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    Character Name: Lie’na

    Character Age: Around 27 (see below)

    Character Species: Jaffa

    Character Position: Free Jaffa (Soon to be SG-3 Member)

    Appearance: Medium-tall height, slender but somewhat muscled with a somewhat Celtic appearance, long black hair, hazel eyes.


    Personality: Optimistic. Shy around those she has yet to get to know, even a little fearful of those who are obviously in a position of command. Claustrophobic in certain respects, especially when it comes to cells. Loyal to those who have gained her trust, and vengeful to those who break it.

    History: Born to Ja’un, first prime of the Goa’uld Camulus, and Kir’ai a fearsome female soldier in Camulus’ service. Under these parents she flourished, their beautiful flower, she learnt to fight, of politics, of the worlds beyond the one she lived in and for a while her life was peaceful. Soon, however, Camulus made an enemy of himself to another Goa’uld, over a trivial issue. Before long the two were feuding as many of their kind did.

    Kir’ai marched off to fight for her master’s honour, and was killed in the battle, along with many other Jaffa. The loss devastated both Lie’na and Ja’un, Lie’na rose above it after only a few day’s mourning her mother, only a month before she turned 10 years old. Ja’un never fully recovered, but continued to serve Camulus faithfully, if only to keep his daughter safe. After a month Lie’na was honoured with her own symbiote in the Prim’tah ritual. She kept her head held high and trained fiercely.

    6 summers later, on the eve of her first step into adulthood Lie’na’s father was called away to raise to moral of troops fighting a new Goa’uld enemy of Camulus, by fighting in the front lines. Like his wife before him Ja’un was killed in the fight. The news was given to Lie’na on her birthday, along with a summons to her lord and master. Though she wished to stay and mourn her father, it was an offer she could not refuse.

    Camulus, the Celtic god of War was every bit the male warrior, and like to take the prettiest females as personal ‘servants’, and had set his sights on the newly orphaned Jaffa, and as a Goa’uld and aspiring System Lord what he wanted. He took with little regard to the feelings of the owner or object, Lie’na was strong willed, and soon began to rebel against his despicable actions.

    With his typical short temper and lack of patience Camulus had her flogged for her insolence, but he had not anticipated her determination. He had her locked away, with varying punishments each day to crush her spirit, after a while the Goa’uld’s attention was diverted, but his orders remained. His lieutenant, Grannus particularly enjoyed administering these punishments when he was free to do so.

    In the dark of her cell Lie’na renounced her beliefs, she saw the Goa’uld for what they truly were, and saw her own people as weak letting themselves be enslaved by the monsters. She vowed to escape, to rally her people together against the monsters, no matter the cost. Even in her dark cell she heard the whispers of the Tau’ri, and their resistance to the Goa’uld, allies of a sort, if they could ever trust a Jaffa like her.

    It was only this dream that kept her alive, and when a chance of escape arose she took it without hesitation. The failure brought Camulus’ attention back to her, the punishment for escape was harsh, however Camulus stopped it, insisting that she was ‘too beautiful to ruin’. Instead he opted for an unconventional method, in what would be the last attempt to break her spirit.

    He told her of how he’d orchestrated her parents’ deaths, how they’d dared to even think to defy him, to get the best life for their daughter. First he’d planned her mother’s death, how his most loyal servants had shot her from behind, how he’d loved seeing Ja’un’s weakness. Then when Lie’na herself had bolstered him back up, how Camulus had been forced to take action once again.

    The attempt backfired, Lie’na knew her parents would have been proud of her, Camulus had been foolish and, though Lie’na would have liked to choke the life out of him, she’d merely knocked him unconscious. Rushing out the room to collect the guards, and slipping out as they rushed inside to tend to their master.

    This time her escape was clean, she travelled to the stargate, dialled a random address and stepped through. The world she arrived at was devoid of human life, a few ruins stood near the stargate, but that was it, the rest of the world had been taken by nature. Lie’na quickly learnt to adapt to life in the wild. She didn’t know how long she’d endured Camulus’ torture for, but relished the freedom and decided to stay.

    For a long time, again she knew not how long, she lived in the wilds, becoming part feral. She learnt from nature itself, mimicking the animals around her. She became so close to them she began to be able to not only make herself understood, but understand them too. So close she was even accepted into a pack of wolf-like creatures for a particularly harsh winter.

    Slowly she began to realise it was through emotions was from which meaning came, whether it be through body language or howls or even birdsong. Body language was not ideal for her, she could read it well enough but a different species of animal could interpret it a different way. Howls were too loud, brutish for her voice, she found however that she could half sing her emotions to make them understood.

    It took her a fair time to emphasise her emotions well enough for most creatures of the wild to understand her well enough to be dubbed communicating. The singing itself had no specific words, just a collection of mixed sounds that she had found easiest to convey emotions through.

    With this new ability she roamed the wilds, always able to hunt her own food well and keep the peace with local predators. Before too long she reached the stargate again, it brought back memories of her vow, she smiled, armed with her new ‘skill’ she could survive anywhere there was life. She once again dialled the gate and stepped through.

    She address she had dialled was the one of Dakara, home of a faction of rebel Jaffa by some strange luck. However it was not as easy as that, the Roman society treated the Celtic Jaffa with contempt and suspicion, much as the Tau’ri Romans had with the Celts, unbeknown to them. It didn’t help that her time in the wild had left Lie’na more than a little dirty, and her clothes were torn and, thanks to Camulus’ tastes, a little on the skimpy side.

    Another area that aroused much suspicion and contempt was her language, she was so unused to speaking normally that she’d forgotten most of both the Goa’uld and Basic (Common English) tongues. Her strange singing seemed to have little effect, so she did her best to re-learn the language, though her speech was very broken and always sounded strange.

    Other important facts:
    • The singing sounds and makes the listener feel very strange, however most humans are too intelligent to actually understand it. Animals can understand it to a certain degree, but it isn’t anything like talking.
    • She can read body language, and can pick up on emotions in people’s speech, but only when there is a lot of it. (Similar to the way you can tell if a friend is down even if a normal person couldn’t, just those slight subtle clues).
    • Her sense of smell and hearing are more sensative than normal due to her time in the wild.
    • Cooked meat will actually make her ill as she is so used to it raw, however this has yet to be found out.
    • She does distrust Jaffa more than Tau’ri, for obvious reasons.
    • She has heard rumours of the Tok’ra, but believes it to be nothing more.
    • Her Basic is currently very broken, her Goa’uld is slightly better, but not brilliant.
    • Her forehead is tatooed with Camulus’s symbol, similar to a Ken rune (something similar to the rune showed below)
    • Though she has turned from Camulus and all Goa’uld, she still hold faith in the spirituality elements to her upbringing, a mixture of typical Jaffa practices and Celtic Polytheism, especially the runic and symbolic parts of the latter.
    • Due to this she has several wooden carved runes upon her person.

