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    Originally posted by Gen Blue
    *pokes Exar* Add the information to your Bio. That's the only place people are going to look to find information on your character.


      Age: 27
      Rank: 1st lieutenant
      Species :human
      Ancient gene: yes
      Gender: male
      Height: 5 ft 9 inch
      Weight : 150 lbs
      Hair / eyes: pitch black hair short (1 in) aqua
      Distinguishing features: a scar on his left cheek
      Service: enlisted (air force) 18 (1996)
      Joined the SGC in 2004
      Education & training:4 year degree in engineering
      Personality: Serious but is saddened by all the loss in his life. He only has the air force and is devoted to serving his plant and helping others. He does have a since of humor but hide it very well. He likes football, alcohol and guns (m16 stingers that sort). Hates the goa’uld and the ocean. He has no religion. He does not fear death. He trains everyday to become the best. Likes to be with other people but also like so take long walks under the moon.(no relation ship on the personal scale)
      History: Marcus was home schooled until college. Shortly after he got into Cal tech his mother ( Mary Ardias) died of a heart attack. After graduating college he got into the air force like his father. Shortly after getting into the air force he was accepted into the stargate program and was put onto the alpha site. (His father (Jonathon ardias)died in the Persian Gulf War)
      Important facts: As a child he had digestion problems. One of his to sisters (ora ardais) died shortly after birth. His other sister (jenny ardais)was killed at the age of 10 in a bank robbery.

      umm is there a spot in one of the sg teams
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        Originally posted by exar-cun
        HUH, Heck. Clean out your ears.
        Add the information that I requested to the post that is your Biography. When I add you to the Player List, I link back to that single post so the other players can see who your character is supposed to be. Click on the button that says "EDIT", change the original post and save it.

        Have you not even looked at the Player List? Have you looked at the post that tells you how to join this RP?

        Click on the following words "Support GW Roleplay" to find the rules.

        Click on the following words "Player List" to find the Player List.
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          read the rules but the plyer list not yet sorry


            Name: Anthony Mcleod
            Nickname: Boomer
            Military: Army
            Specialization: Weaponry, Reconnisance, Stealth
            Rank: Major
            Previous occupations: Army Special Ops Forces.
            Species: Human
            Place of birth: Virginia Beach, Va, USA
            Gender: Male
            Age: 31
            Nationality: Irish-American
            Appearance: Tan skin, dark green eyes, short brown/blonde streaked crew cut. Tall statured. Toned.
            Marital Status: Single
            Distinguishing features: Celtic arm band on left forearm. Some would say, an intense stare.
            Academic achievements: Home-schooled/self educated until he was 17, he took his GED's and SAT's and headed to college. He dabbled in English Literature. A.A in photography, Sharpshooter in Riflery, Third degree black in Judo, Second degree black in Aikido.

            Strong points: Loyalty, determination, quickness on the job. He takes orders well, provided they are clear. Has a decent sense of humour, and enjoys working for a just cause.

            Weak points: He doesn’t consider himself the best of leaders but if it comes down to it, he will lead. He has a slight fear of heights and is terrified at being submerged in deep water for elongated periods.

            General personality: Anthony is a quiet guy who secretly has a big mouth if you get to know him well enough. He learns by hearing and watching. He can be impatient and quick to act if something goes wrong. He has a fast tongue when he does speak, which might get him in trouble with his superiors. In a stressful situation, he has a habit of panicking, but no one can ever tell because he appears - and often does - have control of the situation. He is a quick thinker, which gets him out of many tight spots. He believe in God and is a devout Catholic.

