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    Character name: Jeff Frye

    Gender: Male

    Character age: 29

    Character species: Tau'ri

    Character appearance
    Height: 6' 2½"
    Weight: 175
    Hair: Short black messy
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin: slightly tan


    Pre-Alpha Site occupation: Directly before joining SGC Jeff was a Boston cop and an instructor in the art of Tae Kwon Do both normal and sword form. But was called onto active duty for the war in Afghanistan.

    Nationality: American

    Relevant training and qualifications: His qualifications are 14 years of Tae Kwon Do, two of which were teaching. 3 years of Krav Maga. He has standard military survival and infantry training. In college he studied engineering getting a bachelors degree. Also has 5 years on the Boston police force.

    Character specialties: His specialties are City fighting, building defense planning, and hand to hand combat.

    Character strengths: Her hand-to-hand combat and sword combat skills are very good, exceeding most in his class. He is quick to develop a plan of attack and has a very good handle of determining a persons threat level.

    Character flaws: He has a problem with his personal relation ships due to a fear of commitment, and while being quick to comfort others doesn’t like to talk about his own pain.

    Character Traits: His fellow squad members from Boston and his fellow marines always said he was someone they were quick to trust and would have gone threw anything with him guarding their back. Also he is one that is easy to open up to and discus your feelings with or just have around if you are feeling sad.

    Character Background: Jeff was born in Arvada, Colorado on July 18, 1977 to Eric and Susie Frye. Eric was a pilot for the airline United and Susie was a stay at home mom. When Jeff was four her sister Katie was born on April 28, 1984 after which his parents moved to Boston. In high school he started doing Tae Kwon do at the age of 14. He wasn’t the top of his class but passed. He was normally found at home in front of his computer or at a friend’s house working on an old car. He dated a few times but nothing serious due to his fear of commitment.

    In College he took Engineering and majored in it going into the marines as a reserve. When he graduated at 22 he did two years of service but no battles and most of his time was spent in training. After his two years of mandatory active duty where up he joined the Boston police force. During his second year on the force he was called to a hostage situation. When his partner and him called in they were told backup was 10 minutes out but Jeff was afraid that the situation could escalate before then and went in. His partner went in with him and they managed to subdue the Suspect and save the hostage. In his gratitude the Hostage gave them the honor of learning Krav Maga. Jeff and his partner took the older man up on his offer and for the next three years learned the art of Krav Maga. After a one-week suspension for disobeying an order and going into the hostage situation Jeff was then moved to SWAT where he quickly became a team leader.

    In his 5th year on the force Jeff received his letter calling him to active duty to go to Afghanistan and he accepted without hesitation. He did a six-week training course and was deployed. On his second outing from the base his team was doing a city sweep when they were ambushed. When his CO was killed Jeff steeped up and took command. The 10-man team was held up for two days in a building with 4 injuries. Finally after the two days he lead his team out of the city and back to base only losing one more man. When he returned to base he was awarded the rank of Staff Sergeant. Someone up the line read his debriefing and threw his name as a candidate to the SGC who accepted him. He was then stationed on Beta site as a base guard with the possibility of being assigned to a team if he wanted.

    thanks to revan from sony forum
    Jeff Frye


      (Approved by Gen )


      Name: Raymond “Ray” James Bellano
      Position: Chief Mechanic
      Rank: Chief Master Sergeant
      Nationality: American, Virginian
      Age: 40
      Gender: Male
      ATA gene: Yes; weak version
      Height: 6”
      Appearance: Medium build, short hair, spiked up messily, some facial hair.
      Personality: Friendly, hardworking. Fairly relaxed outside of his work, but passionate about his work.

      History: Born in central Virginia to Christopher John Bellano and Sarah-Jane Bellano. However he was never a high flyer at school, and was one of the first in his year to drop out. Choosing, against his parents wishes, to take a career in Mechanics, getting an apprenticeship in a local garage. Unlike in a school setting, where he had been unable to concentrate and develop an interest into the subject, he thrived under the apprenticeship, and was soon working full time in the garage.

