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    General Information
    Name: Thomas Torres
    Species: Aran
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Rank: Captain (on his homeworld)
    Current Assignment: Fight the goa'uld and defend his sister at all cost
    Physical Characteristics
    Height: 6' 3½"
    Weight: 180
    Build and Skin Color: military build with white skin
    Eye Color: brown eyes
    Hair color and Style: short brown hair, really messy

    Distinguishing Features: tattoo on his upper arm of a wolf with his sister's name under it

    Psychological Characteristics
    Personality: Tom has a good sense of humor and is fun to be around. But does have a short temper if it is needed.
    Likes: Likes playing cards, the occasional rare drink, and sports.
    Dislikes: military food, drinkers, and overly large crowds
    Goals: to find a safe place for his sister and to fight the goa¢uld


    Tom was born in the city of Telsoa 25 years before the the goa'uld Hera came to the planet and laid claim. A year later his sister Gena was born. Since his father was gone so much, Gena and he grew very close. His mother wanted Tom to go into politics but his heart was in the military. He passed school with average grades but then went into the military when he was 18. His skills as a hand to hand fighter and sniper put him into the stargate program. When the attack started he was put under the command of his father to protect the stargate building. When his father died Tom started brining people to the building to add bodies to help protect it. When it was apparent there was no way to hold off the onslaught, the group put up what was suppose to be a last stand but instead Gena, Tom, 2 other women and 4 children were captured.The group put up what was suppose to be a last stand but instead Gena, Tom, 2 other women and 4 children were captured. They were brought on board Hera's ship and were taken to Chulak which Hera had taken over from Apophis. On Chulak the group escaped. On the run, they meet a fugitive Roman, Dexius Flavian, former Centurion. He helped the group to get to Dakara and sent a message with them to Tribune Gaius Justinius, the leader of the Free Romans.

    Skills: Tom is an excellent sniper and is even better at hand to hand combat. He has also picked up a knack at carving.


    Sister: Gena Torres
    Age: 24
    Former occupation: student of physics
    Brief history: when Gena was born her brother was already 1 year old. She and her brother were very close. When he went military she was sad but continued her study of physics. When the goa'uld came Gena stared acting as a nurse helping people hide and she quickly learned to treat wounds. When the group was captured Gena played a key role in keeping the kids calm.

    Father: Richo Toress
    Age: 55 Deceased
    Cause of death: goa¢uld staff weapon
    Former occupation: military commander/tactical specialist
    Brief history: was born in the capital city of Telsoa right before the discovery of the stargate. Growing up around politics being in the capital he went military at the age of 17. Very quickly he gained a knack for tactical planning and soon was back in the capital as a military advisor, at the age of 26, for the stargate program. When he came back to the capital he me Nilese whom he married after 2 years of dating. 2 years later they had Jeff. A year latter they had a girl Gena. 21 years later the goa¢uld Hera came. By creating an iris like the cover stone they had found with the gate originally they managed to keep Hera from coming threw the gate but they found themselves unable to leave. During one of the many assaults on the stargate building Richo was hit by a staff blast and killed.

    Mother: Nilese Torres
    Age: 50 deceased
    Cause of death: space bombardment
    Former occupation: Chemist
    Brief history: Nilese was born in a small suburb town 20 miles outside of the city of telsoa. She had a quiet childhood before going to the city to study chemistry. Right as she was finishing her Masters she met Richo. When the attack started Nilese was 49 and was one of the first called in to work on a way to fight the goa'uld virally. Quickly Hera realized what they were doing and fired a volley into the building they were working on from her ship.

    Aran refuges
    age: 26

    age: 31

    age: 4
    Likes: being happy and being able to run around
    dislikes: meany adults

    Likes: food and cooking
    Dislikes: having to work to hard for the food

    Martha Khones
    age: 14
    Likes: medicine and helping people and being around trent
    Dislikes: getting in too much trouble

    age: 16
    Likes: military, outdoors and hanging out with Martha as long as she isn't being to much of a goody goody at the time
    Dislikes: Having to sit still for to long

    Ara's History
    1st post
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    Tom's bio


      Character Name: James Harper
      Character Age: 33
      Character Rank: Chief Master Sergeant
      Character Position: SG-2: Survival Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) expert.
      James is approx. 5' 9" in height with brown hair and brown eyes. His features are a lot harder than most of the people his age because of the things he has witnessed as a serving airman in the United States Military.

