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July 22nd, 2015, 11:02 PM
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<FONT SIZE="4"><A HREF="http://www.scifistream.com/defiance/s3/of-a-demon-in-my-view/" STYLE="text-decoration: none;">OF A DEMON IN MY VIEW</A></FONT>
<DIV STYLE="margin-top:10px; padding:0;">As an Omec invasion of the planet Earth begins, Amanda, Irisa, and Berlin try to free Nolan from Kindzi's clutches.</DIV>
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August 15th, 2015, 02:16 PM

Not only did we see Von Bach's Tatra truck again (yay!), but this time I must concede the effects, both visual and special, were pretty spectacular for Defiance. The attack on the convoy in Irisa's flashback was very well done. The CGI of all the Omec equipment also seemed more polished.

I'm just sad we lost a few characters I was looking forward to seeing more of: T'evgin, obviously (what he did was stupid, but there was good reason for it) and the Castithan representative of the VC (he was right hand to the Vice-Chancellor).

Now, I guess Defiance will have to join the VC and fight the awakened Omec. I don't see another possibility. Well, other than possibly some more Omec thinking similarly to T'evgin. But even then, there'll be war.

August 17th, 2015, 06:28 PM
I know she's probably doomed to die but I do like the servant's comment (paraphrased) soon this crisis will be over and i'll be back to serving you tea not sitting beside you

I do like her character, loyal but not stupid. I do hope she survives the finale (although with her comments she has been set up to be a red shirt)

August 18th, 2015, 06:57 AM
It even felt to me like Stahma considered Andina has overstepped her position. I fear Andina is too ambitious to live. Despite the careful way in which the talk was lead.

Oh, and I wanted to say I really like the use of Votan languages in Defiance. Did you catch Datak's cursing at the very end?

August 18th, 2015, 08:08 AM
I'd almost say that Adina is the liberated 'young generation' off Votans. Not subservient and meek as Stahma appears to be (and we know really isn't but she keeps up her appearance)
Stahma, who we've seen can take care of herself, is careful not to let many see that she can and keeps up her 'meek and mild female' appearance. Adina is all 'gimme a gun'.
What would be very funny is if Adina ended up being Alack's new wife. Which is another way it can go. Because she's certainly an equal to him and a bit of a Votan Christie.

August 18th, 2015, 12:47 PM
Well, Andina would love to be Alak's wife. That's what all the talk of him never learning to tighten diapers was about. And that he's alone and the baby needs a mother etc.

Stahma was playing along basically saying that even though Andina wasn't of the 'shanje liro' (I guess sort of the same as caste), she could marry into it.
But that's how it felt to me, that Stahma was faking her possible approval in order to find out what exactly Andina dares to wish for.

Now remains to be seen whether A) Andina survives long enough for any of that to have meaning; B) if she does survive, whether Stahma will actually allow her to be the bride (good for Alak and the baby, possibly leading to a family reconciliation) or get her killed for replacing her in/diminishing her motherly role while not even being worthy.

August 19th, 2015, 09:55 AM
I saw it as Stahma encouraging Andina along those lines of thinking she could marry Alak so she can get close to Alak and the baby again.
Whether she actually would approve of the marriage in reality I'm not sure.
But that's what I'm liking about the show right now- it's not predictable!
On the other hand I predict that yes-as mentioned above the VC and Defiance will have to grudgingly join forces in order to defeat the Omecs and in that way Nolan will earn a pardon somehow. but probably not until next season if we're lucky to get one!