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    *approved by Sharp*

    Character Name: Chris Barden
    Character Age: 27
    Character Rank: 1LT
    Character Position: US Marine assigned to alpha site as security
    Appearance: 6'2'' 210lbs light brown hair in traditional high and tight Marine cut. Has a medium muscular build. Has Hazel eyes.
    Personality: He is a pretty easy going guy and is well liked by the men he serves with. In his down time he tends to be the practical joker of the group but when the situation becomes serious he is all business and focuses on the task at hand.
    History: Is the only son of John and Michelle Barden. Growing up in CT as a boy he always dreamed of something more. Being an only child he was able to excel equally at school and sports. His father worked for a furniture delivery store and his mother was a teacher. He spent a lot of time with his uncle, Daniel Barden, who was a Major in the United States Army. He always said one day he would out rank him. Football was his sport of choice growing up because he loved the competiveness of it. He lead his team to back to back state titles while earning the number four spot in his graduating class. Along with football he exceeded expectations in leadership roles in the JROTC program at high school earning the rank of cadet Lt. Col and being named the battalion commander his final year in the program. He started dating Lisa O'Leary during their sophomore year. Over the summer after their junior year for unknown reasons Lisa decided to call it quits which made Chris work ever harder to earn an appointment to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. He received his congressional endorsement by Nancy Johnson and by the fall after his graduation he set his sights on the Academy. While at the academy he decided to give up on football and concentrate on his military career. In his four years there he excelled highly when put into leadership roles. Upon graduation he chose the Marine Corps as his destination and fell into favor quickly with his willingness to take on duties other Marines hesitated at. He went through the screening process for the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command where he ended up being assigned to 3rd Marine special operations battalion out of Camp Lejeune North Carolina. As a 2nd LT he showed great skill when assigned to security detail on base. Many times going above and beyond the call of duty able to spot what he felt were holes in the protocols for making the base as secure as possible. With each discovery he happily brought these ideas to his superiors. After a few months of this it started to get the attention of some of the people in the SGC. Word spread quickly about this hot shot Marine lieutenant who seemed to have a knack for spotting flaws in security and how to implement the changes as quickly as possible. After deliberating a bit on the subject and agreeing that his remarkable skills in the aspect of security would be a great asset to the alpha site the SGC decided to have him transferred to the Alpha Site as a member of the security team. As part of his transfer he was promoted to 1st LT. He was unhappy at first as he had just arrived in North Carolina but as he was always a good marine who followed his orders. He was transported to Stargate Command and after completing his SGC training he was informed of his assignment at the off world Alpha Site.

    Other important facts: Enjoys working as a security team member at the Alpha Site but longs to be assigned to one of the off world teams in the near future.
    1LT Chris Barden United States Marines
    Alpha Site Security Team member

    Aftermath RP:
    1st Lt. Chris Barden

    Teal'C and Major Lorne -SSU RP

    General Hammond: Colonel O'Neil what the hell are doing?!

    O'Neill: In the middle of my backswing!?


      Character Name: Nicholas Blake Connor
      Character Age: 30
      Character Rank: Captain
      Character Position: Senior Gate Controller / Security Officer
      Appearance: Courtenay J. Stevens

      Personality: Like all survivors – Nick had some guilt for not being on Earth at the time of the Second Big Bang, as he decided to call it, and yet it conflicted heavily with his continued desire to remain alive to partake in the great adventure the Stargate offers. Nick has an irregular personality that he sometimes is social and at other times he likes just his own company but the odd part is it is like mood swings he doesn’t get a choice to be social or not. Although he can fight it but it takes a lot of energy and willpower which can tire him out completely.

      History: Born to Janet and Luke Connor, Nicholas was a fan of the air force ever since he could understand what they were about; he loved watching the planes from an early age. Attending various schools and joining the cadets program in the first year he could, Nicholas was an above average student and took his training very seriously. He made his way up to a 2nd Lieutenant at the age of 26. Nicholas transferred to Cheyenne Mountain and began training for Stargate travel he did well in the flight training for F302s. Passing the training and given a 'go' for joining a Stargate team, Nicholas was excited and joined SG8. He served in SG8 and received another two promotions to Captain. Nick was at the Alpha site doing some extra training when the Second Big Bang happened. It took a while for Nick to get over losing everyone but bounced back and would make whoever blew up Earth pay for what they did.

      Other important facts: Nick has the ancient gene but had it strengthened by the gene therapy.


