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March 7th, 2005, 05:40 PM
For anyone who submitted a proposal to Fandemonium or know someone, they recently sent out this e-mail to thier submitters. It was a form mail, sent to everyone


Sorry also for the form letter, but we felt we should write to everyone
let you know what was happening with the submissions process so far.

Well, to begin with, we were overwhelmed by the response. During the
of November 2004, we received more than 200 submissions, about twice as
as expected. To put that into perspective, that's around 2000 pages of
synopsis and 6000 pages of sample writing.

Which brings me to our next problem... It's taking us a little longer
expected to work our way through them. I'm afraid we've completely
the 28 February date that we had been aiming for. In fairness to
that was not a firm deadline, merely a request for writers to hold off
querying us until that date (but then everyone has their excuses, don't

So, where do we stand now? We have completed about 50% of the reading.
of you will start to receive a response from us shortly regarding your
proposal. Others may have to wait for another 4-6 weeks.

Please don't be discouraged if the answer is no, because with over 200
submissions, we were never going to be able to publish more than about
of them - that is, about 2-4 novels - at most.

Please also remember that, according to the submissions guidelines, we
enter into discussions regarding our reasons for rejecting a proposal.
is partly due to logistics and partly because it's difficult enough for
to say no to some of these proposals (but we have to for the reason I
above) without having to try and explain why your story, which you
would be brilliant, isn't one that we can publish at this time.

In a few weeks, once we have read some more proposals, we will post an
with some of the more common reasons for rejecting proposals. Please
this, especially if you are planning to submit again.

Yes, we are going to have another round of submissions - most likely in
November again. We will announce it on the website and in the email
newsletter. If you're not signed up to the newsletter, you can do so

Like I said, we will start emailing some people shortly to notify them
our decision regarding their proposal. If you don't hear from us,
bear with us - we will do so within the next month or so. If you
heard from us by the end of April, then definitely contact us.

Finally, thank-you everyone for your proposals. It has been interesting
reading them and seeing the many myriad takes on the Stargate universe.
have been, by turns, impressed, amused and occasionally taken aback by
we have read, but it's always been an adventure.

With very best regards,
Stargate Novels
[email protected]


so this is really good news in a way. over 200 submissions!!!

That's just fantastic. It speaks well for the novel line and for the various authors out there that so many people subbed. Of course, it also explains little things, such as their site not being updated lately and the such.

So folks just need to be patient and wait and see.

March 7th, 2005, 06:31 PM
That's pretty much the same for any publisher. Rare to find more than a couple of submissions taken on but at least Fandomonium are reading all of them. Many publishers don't.

March 7th, 2005, 06:56 PM
you had to know that they weren't going to take very many. as it stands, they publish roughly 4 per year right now.

I think it's amazing that, first of all, they're reading them, and second of all that so many people responded. There's obviously an interest in them, which does bode well for the project as a whole. If that many are interested in subbing, then they are also likely interested in reading

March 8th, 2005, 03:08 PM
Skydiver thanks for this update I havnt received this email yet !!!

Good luck and best wishes to everyone who has fingers crossed hoping for some good news ... I'm not really expecting any since I submitted an Apophis novel but I'm hoping to at least learn if they would be open to a Gouald view point novel in the future? Hey they have Klingon novels in the ST franchise!

Neith ... tho given the number of Apophis / PW fans out there?