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    Cool! Welcome to the game!
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      This is the Bio for my AU character Chris.

      Name: Chris Blackwell
      Rank: Non military.
      Age: 23
      Species: Human
      Ancient gene: No.
      Gender: Male
      Hair / eyes: Brown hair, brown eyes.
      Education & training: Doctorate in Archaeology and History.

      Personal history: Chris was born in Chicago and met AU Sarah and Ivan at school. They all became friends but Chris and Ivan secretly loved Sarah. When faced with her feelings Sarah chose Chris. There were no hard feelings between the trio and Ivan was the best man at their wedding. Sadly Sarah was on Earth when it was destroyed leaving Chris devastated by her death.
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        ((I'm re-posting Ashwood bio, seeing HE hasn't returned to play her))

        Name: Kimberly “Kim” Joanne Ashwood

        Age: 32

        DOB: 14/2/1974

        Rank: Major

        Height: 5"6

        long blonde hair, emerald green eyes, medium build

        Character Skills: Hand to hand combat, martial arts skills, weapon training and some knowledge in physics.

        As a workaholic, her social skills aren’t really up to scratch, once you get to know her well, her true personality shines through, a kind, caring, enthusiastic woman who is not afraid to live life to the full.

        Character history:
        Born to Steven and Dana Ashwood in London, England. Kim was her parent’s only child. Her father was a scientific officer for MI5, her mother language interpreter to the UN, which meant she was away from home a lot.

        As a child she had a close relationship with her mother despite Dana not being around much. Finding out at the age of 12 that mother had cancer, Kim was distraughted, shedding herself all her girly personality in order to be strong for both her parents, much to her mother’s heartbreak. It wasn’t long after that she realized that she wasn’t your average teenager. She preferred the local sports center for kickboxing than to the shopping and all the girly stuff.

        Her mother’s battle with cancer lasted three years. Losing her mother at the age of 15, Kim nearly lost the sight of her dreams, but it also meant that her relationship with her father became strong once Steven quit his job and learned to cope with life without Dana.

        With a scientist as a father, her knowledge in physics made her top of the science class. Earning her honors in that subject, however, after leaving school, she didn’t follow in her father’s footsteps, as he had wanted but he encouraged her to follow her childhood dream to join the air force instead. One she lost the sight of three years previously.

        Feeling she needed a drastic change and to start healing, Kim moved to America a year later and joined the USAF. Hating herself for leaving her father behind but she knew she had to break away from him and live her own life knowing he had depended on her since he quit his job.

        Once she gained the respect and admiration of her fellow officers as a lieutenant and getting transferred to SGC once they saw, she had what it took to be on SGC. She gained the rank of a Captain not long after she joined SGC and was transfer off-world to Alpha site. With her now being a Major and Second in Command of the flagship team, Kim takes her responsibilities towards her team and the base seriously. Most call her mother hen of SG-1.


          (( Aproved by Gen Blue today ))

          Character Name: Carolina “Carrie” Svensson

          D.O.B: March 3, 1965

          Ancient gene: Yes

          Character Rank: Civilian

          Appearance: 165 cm, 65 kg. Hair; shoulder length, dark blond, braided or ponytail while at work, otherwist loose, bluegreen eyes, athletic. Wears glasses or contacts.

          Personality: Energetic. Curious. Being a civilian with no actual military training, she’s still having some trouble using the proper ranks, as it really doesn’t matter when treating patients in the infirmary…

          History: Born on a dairy farm in the southern part of Sweden as the youngest of three children. Just after she was born, it was discovered she had a congenital heart defect. The surgery to correct it was performed when she was six years old and even though medically a success, it left her with emotional scars. During her years in school, she discovered she did best in science classes. After some consideration she although decided to become a doctor, trying to prevent that what had happened in her childhood, at least wouldn’t happen to a patient in her care…
          Went to medical school at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. Graduated in 1989. After two years of internship she started specialising in orthopaedic surgery. Attending a conference in Atlantic City, in 1993, she met AF Captain Jonathan Brown, and six months later she moved to the states to get married and start her residency in trauma surgery. Six years later they moved to Colorado Springs as Jonathan had a promotion including being transferred to NORAD, officially. At the request of her husband, she applied a post of surgery in SGC in 2003, not really knowing what this was all about...
          Transferred to Alpha site in early 2005, her husband still at SGC. Then disaster struck, twice. Just before Earth was destroyed they lost their unborn baby in second trimester. In spite of that Carrie went on doing her job on Gaia, but when the news about Earth came through, she just couldn’t handle it any more. She was granted a leave of absence to try to heal…

