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    Claire huffed at what Carrie said, “Unfortunately, This is how we talk to each other. Isn’t that right Major?” Davis threw a amused glance at Kim as the other woman smirked in response. Then groaned as Carrie pushed with Zack angle, “I will when he’s ready to sit and listen; and not act like he’s five.

    Kim snorted as she sipped her coffee, “Or you acting like a brick wall.” Facing Carrie; “Interesting Combination. These two.

    Yea, I could say the same about you and your flyboy.” Davis shot back but cut off when she noticed Julia speaking, but Black’s winking at her didn’t go unnoticed. The best she knew was to ignore it and keep doing it till he stopped acting like a jealous lover.

    Realising this was her only chance to have Davis scrambling of towards Black, “Dr Love and his gal pal.” She told the woman and then gave into the bubbling snickers. “Davis and Black.

    As much as she tried not looking is way the arrival of the airman near him almost ad her grinding her teeth, but she stopped sorted of doing it when his approached the group and she quickly turned to pay attention to her empty mug of coffee, then stole a quick glance at Ashwood who was supporting a grin that told Davis the major knew what she was trying to do. Hearing what Zack was saying, she nearly blinked. Who was this Simmons? Feeling her face tighten, she now grinded her teeth. He actually had the nerve of blasting her over Travis when he; himself told her nothing of this Simmons character at all.

    Read to her? Was the man even thinking right? Did something happen between the two of them that he wasn’t telling? When he began speaking to Kim, Claire got up and departed the mess, forgetting that she had left her used mug behind.

    Kim was a little startled when Davis made her abrupt departure but straightened her face when Zack spoke to her, “Uh sure,” she kept her voice even as possible, but Davis’s action baffled her endless. It was after Zack retreated when it struck her.

    Looking at the remaining two women, “I thought he would have her about Simmons. Guess I was wrong.” She was going to have to grab Sharp the moment he exited the briefing. The two sets of love triangles were going to cause SG1 some uncounted amount of grief. Leaning back she suddenly felt tired.

    <<Claire to somewhere>>


      Carrie raised a brow and gave Claire an innocent look, “Ever heard about the expression ‘Lead by example’?” before resuming drinking her juice.

      “Dr Love?” Julia gave Kim a disbelieving glance, before looking towards the approaching doctor, ‘Please, don’t let me have to deal with another male with an ego too big for everyone’s best?’
      She kept quiet as he rambled on though, just wanting him to go away. His manors of asking Carrie for permission, and then just walk away, were just…
      Julia took a deep breath and huffed under her breath, ‘Men!’ before digging in to her pancakes.
      She felt a hand on her arm, “Take it easy Julia, no big deal ok?” she turned towards the voice and snorted at Carrie, “No big deal?! You’re just going to let him get away with that?”

      Swallowing the last piece of her sandwich, Carrie shook her head and followed Claire with her eyes, “No, probably not, but it’s not worth the energy…”
      The pager started buzzing and she picked it up, read the display 'Figures' and sighed, “Sorry, duty calls…”
      Carrie looked towards Kim, “If Clair continue to cause you any trouble; don’t hesitate to send her my way ok?” while collecting her dishes and get up from her chair, “See you guys laters, and Kim please do me a favor will you?”
      She pointed at Julia, “Try cheer her up will you?” and then with a small grin towards the two remaining women, she walked over towards Zach, “Come on young man, you’re with me…”
      Carrie placed the tray in the rack and then continued out the door, returning the favor of walking out on Zach.

      Julia looked at Carrie's back as she left the mess hall and muttered, "I don't need cheering up, I need to get out of here..."

      >> Carrie to "Elevators, Stairs...." >>
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      "Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence"


        <<Zach Black in trouble with the girls!>>

        Claire's abrubt departure left Zach a little baffled. Now what had he done? This woman would be the death of him. There would be no appeasing her. He ran his free hand through his hair and waited patiently at the counter for his water bottle.

        He turned to his left to see if he could locate where his little heart throb had headed off to. No sight of her. There was a sharp voice to the right that rather startled him. He turned to find Carrie's back. "Are you talking to me?"

        He received no response. His water bottle had appeared, "Here you go Dr. Black. Anything else I can get for you?"

        Following the bottle up the arm to the face it came along with, "Was she talking to me? Yes, do you have a manual that explains how to understand women?" He rolled his eyes and shook his head.