      His job gave him plenty of chances to meet women, although it was a regular customer; Angela (Ange) Felps, they kept up a steady relationship, but it didn’t last long, as Ange was soon pregnant. The pregnancy pushed relationships between him and his parents, eventually ending in serious arguments, and with the wage from the garage barely enough to sustain him, and his new family. Ange didn’t stay long after the baby was born, showing little interest in the newborn, and leaving Ray with their son, Peter (Pete) Bellano. He was forced to look for a higher paying job. Which he found in the air force; taking very little time to adapt from cars to planes. Whilst still caring for Pete.

      He was a great asset to his Airbase, standing out as not just a mechanic, but also quickly gaining the respect of his peers, and rising to the position of head mechanic quicker than many thought possible. Although mainly confined to fixing and upgrading plane. The Stargate program eventually showed an increased interest in mechanics when they started creating their own space fighters. Bellano was called in the late stages of production of the newest fighter, the F-302, to help maintain the craft, but managed to keep Pete with him on the base, allowing him to help with small administrative jobs, and helping with the Planes. At the SGC he was always overshadowed by the Chief mechanic, and eventually was transferred to aid at the Alpha site (with Pete of course, who by now held a rank), where he was free to rise properly to the occasion, and eventually become chief mechanic.
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      Gateworld RP: Aftermath
      Update Thread


      Main Characters

      Ray's sig made by Shelly, Vince's, House's and Li's modelled on her good work.

      Looking after

      For Xym, and so I have a place I can take the siggy code from!

      Non-bio'd NPC Characters


        (Approved by Blue and Sharp, age changed.))

        Name: Dr. James Parkers
        Team: Unassigned
        Rank: Civilian
        Age: 29
        Species: Human
        Gender: Male
        Appearance: Tall, slim, dark brown hair. Brown eyes.
        Character specialties: Studied Archaeology and Ancient History at a university in Britain, passed and attended a course and gained a PhD in Archaeology and Ancient History. Specialised in Ancient Egyptian.
        Character strengths: Able to work under pressure well.
        Character flaws: Can snap at people.
        Character traits: Tendency to run his hand through his hair and be engrossed in his work.

        Character history:James was born to parents Moira and Rob Parkers where they lived in London, Britain. They led a peaceful life and James soon discovered a passion for history. Every weekend was spent at some museum or other and he quickly joined his local Archaeologists group. After a few years of this he managed to refine his love of general history to one time era. The Egyptians. He studied them intently during his years. Then for his A-Levels he chose as many history subjects as possible. Classical Studies, History and Ancient History. His parents supported him throughout his studies. They loved him dearly. He also had one other older brother and a younger sister. His entire family perished on Earth.

        After two years his girlfriend broke it off with him. Broken and depressed he turned to the thing that made him happy. Egypt. Moving out there he took to archiving the finds. It was there that the Stargate program found him. After a year out there his job became boring and tedious with no new adventures for him. He barely ventured out of his office. The SGC valued him for his attention to detail and his knowledge on Egypt. After joining the program his passion for history and adventure was reignited and he was placed on a team. However, the team came under heavy fire on its second mission. As James had not had any weapons training prior to the mission because the team was considered to be a scientific unit. However after one team member was fatally wounded and another badly injured and he felt helpless. Once James returned and was cleared for active duty he opted for weapons training and is fully trained in all weapons.

        James got transferred to the Alpha site just a few days before Earth was destroyed. In the chaos on Alpha site, James’ transferral was briefly forgotten as the General reorganised Alpha site to be the new main Tau’ri planet. There was no point to place James on a team until the team reassignments.

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          ((Approved by Gen Blue))

          Character Name: Timothy Foster

          Character Age: April 26 1976

          Character Rank: Technical Sergeant, Army rangers (E-6)

          Character Position: Unassigned – for the moment

          ATA-gene: No

          Appearance:Black hair, dark brown eyes, 178cm, 82kg. Athletic.

          Personality: Doesn’t talk much, though will open up once someone has gained his trust. Always keep a cool head, and a positive attitude.