    Note: She arrived with Giaus and the rest of the Romans

    Update Log:
    30/01/09 - Minor Editing
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    "I once thought it better to be right
    But now I have finally seen the light
    Sometimes you've got to be wrong and learn from mistakes
    I live with serenity now, not self righteous hate.

    - Dream Theater, Shattered Frotress

    Gateworld RP: Aftermath
    Update Thread


    Main Characters

    Ray's sig made by Shelly, Vince's, House's and Li's modelled on her good work.

    Looking after

    For Xym, and so I have a place I can take the siggy code from!

    Non-bio'd NPC Characters


      Character Name: Liz Bell Davis
      Character Age: 25
      Character Rank: 1st Lieutenant
      Character Position: (What is the purpose of placing him/her on a team?)
      Appearance: Liz is five foot five weighing one hundred and six pounds. She has light brown hair, defined by her deep brown set eye's, soft white skin and a small toned physique. Her body has improved since the surgery during her long recovery time.
      Personality: Liz isn't a very mailable girl. She tends to be set in her ways and tries to enjoy what is thrust upon her to the best of her ability. She might care too much about others at times which is how she ended up where she is now, and in her current state, but she tries to keep a level head and make the right choice for everyone. She keeps her smarts hidden and close to home, over her physical attributes. Liz tends to be lazy when it comes to off duty, besides the routine workouts and a few games here and their. On the job it's a different story.
      History: Liz grew up on the poor side of town, her grades were solid but her focus wasn't. She was a good student but not good enough to get any help when she was graduating high school so she decided to be weird and different and joined the service. She thought she could stay in for a few years, save up money and get training in something, and then later attend college when she finished.That is when she heard of West Point. She knew about it, growing up in New York has that affect on you, but she never thought of actually attending. She worked her butt off on essays, recommendations, interviews, and surprisingly, maybe not completely to herself, but still surprisingly she stood out, rising above many of the others and actually got accepted on her ambition and attitude. For once in her life the 'you are great' feeling she had always had but never received by others, always falling into the bottom pack of the best, was now changing and she was gaining more standing among her peers. Her confidence rose and she found her calling. She told her parents, boy were they thrilled, not. But she was doing this for herself. She didn't get accepted anywhere else that she wanted to go anyway, everywhere else started with a community in front of it, she'd rather die then go to a community college. After four gruelingly fun years at the academy she got commissioned as a 2nd Lt. and was stationed at the XVIII Airborne Corps where she received the rest of her training. The unit's specialty involves fighting effectively in harsh conditions. Like the rest of the corps, it is designed for rapid deployment anywhere in the world. The division is currently based at Fort Drum, New York.
      Twenty two and full of life she joined her first unit and stuck with them, on base for another two years of training. After completing her time their she was transferred to what seemed like across the world and stationed at Cheyenne Mountain. Everything changed after that, her still green eye's and untested combat experience quickly got tested after she was assigned to her first real team. SG-16. Each day was a new surprise and her skills were tested on an hourly basis on all things SGC based. She loved it. It was an adventure to her, something she never expected but always dreamed possible. After a year on the team she was fully battle tested, already promoted to a 1st Lt., and cried over a few lost team members. Her previous Co had retired and the rest of their team... was gone. Her new team was assigned on a two week off world mission in enemy territory, the best and worst thing to happen to her. That week the Earth was attacked, destroyed, she was stranded off world shot through the lungs, and everything changed. Her team brought her to the Beta site. She's been their recovering ever since. She is only now being allowed to return to full active duty. She is related to another Sg Member Claire Davis, her beautifully sweet cousin.

      Other important facts: Might have the ATA Gene. Loves mineral water, enjoys a good game of chess, oh and she specialized in astronomy at West Point although now that she is in space she's learned far more than any book could have taught her.(Played a Captain two years ago, badly though.)
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        Name: Mark Gates
        Age: 30
        Race: Tau’ri
        Height: 6'3
        Weight: 180 lbs
        Rank: Master Sergeant
        Position: unassigned
        Appearance: Medium Build Short hair, tall
        Childhood: Mark bounced around from foster parent to foster parent with his little brother Nick. As such he went from school to school never getting a comprehensive education but rather learning quite a bit from reading and watching T.V. on his own. Once 18 Mark joined the Air force, assigned as a clerk but longing to have a more critical role. Instead he did the responsible thing and took care of his brother. Once Nick was of age and in college Mark fulfilled his dream and applied for Air Force Special Operations Command. During his tenure at AFSOC Mark participated in Combat rescue missions receiving commendations on two separate occasions.
        This however was not his specialty at AFSOC. Mark took a liking to psychological warfare and took part in extensive training. Through the Air force college program he was able to get an associates in psychiatry. He was an expert in deploying those tactics in the field. During the early years of the War on Terror it was Mark's assignment to barrage local radio and television signals with specifically designed messages to destroy the enemies will to fight.
        Not soon after Mark was recruited into the Stargate Program, specifically the Psychological Warfare division which consisted of 2 SG teams specifically created for the job. Assigned to the first team as second in command it was the job of this division to never directly confront the enemy but to work in the shadows to demoralize and convert Jaffa and to undermine support structures within the System Lords feudal structure. He was transferred to the Alphasite pending permanent reassignment 3 days before the destruction of Earth.
        Personality- Mark is quiet, often waiting to read others before revealing himself. Once in a comfortable environment he tends to loosen up and can be very sociable. Due to his childhood Mark has the tendency to be self sacrificing in order for others to thrive.


          I realized that I never posted a proper bio for Hunt so here...
          Character Name: Brian Hunt

          Character Age: 41

          Character Rank: NID Classification Special Agent

          Character Position: Civilian Oversight Supervisor of military operations on Gaia

          Appearance: 6’3, average built, dark hair, 213 lbs. Wore a 5 o’clock shadow during his time in Foreston but since his arrival at the base is clean-shaven.

          Personality: Brian plays everything close to his chest, careful never to really reveal any personal information. He is very smart and uses this fact to maneuver himself into favorable positions. He is driven by the goals he sets and will stop at nothing to accomplish them.
          Personal History: Brian was born into a military family, his father was a marine sergeant. He traveled all over the world as a result. Through his travels Brian became well versed in various languages and cultures. Brian went onto double major in Communications and Sociology at Princeton University where he graduated with top Honors

          **Relevant Information**
          When he was 17 his father was the victim of a friendly fire incident and lost his leg. Instead of investigating the incident it was swept under the rug and his father was honorably discharged. After being unable to provide for his family Brian’s father fell into a deep depression and killed himself, instilling a distrust of the Military in his son.

          Father: Sergeant Thomas Hunt—Enlisted/Marine Corps.
          Mother: Margaret Hunt -- Housewife
          Sister: None
          Spouse: None
          Son: None
          Daughter: None

          NID Record:
          After graduating from Princeton Brian fielded many offers from private companies but instead decided to take a position with a government organization called the N.I.D., whose mandate was the oversight of top-secret projects in the United States. It was this mandate and the suspicious circumstances of his father’s discharge that fueled his decision.