          Other important facts: Gets VERY grumpy if not being able to eat every four hours. Preferes to be called Carrie instead of the more formal "Dr Svensson"

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            Character Name: Nicholas Stavin

            Character Age: 38

            Character Rank: Master Sergeant (Marine Corps)


            Military cut Brown hair
            Tanned skin
            242 lbs
            Very well built

            Personality:Very serious most of the time but he has his moments. He can be very loyal or completely untrusting of people based on his first impression of people. He is a very closed off, yet driven individual.

            History: Nick was born in a small town outside of Philidelphia Pennsylvania, he was a very strong, driven individual who played in both Baseball and Football leading his team to the state championship in football. He was given scholarships to several schools but the death of his father and mother in a car accident made him fall into a state of depression that made him lose the desire to live almost entirely.

            He joined the Marine Corps at age 18 and was immediately identified as a smart, strong, and courageous leader. Upon his exit from Paris Island and induction into the Corps he was given the rank of Lance Corporal. After nine years of serving, in which he worked his way up to the rank of Staff Sergeant, he entered the elite First Recon unit of Marines. Nick served in the Gulf War in several dozen special operation missions with the first recon marines. He received the silver star for bravery under fire when he personally carried one of his wounded team members back to the evac chopper while taking fire from hostile forces.

            He was drafted into the Stargate Program after several black ops missions in Afghanistain got him promoted to Master Sergeant and awarded the Bronze Star after singlehandedly taking out a terrorist command bunker full of some twenty five heavily armed terrorists. He was offworld on a mission with his SG team when Earth was attacked by Anubis. He then returned to the Alpha site.

            Other important facts: Does not have the ancient gene. He is an expert marksman, hand to hand combat specialist, and can use almost any weapon with ease and skill. He’s smart but often fails to see the broader picture, he focuses on the present task at hand and fails to look ahead to the consequences of his actions sometimes. He follows orders to the letter and can sometimes be very stubborn in disobeying his interpretation of his orders.
            Master Sergeant Nick Stavin USMC


              (Bio approved. )

              Full Name - David Eugene Williams

              Age (DOB) - May 21, 1977

              Nationality - British

              Appearance - Caucasian, blond, short cut, curly hair, blue/grey eyes, wears glasses, is 5'9" tall and has a normal, slim build. Speaks with no determining accent, since he has spent a lot of time at various places on Earth, both for studies and research.

              ATA Gene - Yes, though quite weak.

              Rank - none, civilian scientist, has a few Dr. titles to his name

              Position - He works in the base's Science labs where he is responsible for the Social Sciences (including Linguistics). He has a position similar to Dr Jackson's at the SGC. He has his own lab, which he calls the Translation Lab.
              UPDATE: Currently part of SG-5 (CO Major Jen Stevens).

              Skills - He is a linguistics expert, speaks about 10 languages fluently (among which Russian, Japanese, Latin, Ancient, and Ancient-Egyptian), and a dozen others less fluently though he gets by (among those French and German, which he never studied thoroughly because he didn't like them). He can put on any accent he pleases.

              Personality, strengths and weaknesses - He's often very lost in his own little world, busy thinking about the various stuff that he's busy doing research about, or historical puzzles that he's trying to solve. He is a solitary man, will not seek out friends, though he will be friendly with folks if they talk to him. He knows everyone on the base fairly well. David will not easily give up on things, he will constantly try and figure things out. He has average people skill, though people may find him odd at times. He has a tendency to push his glasses further up his nose, or to clean them excessively. It's a sign of being nervous or pre-occupied and trying to hide this whilst with company. He often blinks rapidly when he talks. His voice is a soft baritone, and sounds pleasing, especially when he is telling a story or explaining something. It often had his students enthralled.

