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    Name: Thomas Riley

    DOB: April 14, 1980
    Age: 26
    Nationality: British (English)

    Position: None (Yet)
    Rank: Sergeant - Royal Marines

    Appearances: 6'0, short light-brown hair, blue eyes, well built

    Weapons: SA 80, L1A1 12.7mm HMG, 7.62mm GPMG, LAW, Sniper Rifle L96, Zat, Staff-weapon, P90, M-16, Stinger Missile

    Aircraft: Goa'uld Cargo Ship

    Personality: In his spare time he can be funny, relaxed and generally quite lazy but during missions he becomes very focused and takes a 'to-the-book' stance. He is very knowledgeble about subjects that interest him. He will almost always follow orders to the best of his ability even if it is against his moral code; however he would always question the CO about the mission if he feels that it is morally wrong to find out if it is strategically justified.

    Background: When in secondary school, Riley did the bare minumum in most subjects just to get acceptable grades. He never got on that great with his parents or brother, Gregory, but they supported him in whatever he wanted to do and he was very appreciative of this. When he was sixteen, he passed his GCSE's with six C's, two B's and three A's and then went to the army college of Harrogate instead of staying on at his school for Sixth Form. There he proved an exceptional cadet and he found a life there that he would be comfortable with.
    He wanted to push himself to his best abilities so he applied for the Royal Marines almost as soon as he went through the passing out parade (where he had attained the rank of Junior-Sergeant) and was found to be able enough to join. His first tour of duty took him to Afghanistan when he was twenty-two and he proved a steady personality under fire and was awarded with the rank of Corporal. After his tour he was going to go into officer's training, under the suggestion of his CO, but was introduced to the Stargate Program and offered the position as a support member for the British teams. He accepted eagerly, realising that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He was taught to pilot a Goa'uld Cargo ship by a Tok'ra who didn't want to give away his cover and rescued his team from their brief capture by Jaffa and was awarded the rank of Sergeant and the Operational Service Medal. When the disaster at Earth happened he was at the Beta-site. He was eventually transfered to the Alpha-site. He does not have the Ancient Gene.

    Gateworld RPG

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      Well, it's not exactly SOP but, your Bio is approved. Have you contacted a team leader about joining a team?
      I'm going to list you as Base Staff for now.

      Check the Gaiaquake link in my sig for a thumbnail update on the base status. People are busy doing repairs right now. Not a very exciting way to start the RP.

      Kronas31 - I'm going to put Tenaglo on the Player list as base staff as well.
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        Character Name: Cam Kollent
        Character Age: 27
        Gender: Male
        Character Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
        Character Position: Pilot
        Character Assignment: Currently unassigned
        Appearance: Reddish-gold hair. 6’3”, medium build, brown eyes
        Personality: Cam isn’t very confident about the world around him, since Earth has been destroyed. He can be very nervous at times, and is nicknamed “Jumpy”. When he is comfortable, he will laugh and try to make jokes, though they may be corny. When he is given an order, he will do the best he can to follow it.
        History: Cam was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on November 30th 1979 to the parents of Peter and Jackie Kollent. He was the youngest of two brothers and a sister, he was always getting picked on by them. But, as he grew older he was able to learn how to defend himself. This may be why he chose to join the military.

        At the age of 15, he joined Air Cadets, wishing to become a pilot. At this point, he was only interested in flying, and not where he would take a flying career. He was able to get his pilots license through Air Cadets, with his instructors noting that he was very proficient in learning the “ropes” of flying.

        After he graduated high school, at the young age of 17, a large choice was presented to him. Whether to join the military right away, go to college first, or become a commercial pilot. Cam was very stressed out during this time, and he took a year off to think things over. He became an avid hiker, and mountain climber. He was able to hone his survival skills when he set out into the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, by himself. Following his return, he applied to multiple universities, and was finally accepted at University of British Columbia. He was able to take courses in Astrophysics, and eventually obtained a degree in Astrophysics.

        Knowing that he had enough knowledge to become a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force, he applied and was accepted. Again, his instructors noted that he possessed a skill to fly. He graduated from the academy in the top of his class, at the age of 25, and was approached by officers from the USAF. They asked if he would be willing to join a top secret military program in the Cheyenne mountains. Thinking about becoming famous, and of all the glory he could receive, he quickly said yes.

