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    Biography for Gunnery Sergeant Alvin “Mac” McIntosh
    Character Name: Alvin “Mac” McIntosh
    Character Age: 25
    Character Rank: Gunnery Sergeant
    Character Position: Scout and over watch protection out of Gaia, currently no SG team assignment.
    ATA Gene: No

    Weapon choice: Primary: P90 w/2 extra magazines, Secondary Colt 1911 .45 w/2 extra magazines, and in most cases will carry a specially designed modular PSG-1 sniper rifle w/(you guessed it) 2 extra magazines. Also carries suppressors for each weapon and will replace the Colt in his load out with a Zat if the mission calls for it.

    Appearance: 6’ 1” 200 lbs brown hair blue eyes

    Personality: Alvin is quite sharp despite not attending university and is quite good at solving most problems. He also has the ability to work well within any team, but prefers to be on his own in the field. Can be a fierce friend and will fight for any just cause to the last of his breath. Is very quick witted and will trade verbal jabs with anyone, anytime.

    History: Alvin McIntosh was born January 10th 1983 in Terre Haute, Indiana. His parents were killed in a car accident when he was 5 after this he was sent to live with his only living relative his uncle Robert who was a MP in the Army. He lived mainly stateside but did live several years overseas in Germany. After growing up in a military life Alvin chose to join the Marine Corp after high school, during his training his proficiency for shooting was immediately noticed. After completing his basic training he was placed in the Marine Scout Sniper School where he not only learned the skills to be a superior sniper developed a ability to track anyone through any terrain, and developed the patients to wait out a target for days. During his free time he trained in the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga, which he became skillful in, so much so that he was able to train for a few months with the Israeli Army in this discipline.

    After being involved in several operations and accruing an exemplary combat record he was approached to participate in a branch transfer program to be added into the Stargate program. Being from the Corp Alvin hadn’t worked with anyone who was already in the SGC, this didn’t bother Alvin as he preferred to be alone at most times. This was only temporary until he was able to work with some of SGC personnel. Once he arrived at Cheyenne Mountain he was immediately sent to the Alpha Site to assist in the long range scouting of the surrounding region not already thoroughly mapped, helping to locate several minor naquadah deposits while scouting. He was at the Alpha Site for 11 months when the Earth gate was destroyed taking with it the planet as well. Alvin only had a few ties to Earth since joining SGC, the only one which he mourned for even a moment was his uncle, but otherwise he mourned for the 6 billion plus that lost their lives unknowingly.


      Name: Hoshi Setsuko Asakura
      Rank: 2nd Lt.
      Gender: Female
      Height: 4ft 6in or 1.37m
      Weight: 120lbs or 54.43kg
      Eye color: Green
      Hair Color: Brown
      Position: SG2
      Languages: English, Japanese
      ATA Gene Confirmed

      Appearance: Hoshi is a four in a half foot tall female of Japanese descent she weights approximately 120lbs and has green eyes and brown chin length hair of a shade which is characteristic only of eastern Asian individuals, additionally she has an athletic build which she has attained from years of practice in the martial arts of japan, her ancestral country.

      Personality: Hoshi is highly enthusiastic about life, she enjoys learning new thing's and exploring new worlds. She has never enjoyed anything more than the stargate program, in her youth she had wanted to be an Astronaut but never pursued that path as she grew up, but upon the discovery that she could actually go to other planets, an idea she had originally thought was a joke when she was first told of her recommendation, she quickly joined in. She has not enjoyed anything so much in her life as going to other worlds, exploring other planet's, meeting new people and contacting new cultures.
      In her youth she dedicated a fair amount of time to the study of various Japanese martial arts, as taught to her by her grandfather, and now she also takes an interest in learning the arts of the Jaffa. Hoshi also excelled in her studies in her science classes in her youth and she followed that later in the Air Force Academy. Additionally Hoshi exhibits a desire to serve and help other people.

      Strengths and Weaknesses: Hoshi is an Enthusiastic generally happy person she is very respectful of other people regardless of their differences and tries to serve and help other people in all circumstances and of all cultures. She is a skilled martial artist and exhibits exceptional intelligence.
      However, Hoshi has been under a fair amount of emotional stress recently due to dealing with the loss of her fellow teammates along with the loss of her family and friends after the destruction of earth.

      Ambitions: Hoshi seeks to explore the stars, or rather planet's of the galaxy. In time she hopes she may lead her own team through the Stargate.

