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February 24th, 2005, 10:58 PM
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Cult Times #114, March 2005
(Reference #C114)

The Guest List David Orth discusses his arrival to help save Atlantis in the Stargate spin-off's finale The Siege...

Desperate Housewives Creator and executive producer Marc Cherry explains his plans for the show.
Doctor Who Claudia Black of Farscape will soon be back in the genre in the recurring role of Vala on Stargate SG-1. We found out how she feels about joining the show and the possibility of working with Ben Browder again.
CSI: NY The third CSI show brings us the adventures of a team of investigators in the Big Apple. Vanessa Ferlito introduces her character, Aiden Burn
Smallville This year, Lionel Luthor has become Mr Nice Guy. No, really! John Glover explains what's brought on this sudden change in outlook
Star Trek: Enterprise Actor Connor Trinneer on playing Charles 'Trip' Tucker III
Look Around You The multi-talented Robert Popper, co-creator, co-writer, co-composer and co-presenter of the quirky Tomorrow's World spoof, reveals how the show evolved from its 10-minute science programme roots

Times Past This month, Sea of Souls, My Hero and Point Pleasant come under the microscope
Out of the Box Spring is almost here! Find out what treats are in store in March
You Should Be Watching… Father of the Pride The new animated TV series from DreamWorks
File Under Family Guy As the new series gets ever closer, we take a look back at classic episode Ready, Willing and Disabled, in which no near-the-knuckle joke is left untold
The Guest List Ian Anthony Dale considers the effectiveness of the plan of him and his Avatar friends to remake the Charmed world into a Utopia

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