        Cam was assigned to SG-8 and was able to go out two missions with that team before he was reassigned to the Beta Site. He became attracted to one of the female officers at the Beta Site and began to develop a relationship with this officer. A couple of months later, all contact with Earth had been lost, and while on a mission to gather intelligence about what happened, Cam’s girlfriend, Alyssa was captured and presumed dead. He became devestated when he learned of this, but he couldn’t let his true emotions flow. Then, the Beta Site learned of what happened to Earth. Cam became extremely nervous, and begun to doubt himself (This is where he gained the nickname “Jumpy”). In an attempt to bring himself back to his old self, he put in a request for a transfer to the Alpha Site.

        Other important facts:
        His weapons of choice are:
        Zat gun
        3 grenades

        He has been rated to fly F-302s but, and has flown one only once. He has mostly been on ground missions since join the SGC. It is also unknown if he has the Ancient gene.
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          your birthdate would make you 17


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              Originally posted by Colonel Sharp View Post
              ck9891: Please dont post here until you get approved , you should be getting an e-mail in a few moments..
              I told him to go ahead and post it.

              CK - check your math. Your birthdate is off by 10 years.
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                Fixed it .


                  I'm getting really attached to Ivan. Here's his bio.

                  Alternate Reality
                  Name: Ivan Nikolayevich Belousov
                  Rank: 1st Lieutenant – SG8
                  Age: 29 (DOB 5 July 1978)
                  Species: Human
                  Ancient gene: yes, sporadic usefulness
                  Gender: Male
                  Height: 5 ft, 10 in / 1.77 m
                  Weight: 160 lbs / 81 kg
                  Hair / eyes: Blond / blue (looks like a younger version of Nick)

                  Service: Graduated AF Academy 2000. Served in Iraq as staff translator / negotiator until 2004. Nick pulled some strings for the first time in his career and got Ivan transferred to the Alpha-site to help with native relations.

                  Education & training: AF Academy at 18. (1996)
                  Graduated #20 in his class. Majored in Anthropology and Languages.
                  Survival training. Speaks fluent Russian, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish. Working knowledge of Gaelic and Shajgaree.

                  Personal history: Only surviving child of Nikolai and Helena Belousov. 2 sisters died shortly after birth and 2 brothers were still-born. Father and mother divorced (bitterly) when Ivan was 10.
                  Helena wanted nothing more to do with a ‘military’ child. Ivan attended a Howe Military Academy until he won an appointment to the AF Academy. He lived with his grandparents on school breaks or stayed summers with Nick whenever possible.

                  Personality: Easy going, helpful, most of the time calm and cheerful. Knows his job and does it well. He has the same quirky sense of humor that that Nick had.

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                    Name: Dr. Devin Geoff (pronounced, Jeff) Almodeus (Al-mow-day-us.)
                    Symbiote's name is Jaa'nik (pronouced, Jah-neek.)
                    Faction: Tau'ri/Tok'ra
                    Rank: Scientist
                    Species: Human/Tok'ra blend
                    Age: 34
                    (Jaa'nik's age is around 400)
                    Gender: Male
                    (Though Jaa'nik doesn't technically have a gender, she has adopted a "female" personality, much to the chagrin of Devin)
                    Height: 5 feet (approx. 1.5 meters)
                    Weight: 150 pounds
                    Eyes: Blue
                    Hair: Brown
                    ATA Gene: Yes, the weaker form of the gene.
                    Appearance: Devin's hair is usually a messy tangle, and his beard is a short one that spans around his chin and reaches to his sideburns.

                    Strength: Without his symbiote, he's a push-over (due to a lack of formal combat training),
                    but with Jaa'nik, he's remarkably tough.
                    Dexterity: With dexterity and quick reaction times having
                    played way too many Tau'ri video games in his spare time, his natural agility has been
                    doubled by Jaa'nik (well, in his hands at any rate.)
                    Constitution: Though dying from an alien disease caught while
                    on the Alpha Site, Jaa'nik's healing abilities have cured him
                    and fortified his immune system from disease.
                    Intelligence: Although he is not as bright as the late Col. Carter or Prof. McKay he is still was one of the foremost minds on Earth, having been assigned to the research team studying the StarGate itself and thereafter the joint Tau'ri/Tok'ra project to build a 'Gate Ship.
                    Wisdom: At 34, he had grown wiser than most, but through time after being blended with Jaa'nik, he has learned(?) much wisdom.
                    Charisma: Though Devin never had a use for charisma in the position he was, Jaa'nik is a charismatic speaker, having held a position on the Tok'ra high-council for a short time before blending with Devin.