              Personal History - Ever since his birth, his parents (originally British) moved around a lot, trying to find better jobs in their field of expertise around the world. They were both highly trained computer specialists. Their moving about - they never stayed longer than six months in any one place - caused an interest in anthropology in David, as well as in history and languages. He just loved exploring cultural differences everywhere he went, even as a young boy following his parents around.
              At 18, David attended the Loyola University in Chicago, Il. (his parents finally decided to settle down in America to fund his schooling and education). There he earned a Bachelor's with their linguistics program, and specialized in Latin. He wrote his second Ph. D. thesis on Roman history, especially about their inventiveness with technology, with some personal speculation on the origins of that inventiveness, making it sound as if aliens had helped them. Some of the Roman documents had some strange symbols on them which he now knows to be Ancient.
              (note: In "The Fifth Race", Dr Jackson speculated once that the Ancients aided the Romans, so this is just my take on this)

              As he studied, he met many people, and often struck friendships with his teachers, people he continually highly respected, although he never did socialise much with the other students.
              One such teacher was Anastasia Belousov, sister to General Nikolai Belousov. He learned Russian from her class, and speaks this fluently as result.

              He was recruited with the SGC in late 2002, they needed an extra historian/linguistic expert during the time that Dr Jackson went missing. When Dr Jackson returned, David asked him to teach him Ancient. After a further six months of training (mostly learning about the SGC's various allies and enemies, in a historical point of view, although he did get a very basic course in self defence and weaponry as well), he got sent to the Alpha Site. He soon found a niche in the offworld base's Science Labs, and often assisted the exploration teams with their findings although he hardly ever goes off-world.

              Other facts - He loves classical music, and there is always some cd or other playing softly in the background of his office. It helps him focus on the research.

              He has a house in Foreston, which to him is his main residence.

              There are two versions of Williams around, in the AU and in our reality. This bio is about both of them, though there are subtle differences.
              The AU Williams carried a secret crush on Dr Claire Davis-Black which he never fully adressed since she was married. He did fantasize about her a lot though, up to the extent of him confessing this love to OR Lt Claire Davis.
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                Character Name: Scott Anderson
                Character Age: 30
                Character Rank: Sergeant
                Character Position: Sniper/Tech Specialist
                Appearance: Looks like Richard Dean Anderson (Last name had nothing to do with Richard Dean's last name. honest.)
                Personality: Sarcastic and cynical at times, but can always brighten up any situation using his wit and sarcasm.
                Brief bio: ATA Gene positive, New to the SG program but a distinguished soldier (which is why he was chosen.)

                Excellent marksman and technician.
                History: Ever since he was old enough to understand computers, he's been fascinated with them. THough never actually taking it up as a job, computers ans science are his hobby. He can do practically anything on a computer and has a lot of knowledge aobut physics and chemistry havign taken all classes he could on them in high school and college. ORiginally fought as a regular soldier on the front lines during the Iraq war. Has lots of war stories
                which you can ask him about and he may share. During battle he watched his best friend killed by an enemy sniper but couldn't kill the sniper. Trained to improve his accuracy and had himself transferred to a sniper devision where he quickly rose in rank. Soon he was accepted into the Special Forces and then he was accepted into the stargate program. He used to be a techniian and base security up until now. He was just promoted to Sergeant and has joined SG-4


                  Welcome! Was this bio approved by Blue or Sharp?

                  Thanks to ShelBel for the sigpics! SUPPORT GATEWORLD ROLEPLAY


                    Yeppers. Both of them were by both of us.

                    PA - First Sergeant (Marines) = Technical Sergeant (Air Force)
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                      Thanks blue i'll go fix my bio

                      GWRPG CHARACTERS


                        ((Has been approved by Blue ))

                        Character Name: Carol “CJ” Johannson

                        Character Age: 31

                        Character Rank: Captain

                        Character Position: Safety Engineer/Scientist

                        Appearance: Around 5’ 6” in height, medium length Strawberry Blonde hair, Gray eyes, somewhat athletic build.

                        Personality: A very by the book military officer, straightforward, uncompromising, very little sense of humor especially while in the field. Has a tendency to take things, especially her job a little too seriously. Has a nervous habit of tapping her fingers whenever she is trying to concentrate.