          History: Grew up as an only child, in a small town in central Colorado, US.
          His father was a park ranger with the USDA Forest service, mother an elemetary school teacher. His parents loved to hike the mountains, so being outside came very natural from an early age. Was an active member of the BSA during his school years and made it as far as an “Eagle scout”. He found the wildlife and first aid merit badges the most interesting ones.
          After graduation from high school at the age of 18, he continued to Pre-med. During these college years he joined the local fire department as a volunteer and got educated as an EMT-I there.
          It was a tough time, but he thought it would be beneficial to him when he would apply for med school later on.

          After his four years at college and with an increased instability in the world, he decided he wanted to have a break from his studies and do something slightly different, so at the age of 22 he enlisted in the army, starting as an E3 due to his merits in the BSA, and shortly after the basic training applied to become part of the Rangers.
          This turned out to be a challenge that suited him perfectly. By the time of graduation at Fort Benning, he was one of top five in his class through out all of the phases.
          His background as EMT made him then move on to Fort Sam Huston for further education, becoming a ranger medic.
          Did two tours in Iraq during -04 and -05, including some “black op’s”. Risked his life on several occasions for his fellow team members during this time.
          Approached and accepted to SGC in early -05. Transferred to the Alpha site in April 2005 both to fill in where necessary and due to his abilities as a medic.

          ((Thanks Xym and DragonGate for the feed back. ))
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            Character Name: Dr. Sidney Dinger
            Character Age: 37
            Character Rank: Civilian Nutritionist
            ATA Gene: no

            Appearance: Average Build, 5'6", Redish-brown hair in a high ponytail - Length: small of her back, Brown eyes
            Personality: A passionate person for nutritional health, Sidney often finds herself easily frustrated with the eating habits of many Alpha site residents. Her temper is short-lived, if even existent, but her stubbornness, along with a cheerful smile, usually succeeds in getting the right foods into her expedition teammates.

            History: Sidney grew up in the mountains of western Tennessee. Her family was small; a little brother and her parents. She attended the University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill, earning her Bachelors degree in Nutrition. She finished her Graduate degree at Appalachian State University. Deciding it was time to test out her new found knowledge, she found a job at Fort Macon as the head nutritionist. After three years of working with the military, she went back to school, finally obtaining her Masters and Doctorate at Tufts University.
            At the age of 35, she found herself working at Cheyenne Mountain as the assistant nutritionist for the SGC. Her time working with the men and women there was enjoyable, as she was able to hear the stories of alien worlds. When the call for a new group to travel to Alpha site: Gaia was announced, she jumped at the chance.
            After the incident that left them separated from Earth, she had found her job to be overly stressful as food began to run low and it was more a matter of getting something into her teammates rather than watching what kinds of food they consumed.
            Her stress levels had gone down however, as trading missions had returned with supplies that would make life at Gaia a little bit easier.

            Other important facts: Sidney is a southern girl who, on occasions, enjoys fried chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans.


              Character Name: Gregory "Greg" Lucas Shelder
              Character Age: 35
              Character Rank: Civilian
              Character Position: Scientist, SG-6
              Appearance: Blond, just enough to run a hand through. Brown eyes. 5'7" height. Medium lean build. Picture
              Personality: Greg is overall shy, particularly with the opposite sex. His troubles with women are only exarcerbated by his phobia of commitment, always walking out of a relationship when a woman starts saying words like "marriage" or "forever." Has a hero worship complex with the SG teams and will bend over backward to help them if they're in trouble. Brilliant mind, skilled in a variety of sciences. Very good with children, has no problem getting to their level. Strong ethical center, most noticeable when his personal lines are crossed.
              History: Greg grew up in the upper-class of Napa Valley, California. The Shelder family owned a large estate planted with some of the highest quality wine grapes in the US. The family wasn't the Gates', but young Gregory wanted for nothing. Top of his class in high school. Attended college at the California State Polytechnic University, College of Engineering. In college, he slipped academically, graduating 20th in his class.