        (Approved by Col Sharp; edits may be required at laterdate)

        Character Name: Xi, Daughter of System Lord Yu

        Character Age: 20 (appears) 81 (actual) (due to home planet length of days compared to Earth/Gaia reckoning)

        Character Rank: Runaway Princess yet hates the title.

        Character position: None at this time

        Appearance: Clicky

        Persona: based on first impression Xi is calm, but also scared, peaceful yet a raging river, her moods can change at any given minute. Based on what's happening around her.

        Skills: pretty much the only woman that knows Martial arts of all kinds, trained under several Ninja Jaffa under her fathers leadership until age 26. Very good at intimidation of others and acting as boss over another.

        History: Born as the direct descendant of Lord Yu and his wife, Xi was abused for much of her childhood. At the age of twelve she went on a yearly hunt with a group of her fathers Jaffa, only they were all slain by several of Anubis' jaffa and she was left for dead. Not exactly the plan she wanted. she dragged herself home, for another dozen or so years she was abused by her father for what she was, but also taught by the best teachers in martial arts, she has since partaken in several tournaments on several planets and has also trained on a (oddly) Chinese type planet in several newer arts known only to some smaller groups on Earth after fleeing her home planet and father at age 31 (in earth years). Since then she had been on the run, knowing that a wrong step would land her in really big trouble, or worse. And Lord Yu wants his child back, before the information of her is known to the other system lords.

        Other important facts: As far as she can tell technology (not of gou'ald make) hates her (Thors Hammer for instance), though she does not have a snake within her, (nor is she a Jaffa), she does have some (if not much at all), readily accessible knowledge of goa'uld technology and also direct genetics of same (Lord Yu's DNA would be found in her system). She can use many items of Gou'ald technology with merely a thought. However she tries to avoid such items as much as she can and prefers staff weapons, energy items and also improve weapons as well.

        Due to a horrorifing childhood, Xi fled her home world of Lok and began traveling at age 36, after training under her fathers best teachers (two of them seeming to be from Ancient earth) She works to stay one step ahead of her fathers troops as much as she can., she currently does not know exactly how she knows of technology used by the Goa’uld. Her mind has been broken via mind selective wiping by her father.

        side note; there have been a few spats of paranoia due to the mindwiping

        This is the Assassin's Way part 17 complete
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          *approved by Sharp*

          Commodore William Alexander MacGregor:

          Age 58

          5'11"- medium build, Lt Brown Hair. Fair complexion. Steel Blue eyes, solid build

          A Royal Australian naval officer newly appointed to the reality of the Stargate World not long before the disaster at the SGC. He is not a graduate officer, rather he came up through the ranks, until selected for officer training in his early career. He became a aviator, firstly on A4 Skyhawks and has had much experience in combat, as an exchage officer with US and British air arms, and commanding a fleet of ships for the Royal Australian Navy. He has flown the Av8B Harrier, the F14D Tomcat, F15E Eagle, F18D Hornet and did extensive training and trials with the F302 on the older Gamma station.

          His specialist training has been in Black Ops, extensive hand to hand combat and Aerospace Engineering and Science. Has had some basic training with explosive ordinance and demolitions. He is classified as ATA gene carrier B+, possibly equal to both O’Neill and John Sheppard. And like O'Neill, he hates computers.

          Because of his unique strategies and ways of out thinking the enemy, he has was chosen by his longtime friend, General O’Neill, to serve as the StarFleet Commanding Officer until more ships and personnel/commanders may be trained to join the Fleet.Unfortunately this never came to pass as the end came before the Fleet programme could be put in place. Will MacGregor was last seen leading a Black Ops team to a Goa'uld base and has been listed as MIA until recently.

          He had a wicked sense of humour, and was well liked by those who serve under him. SG1 had become a part of his circle in the short time he was there, advising him and taking advice from him. Cam Mitchell has become one of his most trusted confidants, after his wife Anne, General O’Neill and Samantha Carter. Has two adult children, one of whom is a MIA SG member from an earlier botched mission, before Will joined the SGC. Because of his son’s unknown fate, this was also a reason for the MacGregors to join the SGC, in the hope of seeking out the truth behind Ben’s mysterious disappearence.

          Commodore MacGregor has no special hobbies, except for country music and old American cars. Drives a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro and is now based in Colorado, with his wife Anne.

