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    Originally posted by ignominius
    My Character's Bio -

    Character name: Graham Gorman
    Rank: Sargeant
    Character age: 33
    Character species: Tau'ri
    Character appearance: 5' 7", 160lbs, Black hair, brown eyes
    Pre-Stargate Site occupation: Lieutenant, 3rd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment.
    Character specialities: Geologist/Geophysicist and Specialist in hostile environment survival techniques
    Relevant training and qualifications: Joint Honours Degree in Geology and Physics. (4 years working as geologist in Botswana), 6 years serving with the British Army , 18 months spent training with special forces (survival training).

    Character strengths: A good problem solver, cool under pressure to the point of appearing blase.

    Character flaws: Takes his own time to carry out tasks, Habit of gazing off when in conversation with people.

    Character Traits: Graham is a eccentric, he sports an old-fashioned pipe with which he fiddles constantly, either trying to fill it, light it, clean it or just using to point . Has the odd habit of quoting shakespeare . An experienced field officer, served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and in Afghanistan. His time in Africa have made him a little slow paced which is annoying to those who want things done NOW!!.

    Character Background: Graham grew up in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, England. He also grew up with an interest in the military. His admittance to the university of Hull where he did his joint honours degree marked a change in his outlook. He went to Africa becoming site geologist in Botswana. There , he learned the survival skills of the bushmen. Later he returned to the UK and was accepted into the Army where he passed out from Sandhurst academy.
    It's sergeant not sargeant
    Lance Corporal Mike Sheppard, SG-2

    Chief Petty Officer John Dasani, SG-5

    GateWorld Role Playing


      Age Unknown possibly hundreds of years
      Features Large blue cats eyes, bone ridges instead of eye brows trinium spine amoung other internal cybernetic enhancements, other than that pretty human.Is a mamal reptile hybrid. 6"3 with brown hair with blue tints. lots of tatoos including one huge T shaped one that covers his entire back

      HistoryFound in a stasis pod on a remote planet he has very little memory and when first awoke he didnt even know his own name. He has extencive knoladge of alien tec but dosent even know what species he is. More memorys return with time.

      Personality Funny humorous person but is a bit of a loner, feels lost because hes the only one of his species, despretly wants to find out what happened to him, very short tempor.

      Alien abilites Faster and stronger than a human which makes him an exelent soldier, has some minor psycic abilities liketruth sencing. Has stronger abiltes but cannot acsess them at will. Can regenerate cells even after takeing alot of damage, radiation stops regenerateing and kills him.
      Higher heat tolerance than a human but low tempertures can be fatal.Enhanced eyes make him an exelent shot.
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        Originally posted by Deano
        Age Unknown possibly hundreds of years
        Features Large blue cats eyes, bone ridges instead of eye brows trinium spine amoung other internal cybernetic enhancements, other than that pretty human.Is a mamal reptile hybrid. 6"3 with brown hair with blue tints

        HistoryFound in a stasis pod on a remote planet he has very little memory and when first awoke he didnt even know his own name. He has extencive knoladge of alien tec but dosent even know what species he is. More memorys return with time.

        Personality Funny humorous person but is a bit of a loner, feels lost because hes the only one of his species, despretly wants to find out what happened to him, very short tempor.

        Alien abilites Faster and stronger than a human which makes him an exelent soldier, has some minor psycic abilities liketruth sencing. Has stronger abiltes but cannot acsess them at will. Can regenerate cells even after takeing alot of damage, radiation stops regenerateing and kills him.
        Higher heat tolerance than a human but low tempertures can be fatal.Enhanced eyes make him an exelent shot.
        You cant just join you have to read this
        and do what it says



          i have i spoke to Colonel Sharp and every thing he told me what to do


            Character name: Adriana Linda Jhonson

            Rank: Major

            Character Position: sniper/scout

            Gender: Female

            Character age: 32

            Character species: Tau'ri

            ATA Gene: positive

            Character appearance:
            Height: 5 ft 6 ½ inches approx.
            Weight 135 lbs.
            Hair: straight blond/brown hair in a short military cut,
            Eyes: brown eyes, some say that they are full of pain and sadness
            Build: somewhat built, always working out to try to get stronger
            Skin: white, no freckles,
            Recognizable marks: A white scar running from her shoulder to her elbow on her right arm.