                        History: Greg and Cindy Johannson raised CJ in a strict military family. She was very much a daddy’s girl, and never even considered doing anything other than following in his footsteps and joining the Air Force. Her life reached a crossroads when her parents divorced just after her 15th birthday. CJ was left alone with her dad until she graduated high school and joined the Air Force. CJ had always enjoyed science and while at the Air Force Academy developed a passion for engineering. Another huge crossroads in her life happened when her dad was KIA in Iraq, she was no longer daddy’s spoiled little girl, she was a military woman and acted accordingly. After completing her first tour of duty in Saudi Arabia, she became engaged to a brilliant young man named Logan. After she was severely injured during a particularly difficult SAR mission, she broke off the engagement. She was promoted to Captain because of the mission and shortly thereafter was contacted by the SGC and assigned to the Alpha Site.
                        Dear Journal
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                          Who Do I Message My bio to
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                          Lance Corporal Mike Sheppard, SG-2

                          Chief Petty Officer John Dasani, SG-5

                          GateWorld Role Playing


                            Okay, you didn't indicate that's been run by Sharp or Blue before posting it to this thread (don't worry, I didn't get it checked when I first joined), as detailed here (and do read it thouroughly). Now, having checked the inactive list, it appears that you've already made a character here. Why not just reactivate that character? It's still valid and you can still use it, so instead of having Sharp or Blue run through another character, use the one already made.



                              CHARACTER PROFILE:

                              Name: Ilshah, host to A’aaruk
                              Rank: N/A
                              Age: Apparent age early 20’s. Actual age 75.
                              Species: Tok’ra
                              Ancestry: Jaffa
                              Ancient gene: no
                              Gender: Female
                              Height: 5ft 10in
                              Weight: 210 lbs
                              Hair / eyes:
                              Deep brown / Long and black, woven into dreadlocks with a leather band to keep her hair out of her face.
                              Distinguishing features:
                              Various scars, which Ilshah wears with pride, decorate her body. Having been born prior the command of extermination, Ilshah wears the mark of Moloch on her brow.
                              She wears a leather cord around her neck with a pendant on it with the name Trinah, written in a dialect which was Trinah’s native language, in the style of a cartouche.
                              Service: Joined into the service of the SGC only recently as a representative of Jaffa and Tok’ra.
                              Ilshah is relaxed and stoic, as per the traditions of the Jaffa. A’aaruk is more open and genial, but is frequently introspective, lost in quiet contemplation. Ilshah is immensely patient and slow to anger though she is not above subduing people who have become violent and a threat though can easily do so without harming them. A’aaruk shares in Ilshah’s patience but is far more likely to favor avoidance of direct confrontation of non-enemies than to take any physical action against them and A’aaruk’s silver tongue makes this a possibility more often than not. However their concomitant patience and reluctance to engage non-enemies has also resulted in a vastly improved credibility as an ambassador.

                              Education & training:
                              Ilshah is an exceptionally well trained Jaffa warrior in her prime. She is in excellent physical condition, even for a Jaffa. In contrast, A’aaruk is a scholar, a master of the linguistic arts and knowledgeable in the histories of countless civilizations. A’aaruk is also a skilled mediator and councilor. Initially her skills were used in translation and for the understanding of artifacts and even as a means to make for successful infiltration among the various people conquered by the Goa’uld. Recently her skills have been turned to use in improving communication between the very different and increasingly numerous, peoples who have begun to unite in the effort to undo the evils the Goa’uld have inflicted upon so many worlds.

                              Like most Jaffa, Ilshah is in good physical condition though it would be more accurate to describe her condition as phenomenal. She is attractive, but not so much as is typical of Tok’ra hosts or even the Jaffa as a people. It would be more accurate to describe her as impressive. She is incredibly muscular and she moves with confidence and precision.

                              Ilshah enjoys the best of both worlds; she has the supreme physical training and conditioning of the best Jaffa warriors, and shares her mind with a Tok'ra who is immensely educated and knowledgeable. Ilshah trusts in A’aaruk’s judgment and knows that A’aaruk is far more knowledgeable and wiser than she and when they speak it is most frequently as A’aaruk. However A’aaruk is cautious not to presume and allows Ilshah more leeway than even most Tok’ra, knowing that she owes much to Ilshah. Most frequently when there is a dispute between the two, A’aaruk differs to her host.