      Hobbies and Interest's: Judo, Karate, Kendo, Aikido, Jaffa Martial Art's

      Father:Akira Asakura (Deceased)
      Mother:Ryoko Asakura (Deceased)
      Spouse: Single, Unmarried
      Children: None
      Other Relatives: Ronin Asakura (Grandfather)

      History: Hoshi's parent's Akira and Ryoko grew up and married in Japan at an age earlier than most couples. Shorty thereafter Hoshi was born and before long the Asakura family had grown to nine members including the parents. Hoshi's school grades were excellent and at the age of 17 she began attending college to become an EMS, however she soon determined this was not to be her field of interest, or rather she did not wish to be an EMS for the rest of her life. After she voiced these frustrations with the rest of her family, one cousin segusted she join the military. Two months later Hoshi and Arisu, Hoshi's cousin, joined the JADF, the Japanese Air Defense Force, as a cadet at their officer academy. There she studied and received, predictably from her grade school GPA and high marks in her college studies, high marks in astrophysics. Upon graduation Hoshi received a special recommendation to a facility in the United States cheyenne mountain complex studying deep Space radar telemetry, Or that is what was in reality referred to as Stargate Command. When the earth was destroyed like many others Hoshi's team was off world, however SG-9 had been caught in a situation with several loyalist jaffa and only Hoshi and one other member of her team survived to report to the alpha site for reassignment.

      Service Record:
      High GPA in grade school
      Studied EMS in college in Japan
      Joined the JADF, Japanese Air Defense Force
      Studied Astrophysics in Japanese Military Academy
      Recommendation to SGC upon Graduation from JMA
      Assigned to SG-9 in the SGC
      one of two survivors of SG-9 from encounter with loyalist jaffa on R4X-9947
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        Character Name: Curtis Crawford
        Character Age: 31
        Character Rank: Captain
        Character Position: Commanding officer of SG7
        Appearance :
        Personality: A Strict soldier who follows the rules and respects military authority more than anything. Off duty he is understanding, humorous, fun to be around, and would risk his life for his team. Although Crawford is a nice enough guy who is willing to help almost anyone, he tends to keep to himself.
        History: Born on June 18, 1975, Curtis Crawford grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, attending high school there. His grades were average, no more or less. He was interested in joining the Army or Marine Corps since he was 12 and planned to join one of them after he graduated with a degree in military history. At age 22, he joined the USMC and with his degree, started as a 2nd Lt. He was the recruited by an Air Force officer in 1998 after applying in what the Marine Corps called "secret ops". He was selected after his entry application was approved and was assigned to SG-18 in 1999. While serving in SG-18, Crawford showed exceptional valor and wisdom beyond his years as he led his team into safety after their CO was killed on one occasion being promoted to 1st Lt. Five years later he found himself surviving off-world for 17 days before being rescued after his mission went wrong and his team was slaughtered trying to raid a Goa'uld mining operation, thus being promoted to Captain. He spent the following year commanding SG-21 and they were on mission to P5H-226 to investigate a likely Jaffa terrorist group, when the Earth incident occurred. His team were attacked by Jaffa terrorist after they headed for the gate to go to the Alpha site. All members of his team were wounded after a firefight with the Jaffa terrorists and he single handedly, under heavy fire dialed the Alpha site and one by one put his wounded soldiers through the gate, when he finally came through with the last member on his back, he was wounded in the leg by a staff weapon and was shot once by a Zat.
        Other important facts: He was emotionally in shock after he realized his family, his girlfriend they were all dead. He soon recovered emotionally but still has a dark spot in his heart, bitterness towards any one or thing not originally from Earth. His favorite weapon is his M1911 sidearm, trusting his life to it on many missions. Other than that, he is a skilled sniper with an M40A3 rifle, but usually uses his M4 on most missions.
        Hobbies: Quite frankly, Curtis Crawford loves the military, military history, weapons. He used to spend most of his time at the base firing range as a Marine. He is familiar with most modern wars on Earth. He used to also do a lot of model making, ships, planes, tanks etc. As for sport, he used to play basketball, hasn't played since he first joined the marines. He doesn't approach people often, nor usually start conversations and the such. A very capable leader, he has sometimes been known for having his judgment clouded. One time he shot a captured Jaffa who killed one of his men while trying to escape, this was after he was subdued. No one has ever confronted him about this, his CO supported his judgment. He is not a very open person, especially now. He had two brothers and a sister, not a mention his girlfriend who he was engaged too. He hasn't spoke of them since.
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          Character Name: Xavier Cortez
          Character Age: 30
          Character Rank: 1st Lieutenant
          Character Position: No SG Team yet
          Appearance: About 6’0”, Brown hair, green eyes
          Personality: He is a serious officer and takes his career seriously. He will follow his orders down to the letter, and always respects an officer that outranks him. When he is not on duty he is a fun guy to be around. He loves to play video games and also enjoys games like chess.
          History: When Xavier was 7 years old, his family emigrated from Mexico into the U.S., where he eventually earned his citizenship. As a teenager, he was determined to succeed in all areas of his life. He excelled in school, especially in science and foreign languages. He attended a top tier university where he majored in high level physics. Graduating at the top of his class, he shocked his parents when he decided not to take a job at a world-class research institution, and joined the Marines. As a First Lieutenant, the SGC watched him carefully. After several successful special ops missions, he was recruited into the Stargate Program. When Earth was destroyed, he was off world on a training mission.
          Other important facts: Xavier is a perfectionist; everything he does must be as close to perfection as possible. This predisposition can lead to him taking a long time on simple tasks, and even longer on larger tasks, which can lead to friction with a commanding officer if they need something done quickly. His nick name with his friends is Xav.
          Xavier Cortez in GWRP
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            Assuming this was approved by Blue/Sharp, welcome to the madhouse aka GWRP, kingzing!
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            My contribution to the Stargate Rewatch experience. Will be updated nearly everyday, and will cover all episodes, and characters.


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                Thanks guys, its great to be here!
                Xavier Cortez in GWRP
                BALINSKY: Yes these markings, this stone and architecture ... oh Dr. Jackson is going to die when he sees this.
                DIXON: What, again?



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                      Character Name: Jollanous "zant" Zantimorous

                      Character Age: 28

                      Character Rank: 1st leuitenant

                      Character Position: SG10 member
                      Appearance: human form although rom another planet (possibly taken there by goa'uld or asgard) about 6 ft 7, dark brown hair, dark blue eyes muscular tends to
                      carry p90 when on off world missions

                      Personality: like to be in seclusion either training or reading up on ancients/asgard does best onoff wordl missions

                      History: was born in 1977 and has never known father. was taught in a private school before joining SG10 on earth leaving homeworld behind. became an adequet member and proved himself on many occasions.

                      Other important facts: tends to crack a joke at the team leader quite often but is a good soldier. is a quick learner
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                          hey i skimmed missed peices out sorry pm the gys immediatly though


                            Character Name: John Kelzik
                            Character Age: 28
                            Character Rank:technical sergeant
                            Character Position:
                            Appearance: John wears the common fatigues of the SG personnel, he has a scarthat runs across from the top left of his forehead, across his nose and stops atthe right side of his chin. He has brown hair and brown eyes, his hair is shortand has nothing on his chin or upper lip. He is often seen on missions carryinga P-90.
                            Personality: John likes to play sports and video games with the other alphasite personnel. Although he likes to talk to people, he doesn't exactly press to confront them and talk. He has trouble keeping a conversation with another person but he doesn't have a problem when they need help.
                            History: when John was born his father held the rank of colonel in the AirForce and his mother worked as a researcher for a company his father is about 38 years old at this point.
                            Five years old: John’s father was honorably discharged and stayed home to take care of him, Johns father later divorced from his mother and they movednear an Air Force base, in Washington D.C.
                            10 years old: John’s father took him out of school and started home schooling him. His father also begins teaching him military strategy. John begins to take an interest in the Air Force.
                            15 years old: John finds out his mother has died from cancer, him and hisfather later find out that John will receive money that she had kept in a bank account when he turns eighteen. His father now begins teaching him how to fight and defend himself.
                            18 years old: johns father dies of a brain aneurysm and he gos to the funeral,after the service he heads to the coast and starts working on a fishing ship for the next six years helping to haul in fish.
                            24 years old: john decides to enter the air force special forces where hecompletes training and goes on several classified missions where he thought hewould never come back from. several monthes later he is offered the option tojoin a classified operation in the cheyenne moutains, he accepts and heads overto the SGC for more training.
                            27 years old: after sitting at the base for three years without ever going offworld he is given the chance to when he is reassigned to the alpha site,though he is new to the alpha site he knows several airmen there from when he met them at the SGC. monthes later he learns that earth has been destroyed, he goes along his usual routine, he carries no grief due to the fact that his only relatives had already died.
                            Now: he helps maintain the usual operations of the alpha site which heconsiders the "new SGC", He takes his orders as the leaders try tofigure out a way to take down the last system lords.
                            Other important facts: John wears a watch on his left arm and when he's offduty he is often seen wearing his father’s old beret
                            (sharp approved my character, sorry if some of the words are bunched together i had to copy paste them from my email)
                            in all actualities, me talking to myself is more exciting than talking to you.