            Character specialties: Her specialties are combat both hand to hand and weapons, especially the arts of Tae Kwon Do and Sniper rifles, but is very proficient with side arms and P-90s. She also has a real grasp of the German, Russian languages.

            Nationality: mostly Italian but with some Russian, German, and other Eastern European countries thrown in.

            Relevant training and qualifications: Different to what her hard figure shows she is very smart attending Florida State University for 5 years getting bachelor degrees in physics/computer science and "German and Russian". She spent 15 years studying and the last 5 also teaching Tae Kwon Do, and an overlapping 4 years of kali training. During her seals training she went with a special group to spent 6 months studying Krav Maga in Israel.

            Character strengths: She generally doesn’t let her guard down often and always seems to face fear head on. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing cause since she doesn’t let her guard down it is hard for people to get in and actually get to know her. She stands up to be counted when it matters most and she fights for the things she believes in, and she does not run away from her mistakes.

            Character flaws: She is also somewhat of a loner who finds it difficult to truly fit in. She demands respect from those in positions of power, both male and female and will come right out and tell superior officers when she thinks they are wrong.

            Character Traits: Adriana is a very closed person who is hard to get to know. She is not one that will open up to anyone and talk about her very sad past. She is mostly known for either being a pain in the ass to the newer older officers while keeping to herself.

            Character Background: I was born in Virginia Beach, VA to Linda and Jeff Johnson but was an only child due to the fact that my parents died when I was 4 in a car crash on I-95. I was put up for adoption and adopted by the Fernandez family when my name was changed to Kayla. I attended public schools taking as many math, science, and 2 foreign languages. I also took engineering 1-4. I attended Florida State University for 5 years getting bachelor degrees in physics/computer science and "German and Russian". As soon as I finished collage I to my original name of Adriana Linda Johnson then I joined the US NAVY right after college and then applied to the SEALS. After being accepted and going through training I did a lot of work in the Middle East. There my team was ambushed 10 miles from the nearest US building and I was the only non-injured survivor. The only other survivor was my commanding officer who I had to carry all the way back to base a long 10 miles. The trip back took 4 days because we had to avoid enemy forces weaving and doubling back. We had no food and very little water because of the hurry we were in to get away from the ambush. Then after rehab I was approached by the SGC, because my commanding officer had put in a good word. I joined SG-20 in SAR until they were captured by Ba'al, but because I was scouting ahead I was no captured. I went back to the SGC and did everything in my power to convince them to send me and a team back to get the rest of SG-20 out but, because of how protected the base was the general said no. When she came back from being captured her boyfriend, Mike, proposed to her and she said yes. The next day that she disobayed orders to save SG-20. She went back to the planet, but by the time I got there they were already dead. After I went back to the stargate and tried to dial earth and could not connect I dialed the alpha site where I have been assigned to the CO of SG2.

            Personal Stuff I have with me: Family picture, father’s pocketknife, dog tags
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              I guess this is where I need to post a new bio?
              Originally posted by Colonel Sharp
              Originally posted by Jacki

              Character Name: Dr. Jacquelyn “Jacki” Royal
              Character Age: 32
              Character Rank: Civilian Specialist; Doctorate in Archaeology and Linguistics
              Character Position:
              Eye color: Green
              Hair: Brunette with some auburn
              Height: 5’ 8”
              Distinguishing features: scar on forearm and lily tattoo on hip
              Jacki is not shy but she is also not extremely outgoing. She is comfortable alone and has been known to spend several hours researching. This has sometimes earned her a reputation for being a loner. Dr. Royal is very friendly though she doesn’t warm up to people to fast, but when she trusts you she is extremely loyal. She is easy going and cares little about titles. Although she does throw the “Dr.” in when it is necessary.
              Jacki’s parents were killed in an automobile accident when she was 10 and she went to live with an aunt. She was a very dedicated student.
              Jacki’s interest in languages and ancient history began when she and her aunt lived in Europe. They made many trips to ancient ruins around Italy and had some holidays in Egypt and Greece. She made many friends that she still keeps in contact with today. She spent several summers at her grandparent’s ranch in Montana, riding horses, fishing and learning to shoot. Her aunt died just after she was accepted to University.

