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Stargate new seasons- original characters list (oc's)

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    Approved by Isolde

    Name: Wraith name 'Glade'
    (His mind feels to other Wraith like cool and light-speckled pine woods, reflecting his calm personality.)

    Age: 200 human standard years

    Rank: Low-ranking cleverman

    Position: Still in apprenticeship. Works primarily with Engineers to learn their craft, but is also working with Technicians and Scientists to broaden his education.

    Appearance: Long, smooth hair, partially drawn back in a pony tail. Two thin, long braids frame his face. He is tall, even for a Wraith, and slender bordering on lanky. He has a small tattoo around his eye and on his chin and a double goatee.

    History: He was not born on Todd's hive but came there during their last encounter with an allied hive, driven by curiousity and the wish to learn more about the culture of other hives.

    Personality and other important facts: Calm and distanced towards Wraith and humans alike. He is still young and looking for his place in the hive's hierarchy. Some might call him timid, as he is not as boisterous as other Wraith of his age. He likes to immerse himself in his studies and is keen to gain knowledge. Especially the Stargate technology and the physics of wormholes are of interest to him. Not a warrior himself, he is easily startled by displays of aggressiveness. Yet he has been known to remain calm and focused in times when the hive was in danger.
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      Just a quick note to affirm I approved Rhys rise in rank. He's Chief of Securuty, after all.


        I guess. I'm a little behind so it will atke a little for me to catch up



          Character Name:[/B] Bain Fadel

          Character Age: 18

          Character Rank: High Priestess

          Character Position: High Priestess of The Nibruian Wraith Worshippers.

          Appearance: Short, round faced, thin and boney. Has long fiery red hair. Has a tattoos on her face so she could have the appeareance of a Wraith. She also has a tattoo of an eye on each hand.


          Personality: There is two sides to Bain. One is the caring side. She is often charatable to the needy by offering them sancuary in her temple. These people are often the ones she chooses to be sent to the "Great Ones" (known as the Wraith to most). The other is a more brutal side, this side is often shown around the "unbelievers" and those who speak ill of her religion. She makes sure these people suffer terrible agony before succumbing to death. Among the Believers on Nibru, they believe that a death not caused the "Great One's" guarantees the victim does not have peace when they enter the afterlife (The women in Bain's position are also guarenteed a peaceful afterlife because they are guides amongst the worshippers).

          History: Born and raised in the town of Cairhien on Nibru, where those who are Followers form a secret dystopian society where everyone (other than the priestesses known as the guides) where upon their 40th year they were sacraficed to the Wraith. In some cases a few special few are sent to the Wraith to end their tribulations. Because her mother was head priestess she automatically began her training to succeed her mother upon her death. When Bain was 18 her mother died of natural causes, making way for Bain to become the highest member in her society. Her father is the town Mayor of Cairhien and is totally ignorant of his daughter's activities and that of his late wife's.

          Other Facts: Because she is head priestess she is allowed to bear children because it's imperitive that a daughter shall succeed her. She is currently searching for a compatable mate for the father of her heir, and is very picky about it. She bridges the communications between the Wraith and her people and that bridge is soley with the hybrid Reese with whom she shares a close even perhaps a friendship of sorts.
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            Approved by Oranos

            Name: Emily Susan Nguyen (Pebble)

            Character Age: 22

            Character Rank: Lance Corporal (Royal Australian Corps of Engineers)

            Character Position: Tracker, Demolitions, Bomb making.

            Appearance: Ht 5'1” ~ Wt 108 lbs ~ Slim build ~ Brown eyes ~ Black/brown hair and light olive complexion.

            Personality: Emily has a strong personality, always ready with a laugh and a smile. She comes out with her full strengths when she is with others. She is reliable and steadfast and learns quickly and she will defend her comrades with every means available to her.

            History: Emily grew up in suburban Sydney. Her father a Chemist with his own local Pharmacy, her mother a local member of Council. She attended Westfield Sports High School and was expected to do well, a fact that she came in the top 10 in every years final and excelled in sport, swimming being her forte. Then things went down hill. Her Mother and Father and younger sister were tragically killed in an armed robbery at her Fathers shop, leaving Emily alone. Left with little support she had an older cousin in the Australian Defence forces and he encouraged her to join the Army. After basic training she was selected for the Engineers Corps, she trained initially as a Sapper, then did the Native tracking course and excelled in that as she did in most things. It was because of her exceptional tracking skills and her ability to defuse most types of IED's she came across she was spotted by a a visiting scout from the SGC. She was selected for training in the Stargate Programme and she was eventually placed with Telford's team on Icarus because of her ability to find and disarm things others find challenging. He put it down to her tiny hands. She was the sole survivor of squad when the base was attacked.

            ATA: Emily does not have the Ancient gene.

            Other important facts: She excels in sports, especially swimming, running and kick boxing. Though small, she can more than handle a lot of those bigger than herself. Her abilities to open almost any thing are uncanny and she is able to repair items that are often left in the too hard basket. She gained her nickname because of her diminutive size and it has stuck. Though her friend and mentor Sergeant Greer often calls her Ipod, because like that piece of technology with a thousand songs on it, once she starts talking it's difficult to turn her off. Emily is the youngest member of the expidition and as such she is often being mothered or fathered by the older members. Lt Tamara Johansen and Sergeant Ronald Greer, have became basically her family, but more like older siblings for her due to her moments of intense lonliness and homesickness, which she tries to hide, but Greer especially can see through her facade. She looks to both of them perhaps more often when she is lonely and in need of support. She is loud, annoying a typical kid just out of her teens. She has other names as well. Eli calls her the Pocket Rocket and once said he could put her in his back pack and no one would notice. Doctor Rush is fond of her even though he never shows it, he calls her simply Em.

            :Weapons: Emily has a 94% rating with service pistols and is more than adequate with light weapons such as the G36K and P90. Grenades and self made explosives


              APPROVED BY MEL

              NAME: Kay'ta of the Blazing Hills.

              AGE: Apparently 30, but she's 55

              NATIONALITY: Jaffa of the planet Epiros

              RANK: Former first spy of Hermes, now free jaffa

              APPEARANCE: 30 years old cute woman, slim but perfectly fit, 1,70m, red haired; Hermes mark (a pair of wings) on her forehead partially erased by a knife scar; likes to wear a leather assassin gear.

              PERSONALITY: Curious and very intelligent, usually serious; she's very good at judging people by first impressions.

              HISTORY: Born in a village near volcanoes, when Kay'ta reached proper age she underwent the Primtah and she was selected for training in Hermes's group of assassins and spies, one of the most known and feared amongst the Goa'uld. She successfully completed lots of missions and she quickly rose the ranks because of her ability. After a long period of infiltration she manage to lead a rebellion against the Goa'uld Kali as ordered by her lord and she was given the title of First Spy.
              Her next task was to make contact with a group of pirates, known as Lucian Alliance, in order to propose trades and alliance. Once she met the group, she noticed they were just idiot and evil rogues with a long list of failures: she wondered how could a God needed to form an alliance with such people and she opened her eyes about the true nature of her lord. She erased her mark and tried to join the new-born jaffa nation, but she was discovered and captured by an LA operative. She's been their prisoner for three years, and she leads a resistance with captain Astor.
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