                              Background (condensed):
                              Ilshah was a Jaffa resistance fighter who was gravely wounded along with a Tok’ra agent A’aaruk, on a mission to secure information, technology and free prisoners. In the end the Tok’ra’s host was dying and Ilshah’s symbiote had been destroyed and between them they decided that for two to live and one to die was better than for all three to die, especially given the amount of information they had procured.
                              Ilshah/A’aaruk’s unique condition allowed for her to serve as a diplomat between Tok’ra and Jaffa. And now in an effort to extend the alliances that she feels are in the best interest of all involved, she has sought out the Tauri to enter into their service.

                              Pronunciation guide (in case you care)


                              "A friend is someone who stabs you in the front."

                              Ilshah, host to A’aaruk-GateWorld RP


                                ((FULL BIO))

                                Ilshah was born into the service of Moloch, her father, Shemn’a, was a mighty Jaffa warrior who loved his wife and children but knew that he may not always be around to protect them given his position. As such, he insisted upon training his children, both male and female, in the ways of war. When Moloch declared that all female children should be slain, Shemn’a gave his life ensuring that his four daughters made it into the hands of Ishta and her coalition. Of all of the girls, only Ilshah was old enough to remember her father’s sacrifice and among Ishta’s female warriors, she was one of the few who did not begrudge the male Jaffa on principle. Ilshah’s previous training served her well and soon she became a fearsome warrior, gaining much standing among her people.
                                Despite the constant and deadly rivalries between Tok’ra and Jaffa that have existed through the ages and the subsequent rivalries currently between the Tok’ra and the Free Jaffa, it is necessary sometimes to accomplish goals that necessitate cooperation. When Ishta asked for volunteers for a mission where the warriors would be required to work with Tok'ra agents, Ilshah volunteered. She disliked the Tok’ra as much as the next Jaffa, but greater things were at stake.
                                There were approximately fifteen Jaffa and four Tok’ra sent on the mission. None of those sent were of high rank or position within their respective organizations, but all were thoroughly dedicated to their cause. Of the Tok’ra who went, Ilshah would come to know A’aaruk, and her host Trinah, very well. A’aaruk held a position of high honor but little status among the Tok’ra. She often served in unofficial positions as an advisor or confidant of various members of the Tok’ra high council, due mostly to her seemingly endless patience and insight. Among the Tok’ra, A’aaruk is considered to be exceptionally openminded and progressive. A’aaruk is young among the Tok’ra; she spent much of her life imprisoned in a stasis chamber, even before she ever took host. She had only recently been freed from her stasis and the world is still very much new to her. Trinah was only the host A’aaruk has known.
                                The compromise of the joint effort consisted of two parts. One, the acquisition of important information and technology being obtained for the Tok’ra, with a closely specified amount to be disclosed and shared with the Jaffa. And two, the liberation of a large number of Jaffa resistance members who had been taken prisoner and were awaiting the arrival of the reigning system lord for execution. During the course of the mission, the necessary information and technologies were procured and the prisoners were freed. Prior to the evacuation of the Tok’ra operatives, Jaffa allies and newly freed Jaffa resistance fighters, it was discovered that the planet also housed a massive manufacturing facility for any number of Goa’uld weapons and crafts. Understanding the risk, Ilshah and A’aaruk/Trinah stayed behind to see to its destruction. The facility was indeed destroyed but not without great loss. In the ensuing battle between A’aaruk/Trinah and Ilshah against the Jaffa warriors who manned the facility, both Tok’ra and Jaffa were gravely injured. Though their enemies now numbered less than a dozen, both were near death and they knew that reinforcments for their enemies were on the way.
                                The two agreed that capture was not an option and engaged the enemy forces. Ilshah had taken a staff blast directly to her symbiote pouch, killing the symbiote and causing her an injury that would soon claim her life. Trinah, lay broken and bleeding, turned to Ilshah, her eyes flashed, indicating that the symbiote was speaking. “Despite how my people have regarded yours in the past, your people are strong, brave and noble, and it was honor to fight with you. It shall be an even greater honor to die beside you.”
                                Ilshah was stunned at the words of the Tok’ra and responded in kind “I was reluctant to engage in this mission, but you have shown me the error of my prejudice.”