              B.A. and M.A. Univ. of Washington, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley.
              Previous employment:
              Assistant Professor at Univ. of Chicago, Departments of History, Classical Languages and Egyptology
              She has been attached to digs in Egypt, Greece and Italy.
              Other: 6 years experience in Tae Kwon Do and she is a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association), and has taught classes, introducing women to guns, especially pistols, rifles, and shotguns.
              looks good to me welcome to the RP


                Bio update: I've added a Record. The links also on the image in my sig...
                Steve Hanmer

                Stargate Omega


                  Updated 27/8/07

                  Name: Vincent Valentine
                  Flight Alias: "Knife-edge"
                  Age: 36
                  D.O.B.: 5th May 1969 (5/5/1969)
                  Species: Tau'ri
                  Pre-rank: 1st Lt.
                  Specialisation: Pilot.
                  Appearance: Around 6'1", medium/short length black hair, Brown eyes, quite muscular.

                  Strengths: Excels in Air-Air and Air-Ground combat, also has had good training and experience in Ground combat, usually good at giving and/or taking orders.

                  Weaknesses: Not good in long range ground combat, not very diplomatic.

                  Personality: Thoughtful, he can come across a little gruff, doesn’t have much sense of humour. Old fashioned in many ways (some unbeknown to even him), leading to his slight technophobia.

                  Vincent was an only child of the Stunt pilot Adam Valentine and Angelina (Gina) White (unmarried). However a year into the relationship they broke up, Gina was uninterested in the new-born baby, and so left Vincent with Adam. Though the pilot struggled to make ends meet, he passed on everything he knew to his son, and enjoyed watching him equal, and eventually surpass him.

                  As soon as he could he joined the USAF (i.e. got the necessary degree at college and done the training), Vincent did making a name for himself as an excellent pilot using skills he’d already learnt from stunt flying to give him an edge. His ultimate aim was to fly the SR-71 (Blackbird) but it was retired just before he got a chance, he kept working the USAF. Mainly in testing out new planes, or updates of old ones, until he was offered a place at the SGC on SG-10, originally with Ryn Chikozu, who eventually became the CO of this team, with Vincent as the 2iC, and when Chikozu ended up MIA, the team was taken over by Cassidy Evans, a Civilian and almost totally reformed.

                  He found it slightly difficult to get along with Evans at first, as he thought she didn't have the skill to lead a team, and his closeness with Chikozu cause him to believe Evans was an unworthy replacement. For a few missions he treated her such but soon he came to respect her. Though his devotion always leaned more towards upgrading the F-302s rather than to a team, refusing to get too close to any again for the obvious reasons.

                  On one of the few missions the team actually went out on the whole team decided to go against the primary orders of the mission. Each blind slightly over past experiences of previous missions. For Vincent it was the memory of losing Chikozu that led him to question orders, and although he still believed their decision was the correct one, he accepted the punishment better than the rest of the team, being the main military figure on the team his reprimand was greater than the others.

                  Though he has mostly gotten over Chikozu, he occasionally has a relapse of emotions, blaming himself for losing her, these relapses are usually linked to the times when he tries to stop his addiction to smoking, and very occasionally is stressful situations, or when Chikozu, or the mission in which she went MIA is discussed in detail. Though he might not properly know it, all he really wants is closure, to find out if she is really dead, or could be rescued, though he tries to avoid any talk of anything which might lead back to Chikozu at all costs.