      Personality: James is a very fun, sociable guy, with a great sense of humour. He is very energetic and ambitious and is very confident with his friends and with the ladies.

      James was born in Coloraldo into a very non-military family. His father, a British banker, and his mother, an American politician, were both disgusted by James’ desire to join the Air Force. He spent his school years mostly worrying about the subjects that would get him into the Air Force and learning so he would become a first class member of the USAF. When he left school, he left his family behind and went on to get a qualified as a Survival Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) expert. There he was living his dream; being trained and training others in something that made his blood pump. At the age 29, James was approached by a representative of Area 51 whom had seen the potential in the Sergeant. Upon learning about aliens and travel to other planets, James couldn’t resist the offer. But after a year at Area 51, James requested a transfer to the SGC, where he felt all the action was, and was placed in SG-14. He was off-world with SG-14 on a recon mission when his team failed to dial Earth and from there, he was assigned to the Alpha Site.

      Other important facts: James is a strong worker and an excellent airman. He was recommended by, then, Major Reynolds, for the Area 51 project. He’s a keen solider and a dab hand at almost everything he does. He can get snappy when contradicted in something he has trained on. He can also get a bit boastful about his training as few airmen follow the path he went on.
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        Welcome back.

        Can you put your team in your bio, please?
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          Done. Sharpe authorised me to be in SG-2.

          Thanks for the welcome too!
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            Approved by Gen. Blue

            Character Name: Kermit

            Race: Iberian

            Character Age: 21

            Character Rank: Civilian

            Character Position: A property and a son, a favorite and a pawn of the Exalted Gracious Lady Eithne

            Appearance: Black hair long enough to curl a little bit, blue eyes. Handsome in a way that is created by generations of lovely women choosing handsome men as sires to their children, and in a way that will only increase as he ages.

            Personality: Observant, quiet and reserved when in public or unfamiliar situations; errors on the side of caution. His sense of self importance can vary depending on who is around or interacting with him. Will always defer to a girl or woman. In private, is curious and bright. Hates getting dirty. Enjoys �people watching�, is very well mannered, good-natured, loves to please people, and hates to disappoint (especially women).

            History: Property/son, and a favorite, of the Exalted Gracious Lady Eithne. Is able to read and write. Has been discretely exposed to multiple assorted Gate travelers throughout his life (He was allowed to serve women food and drink but otherwise did not interact with the travelers; he only observed. Never interacted with otherworld men. He always �discussed� these exposures afterwards with his owner/mother or the Gracious Lady Naimh. ). Both of these activities have inflated his sense of worth because they are extremely rare for a boy or man in the Iberian culture. Has been raised in his owner/mother�s house and court; He is well aware of �politics�. He has been trained for his future as a man in a high-ranking woman�s court since his birth.

            Other important facts: His owner/mother named him Kermit, which means �Free man� in Gaelic.
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              approved by Gen.

              Name : Jeanie Wilman

              Age : late twenties

              Occupation : Foreston General Store manager [instead of "Jim" who is living and working in Riverton ], and in her spare time, housekeeper for David Williams

              Appearance : not too beautiful, not too ugly. About normal. Medium brown hair, shoulder length, grey eyes, 5' 7" (170 cm), 140 lbs (63 kg), nice smile. (think Jodie Foster)

              History pre Gaia : Jeannie was a shift foreman with a major manufacturer in food processing and packaging, namely Nestle. This would have given her a decent income except that she had some bad debts that a former boyfriend stuck her with. That's why she had to live in a dump of a flat before. She had to work a second job as a cashier in a grocery store in order to have enough to live on.
              The Department of Homeland (Homeworld) Security had been discretely recruiting people from these top companies to man the factory in Riverton.
              At first she thought she was being called by a 'headhunter' (job recruiter) from another company and was surprised at the amount of pay and signing bonus they were offering. The bonus was almost enough to pay off her debts and she signed up with little hesitation. After she found out WHERE she'd be working .... it did shock her to say the least, but she still embraced the opportunity with open arms. She didn't have a large family (maybe two or three people besides her: some distant cousins and nieces) and didn't keep in touch with them anyway. So there were no further strings to keep her on Earth.