          Captain/Doctor-Navy Anne Elizabeth MacGregor RAN
          Naval Surgeon currently serving in Atlantis, pending a posting to what would have been Fleet Surgeon. She shares her husband's humour and takes no prisoners with whimpish patients.

          Anne graduated from the University of Sydney and completed her internship at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital before joining the Navy and passing through the direct officer course at HMAS Creswell. She has served with distinction in Somalia and the Gulf War, attached to the USNS Mercy.

          Age 56
          5'3" tall, slim build. Long reddish brown hair. Green eyes.

          Below is an image of Commodore MacGregor when he was posted in Iraq 2003 leading the IED missions out of Basra, he is on the left of the Photo

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            Approved by sharp

            Character Name: Andrew Clarke

            Character Age:

            Character Rank:
            Captain (Former), PhD, 2 M.S.

            Character Position: Specialist in applied electronics of advanced technology, and electrical applications

            ATA Gene:

            Appearance: 6’3” 230 pounds. Tall former athlete who has gained some weight in his later years. He wears his hair curly and medium length. He has a full, but trimmed beard.

            Smart, funny, and nice. He will help people out with questions if they have them. However, his kindness ends with people who he believes to either be deliberately ignorant or simply too stupid to make decisions. This quality was part of the reason why he left the air force.

            History: Born in Portland Maine, he played hockey through out his youth. However, though he was good, but he wasn’t good enough to make it in the pros. He took an Air Force ROTC scholarship to go to UC Berkley for electrical engineering. He graduated with a 3.7 and served three years in the air force working with long-range communication systems. He was a part of the predator drone project and was shot in the knee during a classified operation in the Middle East three years into his service with the air force. He had already been clashing with superiors at the time of the incident and was allowed to go to the reserves early.

            He then got into MIT where he got his M.S. in Devices, circuits, and systems and his PhD in Devices, circuits, and systems. He then went to work with Raytheon for two years before going back to MIT to get an M.S. in Electrodynamics and energy systems. An old friend from his air force days then recruited him into the SGC. He was set up to do research on the computer systems of the Asguard, Ancient, and Goa’uld. He was also working on energy weapons and advancement in earth power systems.

            Skills: He is not the best shot in the world, but he is familiar with most SGC standard weapons. He is also familiar with alien weapons due to his research. He is good with reprogramming DHD’s and hacking into alien systems.
            Dr. Andrew Clarke

            Aftermath GW RP


              *Approved by Sharp*

              Flight Lieutenant RAAF Catherine Anne Hayden- nee MacGregor

              Formally with ASIS, the Australian version of the CIA. She was recruited by Malcolm Barrett for her joint work with the CIA in tracking down two Lucian Alliance agents on Earth prior to it's demise. Barrett got her into the SGC under her real status as a pilot, but her potential was seen by General Landry and she was singled out for covert lone ops to find SGC MIA's believed to be still held by the Goa'uld. After her husband’s untimely death in Afghanistan in 2003, it was this event that led to her rebelliousness, not caring for some time whether she lived or died. Malcolm Barrett brought her back from the brink on the insistence of her father Commodore William MacGregor

              Though a loner she also works well in a team environment and both Landry and O'Neill had high leadership hopes for her. She was on a mission to secure three SGC personnel when the end came for Earth and she managed to make her way to the Alpha site, where she blended in unnoticed and carried on her work. Cate was due to be promoted to Squadron Leader a week after her last SGC sortie. She generally wears local clothing off-world and knows how to take orders, but also when to ignore them, which has led to her somewhat "rebel" status.

              In her work as an agent for ASIS she had some very harrowing experiences. At one time she was captured and held for 3 months in North Korea, she endured physical torture and as a result she bears the scars of repeated whippings across her back. Through cunning and resourcefulness, she managed to escape. Eventually making it back home, she was tracked down by two North Korean counter agents, they were mysteriously found in a garbage dumper outside of Melbourne.

              Mother: Anne Elizabeth MacGregor, Captain Surgeon RAN

              Father: William Alexander MacGregor, Commodore RAN

              Brother : Benjamin Alexander MAcGregor, Captain SASR MIA 2002 SG11

              Rank:Flight Lieutenant RAAF

              Age: 33, blue green eyes.