              But between college and academia, he took a bit of a wild hair and joined the Army for a three-year active-duty enlistment, as a combat engineer/21B. Stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, Camp Casey, Korea, and Fort Riley, KS, respectively. Deployed to NATO peacekeeping actions in Kosovo, where he was mostly involved with area and route clearance. Wounded in the abdomen and knee while laying cover fire for his team during an engagement with KLA insurgents. Completed his eight year total commitment as a sergeant in California's Army Reserves while studying for a master's and later a doctorate.

              After receiving an honorable discharge, Greg worked at Army Test and Evaluation Command at White Sands Missile Range, NM, but it just wasn't quite the same as the cameradie of the service. A friend from his days as a soldier, who in the intervening time had become an officer, turned Greg on to a classified government project that he was well-qualified for and federal hiring preference on veterans got Greg into the Stargate Program. He worked for a short time at Stargate Command, before being offered a place at Beta Site. He said yes in a fraction of a second.

              Greg worked several years at the Beta Site, partnered frequently with his domineering college buddy Dr. Doug Simmons. Greg's path altered course when SG-5 arrived, reduced to the age of 5 and he dedicated research efforts to helping them return to adulthood, and they soon departed after Jen promised any help that Greg would need in the future would be his. He soon befriended Captain Emma Luban, a new arrival from an undercover mission, and entered a crazy topsy-turvy friendship with the blonde beauty, that he might be just a little attracted to. Transferred with her and Captain Travis Oxford to the Gaia Alpha Site, Greg petitioned Oxford for a team position, and got it, as the captain's mind was already made up. While preparing for his first mission with SG-6, Greg fell ill with his second round of Shanstid Spotty Fever, a contagious bug native to the Shansti desert, and was immediately isolated to prevent an epidemic among the unprotected Gaian population. Now past the disease and on the mend, Greg waits for his discharge so he can get into his job on SG-6.

              Other important facts: Though officially a mechanical engineer, the field of his doctorate, Greg knows something about everything in the hard sciences. As well as entirely too much (his own opinion) about military-grade explosives. Most notable achievement, aiding the restoration of SG-5 to their adult selves. No ATA gene.
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                Character Name: Troy Francis Loveridge

                Character Age: 43

                Character Rank: Major (O-4), United States Air Force

                Character Position: SG-6 Team Leader


                Personality: Troy is a well educated and experienced military operator. He works well in small teams and is ideally suited for SG team operations. He uses comedy to dissfuse situations, but does at times take a distaste to freshman Lieutenants who don't listen to experienced enlisted personnel.

                Personal History: Born in Newport Beach, Orange County, California on October 31, 1962. Father an American housing developer, mother an entertainer from Australia. Holds duel US/Australian citizenship. Raised at the family home in Newport Beach, Orange County and attended Newport Harbor High School. Graduated high school with good results but not enough to go directly into university, so he enlisted in the United States Air Force, just as his older brother had done. His younger sister enlisted once she'd completed university. Met his future wife Ashlee at a basketball game, and the two had a daughter and a son.

                Father: Phillip George Loveridge -- Housing Developer
                Mother: Carol Lucille Loveridge -- Socialite
                Sister: Captain Brooklyn Lindsay Loveridge -- Office of the Secretary of the Air Force
                Spouse: Ashlee Elyse Loveridge -- Homemaker
                Son: Trent Cooper Loveridge -- Air Force Academy Student
                Daughter: Kirby-Ann Louise Loveridge -- University Student

                Military Record:
                Upon being recruited into the United States Air Force as an Airman Basic in 1980, Troy completed the Air Force’s Basic Military Training (BMT) and Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. The 6 week course taught him basic military instruction (including the Air Force core values, flight and individual drill, and living area inspections), academic classes (covering topics such as Air Force history, dress and appearance, military customs and courtesies, ethics, security, and alcohol/drug abuse prevention and treatment), and field training (including protection against biological and chemical attack, basic marksmanship on the M-16 rifle, and first aid).