          Brian was flown to then N.I.D. top-secret training center in western United States. After a year of physical and psychological training Brian was dispatched to the N.I.D. Berlin office as a deep-cover operative.

          After 4 years S.A. Hunt was transferred to the South pacific office where he inserted himself into a government sponsored team commissioned to explore and explain the unique properties of a specific island invisible to all known global imaging technology.

          In 2001 after the South Pacific office was abandoned for reasons withheld from official report S.A. Hunt was reassigned to the S.G.C. oversight office where he ran background checks and covertly investigated S.G.C. personnel.

          In 2004 S.A. Hunt was assigned to oversee colonizing operations covertly in the newly constructed town of Gaia at the Alpha site as a factory worker with orders to rebuild the N.I.D. in the event of Earth destruction.


            An NPC bio for Aziza Emerson.

            Name: Aziza Evelyn Emerson
            Rank: Sergeant
            Age: 35 (DOB 14 May 1971)
            Species: Human
            Ancestry: British
            Citizenship: USA
            Ancient gene: no
            Gender: Female
            Height: 5ft 6in
            Weight: 120 lbs
            Hair / eyes: Black, curly, cut medium / bright blue
            Distinguishing features: Eye of Ra tattoo on her left ankle

            Service: Enlisted in Air Force at 20. (1991)
            Because of her familiarity with Egypt, she was trained and assigned as an ‘observer’ in the Middle East.

            Education & training: High School, 1 year of college – Archeology major
            Speaks Egyptian, Hebrew, and Arabic. Reads hieroglyphics and hieratic and modern Egyptian, Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic and Ancient Latin.

            Personal history: Her parents were Archeologists working in Egypt. They worked with the Jacksons and should have been in New York with them when they were killed. The Emersons were still in Egypt because, 3 days before they were scheduled to leave to meet the Jacksons, Aziza broke her leg falling off a camel she wasn’t supposed to be riding anyway. Otherwise, the Emersons may have died along with the Jacksons.
            The Emersons, Walter and Fatima moved to the US in 1985 when Fatima was offered a position as Professor of Archeology at the University of Minnesota.
            When she turned 18, Aziza started the procedure to become a Citizen. A year later, after deciding that college wasn’t her forte, she enlisted in the Air Force.
            She was quite surprised to be re-assigned to ‘Deep Space Radar Telemetry’ instead of staying in the Middle East.
            And was even more astounded to find out that Daniel’s hair-brained theory was totally true.

            Personality: Easy going. Even tempered. Let’s almost everything roll off her back. Up to a point. After that point, she can kick the offender’s butt to Kingdom come.

            (( Green to the person who can give me the reference for the name. ))
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            Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything


              New Recruit: Jack Beckett (me)

              NAME: Jack Beckett
              D.O.B: 5th Sept 1968
              P.O.B: Oxford, UK
              PERSONALITY: Friendly, kind, helpful, optimistic, good team worker or leader
              POSITION APPLYING FOR: Scientist, engineer, part time doctor and pilot if neccessary
              HISTORY: Jack was born in Oxford in the United Kingdom. His father was in the RAF and his
              mother was a chief scientist in a leading science devolpement country, so he started
              learning science and aviation at a very young age. At the age of 4, he had developed
              a strong interest in aviation. He went to one of the top private schools in the UK.
              At the age of 6, he started Scouts. Over time he achieved many survival awards. At the
              age of 13, Beckett joined Air cadets, and excelled in flying and shooting. He can fly a
              large range of aircraft, including helicopters, fighter jets, cargo jets and more.
              At 19, Jack joined the RAF for 6 years and furthered his skills and knowledge in aviation
              and piloting. After resigning from the Royal Air Force, he went to Oxford university,
              where he studied physics, chemistry, engineering, IT, biology, english, numeracy and
              aviation. He has recently been transferred from Shanstid.
              SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS: 1 GCSE in english. 4 GCSE's in foreign languages.
              PhD in physics. 2 A levels in chemistry. 1 A level in biology. Emergency Medical
              Techniciation. 1 A level in engineering.
              1 A level in IT. Excellent pilot in a range of aircraft. Scouting awards for survival
              and first aid. 2 awards for shooting.

              Finally in the RP It's gonna be fun!
              SIGN THE PETITION:
              READ THE PLAN:
              Spread the word! Save the gate!


                (( Genapprove'd TM ))

                Name: Gregory House
                Nickname: House.
                Age: 49
                D.O.B.: June 11th 1956
                Species: Tau’ri
                Pre-rank: None
                Specialisation: Physiotherapy (All forms, but prefers Neurological)

                Personality: House is (or at least appears) misanthopic, cynical and a curmudgeon. He appears to have little sympathy for patients themselves, while this allows him to solve the underlying problems it never endears him. This is documented to be due to the destruction of Earth. His personal mantra is: “Everyone lies.”

                History: Born to Simon and Joanne House, his father worked in the airforce meaning they never stayed in one place too long. In Japan, aged 14 he found his career path after seeing the respect a doctor gained for treating a patient no other doctor could.

                House earned his undergraduate degree at John Hopkins, and attempted to study medicine at the Medical School, only to be expelled when he cheated when the workload grew too much for him. He changed both university and subject, training instead as a Physiotherapist.

                A little later in life found love in a high flying airforce officer, whom was transferred to the SGC just months after they began dating. When the need for a PT at the Alpha Site came around House, with help from his partner, secured the position. Their love died along with Earth, afterwards he seemed to change into the cynical person he is now (if the two are related is anyone's guess, this is House after all!)

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                "I once thought it better to be right
                But now I have finally seen the light
                Sometimes you've got to be wrong and learn from mistakes
                I live with serenity now, not self righteous hate.

                - Dream Theater, Shattered Frotress

                Gateworld RP: Aftermath
                Update Thread


                Main Characters

                Ray's sig made by Shelly, Vince's, House's and Li's modelled on her good work.

                Looking after

                For Xym, and so I have a place I can take the siggy code from!

                Non-bio'd NPC Characters



                  IMHO, since we’re an alternate universe from the televised version, history can be whatever we want it to be.
                  ~It’s time that my story is told officially. Callista and Nikolai and the others have written reports from their points of view, now it’s my turn.~ - Janus, partner to Nikolai.

                  Approximately four years before Daniel Jackson deciphered the symbols on the cover stone and the Tau’ri burst into the Galaxy, the Asgard and the Tok’ra joined in an alliance. It wasn’t a fighting alliance, the goal here was to give the Tok’ra reproductive options.
                  They believed that their species’ Mother, Egeria, was long dead and there were no other symbiote queens among her children. Without one, there could be no new Tok’ra. Being Tok’ra was not a species distinction, it was a state of mind passed down along with genetic memories to a queen’s offspring.

                  The Goa’uld were winning the battle by the simple expedient of breeding thousands of young with their mindset.