                                Trinah, the host spoke then, “A’aaruk thinks highly of you. I am damaged, I am so wounded that A’aaruk cannot save me and we will both die from it. You too are wounded, your symbiote is gone and your injuries will be your end. But you are not so wounded that a living symbiote could not save you.“ Seeing the instant reaction in Ilshah’s eyes Trinah raised a hand, “please, friend, hear me out. You are a great warrior, noble of spirit and mind, you are valuble to your people and to the cause that both our people must fight. A’aaruk possesses extremely valuable information that we gained from the facility. It would be madness to throw away this intelligence if there were another way.”
                                “It is perhaps not the best solution, but it is, at the time, the only way that life may be preserved. I give you my word, and A’aaruk’s, that you should only be asked to act as host only so long as it takes to find both a new host for A’aaruk and a new symbiote for you. The choice is yours, but I ask that you decide quickly, because my time is near.”
                                For a few painfully long and protracted moments, Ilshah thought and at last she nodded. She drew her hand to her pouch and drew out the dead symbiote, letting it drop to the ground. Nodding, she spoke “So be it.”
                                Once again the eyes of the host lit up and A’arruk spoke, “I ask that if it is possible, you allow Trinah the proper rites, she deserves that at least.” Ilshah nodded gravely.
                                In an instant, the symbiote went from one host to another and both fell to the ground. Ilshah watched as within a few instants, Trinah died. In moments Ilshah could again walk, and though still injured greatly, she gazed towards the Stargate seeking escape. The remaining Jaffa had split off into search parties and for the time, there were only two guards at the gate. Ilshah easily approached and disabled the guards. Wrapping Trinah in her cloak and hoisting her over her shoulder she approached the gate. She heard the approach of the guard Jaffa and dialed quickly, to a temporary jump point, and hid in nearby brush. Dissabling two Jaffa with dead aim with her zat, she used the momentary confusion to evade the remaining guards. Ilshah quickly slipped through the gate to freedom carrying Trinah over her shoulder. Only a one Jaffa dared to follow through the gate and Ilshah was able to disable him hand-to-hand. From the refuge planet, Ilshah gated back to the base.
                                Ilshah explained the occurrence to both Tok’ra and Jaffa. The Tok’ra were skeptical and the Jaffa were angry. As the groups began arguing heatedly, both at Ilshah/A’aaruk, and despite her, Ilshah/A’aaruk left the two groups to bicker amongst themselves, unwilling to take part in the childish posturing. More than her frusteration over the bickering, Ilshah was overcome with the shared grief of A’aaruk’s loss. With A’aaruk’s guidance, Ilshah conducted the burial ritual, for Trinah and then sat beside the grave, humming a dirge for several days until, at the behest of both Tok’ra and Jaffa leaders, she was forcibly removed.
                                Over time, Ilshah and A’aaruk overcame their debilitating grief and Ilshah’s body was made whole again. Once blended, Ilshah realized the intimate closeness of the blending, and came to enjoy the increased knowledge and abilities. Ilshah no longer lived with the lingering fear of her own imminant death when her symbiote reached maturity. She came to appreciate the company she had even in solitude.
                                At this point, no future host for A’aaruk has been found, but neither Illshah nor A’aaruk is too eager to part ways. Eventually A’aaruk was received by the Tok’ra and began to be active in missions again. Currently Ilshah battles eternally with A’aaruk to reconcile her relationship with a Tok’ra whose name A’aaruk has withheld from her. Ilshah does not understand A’aaruk’s obstinacy, but she can tell that A’aaruk loves this unknown person, and believes that, in time she can convince her to make peace with her past.
                                Ilshah eventually regained much of the trust in the Jaffa and her position as a warrior changed into that of diplomat. As a Jaffa become host, she personally understood both sides and both sides place trust, albeit limited trust, in her as a representative. The mere fact that a Jaffa became a willing host to a Tok’ra, has mended many fences, at least from the Tok’ra’s perspective.
                                When Ilshah came into contact with the Tauri, she came to know the importance of an even greater alliance would further the interests of all parties. She requested permission from the Tok’ra and Jaffa to enter into the service of the Tauri, to represent the interests of both parties in Tauri operations while providing invaluable information and service to the Tauri she serves.

                                ((I have spoken to Col. Sharp and he informed me to post my bio there))
                                "A friend is someone who stabs you in the front."

                                Ilshah, host to A’aaruk-GateWorld RP