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    ((do you mean something like this then ? granted, this is a shoulder holster for weapons, but I'm sure it can be used medically as well...
    nice word - clodhopper - *giggle/snort*))

    "Well. Big feet or not. Still can be painful." Ryn shrugged, and immediately after, winced at the sharp pain this produced. She stood up, using her legs to push the chair back comfortably.

    "Alright. I'm with ya. You want to finish that pie, Kym, or aren't you going with ? I'm done with my food...".

    << Moving us to Infirmary ?>>

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      ((OOC: Or maybe the Gym? That's where I did my PT... ))

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        Originally posted by Ryn View Post
        "Well. Big feet or not. Still can be painful." Ryn shrugged, and immediately after, winced at the sharp pain this produced. She stood up, using her legs to push the chair back comfortably.

        "Alright. I'm with ya. You want to finish that pie, Kym, or aren't you going with ? I'm done with my food...".

        << Moving us to Infirmary ?>>

        {Tyler} (( I vote for the Gym. He could have an office near there. Besides, the Infirmary is pretty busy right now. ))

        "Hold your horses there, chica," Kym slid another bite of pie into her mouth, "One doesn't rush an almost perfect dessert."
        She licked chocolate off her lips, "The only thing this needs is some Jack Daniel's whipped cream."
        Another bite of gooey goodness was shoveled in, " 'Sides, chief nee's t'see me."
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          ((Gym it is then ))

          "Okay." Ryn smiled, knowing all too well how important a good dessert could be sometimes. "I guess you'll find us in the Gym then ... or somewhere around there ?" Ryn figured it would be the most logical place to be - and what was more she would be under medical supervision ... sort of.
          Questioningly she looked at House, just to be sure, and then back at Kym, to explain.
          "She's kinda my supervisor, you see ...".



            Kym reached down and unclipped her comm. Waving it slightly at Ryn, she said, "If all else fails, I'll give you a ring. I don't think I'll be that far behind you all."
            You're never too old to do something goofy.
            Growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional.


              PT Gregory House

              House smirked again.

              "I'll meet you down there. Got to pick up a couple of things from the 'firmary. Unless you want me to hold your hand down the stairs." He gave her a sideways grin and set off towards the stairs.

              - To infirmary briefly -

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                "Oh, yeah. Almost forgot about those." Ryn replied to Tyler as she explained about the comms.

                "You might just get there earlier than me - or maybe we'll cross each other on the stairs ...." Ryn started to tell House, but then he already had left and thus her words were spoken to empty air.

                "Okay .... off to walk 8 levels .... maybe the elevator will have been fixed by now, but I don't suppose it has ... Guess they'd tell us otherwise." Ryn muttered with a groan, more to herself than to Kym.

                Realising she was just still standing there. "Right ... Um ... I'm off. See ya later then, Kym." She smiled at her friend and slowly walked off, towards level 10.

                << To Gym >>


                  <<from Gym via Locker Room>>

                  Finally reaching the mess, Katherine was happy to see the food counter, as her stomach was roaring from hunger. Jogging on the treadmill had made her famished. Quickly walking up to the counter, she stared at the food for a second, thinking what to eat. After grabbing a tray and some silverware, she filled her plate with spaghetti, took some pie for dessert and poured some mineral water into a glass. ‘This should be enough,’ she thought, looking at the dinner.

                  Looking around in the commissary, she saw that there weren’t many people there. She sat behind the nearest table and began enjoying the meal. On a empty stomach, the food tasted especially good.