                  The Asgard, in exchange for the Tok’ra’s fresh perspective on the clone drift that was clouding their own future, agreed to apply their talents to cloning symbiotes.

                  An offshoot of the Jaffa race, patterned after the Roman Legions of the Republic, volunteered some of it’s members to act as incubators. Since their ‘gods’ were not of the System Lord level, they had rarely battled against Tok’ra operatives and had a much more congenial relationship that the traditional Jaffa.

                  Project Quadrifrons, meaning ‘four heads’, was begun. The name was derived from the four beings essential to success. An Asgard and a Tok’ra to do the actual cloning, a Symbiote to supply the genetic material and a Foster-host to nurture the baby symbiote to maturity.
                  Beowulf was the Asgard. Birea, the Tok’ra. Many, many symbiotes allowed samples to be taken and a legion of Romans were on call.

                  At first it seemed that their combined efforts would be in vain. Pure cloned symbiotes didn’t have the robustness to survive implantation in an incubator host. The longest survivor was for one year.

                  Finally, in desperation, the scientists tried splicing DNA from different symbiotes. They believe that the process might mimic sexual reproduction and bring a measure of the vitality it appeared to impart. The fear was, however, that the spliced DNA wouldn’t carry Egeria’s instructions to her children. Would the new beings be essentially mindless or would they revert to the longer genetic history of domination by which the Goa’uld lived.

                  This wasn’t a spectacular success unfortunately. There wasn’t a wide enough genetic diversity in their samples. A call went out to every Tok’ra alive to donate a piece of themselves to the experiment.

                  Six years ago, there was finally a group of ten larvae who managed to survive their in vitro birth. Four died before they could be implanted in Roman incubators.
                  The largest, most active of the symbiote survivors was given the name Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings. The hope was that he would be the first of new Tok’ra race.

                  The Roman incubators went back to their home and lives, trusting that the baby symbiotes they carried were learning how to care for the hosts they would eventually occupy.

                  As fate would have it, one of them was a soldier in Zeus’ legions. During the ground attack on the Tau’ri planet of Gaia, he was mortally wounded. His primtah, Janus, did everything he could to help his foster host. He managed to keep the warrior alive for days, long enough for the Tau’ri to discontinue their active search for survivors.
                  They took shelter in the wreck of the Alarius, hoping to find some supplies not ruined by the crash. They took up residence in the lower levels of the ship, in an area that seemed to be someone’s office. When the Roman realized that he was dieing, he tried to give his almost mature symbiote a fighting chance to survive. An aquarium became Janus’ new home. The Roman, delirious with fever, stumbled his way out of the wreck in search of his comrades. What he didn’t know was that the battle was over and his comrades were prisoners, there was no one left to find he or Janus.

                  During the next three months, Janus bided his time in the slowly fouling water, eventually eating the carcasses of the fish who were once his companions. An earthquake shook the ship, causing the supports on his tank to buckle and the glass to crack. Water began leaking out until there was barely enough to cover his panicked body. Thrashing about only increased the water loss. Just when he resigned himself to dieing before he had a chance to live, a rescuer appeared.

                  ~I’m going to tell this part like I experienced it.~

                  I could feel the measured vibrations of someone approaching me. The water was so dirty that I had to lift my head out to see.
                  A man with pale hair carrying what seemed to be a weapon approached warily. There was no way I could tell from his clothing if he was Jaffa, Roman or something else. He certainly didn’t look like a Tok’ra or an Asgard, the only other people I’d ever seen.

                  I screamed along with him as he collapsed to the floor. With a strength I didn’t know I could exert, I leaped up and hung over the edge of my box. It tipped, slid and crashed to the floor throwing me farther from the man.
                  Those eight body lengths were the longest, driest, most hurtful distance I had ever tried to negotiate. I knew that, if I couldn’t find shelter in this person, I was dead.
                  I was so focused on finding his pouch that I didn’t see his serious physical distress. It wasn’t until I bit his hand and got no reaction that I knew he was in trouble. If I didn’t do something drastic very quickly we would both be dead.
                  ~Please forgive me. It’s wrong to take a host without permission but, I have no choice.~
                  The pain from my splitting skin made every other hurt seem like nothing. I pulled free, leaving eyes, ears, mouth and fins behind as I made the blind lunge for the man’s parted lips.
                  From my perspective now, of having joined with Nikolai twice, I can say that our first joining was absolute h3ll. I was trying to align our systems and do repairs at the same time. I’m thankful that he was so deeply unconscious that there was no fight for control of the body. We wouldn’t have survived.

                  Little did I know that that was going to be the easy part of my introduction to the Tau’ri.
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                    Name: Michael Thompson

                    Character Age: 27

                    Character Rank: Lieutenant , United States Coast Guard

                    Character Position: Unassigned
                    Appearance: Very Short Short hair, medium Build 5'11 185 lbs.

                    Personality:Laid back yet highly efficient. has an uncanny ability to remain calm and assess even them most dire of circumstances.

                    Michael grew up with working on his grandfathers fishing boat and heard many stories of his years in the Coast Guard. When he was old enough he himself joined.

                    Military Record:
                    After Graduating the The Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy in Charleston, South Carolina, Thompson was assigned to the U.S.C.G.C. Maui as a boarding officer where he quickly ascended the ranks and attained the position of Chief Boarding Officer (CBO).

                    During the early months of Operation Iraqi Freedom the Maui and Thompson were dispatched to the Iraqi Coast to thwart piracy, and smuggling on the coast. Thompson and his boarding team became one one of the most accomplished outfits, boarding 53 suspected ships and confiscating $1.3 million worth of contraband and illegal weapons.

                    After his tour on the Maui, Thompson was assigned to the S.G.C as a liaison officer. Recently Thompson was stationed in Riverton, teaching it's inhabitants general maritime safety procedures and basic Search and rescue. Since then he has been back at the base and assigned a position on SG-2.

                    Notes- While Coast Guard may seem an odd choice there is precedent. From Wikipedia...
                    " The National Search and Rescue Plan designates the United States Coast Guard as the federal agency responsible for maritime search-and-rescue (SAR) operations, and the United States Air Force responsible for aeronautical SAR in the continental U.S. with the exception of Alaska.[8] Both agencies maintain Joint Rescue Coordination Centers to coordinate this effort."


                      Approved by Gen Blue

                      Character Name: Corey Jonathan Sullivan

                      Character Age: 22

                      Character Rank: US Army Specialist, equivalent to Air Force Senior Airman

                      Character Position: Chaplain's Assistant, working for Chaplain (1LT) Joshua McGregor

                      Appearance: 5'9", has an athletic build appropiate to his military combat and fitness training. A short high and tight that would be light brown if it grew out much. Pale blue eyes, of the icy, watery type.

                      Personality: Gentle-natured and dedicated to his work. Occasionally immature with a willingness to yank his friends' chains. Giving to others and always willing to bridge the gap between his contemporaries who need someone to talk to and the chaplain.