        The airman nodded an affirmative to his question regarding Carrie. "Afraid I can't help you with the manual. Anything else?" She made a face that expressed regret to her inability to assist.

        "No thanks." Black's face was totally perplexed. He trailed after the doctor like a puppy dog that had just been scolded. Afraid to get too close, afraid not to follow.

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          ((So not quite as long as I'd imagined to this point. Most of this was chopped down in my edits, lost a flashback or two. Anyways, italics are flashbacks, obviously. I'm not sure I liked how I had to organize it either, but whatever. And yes, the fragments and general disjointedness are on purpose. If I hear so much as one comment about how it isn't proper grammar...))

          <<From SG-5 Office>>

          Hughes entered the mess hall, still trying to figure things out, but not making much in the way of progress. He was concerned with Doctor Williams still, but he held many doubts for himself too.

          He wasn't feeling particularly hungry and skipped over the line, and soon found himself sitting at one of the tables. Alone. Out of the way of the hustle and bustle around him. His head was buried in his bandaged arms.

          The weapon lay in pieces before him. He grinned up at his dad.
          "Too slow, boy. Again." He felt a heavy boot connect with his back and he was sent sprawling. "Till you get this right. It isn't that hard."
          But Robert couldn't see past the tears.
          "Too weak, boy." His dad laughed. "You'll never amount to anything."

          He was right. And he was wrong.

          Robert had tried to run. He found a gang. He lost a love. He was broken. And on the edge, he found football.

          "Who is this kid?"
          The other coach glanced down at this clipboard. "Hughes, Robert." He read another line or two. "No football experience."
          "He's fast. Could stand to learn how to catch better. That's teachable."
          D. J. Arrington grabbed Hughes by the arm and the two walked within earshot of the coaches. The junior winked at Hughes. "Sounds like you, sir, are in."

          The beginning of his career gave way to its end.

          "I'm not going into the NFL," Hughes announced.
          "Dude, for real?" Arrington sipped at his beer, looking at Hughes in disbelief. "Why the hell not? We always talked about making it big together."
          Hughes shook his head, staring at his feet.
          "Forget you." Arrington threw the rest of his drink at his fellow wide receiver, and stormed out the front door, leaving Hughes wet and alone.

          A chance to redeem himself.

          Hughes scrambled to his feet. He'd hit the ground hard, the two intar blasts fired by Major Stevens had been aimed perfectly.
          'He was right,' Hughes realized with a growing sense of horror. 'You're a royal screw--'
          "Hughes, you FUBARed it." The words cut like a hot knife through butter.

          His eyes lost their focus as he remembered.

          And he lost it.
          "First mistake, failing to notice a concealed weapon?" He was shouting now. "You wouldn't happen to mean the one you just used to get us here in the first place, would you?" He could only picture his dad in her place as he continued to seethe. "Shouldn't your damn scenario be a little more realistic? Or are you using the same care that got you chewed out by Colonel Sharp?"

          The last memory hurt the most. Yes, he decided. That one definitely hurt the most. She'd been nothing but welcoming, understanding, and more than patient; he, on the other hand, continued to be thickheaded, stubborn, and childish. And he'd snapped. Snapped because he couldn't stop seeing his father everywhere he turned, couldn't stop hearing his words reverberate through his head. A ghost of the past that just wouldn't fade away.

          The weight of the world felt like it was crashing down upon him, an oppressive, suffocating grip. Too many regrets, concerns, and mistakes all at once.

          "I think I'm gonna be sick," he growled softly. He barely made it to his feet, his head spinning, before he collapsed on his knees.

          ((Is it sad that I started running out of colors that could be easily read on a white screen? ))


            <<from SG-5 Office>>

            Jen had still not really thought about what her short talk with Crescent would sound like to somebody not in the know about the Kiddie Mission. She entered the mess, planning to eat quick and prepare her mission gear.

            That plan was scuttled when she saw Hughes on his knees on the floor. It hadn't been that long since their field exercise, had a bacterium or a virus just now manifested itself? She kneeled down next to him, while briefly scanning the room to see if by chance anyone of medical background was taking lunch too. "You okay? You're white as a sheet, Hughes. Need me to walk you down to the docs?"