              Distinguishing marks Has a tattoo of a dragon entwined around her left arm. The head at her shoulder and the tail near her wrist. The ink is impregnated with goa'uld dna and naquada. It's colour is red, green and gold and glitters in even the most subdued light

              High ATA gene

              Exchange postings with both the USAF and RAF. She has training on the BAE Hawk, Boeing F/A 18B and F and the GD F16D
              Martial arts black belt proficient in three forms, Tae Kwon Do, Standard Military Self Defence, and Muay Thai
              5'11", athletic solid build. Natural red brown hair, though not too many have seen that lately.

              General History

              Cate attended The Presbyterian Ladies College from the start of her schooling, she excelled in most academic subjects but her prowess in sports shone through at an early age. She was competing in Tria-athalons from the age of 12 and studied martial arts from 5.
              After graduating from high school, Cate was accepted into ADFA, Australia's military academy. She initially wanted to enter the Navy, following in the footsteps of her parents, but from early on, she was picked out for flying and after initial tests, she qualified for fighter school.
              At the age of 22 she met and married her husband Scott, a fellow student at the academy, he was selected for Army training and later entered the SASR, sadly he lost his life to an IED a year before Cate came to the SGC. Personal weapons, a pair of .357 Desert Eagle auto pistols with laser sights.

              Current status: Hunting Furbies

              *favoured clothing* sleeveless T tops and black BDU pants.
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                Tyrone (Ty) Henry Jumuljun, NZSASR (Photo image, Karl Urban)
                Age: 23
                Rank: Corporal

                Position: Sniper, weapons expert, armourer, tracker. Usually attached to any SG as per mission, still awaiting permanent posting. He has a high aptitude for fixing almost any mechanical device and is highly skilled in workshop practice with all forms of metal-craft.

                Appearance: Light tanned complexion, dark brown wavy hair. 175 cm- 80kgs, (5' 9" 176lbs )solid muscular build, brown eyes

                Personality: Shy and quiet, mixes well more with the ladies than other males, but generally gets on well with everyone. Ty speaks mainly when spoken to and rarely starts a conversation. He has a habit of laughing softly in the most dire circumstances and his sense of humour has enamoured him to everyone he has worked with. His personal file is spotless and he has several commendations from his commanding officers as well as two bravery awards from the SGC

                History: Ty finished school very early in year 10 to support his mother and siblings. After working as a fisherman, he entered the New Zealand Army, firstly with 4RNZR and then later with the NZSASR. He entered the Stargate Programme after being selected for the Atlantis mission, but was re-directed to SG7 for an off-world sortie. On returning his team called into the Alpha site, where he became ill and was forced to stay behind when Earth was attacked.

                Other important facts:
                A keen athlete, excelling in rugby Union and Swimming. His mother is Maori/Irish and his father Australian Aboriginal, but after his father's disappearance in a fishing accident, his mother returned to Auckland to raise her six children among family.
                Ty has a medium level ATA gene count and is proficient in Combat School Self Defence. He is studying Goa'uld during long periods of inactivity when he has nothing better to do. He is presently the SGC's highest scoring marksman.
                Current location: Armoury, awaiting SG team position.

                *4RNZR= 4th Royal New Zealand Regiment/ Infantry*
                *NZSASR= New Zealand SAS Regiment*.
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                  Character Name: Joseph Laport

                  Character Age: 30

                  Character Rank: Captain

                  Character Position: AFOSI Special Agent Stationed at the base

                  Appearance: average build, 6 foot, black hair, blue eyes

                  Personality: not on a case: Friendly, kind, patient
                  On the case: Impatient, stubborn, serious

                  History:Joseph was a good student through out high school and he went to the Air Force academy. After a couple of years in the Air Force, Joseph applied for the AFOSI. For many years, Joseph was an excellent agent. He would be able to figure out the solution to cases that no other agent could. Thus, he rose in the ranks. When General Blue was required to have an AFOSI Agent stationed on the base, he received 20 personnel files and Joseph's file was included in there. General Blue decided that Joseph was the agent that was the best fit for this position. Agent Laport does not have the ancient gene.

                  Other important facts: Joseph only will talk to Gen. Blue or anyone that Gen. Blue gives him permission to tell, about the cases he is currently on. If anyone else asks about his cases, he will get very defensive or deny it.