                      History: Sullivan was not always the good Christian man he is now. Born to Jonathan Sullivan and a random fling who dumped their son with Jonathan, Corey got the short end of life's stick. His father was a small-time crook; car boosting, armed robbery, burglary, drug dealing, anything to make a quick buck without much work. Jonathan taught his young son his skills, using the boy as a lookout and accomplice by the time he was 4. By the age of 10, Corey was as skilled as his father and acting as an active partner in crime. He spent the next 2 years stealing cars he wasn't old enough to drive and burglarizing houses at his dad's behest. When he was 12, he was helping his dad's gang boost two Ferraris from a high-end nightclub. Club security caught the gang in the act and called the cops, leading to a shootout with the police and Jonathan Sullivan's death. Put in foster care, Corey continued down the path his father had put him on and moved through many families. His life changed course at 16 after trying to steal a Mercedes from a upper-class church parking lot. Reverend Patrick Michaels caught him in the act and after a brief confrontation, Corey was restrained and arrested. But charges were never filed, and Corey found himself as the reformatory project of the Reverend Michaels. Two years later and one enlistment later, juvenile delinquent Corey John had become PVT Sullivan, chaplain's assistant. Climbing the ranks over his four years of service to SPC Sullivan and entering the Stargate Program as Chaplain McGregor's assistant.

                      Other important facts: Corey does not have the ancient gene, but is skilled at breaking car locks, hot wiring cars, picking locks and other unsavory criminal skills learned at his father's hand. Unfortunately, were to be completely shirtless, a person would notice the Black Dragons gang tattoo on his shoulder, still present because having a tattoo removed is expensive and it's part of witnessing his own story of redemption by now. A dedicated Christian, Sullivan can generally name a verse for any situation. Dedicated to his work tending to, assisting, and protecting Chaplain McGregor, Corey would take the bullet for his boss in a heartbeat.
                      "Che idiota fa una cosa del genere! Gli americani non pensare cose del genere?!"
                      " 'Idiot' and 'American' I think were cognates? I'm going to assume you're not talking about me so we can work together better."
                      Ambassador Isabelle Cooper-Oxford and Lt. Col. Stephen "Steve" Hamrick ~ "Discoveries"

                      Discover a … New Galaxy

                      Look for a … New Adventure

                      Find a … New Mythology


                        Sorry it took so long. Been really busy.

                        Biological Information
                        Name: Nolen "Dragon" Syaira
                        Gender: Male
                        Race: Human
                        Homeworld: Earth / Australia
                        Date of Birth (Age): 10 of Feb 1970; (25)
                        Height: 181cm
                        Blood Type: AB+
                        Hair: Shoulder length, Brown, straight
                        Eyes: Blue
                        ID Marks: A small Dragon Tattoo on his right shoulder.
                        Personality Profile: Nolan is a larrikin like many Australian's, He has a good sense of humor and will always lend an ear to anyone that wants it. He is dependable but doesn't always follow the rules but he means well in everything he does. He loves a dogfight in any sort of fighter to fighter situation and can get sarcastic when under pressure.

                        Professional Information
                        Occupation: Military Pilot
                        Organization: RAAF Pilot
                        Rank: 1st Leiutenant
                        Rank Grade: 02
                        Assignment: SG 2 (I hope)

                        Personal History:
                        Was a good student in school above average scores in Physics, Applicable Mathematics and English as well as Geography and History.
                        Sort of a loner at school with only one friend "Kira Natsumi" who was a straight A student with a wild imagination which she wrote stories about their great adventures on other worlds. She left school and became a teacher.
                        After joining the military at 18 as a junior officer I found a Best friend "Nikita", Also a young pilot, and made many friends in the service.

                        Parents (Natasha and Derick Syaria) Died in a horrific car crash on the way to visit him in Kapooka,
                        Sister (Lisa Syaria) is a Doctor in the military Stationed in WA, KIA.
                        Twin Brother (Josh Syaria) is MIA over Antarctica after helping defend earth from Anubis' forces, No Body found. Left behind a wife and two daughters, (Dana Syaria, Jimmy Syaria and wife Stella Syaria). All KIA
                        Best friend (Nikita) is a RAAF pilot too. Serving in Iraq with the Number 6 squadron. KIA

                        Training and Education:

                        Basic Defense Force Training.
                        Above Average in Hand to Hand and small arms training.
                        Received Officer Training at ADFA.
                        Graduated Top 30% of the Class.
                        Job Related Training.
                        Above Average in Flight training in Attack Fighters and bombers. also some Rotary wing training,.

                        Military Record:
                        Graduated the ADFA,
                        July 2001
                        Served One year in East Temor:
                        with Number 75 Squadron flying F/A-18 and Army Black Hawk Units.
                        Mostly involved in recon flights.
                        Also helped with evacuations with black hawk squadrons.
                        July 2002
                        Served One year in Afghanistan:
                        with Number 75 Squadron flying F/A-18
                        Involved in joint bombing raids with American pilots.
                        July 2003
                        Served Six Months in Iraq:
                        with Number 75 Squadron flying F/A-18
                        Involved in joint bombing raids with American pilots.
                        Also Involved with fleet protection.
                        Jan 2004.
                        After Iraq:
                        Both brother and I were recruited to be in the first group of Australian pilots to fly a new top secret American super fighter, The F-302, and sent to America for training. While training was introduced to the Stargate program and was accepted as one of the first International pilots for the program.
                        Was involved in a struggle with Anubis' forces over Antartica.

                        Knows a little about aircraft mechanics and maintenance as well as a little on computers and computer systems.

                        Ancient Gene:
                        Has the ancient gene

                        Can be sarcastic under pressure and loves a aerial dogfight.

                        Avatar Character:
                        Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn)

                        David / Australia
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                          CPT. JENNIFER J. FIRALI

                          Name(s): Jennifer Johauna*
                          Surname: Firali
                          Rank: Captain
                          Date of birth: 9th October 1975
                          Place of birth: Praha 2
                          Nationality: USA/Czech


                          Father : John Firali - Colonel USAF, deceased
                          Mother : Ivana Firali - Major USMC, deceased
                          Brother : Vaclav Firali - MSgt. USMC, deceased

                          Known languages :

                          English - active knowledge
                          Czech - active knowledge
                          Slovak - active knowledge
                          German - active knowledge
                          Latin - passive knowledge
                          Lantean/Ancient - passive knowledge

                          Education :

                          1981 - 1989 : Zakladni skola Brdickova, 1987, Praha, Czech Republic
                          1989 - 1993 : William Mitchell High School / JROTC, Colorado Springs
                          1993 - 1997 : Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs

                          Notable Duty Records :