                He joined the Air Force Special Operations Command and the 720th Special Tactics Group, 24th Special Tactics Squadron as a Pararescueman, what some consider to be the most difficult job in all of the armed forces — combat search and rescue, typically of (but not limited to) downed pilots. His 35 week training program, based out of Lackland Air Force Base, Tx., included completion of Combat Control Orientation Course, Combat Control Operator Course, U.S. Army Airborne School, U.S. Air Force Basic Survival School, Combat Control School, Special Tactics Advanced Skills Training, U.S. Army Military Free Fall Parachutist School, U.S. Army Combat Divers School and U.S. Navy Underwater Egress Training. His training enabled him to fight with virtually any special operations unit and act as a paramedic in the battlefield.

                By the time he'd finished his training he'd been promoted to Airman First Class, and he soon successfully completed the competitive Below-the-Zone selection, allowing him to be promoted to Senior Airman six months earlier than usual. It was around this time that his wife, Ashlee, fell pregnant with Trent, and although she's originally wanted him to leave the service, they both agreed that he should consider becoming an officer to better help support the growing family.

                He officially entered the USAFA on August 9, 1984, and was assigned to Cadet Squadron 22: Raptors, Third Cadet Group, Cadet Wing, and attained the rank of Cadet 4th Class during his Freshman year. Between his Freshman and Sophomore year he became Airbourne Qualified for completion of either freefall parachute training at the Academy or the U.S. Army's Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia, and went on to attain the Sophomore rank of Cadet Staff Sergeant. In his Junior year he was appointed the Wing Superintendent of the USAFA Cadet Wing and helper oversee the operations, training and administration of that group, and held the rank of Cadet Chief Master Sergeant. Trent went on to become the Group Commander of the Third Cadet Group with the rank of Cadet Colonel in his Senior year, sadly missing out on the converted position of Cadet Wing Commander.

                During his time at the USAFA he represented the Academy in swimming in events against the other US military colleges, and received positions on both the Commandant's & Athletic Director's Lists, missed out making the Superintendent's List as he did not qualify for the Dean's List, based upon academic skill. He graduated on May 13 1988 with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Humanities.

                Upon graduation, Troy returned to the 720th Special Tactic Group as a Combat Rescue Officer. His first frontline military experience came in the 1989 US invasion of Parama, where Troy and members of the 24th Special Tactics Squadron acted as the primary Pararesuce unit for a majority of frontline incursions. Just over a year later, the 24th STS was deployed into the Persian Gulf as part of the US's forward advancement into Iraq, and the squadron remained on duty until the conclusion of the Gulf War in February 1991. Shortly following his promotion to Captain he assumed the position of Squadron Commanding Officer, and by the end of the year the 24th STS found themselves involved with Operation Restore Hope, the UN sanctioned invasion of Somalia. During the infamous Battle of Mogadishu, Troy and his squadron maintained an aerial presence in MH-6 Little Birds, and members of his Squadron were responsible for the recovery of a number of downed Blackhawk pilots.

                In 1994 the 24th STS was part of the U.S. led multinational force deployed into Haiti to support the peace keeping efforts, however he was approached by members of the Air Force Space Command in March 1995 and briefed on the Stargate Program. The then Captain Loveridge had hoped to make it onto Colonel O'Neill's off-world team sent the Abydos, but a training injury lead to him not making the cut. After O'Neill's team returned through the gate and the program was shut down, Troy attended Air Command and Staff College were he received a Joint Diploma in Leadership, Command and Communication Studies. Upon graduation he was offered a position as Air Officer Commanding at the USAFA for Cadet Squadron 22, the very Squadron Troy had trained with during his time at the USAFA. During the 12 months with the Raptors, Troy exercised command authority over his cadets and trained the cadets in officership and military matters. He advised the cadets who hold leadership positions in the unit, and acted as role models for the future officers.

                A month before the end of the USAFA academic year, Troy was informed that the Stargate Program had reopened under the command of General Hammond. Once the academic year had concluded, Troy stepped down from AOC and transferred back to the SGC, and from day one he never looked back. Major Loveridge led a number of off-world teams, clocking up numerous hours of gate activity. He carried out off-world base security duties, front line combat, exploration, and even a short stint with the SG-9, the diplomatic team. In mid-2003 he attended Air War College, and attained a Joint Professional degree in Military Education. Following his graduation he transferred to the newly formed Department of Homeworld Security, glad to again be serving under first General Hammond, then General O'Neill.