                  His work with the F-302s generally involves test flying the planes; having flown stunt planes he can tell better than most when there is distortion in the aerodynamics, though always maintains that the F-302s are harder to tell, because of all the technology in them. He prefers simpler planes, and would rather look through 50 different dials, than a single computer screen.

                  Other important facts: Has been trained in most of the weapons used by the SGC/Alpha Site, has combat experience in a F-302 Fighter, Has also flown a few helicopters outside of USAF, but his flight skill in Helicopter isn’t nearly as advanced as in Planes.

                  Aerobatic Manoeuvre's he can fly: Wingover, Erect spin, Inverted spin, Flat spin, Inside Loop, Outside Loop, English Bunt, Vertical Up, Immelmann turn, Split S, Hammerhead, Cuban Eight, Half Cuban Eight, Reverse Half Cuban Eight, Chandelle, Dive, Lazy Eight, Pugachev's Cobra, Roll, Barrel Roll, The Scissors, Standing Eight, Zoom, Snap Roll, Tailslide, 45 degree up line.

                  He has also invented a move he calls the 'Knife Edge', but after his first test of an inverse (and easier) version decided to scrap it until he perfected the inverse version he dubs the 'Edge' (The Edge is a 1/4 roll and flicking the nose of the craft to face the sky, before returning back to straight and level. The Knife Edge is the same principle only facing the ground and is therefore a lot more dangerous, for the obvious reasons).

                  Update details:

                  05/10/08: Expanded details of mission

                  23/10/07: Added details on College and basic training.

                  30/09/07: Added details about parents.

                  27/08/07: Added details about Ryn Chikozu, added formatting, along with some general tidying. Deleted the second copy of the bio, which I stupidly posted the last updated as a new post, not edit.

                  29/12/08: Added details of his stunt flying.
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                  Gateworld RP: Aftermath
                  Update Thread


                  Main Characters

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                  Looking after

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                  Non-bio'd NPC Characters


                    full name: John Scott Harris
                    age: 33
                    rank: Captain
                    height: 5'8"
                    gender: male
                    experience: 4 years in special ops
                    specialities: recon team, sniper, infiltration
                    Preferred weapons: 30 cal. semi automatic sniper rifle and zat
                    personality: jokes around alot, but is very serious when down on the job. Off mission he is joking and sociable, but on mission he is silent and efficient. His teammates are at times shocked by the complete change he undergoes.
                    history: Entered the Army at age 24, graduated from college with a master degree in engineering and a minor in military science. He then was a pathfinder for the 101st airborne and was selected for ranger school. He passed and then underwent further training to become a delta sniper. He became a part of the stargate program a year ago and was posted to the alpha site shortly before earth was destroyed.
                    appearance: short black hair and pale skin, eyes a mix of green and brown, build is broad.


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                        Name: Sarah Whitely
                        Team: SG1
                        Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
                        Age: 24 (27/11/83)
                        Species: Human
                        Gender: Female
                        Appearance: Medium height, brown hair with faint traces of red in it. Blue
                        Character specialties: Hand to hand combat, weapons training. Has the
                        ancient gene.
                        Character strengths: Looks out for her team. Strong person.
                        Character flaws: Lets emotions get in her way (sometimes)
                        Character traits: Strong person, holds her own, never gives up secrets.
                        Character history: Sarah was born to Mary and David Whitely. She had a
                        loving childhood and (as she was a only child, they spoilt her rotten) she hated
                        this and became rebelius, running away to join the US Airforce at 18. Her
                        parents were distrought. Afterwards they sent her letters although Sarah did
                        answer some of them they were small and didn't say much. Her parents thought that she didnt like her anymore, so they stopped writing. In fact Sarah was too busy to write home. She grew to love flying and became extremely good at it. Her rebelious streak shrunk slightly but she is still a strong person. She rose through the ranks slowly but surely. Soon she was trained in the use of weapons and was a not such a good shot but her persuverance drove her on. She was asked to join the SGC because they thought she would be perfect.
                        Sarah's fiancee, Chris Blackwell -an archaologist, was on Earth when it was destroyed. She has never gotten over the loss, but manages to put it out of her mind.
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                          This is the bio for my other character CASSIDY EVANS