            Personal history: He was a young kid from a broken family struggling to make it in a rough neighborhood. Due to severe complications within his mother's relationship with her abusive husband, Teenage Anthony and his mother later moved to Norfolk where she got a job in a satellite service company.
            At 23, Anthony considered applying to be a FBI or CIA agent (during his James Bond facination days), but instead enlisted in the Army and volunteered to be a member of the Army SOF. Faith and determination got him through the SF training, and he was (mostly) well liked amoung his superiors. It was during his time with the SF's that he witnessed many things which he was later told not to talk about and that he himself could not explain.
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              Character Name: Damien Wright
              Character Age: 25
              Character Rank: just commissioned to officer and made into a 2nd lieutenant
              Character Position: force protection, spec ops, sniper
              Nationality:White/black mix American
              Personality: a can do man who knows how to get things done even if it means bending the rules a little bit. Sometimes can be to serious even for himself so he tries to deflect his own tensions and concerns by sarcastic humor even during a fire fight.
              History: Had a three month training stint on P3X-403, earths mining operations. Was the personal security of earths diplomat who was working close with several major planets, such as Tagrea, Langara, Pangar, Ardena, Chulak, Galar, Hebridan, and Orban in hopes of making a strong alliance between the worlds and begin trade. Is former Special Ops Forces of the US Army, after a stint in Afghanistan and second gulf war was reassigned to SGC in 2004 as a guard to diplomats to other worlds. . Was for last year marooned out in the void of space when Jonas Quinn’s new ship with experimental naquadria engines shot the ship past destination, similar to “Memento” episode. Only difference was this was a ship designed by United Planets scientists. Just returned after a full year of traveling through the stars. Has stayed with the ambassador till was offered a commission and a place on an SG team. Has visited many worlds on missions to protect diplomats. Born of a white father and a black mother went through a lot of hazing as a young child, due to being of mix races, which has made him a determined and strong willed person. Joined the military at the age of 17 with a waver from his father. Mother was killed in car accident when he was 16 while he was waiting for her to come pick him up from baseball practice.
              Other important facts: Damien is a man who is quick on his feet, loves to play an Ardena sport called “Rings,” plays with a team on that world. Has several hours in the flight simulator for the F-302, though not an accomplished pilot does have at least a little feel for it.
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              2nd LT Damien Wright -> SG-8 Bravo Team Sniper


                Dinger, one item to clarify. If you've just been commsssioned, you're a 2nd Lieutenant. Let me know.

                Dancer-4-Daniel - Please post your biography here so I can add you to the Player List as well.

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                  Character Name:William (Liam) Mackenzie Harris
                  Character Age: 26
                  Character Rank: 1st. Lt.
                  Character Position: Engineer (Demolitions)/Linguist
                  Appearance:6 foot two, black hair and brown eyes. Light complexion, small build but wiry.
                  Personality:A fairly quiet person until you get to know him, Liam observes everyone and everything around him. He files away information and is able to recall it whenever he needs to. He's a bit of a loner and doesn't talk a lot around those he doesn't know but when he chooses to, it's usually something to remember.
                  History: Liam was born in Denver Colorado in 1980 to Montgomery and Deirdre Harris. He is the second of 5 children and had a younger brother Sean still at the Air Force Academy. Liam went to the Academy and graduated second in his class. He was recommended for the Stargate program due to the calm, collected way he handles problems and learns new procedures. Liam was found to have the Ancient gene and he deals well with Ancient technology.
                  Other important facts: Liam has a photographic memory and is also good with various languages. He enjoys learning and aside from his engineering, which he majored in, he reads to teach himself about other subjects. A secret that he keeps from everyone is the fact that he was taught Contemporary and Ballroom dance. Liam is currently exploring the possibility of a romantic relationship with Natasha Bystronski.
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                    Name:Mickey Mckay
                    Rank : 2nd Lieutenant; RCM
                    Position: SG-5
                    Specialty: Piloting & Weapons
                    Hair color: Brown
                    Eyes: Blue
                    Nationality: Canadian
                    ATA gene: nope, not yet...
                    Appearance: Tall and Muscular
                    Joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets at 12. In the program he did exceptionally well. At 18 he was forced to retire from the program because of his age. He left the program to attend an engineering course at MIT, he did well, But not extremely well. Mad, he went on to join the Royal Canadian Air Force, after 2 years in RMC he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant (pronounced Lef-tenant)
                    Since Mckay did so well, he was opted for an officer exchange to the SGC. Amazingly, at the SGC he tended to hang around Siler and Harriman. After the replicator incursion he helped fend off the little buggers. He impressed a lot of people, Gator noticed his talents and recruited him for SG-5.

                    Mckay enjoys fencing and boxing. He can sometimes be irrational and annoying, He enjoys watching Star Trek and MacGyver(heh).


                      (sorry this took a while, but this is the first time I've been able to get back on since this morning)
                      Character Name: Johannan Vincent Halberet
                      Character Age: 26
                      Character Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
                      Character Position: Demolitions
                      Preferred Weapons: Steyr AUG A1, Heckler-Koch HK G36C - Carbine Commando version, FNP-90, Any Demolition charge (Satchel Charge, C4, et cetra.)

                      Appearance: 6’1”, Olive (tanned) complexion, short dark brownish-black hair, hazel eyes, and wears contacts. More legs proportionally than upper body, and muscular - still thin-ish, but not like anorexic-thin

                      Personality: A silent type who only speaks (and waaaayyy too much) to friends and those he trusts. Does not exactly enjoy the idea of frontline combat, but somehow enjoys the exhilaration and adrenaline of it. Prefers to move stealthily, placing remote charges while the enemy is unaware - and then proceed to blow them to Kingdom Come with their “pants down”, so to speak.

                      History: As a young child, Vincent was gifted with an active spirit and a joy for the outdoors. He became friends with a boy who, at the time, was very obsessed with the Military. As they went through middle school and high school, Vincent became more of a dork than a military type, while his friend became the military type. As high school ended, Vincent had matured into something that would later work in the military. His friend’s future wife did not allow him to join, so Vincent decided to do it for him. Joining the Air Force, he quickly became an effective ground operative. His talents gained recognition in the upper ranks of the SGC, and he was to join one of their teams. He was on a small tour of the Alpha site during the attack on Earth, and is now waiting for an assignment - either to a team, or to a job on/off site.

                      Other important facts: Usually goes under the nickname “Vinc”, born March 22nd, 1980.
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                        Character Name: Horris Allen Nell
                        Character Age: 35
                        Character Rank: Major
                        Character Position: Head of team SG-9
                        Appearance: 6 feet, 2 inches, slightly well body built, brown hair with red highlights, clean contagious face.
                        Personality: Serious, straight forward, doesnt take crap from anyone, yet deep down inside he has a sensitive side of understanding, caring, humor. He ocassionally laughs.
                        History: Born on the planet Earth, a most comfortable home Horris's family background consisted of the Military, not all but his father and him joined the Air Force. Horris's brother's Tom Nell and Allen Nell died in the Persian Gulf War, and later his father died from unexpecting terrorists, (EDIT) Horris's mother lives in a house in Gaia and looks forward when "break" comes around to visit her. Horris continued in the Air Force and studies astrophysics and technology - his last mission he was on flight to Egypt and there then did he discover his true passion when he found the Stargate -he was lucky not to be killed- it was a choice that would change his life forever. (EDIT)He continued in the Air Force and works with Stargate and currently serves his rank (major). Now he is taking his journey to a whole new step.
                        Other important facts: Horris loves to play his guitar and build motorcyles, and fly Air Force Air Crafts in his spare time. (EDIT) Mother worked in a factory at Foreston (thats how she lives in Gaia)
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                          Character Name: Ben Wolf
                          Character Age: 47
                          Character Rank: Civilian (read below)
                          Character Position: To be assigned
                          ATA gene: Yes very strong
                          Height: 5’11”
                          Weight: 9 stone 126 lbs
                          Military Experience: British Army / Airforce, followed by transfer to SAS (Retired)
                          Speciality: Covert Ops, recon, anti-terror ops, hostage negotiations, and man hunt procedures, body guarding.
                          Appearance: Dark brown hair turning grey mid cut, always clean shaven, no distinguishing features.

                          Personality: A fairly calm and generous man, always rational and reserved. He never leaves a man, always making sure everyone is fine. He has a charm about him, always a pleasure to get along with,.

                          History: Born in London, to a Scottish lineage. Going to public school he studied the subjects that interested him most, chemistry, physics, maths, and ancient history. He never went on to do a degree; instead he joined the British Army and Airforce combine at the age of 16, becoming a world class pilot and marksman. He saw a lot of combat during his years in service but always craved for something different. His chance came at the age of 32 when he was transferred to the SAS. He began his training in Covert Ops and Anti-terrorist Ops, all his skills were tested while in the Middle East, his transport helicopter carrying his covert team was shot down leading to a 6 month survival test consisting of a constant man hunt. He was finally picked up were at the age of 38 he retired from active duty. He moved to America to enjoy his retirement, which did not last long. He was approached by the SGC to work in a man hunt to search for a renegade prisoner, the prisoner in question had previously worked with Ben, making Ben a good judge for the prisoners tatics. He then became part of there permanent staff though never taking on a rank. He stayed as a British Citizen, thus never being able to take on a rank, which he preferred, sort of a under the wire member. He requested to be moved to the alpha site for a change of scenery.

                          Ka-Bar USMC Combat Knife
                          SIG P228 (Main and CQC Pistol) with laser sight
                          Walther P99 (Backup weapon)

                          M4 (C8 Carbine) Assault rifle (with attached H&K AG36 grenade launcher)

                          Other details: Ben has become a world class chef over his retirement.
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                            full name: carla joanne munez.
                            age: 24
                            rank: 2nd leutenant.
                            height: 5'6"
                            gender: female.
                            experience: 3 years in the territorial army.
                            specialities: tactial defence, special ops. and recon.
                            personality: can be serious but otherwise a complete joker, can be a bit critical at times but otherwise is very respectful towards people and their feelings, also has an attitude problem towards people she thinks are complete prats but otherwise genuine natured and will risk her life for someone else.
                            history: got top grades at school and left with top marks joined the territorial army at 21 and stayed there for 3 years before being picked for the stargate program she came from a good home with good parents she has been involved in a few disceplinery hearings she has pulled through and proven to be a model officer.
                            appearence: long straight brown hair (usually in a ponytail) dark brown eyes and a tanned face ( can usually be seen in a cap or otherwise).
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                              full name: John Scott Harris
                              age: 29
                              rank: Unknown
                              height: 5'8"
                              gender: male
                              experience: 4 years in special ops
                              specialities: recon team, sniper, infiltration
                              Preferred weapons: 30 cal. semi automatic sniper rifle and zat
                              personality: jokes around alot, but is very serious when down on the job. Off mission he is joking and sociable, but on mission he is silent and efficient. His teammates are at times shocked by the complete change he undergoes.
                              history: Entered the Army at age 24, graduated from college with a master degree in engineering and a minor in military science. He then was a pathfinder for the 101st airborne and was selected for ranger school. He passed and then underwent further training to become a delta sniper. He became a part of the stargate program a year ago and was posted to the alpha site shortly before earth was destroyed.
                              appearance: short black hair and pale skin, eyes a mix of green and brown, build is broad.


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                                My Character's Bio -

                                Character name: Graham Gorman
                                Rank: Sargeant
                                Character age: 33
                                Character species: Tau'ri
                                Character appearance: 5' 7", 160lbs, Black hair, brown eyes
                                Pre-Stargate Site occupation: Lieutenant, 3rd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment.
                                Character specialities: Geologist/Geophysicist and Specialist in hostile environment survival techniques
                                Relevant training and qualifications: Joint Honours Degree in Geology and Physics. (4 years working as geologist in Botswana), 6 years serving with the British Army , 18 months spent training with special forces (survival training).

                                Character strengths: A good problem solver, cool under pressure to the point of appearing blase.

                                Character flaws: Takes his own time to carry out tasks, Habit of gazing off when in conversation with people.

                                Character Traits: Graham is a eccentric, he sports an old-fashioned pipe with which he fiddles constantly, either trying to fill it, light it, clean it or just using to point . Has the odd habit of quoting shakespeare . An experienced field officer, served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and in Afghanistan. His time in Africa have made him a little slow paced which is annoying to those who want things done NOW!!.

                                Character Background: Graham grew up in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, England. He also grew up with an interest in the military. His admittance to the university of Hull where he did his joint honours degree marked a change in his outlook. He went to Africa becoming site geologist in Botswana. There , he learned the survival skills of the bushmen. Later he returned to the UK and was accepted into the Army where he passed out from Sandhurst academy.
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