              When she arrived on Gaia in Riverton, her original work place, she found out her paperwork had been messed up and there was no place for her in the factory after all; however there was an opportunity for her to become the new General Store manager.
              With that position came a nice little cottage in Foreston, so she took that chance with open arms, knowing there wasn't much left on Earth for her to go back to.

              Personality/More info : Driven to be a loner by the loser who was her boyfriend and not as trusting as she used to be. That's why David Williams is one of her only real friends here. She knows a lot of townspeople but, not what you would call friends. She is friendly and outgoing to most of them, but that is only a front.

              Additional note: many thanks to Jynjyr for helping me work her out, I only had the very basics.
              Her first ever post is here.


                Since we're going to have an Iberian character, here's a snapshot of Iberian history.


                6500 years ago, a Goa’uld named Morrigan arrived on an island in the North Sea. She was searching for a new source of slaves and had gotten word that these Tau’ri were good subjects. Their bodies were hardy in their own right and were easy to repair if required.

                She found it easy to influence the primitive tribes on the island and was soon willingly served by them. When Morrigan found that Ra knew of her presence on Earth, she swept up most of the population of the island into her mother ship and fled to another planet, which she named Iberia.

                The women adapted more smoothly to their new home and Morrigan found it easier to deal with their acceptance than the men’s more irrational behavior. It wasn’t until much, much later that they found certain trace elements in the food were causing the issue. By then it was too late, the social order was set and women were the responsible gender.

                3000 years ago, Morrigan and most of her Jaffa went off world to do battle with Cailleach Bheur. No one ever returned. After 6 years, the remaining Jaffa died as their symbiotes matured and died without being able to take a host.

                Since then, the people have been on their own. They developed a strictly matriarchal culture. All bloodlines were tracked via the mothers. Men had little to no input in child rearing, they often didn’t even know if they’d sired a child. They had no legal existence outside of belonging to a woman. She was required by law to support and keep any males under her control. Abuse and neglect were severely punished, up to the loss of the woman’s status and properties.

                200 years ago, the first visitors came through the Stargate. Being all male, they weren’t welcome and wisely left before blood was shed. Periodically over the years, other visitors arrived and the women slowly became inured to dealing with men. They weren’t welcome with open arms, but they weren’t totally ignored, especially if they had a mixed gender group.

                Little by little, the leadership is realizing that maybe men could possibly be responsible, contributing members of society, at least to some extent.

                Finally, 4 years ago, by happenstance, an all female SG team from Gaia visited Iberia. Their Colonel, Mairi Beedy, spoke Gaelic and her team was welcomed to the city to meet the Gracious Lady Naimh. This started the diplomatic relationship with Gaia.

                Exhaulted Gracious Lady Eithne – Leader of the Iberians
                Esteemed Gracious Lady Sioda – one of her advisors
                Gracious Lady Naimh – Sioda’s second in command. She deals with the Tau’ri
                Gentle Lady Orlaith – this rank would be the envoy to Gaia.
                Lady Iseult -
                Mistress Maiiri –
                Miss Teafa – lowest of the noble ladies.
                Women who don’t rank in the noble ladies are known generically as Goodmam.
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                  Character Name: Daren Swanson
                  Character Age: 35
                  Character Rank: Civilian Specialist
                  Character Position: SG-3

                  Ignore the Danger Aversion thing.