                          NAME: Cassidy Evans
                          AGE: 37
                          D.O.B: 20/8/1969
                          P.O.B: Edinburgh, Scotland
                          NATIONALITY: Scottish, British.
                          TEAM POSITION: SG-10 Commander.
                          APPERANCE: Brown eye’s, brown hair, 5’8, slim athletic build (toned not muscled)
                          MILITARY: Territorial Army officer

                          QUALIFICATIONS: BA Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology (PPP) from the University of Oxford, as well as a DPhil Experimental Psychology.

                          BACKGROUND: After finishing University at the age of 24, Cass went on to research in her chosen field. She chose to research abnormal behaviour and cultural psychology. At the age of 25 Cass joined the Territorial Army and she was put forward for officer training. Which she completed. They spotted her aptitude for strategies and planning and she was trained in this field. Also taking a number of Leadership courses. Volunteered for active duty, when her contract of research ran out, instead of trying to renew it. It was here Cassidy was spotted by the US military on a joint operation. They went ahead and found out more information on her before approaching the proper channels. Finding out she was not full time military but that didn’t really put them off they were impressed and also were interested in her academical background. It reached certain channels and they thought she would be an asset to the SGC. From here she went to the SGC and after numerous training programmes, including the training programme that all cadets are put through when being considered for a place on an SG team. Cass was placed on an SG team mainly scientific team, as a civilian. Much to her own objection, that she got a military placement. Which did not work. Though her military and strategic skills did not go unnoticed. Cass also worked on SG-15 on the occasional mission when needed.

                          Cass was given command (to her surprise) of a primarily scientific/research team, SG-10. Though leadership seemed natural to her, she found it hard to command the military staff of the team at first but quickly gained their respect (mostly because they found out that she had a military background).

                          Due to an incident on a mission, where primary orders were not followed. The team were taken off active duty and sent to the alpha site to help with the building of factories and towns on the planet. Where they have been since.

                          Cassidy Evans is the middle child of three one younger brother and one older. She had a relatively happy childhood with her family. She lived in Scotland most her life until she went to University. She is an outgoing person who has a lot of confidence in herself. Good at most things she tries-except surfing-she likes a lot of outdoor/extreme sports. She has practised parkour for a while now, though likes to add a little bit of the free running style to her movements. Cass was married for a little while to Captain Stuart Phillips. Who she met while on a training camp one year with the TA. They married soon after meeting each other, and things did not work out and they were divorced 2 years later.
                          Lt.Col Donna Henderson
                          SG-2: CO
                          Base Senior Biologist,
                          Stargate RP, Gateworld

                          Cassidy Evans, SG-10:CO


                            Name: Ilshah, host to A’aaruk
                            Rank: N/A
                            Age: Apparent age early 20’s. Actual age 75.
                            Species: Tok’ra
                            Ancestry: Jaffa
                            Ancient gene: no
                            Gender: Female
                            Height: 5ft 10in
                            Weight: 210 lbs
                            Hair / eyes:
                            Deep brown / Long and black, woven into dreadlocks with a leather band to keep her hair out of her face.
                            Distinguishing features:
                            Various scars, which Ilshah wears with pride, decorate her body. Having been born prior the command of extermination, Ilshah wears the mark of Moloch on her brow.
                            She wears a leather cord around her neck with a pendant on it with the name Trinah, written in a dialect which was Trinah’s native language, in the style of a cartouche.
                            Service: Joined into the service of the SGC only recently as a representative of Jaffa and Tok’ra.
                            Ilshah is relaxed and stoic, as per the traditions of the Jaffa. A’aaruk is more open and genial, but is frequently introspective, lost in quiet contemplation. Ilshah is immensely patient and slow to anger though she is not above subduing people who have become violent and a threat though can easily do so without harming them. A’aaruk shares in Ilshah’s patience but is far more likely to favor avoidance of direct confrontation of non-enemies than to take any physical action against them and A’aaruk’s silver tongue makes this a possibility more often than not. However their concomitant patience and reluctance to engage non-enemies has also resulted in a vastly improved credibility as an ambassador.