                              (approved by Gen Blue)

                              Name: Katherine L. O’Casey
                              Age: 29
                              Date of Birth: 27th October 1976
                              Race: Tau’ri
                              Height: 162 cm / 5’4’’
                              Weight: 56 kg / 123 lbs

                              Rank: Technical Sergeant
                              Position: unassigned

                              Has fairly pale skin; dark brown, almost black shoulder-length hair with side swept bangs; dark blue eyes.
                              Personality: She’s usually nice and helpful, but she can be quite stubborn from time to time; she’s also rather determined, organized and quite a quick learner, but she can sometimes get too over-emotional.


                              Childhood: Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she was the younger middle child to her parents, Richard and Clara O’Casey. Her mother Clara O’Casey was a nurse at the local hospital and her father Richard O’Casey worked as an engineer for the Air Force. She had two older brothers, Michael and Frank, and one younger brother, Douglas.

                              Katherine got along quite well with her parents, but she was always was more of a daddy’s girl. Her mother was usually more concentrated on Michael and Frank, who were always up to something.

                              In school, Katherine was one of the brightest students in her class, especially in science. She was especially interested in astronomy.

                              At the age of 15, she saw her father get shot during a bank robbery. It was very hard for her and it changed her view of the world, especially because she was very close to him. After that, her mother started paying more attention to Katherine, as she noticed that Richards’s sudden death was harder on the girl than anyone else.

                              After her father’s death, Katherine didn’t focus on her studies that much for a while. But she pulled herself together and still graduated high school with good grades.

                              College and personal life: After finishing high school, she got accepted to the University of Boston, where she studied astronomy and aerospace engineering. She graduated with a four-year bachelor’s degree in both subjects. Also, while in university, she took some flying courses and earned a private pilot license.

                              In her senior year, she started dating Matthew Flannigan, her future fiancé. They dated for a long time before he asked her to marry him. Two months after he had proposed, the Earth was destroyed and Matthew died, so they never had the change to get married.

                              Military: Katherine joined the Air Force few months after her graduation in the intelligence field. In 2000, she finished her training and was assigned to Travis Air Force Base. In late 2004, she got assigned to the SGC. After a couple of months, when she was off-world with SG-19, the Earth was destroyed.

                              Other information:
                              - Favorite colors are red and blue.
                              - Her closest friends called her ’Kitty’; others called her ’Kathy’ or simply ’Katherine’. At work, she was usually called by her last name – O’Casey.
                              - Has a private pilot license.
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                                Approved by Colonel Sharp

                                Character Name: Alexander Thompson
                                Character Age: 26
                                Character Rank: Pilot Officer (RAF), 2nd Lt. (USAF)
                                Character Position:
                                Appearance: About 5'6 in height. Lean build. Pale skin. Untidy black hair. Blue eyes.
                                Personality: Quiet, and even more so after Earth was destroyed. Extremely loyal. Listens to orders, and sticks to them. High level of concentration, focuses on what he needs to do.
                                History: Born 27th of July, in Taunton, England. Was schooled privately from age 12, where he got mostly average results. Joined the RAF when he was 18. Alex showed impressive skill at piloting fighter jets, not so much with helicopters. After five years in the RAF, which saw him pilot Harrier GR7s over Afghanistan and Iraq, Alex was chosen as a British representative to the USAF and inducted into their F-302 program. As in fighter jets, Alex showed exceptional skill in the F-302, and was sent on his first mission to help defend SG-1 against Anubis' fleet. Alex survived his first encounter with Death Gliders, destroying several while guarding the rear of the Prometheus. After fighting Anubis' forces over Antarctica he was later sent to the Alpha-site.
                                Other important facts: Doesn't have the ATA gene.
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