                  Personality: Fun-loving and very optimistic. He often feigns stupidity or cluelessness to fool his enemies into lowering their guards or accidentally divulging information. He is at his happiest when around friends, although they can sometimes be driven out of their wits in exasperation at his sarcastic replies or joking remarks.
                  History: Australian in origin, Daren's affinity has lain in astrophysics and astronomy almost since he began high school. His room was covered with star charts and mathematical equations where a normal teenager's would be filled with posters of cars, girls and rock bands.
                  He continued to hone his skills all the way through his school life, eventually making his way to the Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing. Here, he graduated with a Masters of Science degree with honours. He then studied at the Univerity of Queensland for another few years to pick up a Bachelor of Education.
                  He moved to the States to find work as a lecturer at the Oxford University, which he did for a while, but found that it quickly became stale.
                  Then he received that fateful knock at the door that changed his life, for better or worse...
                  At first, Daren did very light, occasional work for the SGC; a bit of maths here, solve a problem there... but when the Alpha Site was established, he was called on for permanent duty and transferred off-world. Packing his bags, and his cat Pedro, he headed through the Stargate for the first time. At the Alpha Site, he was quickly put to work working alongside other astrophysicists like himself.
                  Naturally, it came as a shock when Earth was destroyed. Now, he intends to find a way to persuade the CO of Gaia to put him on a team, so that he can do more to help, and hopefully find out who decided they wanted to take the earth home in a plastic bag...
                  Other important facts: Daren's expertise lies in astronomy, astrophysics and, in a pinch, lecturing, of the educational variety or course. He is not awfully fit, but he hopes to build up his fitness by working out and joining the teams off world more often.
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                  Unfortunately, this site is simply too distant and impersonal for my tastes. So many unanswered posts and long waits for RP replies... it's driven me over the edge and I'm afraid I shall be leaving permanently.
                  It was fun while it lasted guys. Thank you to all the friendly people in the Cantina, the Free Green and Stargate Down Under threads and anyone else I've forgotten to mention. I'll miss ya heaps.

                  ~Leviathan Crusader [18 Oct, 2008]

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                    Character name: Camille Gilbert
                    Character age: 30
                    Character rank: Civilian
                    Profession: Nurse and Archeology student
                    Character position: Unassigned

                    Appearance: She has long curly brunette hair that is in pony tail and sometimes in a bun. She has dark brown eyes. She is 5'5 and she's fit.

                    Personality: She is very serious. At times is can be fun. Conversating is what she most enjoys. She is very talkitive and outspoken which gets her in trouble alot. She is also compassionate to others.

                    History: Camille lived in New York with her mother father, younger brother, and her cousin, who's was older than her. Tragic struck the family when her father died in a car accident. Her cousin, believing the rumors the townspeople spread, moved back to Alabama where she lived. At 18, Camille graduated from high school with the highest grade in her class. She went off to college and studied in medical and archology. She has a degree as a nurse and was still going to college for her masters in Archeology. She join the military in order to continue college. For sometime she work in the infirmary in the SGC. One day her cousin, which she had never seen for years, arrived on the base, badly injured and unconcious. Camille never knew her cousin signed up. Camille treated her cousin's wounds and quickly her cousin began to heal. Camille was reassigned to the Alpha site after the head of the military recieved a recommendation from a colonal who was Camille's cousin.



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                            He's been around for a while, but I never did a formal bio for him apparently. And, my muse isn't cooperating. SG-3, SR, or anyone else who's been around him feel free to offer suggestions for refinement

                            Eddie Wilton:

                            Age: 30
                            Hair: Shoulder-length dark brwon
                            Eyes: brown
                            Height: 5'8"
                            Weight: 170 lbs, most of it muscle

                            Eddie is the carpenter in Foreston and Riverton, and he can do both the full house build or intricate detail work. He's also a virtuoso guitarist and a pretty good rock singer. He's also pretty good with masonry work, and, up until recently has kept away from the military, not due to any ill will, but out of not wanting to get conscripted into any more service due to his skills and his experience from 2 tours in Iraq with the national guard in a transportation battalion plus his being a crack shot with a hunting rifle.

                            During live music nights, Eddie is a staple of the entertainment at Jack's, and has gained a bit of a following, though at times he's had to help out the bouncers. He's also very friendly once he gets to know someone, and he's a very astute judge of character. All of the Foreston merchants have been helped out by Eddie in some way, so he can generally get better deals for friends who come to town, as witnessed by SG-3.

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                              Yay! I'm approved!

                              Character Name: Temperance Edgecombe
                              Character Age: 27
                              Character Rank: Civilian
                              Character Position: Unassigned

                              Standing at 5’6”, Temperance weighs 175lbs. She has shoulder-length dark blonde hair, and brown eyes behind her glasses.