                            Education & training:
                            Ilshah is an exceptionally well trained Jaffa warrior in her prime. She is in excellent physical condition, even for a Jaffa. In contrast, A’aaruk is a scholar, a master of the linguistic arts and knowledgeable in the histories of countless civilizations. A’aaruk is also a skilled mediator and councilor. Initially her skills were used in translation and for the understanding of artifacts and even as a means to make for successful infiltration among the various people conquered by the Goa’uld. Recently her skills have been turned to use in improving communication between the very different and increasingly numerous, peoples who have begun to unite in the effort to undo the evils the Goa’uld have inflicted upon so many worlds.

                            Like most Jaffa, Ilshah is in good physical condition though it would be more accurate to describe her condition as phenomenal. She is attractive, but not so much as is typical of Tok’ra hosts or even the Jaffa as a people. It would be more accurate to describe her as impressive. She is incredibly muscular and she moves with confidence and precision.

                            Ilshah enjoys the best of both worlds; she has the supreme physical training and conditioning of the best Jaffa warriors, and shares her mind with a Tok'ra who is immensely educated and knowledgeable. Ilshah trusts in A’aaruk’s judgment and knows that A’aaruk is far more knowledgeable and wiser than she and when they speak it is most frequently as A’aaruk. However A’aaruk is cautious not to presume and allows Ilshah more leeway than even most Tok’ra, knowing that she owes much to Ilshah. Most frequently when there is a dispute between the two, A’aaruk differs to her host.

                            Background (condensed):
                            Ilshah was a Jaffa resistance fighter who was gravely wounded along with a Tok’ra agent A’aaruk, on a mission to secure information, technology and free prisoners. In the end the Tok’ra’s host was dying and Ilshah’s symbiote had been destroyed and between them they decided that for two to live and one to die was better than for all three to die, especially given the amount of information they had procured.
                            Ilshah/A’aaruk’s unique condition allowed for her to serve as a diplomat between Tok’ra and Jaffa. And now in an effort to extend the alliances that she feels are in the best interest of all involved, she has sought out the Tauri to enter into their service.

                            Pronunciation guide (in case you care)


                            "A friend is someone who stabs you in the front."