                          09/1997 : Graduates from USAFA
                          10/1997 : Assigned to NASA
                          02/1998 - 09/1998 : Mission in Germany, secret project
                          01/1999 - 09/1999 : Cooperation with the Czech Republic Armed Forces, to promote relations between US and CZE
                          01/2001 - 06/2002 : Participation in X-302 project
                          07/2003 - 07/2004 : Participation in X-303 project
                          10/2004 : Suffers serious injury during secret NASA project
                          12/2004 - 03/2005 : Graduates from SGC personnel training, as an outstanding candidate
                          03/2005 : Sent to Alpha Site
                          Present : Diagnosed with cancer

                          Military Medals & Awards

                          - Air Force Training Ribbon
                          - Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon
                          - National Defense Service Medal
                          - Air Force Overseas Long Tour
                          - Air Force Recognition Ribbon
                          - Meritiorious Service Medal
                          - Defense Superior Service Medal


                          Jennifer J. Firali was born on 9th October 1975 in Prague, in Czechoslovakia (Czech republic). Her father's name is John Firali, born in US in Colorado Springs, an USAF pilot. He is currently an instructor on USAFA. Mother, Ivana Firali, met John in 1965, during John's visit in the Czechoslovakia. Jennifer spends first years of her life in Czechoslovakia (later known as Czech Republic, once Slovakia separated from Czech in 1993). The Firali family emigrates to USA two months after Jennifer graduates from elementary school in 1989.

                          In the same year, in September 1989, Jennifer applied for JROTC program, supported by Williem Mitchell's High School, which she attended. She graduates from high school in 1993, finally being set on where her future life lies. On Jennifer's father vouching, Jennifer is accepted to Air Force Academy, a prestige school for future Air Force Officers. Her next four years were very rigorous, due to the fact that her father was far more strict to her during the piloting trainings, next to the fact that her peers often blamed her for being 'preferred' by her father. Although, Jennifer does not give up and graduates in Astronautic & Aeronautics in 1997 as an outstanding graduate from her semester.

                          Finally, later in 1997, Jennifer fulfills her childhood dream, and is assigned to NASA.

                          Jennifer travels to Germany, to participate in secret project in next year. Her personal life gets a swift turn, as she meets a civilian, Christian Diehl. In upcoming three months, their relationship grows more solid. It looked like Jennifer would stay in Germany for a little longer, even after finishing her assignment, but Chris gets killed in a car-crash, which ultimately led Jennifer to ask for re-assignment back to US.

                          By beginning of 1999, Jennifer travels back to Czech republic to try and establish better cooperation and relations between US and Czech republic Armed Forces. During this period, Jennifer becomes more reserved to herself, as she is reminded of unfortunate event in Germany.

                          She participates in X-302 & X-303 projects as a testing pilot and also as an advisor during 2001-2004.

                          During tests, she got badly wounded and it looked like she would have no choice, but to be honourably discharged, due to medical reasons. Although, things turned out for the better and Jennifer recovers in next two months. By time she returns back to duty, she learns about Stargate program and is assigned into SGC Training Program. Upon graduation from the training, new opportunities are in reach and Jennifer immediately takes them.

                          In 2005, beginning of March, Jennifer was sent to Alpha site, leaving her family behind under assumption she is stationed outside of US, on a secret base.

                          First blow, which struck Jennifer and all 'Gaia' residents was tragical message that Earth was destroyed, leaving last survivors of Alpha Site, code-named as 'Gaia' as probably the last remnants of human kind.

                          Unfortunately, it weren't last of bad news - few months after Earth's destruction, during her stay on 'Gaia', Jennifer is diagnosed with cancer. She was just about to ask to be assigned to a field team and continue her duty as long as she would be able to, but the whole cancer issue blowed it out of the table for her. She would never admit it, but it was very hard blow for her, turning her into rather lonely, strict person, staying distant from others.

                          *Middle Name Johauna comes from book called 'Tainted sword', which happens to be Jennifer's favourite book, which is why she had that name added in her twenties into her name.

                          Cpt. Jennifer J. Firali
                          (soon to be host to Tok'ra Teal'auc )
                          Member of SG-Aftermath RP group


                            *Approved by Sharp*

                            Name: Elena Sergeevna Ovcharenko;
                            Nickname: Scorpio;
                            Date of birth and age: 27.10.1975, 30;
                            Place of birth: Engels, USSR;
                            Gender: Female;
                            Height: 1 meter 83 centimeters - 6 feet;
                            Weight: 76 kilograms - 168 pounds;
                            Blood Type: A(II)Rh+;
                            Eyes: Sea Green, with eyelashes, which are long and fluffy, like a spruce in the winter forest. Her eyes are very transparent and, because of this, they are luminous like the spring ice on the river, pierced by a ray of sunlight;
                            Hair: Dark Chestnut, straight, shoulder-length;
                            General face appearance: Elena has attractive, oval face with very correct facial features. Her forehead is high and clean, she has beautiful, straight nose with a thin line of the nose bridge. She has eyebrows that go like an absolutely correct wide arc. Elena's lips are juicy, but not full. Corners of her mouth are almost imperceptibly lifted in the slight half-smile. She also has barely prominent Slavonic cheekbones. Elena's chin is slightly pointed;
                            General appearance: Elena has good, healthy, athletic and proportional figure of 93x65x91. Her body is very strong, though you cannot say this when you first look on her. She looks weak maybe, but anyone who dares to touch her suddenly gets to know her muscular strength.
                            Distinguishing traits: The tattoo of a scorpion onto her right forearm;
                            ATA-Gene: Confirmed very strong presence;
                            Habits, hobbies and other general traits: Elena is a woman who spent most of her life serving in the Special Forces, so she is used to regulations of The Soviet Union and, later, The Russian Federation Air Forces. Because of this, she usually wears her formal uniform and high heels when not on a mission and will make-up herself if she wants to. While on mission or when on post she wears combat camouflage. When not on a mission wears earrings with jewels of average size and value, and a ring or two. Elena will never salute if she has nothing on her head, because it used to be two weeks in guardhouse for such break of regulations. Fluently speaks English and, of course, Russian. Elena can drive a car. From sports, she usually chooses active sports, especially basketball and volleyball, maybe tennis, but also she will not mind playing chess with someone. She adores reading books, but Elena can spend some free time playing video games (RPG, RTS, FPS, Flight Simulators) if she has nothing else to do. Will listen to music if it is not a mission and area is safe, but only on small volume, just for background. Elena completely cannot drink coffee - it makes her blood pressure rise very high. Instead loves drinking tea or soft drinks. She will drink alcohol only if offered to by someone and only in company, never alone. Elena cannot swim and is afraid of water if it occupies more space than it would in bath. She is an atheist. Also, Ovcharenko becomes a bit short-tempered, when someone insults her homeland or when her orders are not followed instantly and without questions, as it must be done. Always carries around her family photo - last memory of home. Elena's biggest dream now - to find the one who took her home away and suffocate him with her bare hands. Also, she befriends everyone she can and desperately tries to create relationships with her friends, in other words, she is looking for new boyfriend: she is currently in no relationship because her boyfriend was killed in 1994. She suddenly realized that it is terrible to be alone when Earth was gone, and she felt sudden patriotic wave of necessary nation rebirth, since she doubts that any other Russians are still alive;
                            Former Rank in RF Military: Capitan - Captain;
                            Current Rank in USAF: First Lieutenant;
                            Current Position: SG-7, XO
                            Decorations: Medal "Gold Star" of Hero of Russia;

