about the events of what happened when he got tortured, but will talk about his personal life to those who are close to him.
                          McCoy likes anything that goes fast and enjoys watching sports! During off-time he likes to play sports and video games.

                          Personal Background:
                          McCoy moved with his family U.S when he was 8. Never liking school but he still attended. McCoy always stood up for the underdog, defending them to the best of his potential, at one stage being expelled from 3 different schools because of this attitude. McCoy only dreamt of one thing, joining the United States Marine Corp as well as visiting other planets, and cultures in space. When he turned 18 he joined the USMC. The only thing McCoy seemed to be good at was the USMC academy. He excelled in all of his classes as he became more involved and started to enjoy this new life. He graduated the third from to top of his class and with honours.

                          Shortly after graduating Daniel was sent overseas on a tour of duty. Many things happened on this duty. McCoy grew up into a Mature Marine, got his tattoo to prove that he had been accepted by the other Marines. While on patrol one day he was shot, in the shoulder and chest, loosing conscious and bleeding quite bad. He barely made it back to the HQ to receive medical help. Losing a lot of blood (he still carries the bullet in the shoulder). After recovering the SGC offered him a position at the Stargate Command on the SG-14 team he finally got to do what he has always dreamt about (visiting other planets, and cultures). During his days at the Stargate Command he found that he has the ATA Gene. McCoy quickly learns how to use new technology quite quickly, by using his 'trial and error' method.

                          Interesting Facts:
                          Has been trained in hand to hand combat, explosives, weapons and tracking techniques. Has been trained in many different forms of weapons, but his favourites include
                          - M4A1 with a mounted scope.
                          - P90 with mounted scope and laser sight.
                          - A 9MM Glock.

                          While off-world his weaponry gear includes:
                          - P90
                          - 9MM Glock
                          - Standard Issue Knife
                          - 3x Grenades
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                              I approve of the biographies posted so far, thank you!


                                Proxy - I hope you don't mind. The name is the same for continuity in the RPG.

                                (updated 5 apr 2007)

                                Name: Nikolai Alexandrovich Blue (Nikko) / Janus
                                Rank: General, Commanding SGC Alpha-site
                                Age: 50 (DOB 23 Jan 1955)
                                Species: Human / Tok'ra?
                                Ancestry: Russian (1st generation American)
                                Ancient gene: yes, sporadic usefulness
                                Gender: Male
                                Height: 5 ft, 10 in / 1.77 m
                                Weight: 180 lbs / 81 kg
                                Hair / eyes: Blond / blue (see my sig for a picture)

                                Service: Major campaigns - Desert Storm, Bosnia. Served overseas most of his career. Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East.
                                In 2004, he was recruited by Stargate Command and recommended by Hammond and O’Neill as the one to take the Alpha-site.

                                Education & training: AF Academy at 18. (1973)
                                Graduated #15 in his class. Majored in Aeronautics and Physics. Pilot Instructor. Special Ops / Survival training. Speaks Russian, German, Arabic and Hebrew. Since he didn't speak English regularly until he started school, when he's very stressed or tired, he has a slight accent. When he's truely PO'd, he slips exclusively into Russian.

                                Personal history: Captain Alexander Mikailovich Belousov and Lieutenant Natalya Karsova emigrated to the US after WW2 (1947). Ellis Island screeners changed the family name of Belousov to ‘Blue’. Nikolai has 5 siblings.
                                Ekaterina, Fyodor, Konstantin are older, Illya and Anastasia are younger.

                                The newly Americanized Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Blue took their two children to Chicago and melted into the Russian community there. Alex quickly became a sought after auto mechanic. By the time Nikolai was born in 1955, his father was co-owner of a successful garage.
                                Growing up in the heart of ‘little Russia’, Nikko didn’t speak English regularly until he went to school. Once there, he picked up English and Hebrew. When he was a teen, he could chat fluently in all 3 languages. In high school, Nikko learned German and indulged in his love of science with Physics and Engineering courses.
                                He and his brothers all joined the military as soon as they could. Nikolai was the only one to win an appointment to the AF Academy.
                                Fyodor joined the Army, Illya joined the Navy.
                                A Marine, Konstantin was killed in Viet-Nam in 1972.

                                In 1978, Lt. Blue got married to a ‘girl from the neighborhood’, Helena Stankul. They happily planned their family. Unfortunately, he never got to meet either of his daughters.
                                Tatiyana was born 6 weeks premature and died 48 hours later. Nick was on a mission out of the country and couldn’t get home until a day too late.
                                Elizaveta was born 3 years later. 8 weeks premature. When Nick got home 36 hours later, she was already gone.
                                Helen mis-carried 2 more children. After that, she wanted nothing more from Nick but his paycheck, or his life insurance. She didn’t care which.
                                In 1997, he filed for divorce. Vindictively, Helen fought it, even going to far as to spread rumors and lies in an effort to sabotage his career. He’s avoided relationships since.

                                The start of his AF career was spent flying black-ops teams around the world. He didn’t know it but, he was already laying the ground work for his position at the Alpha site. One of his more frequent passengers was Major / Lt. Colonel O’Neill.

                                Approximately 7 months after the destruction of Earth, he suffered an aneurysm while off the base and acquired a very young symbiote.

                                Personality: No nonsense in matters professional. But he has a quirky sense of humor that escapes periodically.
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