                            Ilshah, host to A’aaruk-GateWorld RP


                              Illshah/A'aaruk's full background

                              Background (extended)
                              Ilshah was born into the service of Moloch, her father, Shemn’a, was a mighty Jaffa warrior who loved his wife and children but knew that he may not always be around to protect them given his position. As such, he insisted upon training his children, both male and female, in the ways of war. When Moloch declared that all female children should be slain, Shemn’a gave his life ensuring that his four daughters made it into the hands of Ishta and her coalition. Of all of the girls, only Ilshah was old enough to remember her father’s sacrifice and among Ishta’s female warriors, she was one of the few who did not begrudge the male Jaffa on principle. Ilshah’s previous training served her well and soon she became a fearsome warrior, gaining much standing among her people.
                              Despite the constant and deadly rivalries between Tok’ra and Jaffa that have existed through the ages and the subsequent rivalries currently between the Tok’ra and the Free Jaffa, it is necessary sometimes to accomplish goals that necessitate cooperation. When Ishta asked for volunteers for a mission where the warriors would be required to work with Tok'ra agents, Ilshah volunteered. She disliked the Tok’ra as much as the next Jaffa, but greater things were at stake.
                              There were approximately fifteen Jaffa and four Tok’ra sent on the mission. None of those sent were of high rank or position within their respective organizations, but all were thoroughly dedicated to their cause. Of the Tok’ra who went, Ilshah would come to know A’aaruk, and her host Trinah, very well. A’aaruk held a position of high honor but little status among the Tok’ra. She often served in unofficial positions as an advisor or confidant of various members of the Tok’ra high council, due mostly to her seemingly endless patience and insight. Among the Tok’ra, A’aaruk is considered to be exceptionally openminded and progressive. A’aaruk is young among the Tok’ra; she spent much of her life imprisoned in a stasis chamber, even before she ever took host. She had only recently been freed from her stasis and the world is still very much new to her. Trinah was only the host A’aaruk has known.
                              The compromise of the joint effort consisted of two parts. One, the acquisition of important information and technology being obtained for the Tok’ra, with a closely specified amount to be disclosed and shared with the Jaffa. And two, the liberation of a large number of Jaffa resistance members who had been taken prisoner and were awaiting the arrival of the reigning system lord for execution. During the course of the mission, the necessary information and technologies were procured and the prisoners were freed. Prior to the evacuation of the Tok’ra operatives, Jaffa allies and newly freed Jaffa resistance fighters, it was discovered that the planet also housed a massive manufacturing facility for any number of Goa’uld weapons and crafts. Understanding the risk, Ilshah and A’aaruk/Trinah stayed behind to see to its destruction. The facility was indeed destroyed but not without great loss. In the ensuing battle between A’aaruk/Trinah and Ilshah against the Jaffa warriors who manned the facility, both Tok’ra and Jaffa were gravely injured. Though their enemies now numbered less than a dozen, both were near death and they knew that reinforcments for their enemies were on the way.
                              The two agreed that capture was not an option and engaged the enemy forces. Ilshah had taken a staff blast directly to her symbiote pouch, killing the symbiote and causing her an injury that would soon claim her life. Trinah, lay broken and bleeding, turned to Ilshah, her eyes flashed, indicating that the symbiote was speaking. “Despite how my people have regarded yours in the past, your people are strong, brave and noble, and it was honor to fight with you. It shall be an even greater honor to die beside you.”
                              Ilshah was stunned at the words of the Tok’ra and responded in kind “I was reluctant to engage in this mission, but you have shown me the error of my prejudice.”
                              Trinah, the host spoke then, “A’aaruk thinks highly of you. I am damaged, I am so wounded that A’aaruk cannot save me and we will both die from it. You too are wounded, your symbiote is gone and your injuries will be your end. But you are not so wounded that a living symbiote could not save you.“ Seeing the instant reaction in Ilshah’s eyes Trinah raised a hand, “please, friend, hear me out. You are a great warrior, noble of spirit and mind, you are valuble to your people and to the cause that both our people must fight. A’aaruk possesses extremely valuable information that we gained from the facility. It would be madness to throw away this intelligence if there were another way.”
                              “It is perhaps not the best solution, but it is, at the time, the only way that life may be preserved. I give you my word, and A’aaruk’s, that you should only be asked to act as host only so long as it takes to find both a new host for A’aaruk and a new symbiote for you. The choice is yours, but I ask that you decide quickly, because my time is near.”
                              For a few painfully long and protracted moments, Ilshah thought and at last she nodded. She drew her hand to her pouch and drew out the dead symbiote, letting it drop to the ground. Nodding, she spoke “So be it.”
                              Once again the eyes of the host lit up and A’arruk spoke, “I ask that if it is possible, you allow Trinah the proper rites, she deserves that at least.” Ilshah nodded gravely.
                              In an instant, the symbiote went from one host to another and both fell to the ground. Ilshah watched as within a few instants, Trinah died. In moments Ilshah could again walk, and though still injured greatly, she gazed towards the Stargate seeking escape. The remaining Jaffa had split off into search parties and for the time, there were only two guards at the gate. Ilshah easily approached and disabled the guards. Wrapping Trinah in her cloak and hoisting her over her shoulder she approached the gate. She heard the approach of the guard Jaffa and dialed quickly, to a temporary jump point, and hid in nearby brush. Dissabling two Jaffa with dead aim with her zat, she used the momentary confusion to evade the remaining guards. Ilshah quickly slipped through the gate to freedom carrying Trinah over her shoulder. Only a one Jaffa dared to follow through the gate and Ilshah was able to disable him hand-to-hand. From the refuge planet, Ilshah gated back to the base.
                              Ilshah explained the occurrence to both Tok’ra and Jaffa. The Tok’ra were skeptical and the Jaffa were angry. As the groups began arguing heatedly, both at Ilshah/A’aaruk, and despite her, Ilshah/A’aaruk left the two groups to bicker amongst themselves, unwilling to take part in the childish posturing. More than her frusteration over the bickering, Ilshah was overcome with the shared grief of A’aaruk’s loss. With A’aaruk’s guidance, Ilshah conducted the burial ritual, for Trinah and then sat beside the grave, humming a dirge for several days until, at the behest of both Tok’ra and Jaffa leaders, she was forcibly removed.
                              Over time, Ilshah and A’aaruk overcame their debilitating grief and Ilshah’s body was made whole again. Once blended, Ilshah realized the intimate closeness of the blending, and came to enjoy the increased knowledge and abilities. Ilshah no longer lived with the lingering fear of her own imminant death when her symbiote reached maturity. She came to appreciate the company she had even in solitude.
                              At this point, no future host for A’aaruk has been found, but neither Illshah nor A’aaruk is too eager to part ways. Eventually A’aaruk was received by the Tok’ra and began to be active in missions again. Currently Ilshah battles eternally with A’aaruk to reconcile her relationship with a Tok’ra whose name A’aaruk has withheld from her. Ilshah does not understand A’aaruk’s obstinacy, but she can tell that A’aaruk loves this unknown person, and believes that, in time she can convince her to make peace with her past.
                              Ilshah eventually regained much of the trust in the Jaffa and her position as a warrior changed into that of diplomat. As a Jaffa become host, she personally understood both sides and both sides place trust, albeit limited trust, in her as a representative. The mere fact that a Jaffa became a willing host to a Tok’ra, has mended many fences, at least from the Tok’ra’s perspective.
                              When Ilshah came into contact with the Tauri, she came to know the importance of an even greater alliance would further the interests of all parties. She requested permission from the Tok’ra and Jaffa to enter into the service of the Tauri, to represent the interests of both parties in Tauri operations while providing invaluable information and service to the Tauri she serves.
                              "A friend is someone who stabs you in the front."