                After his slint at the DHS, he moved back into off-world duties and was based at the Gamma Site ("Helumoa") when the attack on Earth took place. Knowing his would never be the same again, and everyone he knew and cared about to be dead, he put his head and continued to do what he did best, leading numerous teams off-world on exploration and military missions. He's action caught the attention of General Blue, who requested his transfer to the Alpha Site ("Gaia") and placed him in charge of the newly reformed SG-6.

                Rank and Promotions:
                Recruited as Airman Basic (E-1) on December 11, 1980
                Promoted to Airman (E-2) on June 19, 1981
                Promoted to Airman First Class (E-3) on May 24, 1982
                Promoted to Senior Airman (E-4) on July 2, 1983
                Graduated USAFA and commissioned as Second Lieutenant (O-1) on May 30, 1988
                Promoted to First Lieutenant (O-2) on August 8, 1991
                Promoted to Captain (O-3) on January 22, 1994
                Promoted to Major (O-4) October 16, 1999

                Appointments & Positions:
                Pararescuemen, December 11, 1980 to September 22, 1982 (AB, Amn, A1C)
                Pararescue Team Leader, September 22, 1982 to August 9, 1984 (A1C, SrA)
                United States Air Force Academy, August 9, 1984 to May 30, 1988 (Cadet)
                Combat Rescue Officer, May 30, 1988 to January 22, 1992 (2ndLt, 1stLt)
                Special Tactics Squadron Leader, January 22, 1992 to March 18, 1995 (1st Lt, Capt)
                Stargate Command, March 18, 1995 to May 27, 1996 (Capt)
                Air Command and Staff College, May 27, 1996 to June 16, 1997 (Capt)
                Air Officer Commanding, June 16, 1997 to February 23, 1997 (Capt)
                Stargate Command, February 23, 1997 to August 11, 2003 (Capt, Maj)
                Air War College, August 11, 2003 to May 23, 2004 (Maj)
                Dept of Homeworld Security, May 23, 2004 to March 2, 2005 (Maj)
                Gamma Site, March 2, 2005 to August 9, 2005 (Maj)
                Alpha Site, August 9, 2005 to Present (Maj)

                Other important facts: ---


                  was this cleared by Sharp or Blue? The new regs usually prohibit new players from being officers. very detailed and nice bio though


                    Yeah, TGLG, Gen mentioned Major Loveridge's exchange for Colonel Harvey at the Gamma Site in her post as Blue in the Briefing Room. So it is to be assumed at least Gen approved the character Bio. Extremely good Bio, by the way, OS. I look forward to RPing with you. Speaking of Bios, Natasha's is in need of some rewriting to add stuff that has been going on since November..... Nice sig too.
                    Awesome sig made by *E*K*R*. Thanks!!!!!


                      Bio has been approved by Blue and Sharp I was originally going to apply as enlisted, but they convinced me to take a commission as for the bio, thanks, a bit of effort went into it.


                        It was cleared by both of us after much discussion of current rank. Jay (Old_Sk3wl) is admin and CO of another RP site. Part of it was professional courtesy and part of it was a D@MN impressive bio, even as a Non-Comm.
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                          Very nice bio - looking forward to RPing with/against you, lol! Welcome!

                          Thanks to ShelBel for the sigpics! SUPPORT GATEWORLD ROLEPLAY


                            Dang Old_Sk3wl you made my next bio look really bad now i'm going to have to seriously vamp it up

                            GWRPG CHARACTERS


                              WOW!! Very detailed bio. I like it OS, good job.
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                                Thanks for the positive feed back everyone I've actually been skimming a few profiles and noticed a few errors - just before I found a character who was a US Navy SEAL but held the rank of Major, a rank which is not part of the USN (the correct rank would be Lieutenant Commander), and I've think I've seen enlisted personnel who claim to be trained as pilots, when only officers recieve flight training. If anyone would like, I could proof read some profiles, point out errors and provide feedback..?