                  “The Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI, or OSI), is a Field Operating Agency(FOA) of the that provides professional investigative services to commanders throughout the Air Force. AFOSI identifies, investigates and neutralizes criminal, terrorist, and espionage threats to personnel and resources of the Air Force and Department of Defense using Special Agents”
                  -Taken from Wikipedia
                  Aftermath RP
                  Markus Redd - SG-7 Computer Scientist
                  Captain Joseph Laport - OSI Agent Stationed at Alpha Site

                  New Seasons RP
                  SGT Markus Redd - SG-3 Medic
                  Eli Wallace- SGU


                    Character Name: Shaun Patrick
                    Character Age: 27
                    Character Rank: US Air Force Staff Sergeant (AFSC 3D054)
                    Character Position: Software Engineer
                    Appearance: Tall, around 6'2, has red hair. He is a bit overweight, but has the muscles and speed to compensate for his added bulk.

                    Shaun tries to like everyone, but is an introvert and prefers his own company. He is slow to make friends, but is a loyal friend once he gets to know someone. He enjoys music immensely, and loves to dance.

                    History: Shaun is a computer geek. He loves playing with computers and writing new pieces of software. He spent his school life writing little scripts for his class mates, including something that took down the entire network in his school at one point - they never traced it back to him. He lived in Ireland until 13, and then moved over to New York when his father was moved there for his job. He finished his schooling in one of the big schools in NY before going to university to study software engineering. He loved it, and although he wasn't the very top of his class, he got close on a number of occasions.

                    In his final year at the university his lecturer proposed an interesting problem with a weird piece of code that was foreign to everyone. Shaun only later found out that it was actually a virus the Goa'uld had attempted to infect the SGC base computer with. The assignment was to write a 'watch dog' script to monitor for this infection and eliminate it. Shaun spent weeks focused on it and finally solved it. He was the only person in his class to do so.

                    A few weeks after he handed in his solution to his lecturer, Shaun was asked to come in for a meeting. Upon arrival he was faced with three Air Force officers, and his lecturer. Unsure just what it was he managed to get himself into, he sat and listened while they explained that the assignment he just did was actually a real virus created by one of "our enemies", and that the test was designed to find people of his skill level to help defend "the world" from them.

                    Having really enjoyed doing the assignment, and always loving a good challenge, Shaun was convinced that this new opportunity would be worth checking out. When he asked, "So, how do I join?", the reply was "Enlist in the Air Force, get through basic training, and you will find yourself there soon."

                    So, having no better offers, Shaun enlisted and tried as hard as possible during basic training. Pretty quickly he ended up at the SGC and was posted to Gaia only months before Earth was destroyed.

                    Other important facts: Shaun has a fantastic memory for computers, and software systems, but it is terrible for other things. His weapon skills were good enough to get him into the SGC, but they aren't fantastic.
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                      *Gen Blue and Col Sharp have both approved*

                      Character Name: Lyall 'Bean' Benedict
                      Character Age: 30
                      Character Rank: Staff Sergeant (British Army)
                      Character Position: Free agent; Bomb disposal
                      Appearance: Lyall stands at 1.80cm(5'11") with short, tussled dark brown hair and bright blue eyes and a perpetual 5 o' clock shadow on his chin.

                      Personality: Lyall is a friendly guy, always with a smile on his face. He's a good soldier, patient, well-mannered and obedient. He has a problem with being serious in peril situations and will voice his opinion if he disagrees with something, though not before asking for permission.
                      While he seems to be taking it easy and messing around, he's actually a very busy man, always having to do something, working better under pressure.

                      History: Lyall was born and raised in Sutton, England, his father a Colonel of the British Army.
                      He spent the early years of his life running amok on his parents' farm, till he was 11 and was sent to the Duke of York’s Royal Military School.
                      There he stayed till 18, leaving with high grades in maths and geography to join the Army.
                      Wanting more than the standard military life most soldiers got, he signed up to join the Sappers, the military engineers, qualifying for bomb disposal and Counter Terrorist Advanced Search.
                      He spent 9 years, going from skirmish to warzone and doing the occasional raid on terrorist hideouts before SGC contacted him with a job he couldn't refuse.
                      Helping with the fight against the Goa'uld, Lyall gained ranks for his hard, dedicated work making Warrant Officer Class 2.
                      During his 2nd year working at the SGC, a situation arose, the team he was with coming under heavy fire from a Goa'uld battalion.
                      Ignoring his CO's orders, Lyall and another soldier left the group and made their way round the enemy. Using explosives, they took out a few of the enemies, creating a big enough distraction for their team to reach the DHD and dial SGC.
                      As they made their way back, they were both hit by a staff weapon, the other soldier taking the most of the damage.
                      He managed to drag him through the ring, the team giving them cover fire, but the man died shortly after arrival.
                      Lyall was busted down a rank and even with the death on his conscience, he still believed he'd do the same thing if given the chance, which earned him a month's probation on top of his recovery time.
                      2 years later, he departs from the Alpha site to a planet with possible hostiles, returning 4 hours later with a minor burn and a victorious grin, only to hear that Earth is unreachable and possibly gone.