                              Ilshah, host to A’aaruk-GateWorld RP


                                Character Name: Matthew ‘Matt’ Richards

                                Character Age: 34

                                Specialties: Explosives, heavy weapons, defence

                                Character Rank: Captain

                                Character Position: -

                                Nationality: British-American

                                Appearance: He has an unusual feature of one blue eye and one brown. He has a somewhat handsome face but half of his left ear is missing.
                                Picture of Matthew

                                Personality: Matthew is a generally fun loving guy. He is known to be a risk taker and at times does not take orders well, which leads some people to wonder why he joined the military in the first place. He is very loyal and becomes attached to people quite easily. Matthew is relatively fearless and will volunteer to do things that people wouldn’t normally do.

                                Matthew spent the first few years of his life in an orphanage before being adopted by a loving young couple. Matthew found out he had a problem with authority during his teenage years. He constantly skipped school and never listened to a word his parents said to him.

                                Matthew spent a few years doing whatever he wished, only attending school here and there but enough to pass his subjects. His parents made a last ditch effort to change their son by suggesting he enlist in the military. Matthew joined the Army simply to silence his annoying mother and father and also for a change.

                                Matthew fit in relatively quickly but still had issues with authority. He has disobeyed orders on several occasions; which has hindered his advancement in rank somewhat and given him a slightly bad reputation among other things. Matthew was recently recruited to the SGC partly because of his somewhat unorthodox way of thinking and skill in his chosen field. He was found to have the Ancient gene but has limited contol over their technology.

                                Other important facts:-
                                Captain ‘Matt’ Richards