View Full Version : Renewal and ultimate end in two years time

September 2nd, 2017, 04:06 PM
Yes! Killjoys is coming back, which it very much deserves (http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/killjoys-picked-up-for-two-final-seasons). I'm still enjoying the writing and the characters while at times being completely confused and surprised.

The sad irony for fellow Dark Matter friends is that Killjoys had sort of a better ending, less of a cliffhanger.

Still, I'm happy for two years of Killjoys. That should be enough to not make it end awkwardly, like some show sadly do.

Angela V
September 7th, 2017, 09:17 AM
It is kind of annoying to be happy and sad at the same time. Sigh.

September 11th, 2017, 05:28 AM
Given how many unfortunate events tend to happen at all times, it's generally better to rejoice over the few positive news.

June 27th, 2018, 02:39 AM
At least one of our (Wife and me) favorite SyFy shows made it. Two years really ought to be plenty of time to finish it up nicely without rushing. I hope. ;)