            "Che idiota fa una cosa del genere! Gli americani non pensare cose del genere?!"
            " 'Idiot' and 'American' I think were cognates? I'm going to assume you're not talking about me so we can work together better."
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              Hughes was still down on his knees with what felt like a multitude of eyes upon him. He wanted nothing more than to disappear. But he couldn't. He had to keep an eye or two on Doctor Williams. He had to play the role of bodyguard for Major Stevens. He had to protect them. And he couldn't fail. He wouldn't allow himself to. Not this time.

              Hughes pushed his father's objections away as another voice returned. It took him a moment to realize this one was real. "You okay? You're white as a sheet, Hughes. Need me to walk you down to the docs?" He was faintly aware of his CO kneeling next to him now. He wasn't sure when she'd arrived, mere seconds or minutes ago. That was all a blur, a whirlwind inside his head.

              'God, this is embarrassing.' He snatched the tablet computer, which had taken the fall with him. That seemed to be okay, at least. 'Couldn't you have chosen a slightly more opportune time to completely freak out?'

              Time to play damage control, he decided quickly. He just needed a story and fast. "I, ah. I'm fine," Hughes insisted. "I tripped." Yeah, that was his story, and he was sticking to it.


                ((OOC: que Julia or?? ))

                Julia looked up from her plate, the food just didn't sit well on her today; probably pre-mission nerves... Or something... The steak and what went for rice these days was more tasteless then it used to be..

                The sudden movement of someone more or less hitting the floor a few tables away cought her atttention though and she got up as fast as her ribs allowed her and moved over to kneel next to Stevens just as the Lieutenant replied that he was fine.
                "Yeah, sure you are, try that with someone else Lieutenant. I'm Julia Hawkins by the way working in the Infirmary."
                'He's pale, breathing's up, bet his heart rate is too... 'Julia frowned and took a hold of his wrist to check the latter, there had been romours about stomach flue... or maybe he just got up to fast and had a drop in his blood pressure. Hard to tell right now.
                "Why don't you just lay down on your back for a minute Lieutenant... ?" She shot a glance over to Stevens, "A chair to put his legs up please?"

                "Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence"


                  ((Blatant flirting...wasn't easy to write--for me, at least--but it was kind of fun. ))

                  'This just keeps getting better and better,' Hughes groaned. Julia Hawkins, she said her name was. A nurse, no less. What were the odds?

                  "I did try this with someone else. Her. Actually," he replied, jabbing his index finger in the major's direction to emphasize his point. "You didn't have to come over."

                  'Wait, no, what are you doing? You want to be on her good side, she can probably make your life hell on Gaia. Flirt, Hughes, flirt. Use some of that natural charm. It doesn't hurt that she's cute, either.' Alright, so he wasn't sure where that last thought came from, even if it was true.

                  He put on the most charming smile he could muster in his weakened state, and completely ignoring Major Stevens now, looked deep into Julia's eyes. "Not that I mind. What guy in his right mind would pass up this free attention? Maybe you should take me to the infirmary. You know, I don't think I'd mind as much if you were there with me."

                  His grin grew wider. "Or perhaps dinner together later. That'd be nice too."

                  "So what do you say? Make me one hell of a lucky guy." Now the ball was in Julia's court.


                    Julia felt her chin literately hit the floor with a loud thump, ‘He wants what?!”
                    Steven Bisenti’s actions were just too fresh in her mind, “Go to h€ll!” she hissed and pushed him hard in the chest, causing him to lose his balance, “If you ever come near me with an offer like that, I’ll make sure you’ll never be a lucky guy again. Is. That. Clear?”
                    Julia stood and glared at Stevens, “Never mind that chair major, he’s all yours! Infirmary or the brig; I don’t care, just get him out of here!”

                    "Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence"


                      ((Wasn't sure if she was on the move or not after that. I went on the assumption she was. Hope that's fine. ))

                      Obviously not the reaction he'd been expecting. But he was off his knees in a flash; he suspected he couldn't have beaten that time even back in college.

                      He intercepted Julia before she got too far. "Look, I'm sorry."

                      'Weak, Hughes. Could have been better.' "You were right before. I'm not fine."

                      Was he really about to tell her all this? Perhaps it was best to leave her be. Let her hate him. For whatever mistake he'd made this time. He could hear his father's voice again. He fought back the bile, and knew if he didn't get this out soon, he was taking another fall. "Sometimes I forget who I am. What I am. What I'm capable of. But I don't forget that my dad abused me. When I tripped...that's what I was flashing back to."