                            Specializations: Sniper, Heavy Assault, Covert Operations, Pilot;
                            Weapon and combat training:
                            First category in combat SAMBO;
                            Assault Rifles:
                            Kalashnikov's Assault Rifles - all modifications with or without installed 4x PSO-1 scope, bayonet-knife and grenade launcher GP-30, that uses VOG-25, VOG-25P grenades:
                            AK-47 (7.62x39, 30 rounds, 800 meters or 2 625 feet);
                            AK-74 (5.45x39, 30 rounds, 1 kilometer or 3 281 feet);
                            AK-101 (5.56x45, 30 rounds, 1 kilometer or 3 281 feet);
                            AK-102 (5.56x45, 30 rounds, 1 kilometer or 3 281 feet);
                            AK-103 (7.62x39, 30 rounds, 1 kilometer or 3 281 feet);
                            AK-104 (5.45x39, 30 rounds, 1 kilometer or 3 281 feet);
                            AK-105 (7.62x39, 30 rounds, 1 kilometer or 3 281 feet);
                            AK-107 (5.45x39, 30 rounds, extremely low recoil, 1 kilometer or 3 281 feet);
                            AK-108 (5.56x45, 30 rounds, extremely low recoil, 1 kilometer or 3 281 feet);
                            AN-94 "ABAKAN" (5.45x39, 30 rounds, 700 meters or 2 297 feet, with or without bayonet-knife);
                            AN-94 "ABAKAN" (5.45x39, 30 rounds, VOG-25, VOG-25P grenades, 700 meters or 2 297 feet, special modification: integrated 4x PSO-1 scope, bayonet-knife and grenade launcher GP-30);
                            AS "VAL" (SP-6 (9 millimeters), PAB-9 (9 millimeters), 10 or 20 rounds, completely silent, flameless, extremely piercing, extremely low recoil, 400 meters or 1 312 feet);
                            Sniper Rifles:
                            SVD (7.62x54R, 10 rounds, 4x PSO-1 scope, with or without bayonet-knife, 1 300 meters or 4 265 feet);
                            SVU (7.62x54R, 10 rounds, 4x PSO-1 scope, flameless, decreased level of noise, possibility of automatic fire, 800 meters or 2 625 feet);
                            VSS "VINTOREZ" (SP-5 (9 millimeters), SP-6 (9 millimeters), 10 rounds, 8x PSO-2 scope, completely silent, flameless, possibility of automatic fire, extremely piercing, 400 meters or 1 312 feet);
                            Sub-machine guns:
                            "KEDR" (9x18, 20 or 30 rounds, 30 meters or 98 feet);
                            SR-2 "VERESK" (9x21, 20 or 30 rounds, 200 meters or 656 feet, extremely piercing);
                            AEK-919 "KASHTAN" (9x18, 20 or 30 rounds, 75 meters or 246 feet, extremely low recoil);
                            MR-444 "BAGIRA" (9x17 x 10 rounds, 9x18, 9x19 x 15 rounds, 50 meters or 164 feet);
                            MR-445 "VARIAG" (.40 S&W x 15 rounds, 9x19 x 17 rounds, 50 meters or 164 feet);
                            MR-448 "SKIF" (9x18, 12 rounds, 50 meters or 164 feet);
                            RPG-27 "TAVOLGA" (PG-27, 150 meters or 492 feet);
                            PZRK 9K38 "IGLA" (SA-18 Grouse, range 1 000-5 200 meters or 3 280-17 060 feet, height 10-2 500 meters or 33-8 202 feet);
                            Offensive grenade RGD-5 (throw range 40-50 meters or 131-164 feet, deadly radius 25 meters or 82 feet);
                            Defensive grenade F-1 (throw range 35-45 meters or 114-148 feet, deadly radius up to 200 meters or 656 feet);
                            Preferred gear:
                            SVD + 5 spare clips;
                            VSS "VINTOREZ" + 5 spare clips;
                            SR-2 "VERESK" + 5 spare clips;
                            Covert Operations:
                            VSS "VINTOREZ" + 5 spare clips;
                            AS "VAL" + 5 spare clips;
                            MR-448 "SKIF" + 5 spare clips;
                            Heavy Assault:
                            AK-108 (PSO-1, GP-30) + 5 spare clips + 3xVOG-25 + 2xVOG-25P;
                            PZRK 9K38 "IGLA" + 5 missiles;
                            MR-448 "SKIF" + 5 spare clips;
                            AEK-919 "KASHTAN" + 5 spare clips;
                            MR-448 "SKIF" + 5 spare clips;
                            Aircraft training:
                            SU-27 ("Flanker-B");
                            SU-35 ("Flanker-E");
                            MiG-29 ("Fulcrum");
                            Attack Helicopters:
                            Ka-50 "Chornaya Akula" ("Hokum A");

                            Childhood: Elena was born daughter to Sergey Nikolayevich Ovcharenko and Maria Vladimirovna Ovcharenko. Her parents were holding medium position in the Union's society, nothing special. Both of them were physicists. Both had job that was paid good enough. Elena was growing just as any another girl would and her parents could give her anything she needed or wanted. Until she was five, their life seemed great.
                            When the girl was five, her only grandmother has died from cancer. Therefore, parents left her home with a neighbor and attended her grandma's funeral. When they were coming back, their car got into an accident, which took their lives. After their funeral, little Elena was living with her only alive relative - her grandfather Nikolay Grigorievich Ovcharenko, who was veteran of one of the USSR AF fighter regiments. However, these three deaths, which happened in one week - deaths of people whom she loved, had placed the scar in her heart, which will not be healed with time.
                            Granddad did his best to replace Elena's parents, well, father at least. She still had everything she wanted or needed and Elena had had as happy childhood, as she probably could have with her parents alive, but there was one peculiar trait. Because Nikolay Grigorievich forgot stories that his mother was telling to him when he was little boy, instead of fairy-tales during the bedtime, little girl listened to her granddad's stories about planes, helicopters, flight and duels with German aces. When she was seven, she started to attend the school and had already decided that the only things that would bring happiness to her were planes and flight. Elena worked very hard at school, receiving "four" or "five" almost on every subject, especially she liked physical training lessons. Elena also enlisted in the section of SAMBO, to train herself spiritually and physically. She was the best pupil in her school and, in the year of 1990, when she was fifteen and when she was about becoming the best school pupil in district, her grandfather died, leaving her an orphan. By Union's law, an orphan, if she does not have any living relatives and if she is under eighteen, must be placed in an orphanage, but that did not happen.
                            Yeiskoe Higher Military Aviation School: It turned out to be that Elena's granddad, who was feeling his death approaching and who knew about her desire to fly, used his connections to place her into Yeiskoe Higher Military Aviation School named after Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Soviet cosmonaut V.M.Komarov. There she spent her four best years. This school trained soldiers and sergeants for USSR (from December 1991 - RF) AF branch of Special Forces. Each cadet was trained in the heavy assault, close quarter combat (including special version of combat SAMBO), covert operations, and piloting helicopters. Ovcharenko's dreams were coming true. She did her best there and in 1994 graduated with the rank of Sergeant of the RF AF and having excellent marks on covert operations, close quarter combat and piloting and good marks on assault. Elena was transferred to the Caucasus region and then she had joined the 22nd special brigade of RF AF there. She tried to get admission into AF Academy but the competitions were too high that year, so she decided to wait for next one to come. That was when the first Chechenskaya War stroke on December 11, 1994.

