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May 11th, 2016, 11:23 PM
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<FONT SIZE="4"><A HREF="http://www.scifistream.com/game-of-thrones/s6/blood-of-my-blood/" STYLE="text-decoration: none;">BLOOD OF MY BLOOD</A></FONT>
<DIV STYLE="margin-top:10px; padding:0;">Jaime and the Tyrells marshal their forces to confront the High Sparrow before Margaery's walk of atonement, while Arya must choose whether to kill her target. Sam introduces Gilly to his family at Hornhill, and in the North Bran and Meera encounter a new ally.</DIV>
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May 30th, 2016, 02:29 PM
Mace Tyrell, that is all... :jack_new_anime06:

Who Knows
May 30th, 2016, 11:26 PM
Well Sam did not get what he wanted. Gilly showed backbone standing up to Sam's dad, pity Sam didn't. We know he can't take Gilly to the Citadel, so what will he do now? Return to Castle Black? Find a place near the Citadel for Gilly & her son?
Good to see uncle Benjen alive and well, maybe he can help Bran fulfill his destiny. I would not be surprised if Bran didn't get the throne. The Night King touched him, & I feel there was more to it than just finding his home 20. I wonder if Hodor will come back as one of them there zombies?
Tomen is a fool, I wonder how long before he gets his 'golden shroud' as predicted? At least now Jamie is free to take over Casterly Rock in his father's place.
But now Jon & Jamie are on a collision course with the Laniters backing the Freys against The Blackfish.
We are discovering in each episode there is no 'Black & White' Somebody thinks this actress women should be dead, & has paid for it. Whether Jaqan thought the names 'the girl' gave him should live or die, he still did what he was asked.Looks like Arya lets personal feelings cloud her objective, I still say her heart is not in her work & she is not cut out to be a 'faceless man'. Now she has to watch her back, but she knows that I think. Even though she did not follow orders & kill her target, I still hope the nasty girl who has been so cruel to her gets killed.
Drogon is back, Daenerys is in charge, all is well again, but she still needs ships. And all her followers seem very 'gung ho' about crossing the sea for her at the moment, but when (& if) it comes to it ............................?

May 31st, 2016, 06:35 PM
Benjen was nice. I've been waiting for him to show up since book one I think.

I do have to wonder if Margery is really switching sides or just using Tommen in some sort of betrayal. They still need to get her brother out from under the Sparrow.

Arya is not much longer for the faceless folks. she can't give up her revenge, no matter how many times she says she has no name, in her heart she still does. I'm predicting that Needle is going to be put to use soon.

June 1st, 2016, 09:17 AM
After Jon & Sansa get their home back I'd imagine that news will spread & eventually Bran & Arya will find out that Jon & Sansa have their home back & one or both will just head home for more Stark reunions next season