                      "I was trying to get out of going to the infirmary. And I know I do stupid things. That was quite obviously one of them. I should have found a better way. But I was scared. Scared because only one other person really knows this. And she doesn't know how deep those scars go. If that came out..."

                      He took a deep breath. "So I'm sorry. I don't pretend to know why you reacted the way you did. But I'm sorry. I really am."
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                        Julia glared at him as he rambled on and when he finally stopped she gave him suspicious look, “A flash back, uh? And when you came to you just had to hit on the first woman you lay eyes on? You’re unbelievable! You men are all the same! And don’t you talk to me about being abused!”
                        She pointed towards her bruised face, “Do you think I got this by being careless and I trip and fall as well!?”
                        Her head had once again started to pound and she rubbed her forehead, muttering, "Why do I even bother?"

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                        "Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence"


                          'Hold up, Hughes.' It clicked. Well, more or less.

                          "Please. Just listen. After that, if you don't ever want to see me again, I'll leave. Just like that. You need only say the word." Hughes hoped he sounded as sincere as he felt. But he knew he'd never been very good at putting himself out there emotionally.

                          "You were..." He whispered, his voice soft and distant, and he found himself unable to complete the sentence. Someone like this didn't deserve that. "I don't know what exactly you went through. But I think I know how you feel. Because I'm almost positive I feel the same way."

                          He swallowed hard. "You blame yourself. But you hate whoever did this to you. You think that you're weak or maybe that you've failed somehow. And everyone that wants to help you, you push away. He lowered his eyes. "And I wish I could you tell you that it gets easier over time, but it doesn't. I'm not sure that the pain, the hate, the helplessness ever goes away. It feels like I wear a new mask--a shield--every day. But I know the truth: I'm broken. And I don't think I'll ever be the same."

                          "And you're right. I made a mistake. An incredibly stupid one. I went down and the first thing I did was flirt with you. But I was scared. I panicked. I wanted to distract you because I didn't want the truth to come out. If anyone found out just how deep my scars go, I'd probably be taken off SG-5 so fast..." He let the thought trail off. He wasn't so much concerned with himself any more as he was for her. He only wished he could do more for her.

                          ((Writing this from the viewpoint of Hughes was...awkward.))


                            Julia looked at the man in front of her feeling the anger slowly subside, ok, so maybe she’d overreacted, but that [email protected] Steven had started the same way and look where that had ended.
                            She could feel her eyes water and her face go red, was she really that easy to read? Like that proverbial book? Because he’d hit her right in the spot where it hurt her the most. The trust. The pushing away. The hate…

                            Julia tore her eyes from Hughes and looked around her; suddenly becoming aware of the others in the room being all quiet.
                            She glared at a Private a few tables away that didn’t have the decency to look away, then angrily wiped away a tear running down her cheek and turned around on her heals and fled. The Mess hall all of a sudden feeling way too crowded.

                            She fumbled with her key card to call for the elevator, but it just wouldn’t work, couldn’t turn it right in the slot.
                            With a sob she felt her legs start shaking and she sat down in the corner with her back against the wall, pulled up her knees and hid her face in her arms.
                            [email protected] Hughs for being so on target, [email protected] Steven for doing this to her. [email protected] the feelings… Why couldn’t they all just go away? She hated feeling like this, it wasn’t just ‘her’.

                            "Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence"


                              Hughes was waiting for Julia to run. It was exactly what he would have done had their roles been reversed. "Don't--" But he didn't catch her in time. She was already gone.

                              He took a deep breath, blocked out the stares, and broke out into a jog. He needed to help her cope with her demons.

                              He found Julia, her face buried in her arms. She hadn't made it into the elevator.

                              "Hey," he whispered, slumping down next to her. "I know it's not easy to talk about these things. I bottle up my own past more than I care to admit. But if you need someone to talk to, someone who has an idea of what you've been through, I'm willing to listen."


                                < In the corner, outside the elevators >

                                Julia looked towards Hughes and wiped her wet cheeks with her palms; like that would do much difference. New tears just kept coming.
                                She snorted, “Why do you care? I don’t even know you.” and then leaned her head back towards the cool concrete wall. “How do I know you’re just not acting like this to take advantage of my situation? You know, ‘Pretend you’re a friendly shoulder to cry on and she’ll fall in your arms’-kind of thing?”

                                "Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence"