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October 8th, 2016, 10:46 PM
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<FONT SIZE="4"><A HREF="http://www.scifistream.com/agents-of-shield/s4/uprising/" STYLE="text-decoration: none;">UPRISING</A></FONT>
<DIV STYLE="margin-top:10px; padding:0;">Coulson, Fitz, and Mack track a rogue group that wants to give Inhumans a bad name, forcing the new Director to take S.H.I.E.L.D. public sooner than planned. Simmons and Dr. Radcliffe desperately search for a way to save May's life.</DIV>
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October 11th, 2016, 10:46 PM
Well, Daisy's mother said this is what would happen should shield be involved, which is why she seemed to want to start their pre-emptive war.. Guess she was right.

I loved fitz actually do some hand to hand fighting, and he looked good! Also liked seeing Yayo play with those goons, though her friend/sis was a major douche..

Interesting way to release May like that.. Though why the heck didn the dr step in to HELP simmons when she was doing CPR on may??

October 15th, 2016, 11:14 AM
Because he's not a medical doctor?

October 15th, 2016, 01:44 PM
He should at least still know how to do CPR.. IN ET school, we were all taught it.

October 20th, 2016, 04:50 AM
But then if he was doing CPR on her he wouldn't have been able to get Aida's power cell from the batcave :lol:

October 24th, 2016, 04:08 PM
It was pretty clear that CPR wouldn't have worked. At least to me.