                              Temperance is rather shy and reserved, but when she becomes truly comfortable with someone, she is talkative and animated. She is extra nervous around people she has great respect for. However, Miss. Edgecombe is eager to prove herself and will speak up if she feels her contribution is truly of importance. She makes an effort to get along with everyone.

                              Temperance did well in high school, concentrating on her studies to the exclusion of a social life. In her senior year of high school, Temperance lost her mother.

                              Temperance threw herself into her class work, graduated, and moved away. She quickly lost contact with her father, with whom she had never been close. Temperance formed close bonds with a group of men and women who helped her to come out of her shell. The acquisition of a social life caused Temperance’s grades to drop slightly, but gave her a whole new perspective and a second family.

                              She enjoyed college and took as many classes as she could fit into her schedule, including some that had no bearing career aspirations, such as a Shakespeare course, Elizabethan history, and several semesters of sculpture.

                              After changing her major several times, Temperance settled on anthropology. Initially her interest lay in in forensic anthropology, however she quickly decided that employment in such a field was unlikely. She’s nothing if not practical, so Temperance sought a masters in anthropology with a focus on it‘s cultural and biological aspects. She never planned to really implement her learning, convinced that a career as a professor at a junior college was the thing for her. Purely out of interest she obtained a certificate of forensic anthropology. Despite her best efforts, Temperance is weak in the field of linguistics. Though she is not the most brilliant member of the stargate expedition, she is intelligent and has a deep love of learning.

                              Working towards her doctorate, Temperance was writing her thesis paper and researching the culture of a secluded tribe in Antarctica, when she was drawn into the Stargate Program to research the ancient gene. She underwent the gene therapy, but only exhibits minor abilities to access ancient technology. She transferred off world to only months before the destruction of Earth.

                              The loss of her very close friends, along with the loss of Earth was as devastating to her as to the rest of the off-world contingent. Although through the influence of those very friends, Temperance now speaks in the presence of strangers and will even crack the occasional joke, she isn’t the most outspoken or self-assured person around. She still has bouts of extreme nervousness on occasion and is very hesitant to initiate new relationships. Though she has lived on the alpha site for several years now, Temperance has yet to form any close friendships. The new year has driven her to seek out new connections and perhaps to join a team.

                              Other important facts: Aside from friends and family, Temperance most misses her cat, Euripides, and her garden. In her free time she likes to lend a hand in the infirmary and lurk in the linguistics lab.
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                                Approved, well smileyed , by Sharp

                                Character Name: Sorrel
                                Character Age: 23
                                Character Rank: Civilian, Palarian refugee
                                Character Position: Proprietor, Sorrel's Clothes and Jewels, Foreston
                                Appearance: 5'2", small elvish build. Red-brown hair that earned her her name, waist length. Usually worn in a ponytail, bun for heavy work, one long braid for going out. Black eyes.
                                Personality: Pushy and mercurial, but in a none-speak-English-good charming way. Very much like a shopowner in small tourist districts. Befriends good customers, will go to lengths for loyal ones. Polite to strangers, but has a distinct sharp banter and wit with really close friends usually her fellow Palarians. Slightly deceptive, with customers she uses broken English, in normal conversation her English is just fine, albeit with the occasional emphasis of yes and no.
                                History: Sorrel was born in the supporting village of Asdrana, one of thirteen to a poor but skilled tailor who made uniforms for the nearby training base of Palaria's army. The only girl, all 12 of her brothers became soldiers and at 14 she took her father's craft with the military. Married at 16 to a training company executive officer.
                                Then SG-11 and LT K'ma Tyler came through the Palarian stargate, a device of which the Palarian military was just beginning to puzzle out the workings. The Goa'uld attacked the planet and SG-11 managed to evacuate some of the personnel on the post, civilian workers, trainee soldiers, and experienced combat survivors. Sorrel's husband was not among the refugees, officially MIA by the records of the surviving soldiers.
                                Now the Palarians dwell in a sub-community within Foreston, living by the trades they performed on their own world. Some with higher technical skills work in the nearby factories, coming from a society that had just started to get the concept of the assembly line and interchangeable parts.
                                "Che idiota fa una cosa del genere! Gli americani non pensare cose del genere?!"
                                " 'Idiot' and 'American' I think were cognates? I'm going to assume you're not talking about me so we can work together better."
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