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    Very nice Bio Old_Sk3wl, very detailed and great job well done! I changed Astra's around and updated it, but nothing compared to yours!

    I'm looking forward to roel playing with you in the future.
    Thanks to Jumble for the icon and siggy.
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      As for the rank, all of the officers use AF rank, despite service.

      And as for enlisted with pilot training, I usually do the stick fingers in ears and hum method.
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        Originally posted by Old_Sk3wl View Post
        Thanks for the positive feed back everyone I've actually been skimming a few profiles and noticed a few errors - just before I found a character who was a US Navy SEAL but held the rank of Major, a rank which is not part of the USN (the correct rank would be Lieutenant Commander), and I've think I've seen enlisted personnel who claim to be trained as pilots, when only officers recieve flight training. If anyone would like, I could proof read some profiles, point out errors and provide feedback..?
        Your welcome to read over mine


          Originally posted by DragonGate View Post
          As for the rank, all of the officers use AF rank, despite service.
          Well using the USN ranks can cause some confusion, though considering USN Admirals were present at the original Stargate briefing in the movie, it's safe to assume they know of the existance of the SGC and would one day send in their personnel. But I'm just the new guy; it's not my place to make such decisions I'm not trying to make waves, just trying to get my head about this new RP environment.

          Originally posted by SilverRider View Post
          Your welcome to read over mine
          Direct me to the said profile and I would be more than happy


            OxFord and Ashwood I can PM/email you with more background story on both if you like.


              Both look good, and only really share one problem - in order to be commissioned as an officer is ANY military, you need to have a Uni / College degree. They'd either attend a regular Uni and attend OCS or complete study at a military university (USAFA for Air Force, USMA for US Army).

              Hope this helps


                Yes it helps alot, I'll give it a good read on my day off and see how I can add that in Along with few other stuff I have ended up since I posted those Bios


                  We have a lot of personel from other services but, when they join the SGC here, they have to adopt USAF rank equivalent to their own service's rank.
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                    Hehe - ALL feedback on Tim would be apriciated, since I'm not either US born OR military
                    Have a look and PM me...

                    Edit after having read Vin's post: *hrmm* wispers* link in sig here as well
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                        yea, my character is the one your referring too, I tried to star lt.cmdr for a while but int was too confusing for everyone and i finally caved.


                          Last I checked this is a thread for biographies to be posted on and not to chat on... There are other threads for that.


                            Originally posted by Ryn_SST View Post
                            Last I checked this is a thread for biographies to be posted on and not to chat on... There are other threads for that.
                            My apologies; as I said before, I'm just the new guy, still trying to find out how this all works... I'll take a look at the bio's you guys asked for, and if anyone else would like me to look at their's, best to drop me a PM.


                              Thank you. I was hoping the convo would die off on its own. Either discuss in PM or the Chatterbox thread. Or, probably better, the 'Talk' thread for the Team in question.
                              Set your 'Display options' at the bottom of the screen to what the attachment shows. Then you'll be able to find every thread every created in the RPG section.
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                                (( OOC - New character for Foreston. Approved by Gen Blue. ))

                                Character Name: Josh Darl
                                Character Age: 40
                                Character Position: Foreston
                                Appearance: Green eyes, light brown hair, strong build.

                                Personality: He is a little closed to himself due to some events in his past that haunt him, is easy to talk to when he gets out of the shell. He has polite and charming manners and a good sense of humor.

                                History: Josh was born in St. Michaels, Arizona. Son of Sarah and Joseph Darl of Jewish family. His mother was an avid fan of Elvis Presley and ingrained a taste for his music into Josh. He was always an only child. Did all his school years in Window Rock, a city a few miles northeast of St. Michaels.

                                His family later moved on to Phoenix, Arizona when he was in College. He got a degree of Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from ASU (Arizona State University).

                                After graduation he got a job at the Lockheed Martin Corporation which has major connections and several joint projects with the USAF through the last few decades. He received a invitation to work secretly on the F-302 design, not knowing what it was about, just that it was supposed to be a new jet of some kind.

                                Due to the stress of this project, he started to present a drinking problem when off duty and killed his wife in a car accident due to being drunk three years ago. That caused his almost hermit ways since. He started attending to AA meetings and is clean ever since an year after the accident.

                                In time there was the fiasco with Henry Wallace (Season 8 Covenant episode) and he discovered the truth of what his work of years turned into and was called into secrecy about the whole deal, signing the non-disclosure agreement.

                                When the new Alpha Site was being built, he was called to help in the engineering of parts construction aspects. Once the job was done and the base was functional, he decided that the military life was not for him and went towards the outskirts of the new town which was just a project beginning to be constructed. It later became known as Foreston.

                                Foreston was a nice and friendly place to live in and reminded him of his childhood, so Josh stayed on to help out as he could, using his connections to get what he needed to mount a small factory of his own before the destruction of Earth, creating a few jobs for the townspeople.

                                Other important facts:
                                - He's totally dedicated to his work and his factory.
                                - Doesn't get out much. Typical workaholic.
                                - He owns the factory that now is the only source of ammo to the base's weaponry and is working to the last of its capacity to attend the base's demands, some times not being able to fulfill them entirely, like the case of after the Zeus attack.
                                - His factory possess a small charcoal forge (later exchanged by a found native substitute) for hot forging process with complete blacksmith material for the ammo production.
                                - The gunpowder was also adapted from local sources of its basic ingredients after the destruction of Earth.
                                - On demand medium sized pieces can be produced, nothing huge, but be ready to wait for some time since the ammo has to get to the base or everyone is screwed.
                                - It's good to remember that anything done on demand is one of a kind and is done in an artisan way, like blacksmiths of the Middle Ages, but with better security and equipment.
                                - His factory has twenty workers in this point in time.
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                                Awesome sig made by *E*K*R*. Thanks!!!!!