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May 23rd, 2004, 10:05 PM
According to TV Guide Online, Joe Flanigan is a guest star on three episodes of "Providence" starting Monday on the Lifetime Channel:

Monday, 24 8:00 PM Providence: Taste of Providence LIFE

<<Syd helps a stripper (Nikita Ager) leave the business, drawing fire from Dr. Marcus and the dancer's angry lover; Joanie makes a splash at a cooking contest; Robbie gets involved with a bookie. Joe Flanigan, Lori Rom, Bette Ford.>>

Tuesday, 25 8:00 PM Providence: You Bet Your Life LIFE

<<The Hansen kids' love lives reach dramatic turning points in this pivotal episode. For Syd, it's her relationship with David (Joe Flanigan) that's affected after a dying benefactor (Henry Gibson) offers to fund the free clinic with the $10 million he was planning to donate to David's hospital research. The situation worsens when Syd finds out what she must do to “earn” the award. Meanwhile, Joanie gets all heated up over a guy (Michael Reilly Burke) from cooking class, who makes her an unexpected proposal. Yet it's Robbie who has the most to lose, when a gambling debt puts his romance with Dani---and his life---in jeopardy.

Cast: Henry Gibson, Michael Reilly Burke, Jay Acovone, Lori Rom, Dan Daurey, Mike Farrell, Concetta Tomei, Melina Kanakaredes, Seth Peterson, Paula Cale>>

Wednesday, 26 8:00 PM Providence: Pig in Providence LIFE

<<Syd's romance with David (Joe Flanigan) takes a turn for the worse when he develops symptoms of infidelity; Robbie gets the bad end of the deal when Jim helps him out of debt. Brady: Michael Reilly Burke. Hildy: Bette Ford.

Cast: Joe Flanigan, Susan Reno, Jay Acavone, Bette Ford, Michael Reilly Burke >>




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