                            *to be concluded... My char's bio is too long for a single forum post...*
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                            Homo sum et nihil humani a me alienum puto, sic quod feci quod potui et sic potui, faciant meliora potentes. (c)




                              First Chechenskaya War: During the first war, Elena's brigade was in the heart of battle almost constantly. There she had honed everything that she was taught of and proved to be very dangerous enemy. From the end of 1994 till the mid of 1996 Elena was climbing Caucasus mountains, sniping bandit formations and participating in assault of Federal Troops on their positions. She was quickly rising in ranks. In the June of 1996, during the massive engagement at the Argun Gorge, she was ambushed on her sniping position by Dudaev's forces and captured prisoner. Elena was joined with the group of prisoners who were held at the Gehi village and was lucky to stay alive long enough to escape. When in August Federal forces were conducting massive assault on the enemy nearby and bandits were distracted, she managed to steal a knife from a guard. Next evening she was able to kill security guards, take their weapons and lead the group of 78 prisoners 16 kilometers (almost 10 miles) through the enemy territory; also, she took some very important documents and videos from the bandits' commander house, killing him in process. (He called her Scorpio for some reason and that nickname stayed with her). For these achievements, she was awarded the rank of Hero of Russia after the war end on August 31, 1996.
                              Air Force Academy: Having the "Gold Star" of Hero of Russia, she had all roads free before her. She finally admitted without competition into Air Force Academy named after U.A.Gagarin on the specialty of the fighter pilot. There she was trained to pilot most modern and up-to-date fighters. (And in the academy, Scorpion tattoo had appeared on her hand, made by her friends). Since she already knew flight theory and some other corresponding subjects, she graduated from that Academy in 1999 after three years of studying, skipping two years, and receiving excellent diploma and the rank of Leytenant of RF AF. Elena was assigned to the 764th fighter regiment of RF AF, dislocated at the Perm. However, Chechnya remembered of itself. And on September 30, 1999, the Second Chechenskaya War started. Elena was transferred to Caucasus again.
                              Second Chechenskaya War: Since now she was a certified pilot, not just a member of Air Forces branch of Special Forces, Elena flew during the most part of the active phase of war. She was piloting mostly fighters like SU-27 or MiG-29, but when there was a need, and since Elena knew how to pilot a helicopter, she would take seat in the cockpit of the Ka-50 "Chornaya Akula" attack helicopter and join the Special Air Strike Group to deal with more heavily entrenched enemy. After the end of the active phase of war in 2000, when she was 25 years old, she was promoted to the rank of Starshyy Leytenant (1st Lieutenant) and served as all-purpose soldier, commanding squad of elite troopers. Her dreams came true at last. Elena was piloting and conducting ground combat for three more years until 2003 and until routine medical test, that was conducted each three months, showed strong positive result on some top classified subject. Ovcharenko was then called to Moscow.
                              Star Gate Command: In Moscow, Elena signed non-disclosure agreement and learnt about the Star Gate Program and Russian participation in it. In addition, she was informed that her DNA contained very big amount of the Ancients' gene and she learned the importance of that fact as well. Of course, she agreed to join the program immediately - it was even more than what she was dreaming of! Elena Ovcharenko was immediately promoted to the rank of Capitan (Captain) and transferred to the Star Gate Command in USA, where she joined the Russian team led by Colonel Fedorov. From this moment, she was serving in the Russian Federation Space Forces, Special Forces Division, not the Air Force Special Forces as during the all previous years. In the mid 2005, after completion of her additional training that was necessary to pass through the gate, Elena was allowed to do that with her team at last. On their fifth mission enemy with 13 to 1 odds overwhelmed their team. Three other team members were killed almost instantly, Colonel Fedorov only had time to order Ovcharenko to leave through the Star Gate. Elena was sniper this time, so she was closer to the gate and had her chance to save herself. And when Earth address would not lock suddenly, she dialed up the Alpha Site and learned about her home's fate there. There she was integrated in the USAF with the rank of First Lieutenant and was now a member of General Blue's forces.
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                              Homo sum et nihil humani a me alienum puto, sic quod feci quod potui et sic potui, faciant meliora potentes. (c)



                                Character Name: Markus Redd
                                Character Age: 32
                                Character Rank: Civilian
                                Character Position: Scientist (Computer Technology)
                                Appearance: 6' 0", Black hair, average build, sea-green eyes.
                                Personality: Friendly, smart, easy to get along with, doesn't like to be recognized for achievements, sometimes overconfident, he will not stop doing something in the middle, he always wants to stop when he is finished.

                                History: Markus doesn't have the Ancient gene. Markus currently 2 older brothers. When he was 7, his father got into a fatial car crash. At the age of 10, his mother fell in love with a man that later became Markus' stepfather. His stepfather turned out to be a drunk and very abusive when their mother wasn't around. His brothers took most of the punishment because they defended him. When he was 14, his stepfather was finally found out and Markus' mother got a devorce. She decided to never fall in love with another man. To this day, Markus has never gotten another stepfather.

                                Still, he was a very good student in school and he was in the BSA till he was 18. Joining the Boy Scouts of America, caused his survival skills to become very good. In school, he preferred classes about computers and other technology. The classes seemed to be interesting and easy. Sometimes during the classes, the teachers would even ask him for help. He went to WSU in Washington state to continue studying computers and was a 4.0 student. After college, he applied for a job in the government. Markus worked in the job for 5 years, then some high government officials noticed his work. They saw that he could hack into enemy computer systems and decode the text very quickly. He is also knows a couple of other languages, such as Spanish, and Finnish. This showed that he can learn new languages easily, such as Ancient. He then was transferred to the Stargate Program. His mother died in the destruction of earth.

                                Other important facts: He has two brothers that are in the military. The oldest is a general and the other one is a Colonel.
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                                Aftermath RP
                                Markus Redd - SG-7 Computer Scientist
                                Captain Joseph Laport - OSI Agent Stationed at Alpha Site

                                New Seasons RP
                                SGT Markus Redd - SG-3 Medic
                                Eli Wallace- SGU