View Full Version : (atlantis in aus related) the truth shall soon be told

March 11th, 2005, 08:41 PM
according to gasbo (http://www.gasbo.net/stargate/feb05.htm).net,

8 February 2005 0815 East 0745 Central 0615 West

Schedule Set For Stargate Atlantis In Australia

A spokeswoman for Channel Seven told Stargate News Australia this morning that "when SG-1 finishes Atlantis will commence"

When asked if there was any substance to the rumour that Stargate SG-1 will be moved from Thursday's to Monday's from 21 February 2005 the spokeswoman said "the schedule has not been released that far ahead we donít release information any more than 10 days ahead"

So, either the rumour is a Furphy or someone at Channel Seven is leaking information to the general public.
stargate atlantis will begin as soon as SG1 finishes. that's two weeks away. now, doesn't 7 plan two weeks ahead? someone should give them a ring and ask them what their intentions are.

i really hope this is the case, because it would be easier for me to watch the atlantis pilot while in melbourne, instead of on when i go away, which is the 12th of april.