                    {Tyler} {Swanson}

                    Kym finished the last of her pie, scraping up crumbs and licking her fork and wishing she was alone so she could lick the plate. I hope we find a new source of chocolate pretty soon. The woman reluctantly took her dishes to the window for washing.
                    Going behind the serving counter, she stopped and called into the kitchen, "Chief, it's Tyler. Should I come in or are you coming out?"
                    "If your hair's tied up, you can come back," a disembodied voice answered.
                    Kym checked that her cap was firmly seated then went into the food prep area and spoke over the buzz of an efficiently run kitchen, "You needed to see me about Stev?"
                    Henry looked up from where he was elbow deep in fruit filling, "Yeah, who is he?"
                    "Ajirin Estevan. He does bakery for Jack's Place and has his own small business. When I was in town last time, I gave him a hand when I came in just before the crack of dawn."
                    Henry looked at her and raised his eyebrows in silent query.
                    Kym rolled her eyes and laughed, "No, it's nothing like that. I was stargazing. He was in Jack's kitchen and there was no point in trying to sleep for two hours. I thought he and you might want to think about trading."
                    The chef pulled his hands out of the fruit, the red juices making him look like an ax murderer. "You don't LIKE my baking, Captain Tyler," he demanded with hurt in his voice.
                    "Gods no," the woman hastily assured him, envisioning her chocolate chip pecan pie privileges being revoked, "I love your baking. Everything is good. It's just that Stev has sources and recipes for Gaian-specific ingredients."
                    Mollified, Swenson went back to his mixing, "Hmmmph. I guess I wouldn't mind that. The native stuff doesn't always react like I think it should."
                    Kym nodded, "Yeah, stuff like that. I know he'd appreciate being able to get things through the base too."
                    House's voice from the radio in her pocket made them both pause.
                    "Trouble," Henry asked.
                    Kym shook her head, "Doesn't sound urgent. House was taking my teammate down to his office for a PT evaluation. I guess he decided to do it in quarters instead."
                    "Hmmmph," Swanson grunted, not really that curious, "I'll write back to this Stev guy and see what we can work out."
                    He grinned, "Maybe I'll let you all make due with my Tech Sergeant for a couple of days and go see him."
                    Kym nodded enthusiastically, "If you do, try his orange blossom cake. Awesome." With that, she waved and scooted out of the kitchen.

                    << to Quarters >>
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                    You're never too old to do something goofy.
                    Growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional.


                      ((Soooo Sorry))

                      <<Lance from Lounge>>

                      Kim had been reading a small old magazine that was placed in the corner section of the mess hall, when she looked up to see Lance walking in, smiling she waved as she saw him making his way towards her and placed his files on the table, looking at the number of files, Kim met his gaze, “Can’t decide, eh?” she asked him with a pout.

                      Lance laughed as he took a seat, “All decided and blah, blah, blah. Just carrying them around till I return them. Picked Technical Sergeant Katherine L. O’Casey. As you know I’m keeping Tyler and Chikozu.

                      Kim rose an eyebrow more out of amusement, “Your turning into Sharp” she declared, “I mean I’m not sure If I told you SG1 had at least three females before Zack joined us. I’m surprised to say Sharp is still sane after all this time.

                      Lance chuckled, “I’m surprised too. Now why don’t you wait here and I’ll go and get a dinner.” He met her eyes warmly, saw her nod then made his way to the line.

                      ((*flops* Just dragging this post out of the two of them has been hard. I have no idea on what to do with Lance. Ideas are welcome.))


                        ((just snuggle him, ruffle those bangs out of his eyes ... followed by a well placed snog ... he'll be happy!! ... well done btw!!))

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                          (( you could do what ainty said - or you could try and find the members of his team and interact with them - they shouldn't be that hard to find and you can always use the radio for Tyler and Chikozu. And maybe the others as well if you switch channels. Dunno if there is a base-wide one, but I guess so? ))


                            Lance picked up his meal and turned to grab a coffee when O’Casey’s presences caught his attention, filing up a cup he placed it on the tray. Then walked back to where Kim was, “Give me a few minutes and I’ll be back,” seeing her frown, “saw O’Casey, I would like to talk to her before I lose the chance.

                            Kim shook her head, “Go ahead. You need to have your team in order before Blue starts sending teams out again through the gate.

                            Lance smiled, “I promise I will –” he cut off when he saw her held up her hand, “Okay okay, I’m going.

                            Walking to where she was sitting, he looked at her, “Sergeant O’Casey?” he asked, “I’m Major Lance McKinnon, might if I take a seat for few minutes?


                              Calmly eating her meal, Katherine was looking around the room, to find something entertaining to look at while eating. There weren’t many people and the mess was rather quiet at the moment and the woman found it somewhat dull to just sit there, alone, consuming food. After a few moments, two people entered. Looking at them for a moment, Katherine decided to just quickly finish her feast and head to the lounge after that.

                              Half of her plate was already empty, when she suddenly heard someone say her name. Looking up, she saw the same man who had entered couple of moments ago. “Yes, sir,” she answered the man surprisedly, allowing him to sit. Pondering why the major had come, Katherine was interested to hear what he was going to say next.



                                Lance took the seat offered after placing his meal on the table, pausing for a second to gather his thoughts, he picked up his coffee and took a sip, placing the cup back down, “I have recently been made the CO of SG3,” he began, as he looked at her, “and was asked to make my own team through the candidates that were given to me to fill the slot that are open in SG3. Your file after reading which actually stood out for me, given your skills, experience and choose field background. I’m here to offer you a position on SG3. That is if you like to take the open slot.

                                He knew it be best not to say no pressure since it just might have the opposite effect of what he wanted. He stole a quick glance at Kim who had gone back to reading - he felt guilty about leaving her like he did, but he did have work - then looked at O’Casey as he waited for her response.