                      Other important facts: Has the Ancient gene, but it's weak.
                      Lyall has steady hands and a good eye, part of why he's good at bomb disposal. This helps him with his weapon fire, making him a possible sharpshooter, if he trained for it.
                      His second trade, Counter Terrorist Advanced Search, allows him to take up an active defence role, being able to detect possible threats and such while off world.
                      Due to an exchange his school had with other NATO academies/schools, he knows a little French and Dutch.
                      He was dubbed Bean by his father for being short when he was a kid.
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                      Aftermath Lyall 'Bean' Benedict New Seasons


                        (approved by Sharp)

                        Character Name: Dr. Silvia 'Syl' DeLucia
                        Age: 28
                        Nationality: Italian
                        Character Rank: Civilian
                        Character Specialization: Scientist/Engineer (laser technology and alien weapons)
                        Appearance: 170 cm (5.6 ft), 55kg (121 lb), short light brown hair, deep blue eyes, glasses. Love wearing long pullovers without sleeves, really hates skirts and heels; always wear a black leather band on her right wrist.
                        ATA Gene: Yes, high level
                        History: Born from Claudia and Daniele Delucia in a small mountain village in northern Italy, Silvia proved herself a smart girl early on; thus, when she turned 14, her teachers suggested that she study the Classics. She became the first of her class in Latin and Ancient Greek, but discovered that Literature and Philosophy were not her life, so, once she graduated, she decided to drastically change and study Physical Engineering, specializing in lasers and photonics. When she was 21, just one week after her graduation with a Laurea Triennale, Silvia's family died in a car accident: left alone, she moved to Boston, where her only relative, uncle Andrew, lived. Having greatly improved her English, she completed her physics studies at MIT, with a Ph.D. in Physics, and she gained the attention of the SGC's training program. They discovered her high level of the ancient gene, and her passion for advanced weaponry systems; with her good basis of Latin she easily learned Ancient, and received a basic training on Zats (in spite of her interest for huge weapons, she's afraid of carrying lethal weapons). A few days before the Explosion, she was sent to the Alpha site to study under Dr. Clarke. Since that moment she carries her black wristband as a memento of the strength she will need to face her fate.
                        Personality: Pessimistic and introverted, but always ready to help. Not afraid, but happy, of learning tons of new data.
                        Hobbies: Playing the flute, especially in moments of sadness.
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                          Time To get back in, Approved by Sharp.

                          Character Name: Robert “Tin Man” Duncan
                          Character Age: 32
                          Character Rank: First Lieutenant
                          Character Position:
                          Appearance: 5’9 Brown hair, 165 lbs
                          Personality: Head strong Type “A” personality, which somehow gives people the idea that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. However, would give life and limb for anyone, no matter how well he knows them.
                          History: Enlisted in the Air Force as a Combat Controller at the age of 19, served in dozens of classified conflicts between 1992 and 2000. During this time received a bachelor degree in college, but never did anything with it. He was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant in August of 2001. He was among the first men with boots on the ground during the war in Afghanistan in September 2001. During one of the nights his camp came under fire by mortar rounds, and was ordered to be evacuated, almost as soon as the evacuation was begun, enemy soldiers stormed the camp taking many hostages. Robert managed to escape this and regrouped a small squad to rescue the hostages. During the firefight a grenade landed near his position and he took shrapnel to his left shoulder while trying to protect another wounded airman. Managed to fight through the pain and rescue the hostages with only one complete casualty, though many were wounded. He received a purple heart and the air medal for his actions. Due to his injury parts of his left shoulder had to be replaced with titanium plates. Was one of the select few chosen each year that attain college degrees while enlisted to attend Officer Training School. He struggled with school due to a needed change in perspective from going from an enlisted man to an officer. Graduated in the middle of his class in early 2003 and applied repeatedly to flight school while serving as a Combat Control officer. Was accepted to this program after a few failed attempts. Graduated Flight school in late 2004 and was accepted to the F-302 program, and transferred to the Alpha site soon after.
                          ATA: Positive
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