                    Areas of Specialization:
                    As a human scientist Devin specializes in the workings of the StarGate and DHD's, whereas Jaa'nik is a specialist in ship-design, having helped design the Tau'ri 303 and 304 series ships. Devin is trained in creative piloting, being one of the only two minds in the universe who can understand the systems and crazy enough to fly the blasted thing. (Read: prototype 'Gate Ship).

                    Both Devin and Jaa'nik are trained in use of weaponry such as the Tau'ri P-90, 9mm Beretta, but prefer the Zat'ni'ka'tel.

                    Strengths and Weaknesses:
                    Devin, being a scientist, isn't much of a fighter, and is used to the inside of his lab, be it a Tok'ra or Tau'ri lab, or in the cockpit of his prototype 'Gate Ship, the Shards of Memory. Jaa'nik is the diplomat of the two, though she dislikes fighting even more than Devin preferring to leave the combat to the Tau'ri.

                    Devin's personality is that of a young scientist, his passion is unbridled and determination great, though he is blunt, to the point and sarcastic. Jaa'nik is the cooler head of the two, and is able to put things more tactfully than her Tau'ri counterpart.

                    Born in Chicago, Devin lived most of his life wanting to get out of his home town. At 20, he moved to California where he got a PhD in Wormhole physics. After a decade of mediocrity, he was approached by a government agent by the name of Major Davis, the man offered him participation in a new, top secret, project. Signing the NDA, the man took him to Cheyenne Mountain, where he was taken to level 28 and shown what would change his life forever. It was of course the StarGate. He was immediately put to work trying to figure out how it worked. At first he worked in a lab at the SGC, until one day he was told to pack up his things to move off-world. He was moved to the Alpha-site (before it was renamed 'Gaia'), where he could begin his work examining the StarGate and its DHD. But after only a few months, he came down with an illness that even the SGC's doctors were unable to treat. That was when he was taken to a Tok'ra base to be blended with a symbiote named Jaa'nik. A year passed and Devin was informed, of the 'Gate Ship project. The project was to be a joint research and fabrication endeavour between the Tok'ra and the Tauri to build a viable 'Gate Ship for Milky Way exploration. Reassigned to Gaia shortly before the destruction of Earth, Devin had the prototype in his old lab several floors below the Earth 'Gate room.

                    The Ship Concept:
                    Though still being designed, the ship is slated to be equipped with two .50 caliber rail-guns and a modified Go'uld shield generator. In addition to a custom-built DHD, it has a passenger capacity of six (not including the pilot and optional gunner), six P-90's, ten clips for each, four 9mms, with five clips for each, four OICWs (Objective Individual Combat Weapons, thirty 5.5mm armour piercing arounds and a 20mm grenade launcher, both weapons can be seperated, though this makes aiming and firing even harder. In addition, the OICW has a scope which can be electronically cycled through several filters, the most common are IR, night-amplification and 2x. The only downside to the weapon is that it's heavy and bulky), with four clips for each and a total of twenty grenades, and two rocket launchers (can't be bothered to look up specs on this one).

                    Current whereabouts:
                    In his room, trying to get the DHD up and running. Is this even relevant any more?

                    ((Special thanks goes out to the D20 Modern Weapons Locker for providing weapons specs on the OICW. And sorry for the long bio, I wrote [and subsequently modified it for this place] it for another forum that has yet to allow me to even post.
                    Edit: If my timekeeping's off, sorry. About half-way through I just couldn't be bothered to keep up with a time line I didn't quite understand.
                    Second edit: I've edited it to the good General's specifications.
                    Edit three: Muffins.
                    Edit four: Seriously, why do I mark every time I edit?))
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                      Has your bio been approved? Before you post it here you have to get it approved by General Blue or Colonel Sharp. Don't worry about it though, everyone makes that mistake. Read the sticky thread "read before joining" for more information

                      Welcome to the gateworld RPG!


                        Apologies, I was under the impression that you posted the bio here to get it approved. Obivously I was wrong. Shall I delete it and PM it to Blue? Or what?
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                          nah, keep it here. Like i said a lot of people make this mistake and it is no big deal. Just copy it and PM it to Blue or sharp (You probaly will have a better shot with blue, Sharps PM box is usually full)


                            Vampyr - comments PM'd to you.
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                              (Dr. Rachael Ezekiel's brother)-AU
                              Name: Joshua Aras Ezekiel
                              Nickname/Call sign: Raven, Nightwing
                              DOB: May 27, 1975
                              Age: 30
                              Poistion: SG-6
                              Rank: Major- US Navy
                              Ancient Gene: Yes- (but not as strong as his sister, Runs in family)
                              Apperances: 6'1'', well built, has brown hair and emerald green eyes.
                              Weapons: P-90, 9mm, zat gun,
                              Personality: Even though he is a smart person he doesn't like to show it. He doesn't complain about anything, no matter what it is. He will always do the right thing no matter what, even if it goes against orders, but he has never had to do that.
                              He is a very stubborn, persistent person when he sees something that he wants. He won’t back down in a fight and even if he is wrong he would never admit it. Unless he knew he could get something out of it.

                              Background: Like his sister he growing up was sometimes hard, the only difference was he always had his twin, John with him. His brother and he did everything together up until they chose different branches of the military. They were both great combat fighters and it was once said that no two people were more in tuned with each other than they were.
                              Throughout there childhood, they were typical military brats moving form school to school, the only comfort they got was the fact that they went to different military schools. Which made making friends easy.
                              At the Naval academy he excelled in the area of communications and programming.
                              He always admired his father so he chose to follow in his footsteps and join the Navy.
                              Graduated from US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland with honors commissioned as an Ensign, than went on to Quantico, were he received his first assignment on the USS Enterprise (CVN-65). During her refit in 1990, he worked as an engineer and a computer programmer refitting the computer systems. Worked there until 1994, when ship set out on it new assignment.
                              In 1995 he worked on USS Sullivan’s (DDG-68) , as a computer programmer working on the guidance system.

                              In 2002-3 he was assigned to the SGC on research a team, out of the Alpha site. Continued to keep his apartment in Colorado Springs, even though he spent a majority of his time at the alpha site or off world.

                              Other important facts: Never had a formal education in programming but has a natural ability to see patterns in programs. Knows how to use C++, & java script, is also a skilled code breaker.

                              ((Figured it might help with any confusion over which brother is alive in the AU)

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                                Name: Kylie Ann Stevens

                                Age: 34

                                Rank: Civilian

                                Position: Anthropological specilist, linguist for Alpha Site, but may be assigned to any sg team for missions, etc.

                                Appearance: 5'8", medium build, short brown hair, green eyes, appears to be about five years younger at first glance.

                                Personality: Somewhat reserved at first, but once she gets to know someone, extremely friendly and talkative. She loves to share her knowledge with others. Never talks about herself, and never asks anyone to reveal something personal about themselves, even when she really wants to know. She's passionate in her beliefs and can be very strong willed, however she is usaually willing to compromise in order to get along better with others. When given a task, she becomes very focused on that thing, leaving very little time for anything else. She's generally a very serious person, but can have the occasional fun. Always the voice of reason when it really counts.

                                History: Kylie was born in a small town in Nebraska, but her parents moved to Manhattan when she was two. When she was three years old, her mother died of cancer and her father soon became an alcoholic. At age four, Kylie was placed with an established foster family that was already helping to raise two other kids, one of whom was Daniel Jackson, a 12 year old boy. Daniel quickly became Kylie's best friend and hero. The two promised not to lose contact with one another when Daniel left for college and they talked at least once every few weeks for the next several years. Kylie earned masters degrees in both anthropolgy and linguistics from Duke University in North Carolina. About two years ago, Daniel called Kylie to ask for her help on a study that he was conducting. He had thought that it would be a good idea to get her opinion on his latest project and thought that he could do it without giving away any sensitive information that would reveal the nature of the Stargate program. Kylie however, outsmarted Daniel and forced him into telling her all about the stargate. Daniel had already reccomended her for a position at the SCG and now that she knew everything, the general was forced to agree with Dr. Jackson's request. Kylie was offworld at the time Earth was destroyed. She returned to the Alpha site hoping to be able to continue her research.
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